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The Fourth

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My wife and I parted ways a few years back. Suddenly at age 52 I did not have a partner with whom to share life's pleasures and problems.

At some point I began to think about women and sex. After 30 years of marriage I basically had no idea how to go about meeting women. I tried the Internet dating sites for a while, but nothing seemed to click. There was one exception that I will detail later.

Just as suddenly I became involved with three women, all married. The women were part of a foursome with whom my wife had golfed. The club had been the center of her social life for many years. I had been too busy working to play golf, but I had met her friends at social occasions and parties. They were all nice ladies differing only in physical appearance and personality. Fate would intervene following my divorce; and I ended up fucking all three of them over the space of a few months.

My wife moved out of the area after our split but I stayed on and after selling the house moved into an apartment that was located quite close to my office. Despite slow economic times and a reduced workload, I maintained the office as a place to go each day.

My morning routine started with a visit to the office to check for mail and phone calls. This was followed by a jog in a nearby park, a coffee at Starbucks, and a return to the office to shower and shave.

It was at the park where I encountered the first of the three friends of my ex-wife. Elaine lived near the park and we met one morning and walked together. We had always been relaxed with each other so we chatted easily and soon developed a bond. I looked forward to seeing her each day. She watched for my car and usually showed up soon after my arrival. We would kiss lightly when meeting and parting. I wanted to be alone with her and sensed her thoughts were similar.

Ilsa was the second of my wife's friends to make contact. Ilsa was a flirtatious outgoing woman. Her thought process seemed to revolve around sex. She began to phone me regularly, mostly just chat but always with a suggestive comment of one sort or another.

And then, the Internet personals paid off in an unusual manner. I met an Asian lady online. She was married and so withheld her photo. She enjoyed erotic chat and our encounters became very heated. One evening she admitted that she was Susan, the third golf friend of my wife. She had recognized my photo display but had been too shy to tell me. Our chats became even more intimate and I asked to meet her, but she refused.

At this point in time I had established contact with all three of my wife's former friends. The potential to get laid had certainly increased but I was not sure how or when or with whom it might evolve.

Ilsa called one morning as I returned from my walk. She suggested that I come over for coffee. I knew without asking that her husband Peter must have been away on business, but I declined. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I was just about to have a shower.

Ilsa said, "Oh what a coincidence, I was just going in for one as well, maybe we should save water and shower together."

I laughed and said, "Well, I doubt we would fit into my shower, it is pretty tight." But, the sudden thought of her naked in a shower caused my cock to stiffen. I was already in the mood after kissing Elaine that morning.

Ilsa continued, "Well why not come over after you finish. I will shower and shave my pussy."

I said, "Say what?"

She laughed and said, "I thought that would get your attention. I love to shave my pussy smooth before being fucked."

There was little doubt at this point that I would be going over for coffee. My cock was at full attention as I said, "Damn it Ilsa, are you serious?"

She said, "You know I am. I can tell by your voice that you want some. And I would love to give you some. I will be in the lower floor bedroom and will leave the back door open for you."

I had been to her house for a back yard barbeque on one occasion so I did have a general knowledge of the layout. I arrived to find her in the en suite bathroom fussing with her hair. She was wearing a white robe tied at the waist.

Ilsa is a thin woman with narrow hips and small breasts. But she carried herself as if she had all of the physical attributes of a voluptuous body. She exuded sex and she looked great. She leaned back against the vanity and stretched her arms out towards me.

"Wanna check it out Jim? It is clean as a whistle."

She put her hands up on my shoulders as I moved in front of her and loosened the robe tie. She was naked and her pussy was just as advertised, the protruding mound smooth and bare. The nipples on her little tits were jutting out like pink rosebud candies.

I slow kissed her parted lips. Her tongue slithered out and circled inside of my mouth then twisted around my tongue. I moved down her body, kissing her neck and tits, down her belly to her mound. I don't usually start out by licking pussy, but I was starving for it.

