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The Guy Last Summer

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The Guy Last Summer

Monday evening-

"Hey Baby, who was that??"

***"Who was who?"

"Just then, on the phone?"

***"Oh, well, uh, ...... one of my friends".

"Friend Huh?" Jokingly, "There have been a lot of secretive calls lately baby. So just who is this friend?"

***"Oh, nobody, no big deal, nothing going on".

"Wow, you know I can always tell when you are fibbing." Still jokingly, and prying a bit harder.

***"Yea, well it's nothing. Really".

"Hmmm, guy or gal?"

***"Um, well I was going to tell you, really".

"Tell me what?"

***"Remember last summer when I worked that week in Ozark? Weeeeellll, just like you thought, I did meet up with someone. Nothing happened really."


***"Yea, not much to tell."

"So was that -not much- on the phone?"

***"Yea, I can't get him to stop calling."

"Him huh? Now realling gitting into teasing her. "You going to tell me the whole story?"

***"Yea, he keeps calling, I guess he thinks I'm hot."

"You ARE hot. Everyone knows you are hot! So how did you meet?"

***"Welllll, this guy, Ryan. His sister was at the event. She told him about me, and that he should try to meet me. Then he shows up and kinda hung around to talk. Innocent stuff really."

"Innocent, really, then why are you blushing baby?"

***"Well, you know, it's kinda embarrassing to have such a young guy after me."

"You have always liked young guys! I didn't know that was embarrassing."

***"Well I am old enough to be this guys mom."

"Really, you better tell me more."

***"Not much to tell. This guy Ryan showed up. We talked some. He kept coming back. Now he keeps calling me."

"When did you meet?"

***"I think his sister introduced us on Wednesday."


***"He just kinda hung around to talk."

"I know.... that sexy smile, sultry voice and beautiful body always seems to attracts guys. They just can't help it"

***"Yea, he was attracted to me....I guess I was attracted to him to!"

"Ummm. Attracted? Did you fuck him?"

***"No! Stop that. I didn't fuck him. He's half my age"

"So did you ever meet up after the event"

***"Damn, you know I can't lie to you. You can always tell! Yea we hung out some."

"What went on?"

***"We met up in the evenings. Nothing went on. We just hung out."

"Hung out where? Getting the details out of you is like pulling teeth."

***"We went shopping. We would get something to eat. Stopped at the liquor store. Damn, you always know don't you."

"Hung out where?"

***"OK, the last night we went to his place. Just kind of hung out. Had drinks. Hey, I had just started my period. I couldn' have done anything!"

"I know you baby!"

***"OK, OK. I stayed for a while and we made out on his couch."

"Did he have a big cock?"

***"What? We just made out! His room-mate was there, and his sister was there for a while."

"My baby doesn't ever 'Just Make-Out' I know you girl!"

***"OK, OK. We made out. And, yes he does have a really nice big cock. He's really pretty fucking hot."

"Really?... Fucking hot huh?.... Just how fucking hot?"

***"I don't know how fucking hot...I guess I will have to fuck him to find out how fucking hot!! Are you going to let me fuck him and find out? Baby I really want him.... I know he wants me! How about it? I know it would be hot.... You know I would tell you all about it."

"Sounds like you have the hots for this Ryan guy...'

***"Hots? Shit, he calls me three or four times a day baby. He won't give up till he gets what he wants!"

"And you think he will give up after he finds out how good you are..."

***"Baby, he knows how good I am...


***"Baby, I didn't have to fuck him for him to know what I've got... I told you he has a nice cock... It was that time of the month for me but his shit worked perfectly good!

"Hmmm.... Sounds like he had a hot time!"

***"I was so hot and worked up, and you know I wouldn't waste an opportunity with a big cock! Baby, he wants me to come back. How about Friday night?

"Must be pretty hot to want to drive two hours each way for a fuck... This Friday huh?"

***"Yea he's been begging - I kinda told him I thought I could go there this weekend..."

"As horny as you are right now how will you be able to wait four days?"

***"I guess you will have to keep me happy all week!"

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