I lifted her to sit on the vanity top and knelt down. She spread her legs and guided my head between them. Her tight slit was right in front of my eyes and she took her breath in sharply as my tongue shot out to tease it. I licked the slit from bottom to top, slipping a finger in at the same time. Her ass was vibrating by the time I stood up. She fumbled with my belt and zipper as I stripped off my shirt. I pushed my boxer shorts down while her hand grabbed my cock and squeezed.

"God, I just knew you would have a beautiful cock. It is just as I dreamed it would be. Fuck me right here."

I pulled her ass to the edge of the vanity and forced the knob of my cock into her tight pussy. We both looked down; her hands on my shoulders, my hands holding her hips as we worked together to get it in her.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," I moaned, "it feels so fucking good." She loosened up and I began to stroke her. I sucked her nipples as she leaned back on her hands.

Ilsa moaned, "Take me to the bed, I want to feel all of you on me and in me."

There was no way I was pulling my cock out so I lifted her up with her legs clamped behind my thighs and struggled out to the bed. I stopped for a minute in the door way and pushing her back against the frame, fucked her madly for ten strokes or so, and then continued to the bed.

I placed her sideways on the bed while I was still standing; her ass at the edge and her legs wound around my hips. I leaned in over her with my arms extended each side of her head and fucked her again.

"On the bed, fuck me on the bed, I want your body covering me."

I struggled to push her further across the bed while keeping my cock in her. I lay down on her, feeling her little tits crushed against me, her mouth in my neck and her heels digging into my butt. The shaved pussy just made it all seem so fucking naked! I couldn't last any longer and my body shook and jerked as I got off my first load in over a year. Her body stiffened, her back arched upwards and her cunt jerked and released spasmodically.

It had been great and I realized how much I had missed exciting sex. The last few years of married life had provided only mercy fucks for the most part. The total abandon that Ilsa brought me was a reminder of how good it could be when both partners wanted to fuck.

If I thought I had a ready source of pussy I was mistaken. Ilsa and I were only to have one more encounter before I moved onto something more permanent.

My other budding relationships were proceeding nicely, although on a much more deliberate timeline. My online chats with Susan were getting progressively hotter and Elaine and I had moved on to a higher degree of intimacy.

Elaine was several years older than I and the other ladies involved. She was very reserved and calm compared to Ilsa. She was voluptuous and she dressed impeccably. We just liked each other. She could send shivers through my body by just touching my arm.

Our meetings in the park had progressed from hello and goodbye to quick kisses and then to sitting in my car and necking and feeling. We began to talk about meeting alone somewhere. Elaine was not one to use or condone the use of coarse words such a "fuck", "cock" or "pussy". I had to use phrases such as, "I want to be in you" or, "would love to take your breasts out" and so on. But I knew that we were very close to fucking.

We soon ignored the walk portion of our meeting. I would park in a secluded area and we would climb into the back seat. She arrived one morning wearing a new form-fitting tracksuit with a zippered top. Her body appeared much softer and it soon dawned on me that she was not wearing bra or panties.

I unzipped the top as we kissed. I paused and looked at her, but she avoided my eyes. I took this for a yes and spread the top open exposing two beautiful big tits.

I bent my head down and licked the tip of a nipple. She was trembling but made no move to stop me. I began sucking her nipples. She moved a hand down and slipped inside my sweat pants and shorts, easing her hand around my cock.

"Elaine, we have to go somewhere and make love. I want you baby. We can go to my apartment. Nobody will know you or even see you. We can go from the parking garage right to my floor in the elevator. Please say yes."

I pushed my sweats down to give her more freedom with her hands on my cock. She moaned as she rubbed the palm of her hand down along the bottom of the shaft until her fingers found my balls and gently massaged them.

She said softly, "Yes, let's go."

We quickly pulled ourselves back together and drove off. There were no words spoken during the ride, and no overt actions taken until I closed the apartment door behind her. We stripped each other quickly as we stood there by the door. I gawked at her big tits and full bush.

I moved right in and pushed her back against the door, my knee forcing its way between her legs and my arms drawing her tight against me as our mouths smashed together. She thrust her pussy on my upper thigh as my cock rubbed her belly and hip.

I was ready to fuck her right there but somehow regained control of myself and led her to the bedroom. She turned and sat down on the edge of the bed and motioned me to stand in front of her. She may not have liked to say the word "cock", but she certainly knew how to suck one. It was the most delightful blowjob I had ever experienced.

She was bold and not at all reluctant; her smoky eyes smiling up at me as her head bobbed back and forth on my cock. I felt her hair tickle my thighs as she moved while her hand cupped my balls. She brought me right to the edge of coming and then slowly eased my cock out of her mouth and lay back on the bed, her feet still on the floor.

I moved between her legs, lifting them to my hips. Her cunt was a flaming red gash beneath her full bush. Her eyes burned into mine as I eased my cock into her. I started humping her, moving my upper body over top of her, watching her big tits tumble from side to side. Her knees clamped on my hips and she arched her back upwards to take me in.

"God, I have been wanting to fuck you for weeks." The words seemed to jolt her and her body jerked suddenly and we both got off. I lay down on her as her pussy milked my cock and we enjoyed the last achingly pleasant after-strokes. We kissed and rolled around together, sort of wallowing in the feel of our nakedness.

"I am sorry I used the word Elaine, it just came out, I know you are not easy with it."

She smiled at me, "There is a right time for everything, and that was the right time to say fuck."

This was the end of my affair with Elaine. She told me that while enjoying our meetings and dalliance, she was not ready to continue as she felt the distress of cheating on her hubby. It had been a one-time deal for her.

And then there was Susan. She was less outgoing than the other two women. She was small in stature and had that soft feminine look I generally associate with Asian women. There had been little interaction between us at the golf club, but our online meetings were electric. She was uncomfortable with the pure sex words as was Elaine, and preferred euphemisms like "Little Bro" for my cock, and "P" for pussy. Other than that, just about anything worked.

She was not looking for a real experience but got off playing out fantasies online with a real person. She was indignant that some men she met online demanded to meet her to fuck. I did not ask her what she thought they might be looking for from her. Our on-line meetings were pleasant and erotic so I continued while secretly hoping that she would meet in person.

We became very explicit in our online exchanges, although she refused to use the webcam. She sent me photos of her bare tits and of her in lace-trimmed panties. I let her see anything she wanted, which was basically my cock and balls. She would become very aroused claiming that I got her off with my words and photos. I offered to get off for her on cam but only if she would come on as well. I wanted to see her seeing me, but she declined the invitation.

She agreed to meet me one day for a coffee. She was quite nervous at first but relaxed after a few minutes. We agreed to meet again soon. She let me steal a little kiss as we parted. We began to meet about once a week for coffee. This served to ramp up our online chats to an even higher level of eroticism.

She worked in the downtown area of the city. One day I booked a room at a nearby hotel and called her at work to invite her for lunch. I met her in the hotel lobby and told her we would have lunch served in the room. She was not pleased and almost refused to join me. She relented however when she realized how much I had laid out for it all and said, "Just lunch Jim. No funny stuff." But she was smiling when she said it.

We enjoyed a nice lunch along with a bottle of wine. We stood in front of the window overlooking the harbor and mountains. We moved together slowly and deliberately as we kissed. My hand slipped up her side to the swell of her breast, and I pressed and massaged it with the heel of my hand. Our hips pressed together and she reacted to the feel of my hard cock rubbing on her hip. I sensed her body soften as if in surrender.

I pulled back to look at her. She returned my gaze, her eyes now hazy with growing desire. I unbuttoned her blouse and peeled it open. Her eyes closed as I slid one hand inside of her bra to feel her bare breast and hardening nipple.

"Oh, oh," she moaned as my fingers rolled the nipple and my lips moved and kissed her neck and ears. I unhooked the bra and released her tits. We kissed as I lifted one tit in my hand. It felt like warm silk. Her nipples were like raisins, dark and hard.

I said, "Feel my cock Susan, rub my cock." She moved her hand down to rub my cock through my pants. She cried a little, as if reluctant to do something she wanted. I lifted a tit to my mouth and licked the nipple before sucking it into my mouth.

"Susan," desperation in my voice. I turned her to face a mirror but she would not look. I removed her blouse and bra and then dropped her skirt to the floor. She looked so damn beautiful standing naked but for her panties. I stepped back and she opened her eyes as I quickly stripped of my shirt, unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants and shorts to the floor.

I moved behind her and reached around to cup both her breasts as I rubbed my cock between her butt cheeks. "Susan, let me take your panties off, let me see your pussy."

I guided her over to an armless chair. I sat down with her positioned in front of me. She placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned in until her tits were brushing my face. I rubbed my face between them, kissing and licking her nipples.

My hands were shaking as I felt her pussy through her panties. I moved the panty to one side and explored her bare slit with my fingers. I pulled her panties down and holding her ass pulled her to me. She straddled my legs with her pussy right over my cock.

We were living out one of our online fantasies, one that never failed to get us off. She followed the pressure of my hands to settle down on my lap, moving her hips until the knob of my cock parted her slit. She was shaking as she lowered herself. I held still, allowing her to take it at her own speed. After settling down fully, she began to slowly squirm around twisting around my cock.

Her arms were around my neck and she moved the nipples to my mouth. I whispered, "Fuck it Sue, that's it, ah damn what a beautiful pussy you have, take it all baby, up and down lover, give it to me."

She was crying softly again but this time from the pure pleasure she was giving and receiving. I was close and could not stay passive any longer, my cock aching to fuck her hot cunt.

She sensed what I wanted and lifted her ass up enough for me to begin jamming my cock up her. We could hear the whack of my legs hitting her ass with each wild thrust up. She was very wet and juice leaked down around my cock and into my lap. We clutched together in desperation as I shot my load, her arms around me and her tits bracketing my neck.

We sat like that for some time. She barely moved as I kissed and fondled her. I said, "Can you stay a while Sue? We should have a shower before you go back to work."

In answer, she lifted off me and picked up her cell phone. I could not catch what she said, but she smiled at me and headed for the shower. I followed her feeling the blood beginning to head towards my cock. She was adjusting the water in the shower as I entered and she said, "I have until five."

She had never experienced oral sex and it fascinated her. During our online meetings she had seemed squeamish about having her pussy licked, but constantly talked about sucking me off. One of our oral fantasies had occurred in a shower. I was hoping that was in her mind at this particular moment.

And it was, and it was beautiful. Within a few minutes she was kneeling on the shower floor licking my cock. She was tentative at first but I guided her with words and movements. I prefer soft blowjobs with no hard sucking. I like my partner to keep her mouth soft and to use her tongue to lick along my shaft and around my knob. I gave her a warning when I was about to cum, but she stayed on it. It became obvious that her intent was to get me off in her mouth.

"Ah Sue, you know what will happen if you keep going. I will come very soon. Baby, are you sure?" She did not stop. Her mouth slipped back and forth while her tongue swirled around the knob. She was committed. I hunched over her to keep the water off her face. I took hold of her head and began to fuck her mouth nice and slow.

"Here it is, here it is, hold still." I pulled my cock back until her mouth just held the knob and the first shot of cum got off. She blinked a bit and slid her lips down the shaft once more and took the next burst in her throat. There was a little panic in her eyes as she pulled back to the knob. Some cum oozed out of her lips and down her chin. She stayed on it until I was finished and then I crumpled down beside her. We kissed in total abandon, the warm water coursing over our bodies.

She looked triumphant as we toweled off later. "Did you enjoy that Jim? I so wanted to please you. I did not think that I could go through with it, but it was easy."

We continued our online affair for some time. We met on a few more occasions, each time in a hotel room for lunch. She was a beautiful woman and told me that I had relit her spark for life. She certainly kept my pilot light burning.

I asked her on one occasion if she and the other ladies had talked about me after my divorce. I had a theory that they had planned together to seduce me. Alas, that had apparently not happened. She said she recalled her and the other two discussing me in general after my divorce. But in a way, I had filled out the foursome.

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