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The First Time (Making You Mine)

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I lead you into the center of the room and tell you to stay put. I go and lock the door then walk up behind you. ?Tonight I want to make you mine? I whisper in your ear, ?Does that scare you?? ?No? you say. ?Good, now here are the rules. You do as I say. No talking or touching unless I tell you. Is that understood?? ?Yes? you reply. ?Good because I have been waiting for this for a while and I want it to be perfect for both of us.? I walk around to the front of you and unbutton your blouse, the whole time staring into your eyes. I slide the blouse off your shoulders and it drops to the floor. I step back to look at you in your red bra. ?Mmmm? I say ? You are a vision.? ? Take off your bra.? You reach around, undo your bra and drop it to the floor. I walk up beside you and whisper in your ear ?Did I tell you to drop it to the floor?. ?No? you say. ?Well bend over and pick it up.? As you bend over I slap your ass, hard enough to hurt a little. You stand up quickly but before you can say anything my mouth is yours, hungrily kissing, my tongue wrapped around yours. I press against you and you can feel my hard cock pressing against your hip. Slowly the kiss abates and I pull away just a bit, a devilish grin on my face, ?This is going to be so good.? I stare into your eyes as I reach down and take each of your breasts into my hands, their heft making me even more aroused. My mouth comes to your shoulder, biting lightly, my hand behind your head holding your hair. I pull on your hair moving your head back as my mouth drops down to your breast and stopping at the point right above your areola. I bite again, harder this time but not too hard, and a little gasp escapes from your mouth. I stay there for a moment, my mouth sucking and biting, not hard enough to leave a mark but hard. My mouth moves away a bit and I whisper, ?Feel my cock. Tell me how it feels.? and then I?m on your other breast as your hand touches me. I feel a surge through me and I let go of your hair. Your head comes forward and you whisper breathily in my ear ?It feels like heaven.? The touch of your breath and the words you say make me involuntarily bite you a bit too hard and you jump. Pulling away I say ?I?m sorry, I didn?t know that would do that to me? and I kiss you hard again, trying to draw you into me. ?Were you a good girl and did as I asked?? ?Yes? you say and I slide my hands down to your ass and slide them under your skirt. ?Mmmm, yes you were a good girl? I say as I feel your bare skin, no panties, ?I will have to reward you.? ?Turn around and bend over the desk.? You do as you are told and I come up behind you, taking your dangling breasts into my hands I start to massage your nipples and kiss your back. Your nipples harden instantly and my cock surges again. ?Do you know what?s coming next?? I ask. ?No? you reply. ?Your reward? I say as I kneel down behind you pushing your legs apart, my hands sliding up and down the soft flesh of your inner thighs. My hand slides up to feel your pussy, it?s really wet so I know you are enjoying this so far. I lightly rub your labia with two finger tips, watching them slide between them. ?Your pussy is so beautiful? I say ?and the smell is intoxicating.? I keep my face close as I keep my fingers sliding back and forth. Words slip from your lips ?That feels good.? ?Did I say you could talk?? I ask ?Now I need to punish you? and my mouth moves to your one butt cheek and I bite hard and suck, all the while sliding your clit between me two fingers. I feel you shudder and I know you liked that. I have more for you though. I stand up, sliding my tongue up your ass and across your back pulling you up to a standing position and I hug you from behind and kiss your neck. ?You are so beautiful? I whisper. Taking your hand I say ?Follow me? and lead you to the bed. I sit down and bring you up to me, my face between your breasts. I start kissing them, lightly teasing with my tongue, my hand coming up to your ass and smacking it hard, making you jump. I take your breast into my mouth as far as it will go and rub your ass where I just hit it. My head drops down, looking for the place between your legs. I want my face in your pussy, to feel its heat and warmth, to taste you for the first time. This position isn?t what I want though. Pushing you away I stand up and say lie on the bed. You do and I lift your legs up high and wide exposing you, making you look vulnerable. ?Hold your legs up? I say as I bend down I lift your skirt away and get my first really good view of the place I want to be. I can see it glisten. ?Have you been enjoying yourself?? I ask. ?Yes? you say softly ?Very much so? ?Well let?s see if we can make that even better? I say as I bring my mouth to you, pausing just before touching, smelling you again. I don?t think I?ve ever wanted to taste someone so much before. Finally my tongue flicks out, grazing your lips and I hear the breath escape through your lips. ?You taste divine? I say and then thrust my mouth onto your pussy, covering all of it, inhaling it. I want it, all of it, so I push your legs up hard bringing it higher, my tongue not sure if it wants to lick your clit or thrust into you. It does both and we stay that way, you bent up, me over top, my mouth on you, sucking. I eventually decide on licking your clit, my hands releasing your legs so they can find your breasts. Once there they grab your nipples, squeezing firm, pulling them out from your body. I can feel them harden from this and you moan. I?m so hard at this point and I want you so damn bad. I don?t want to stop though; I want to make you cum all over my face. I release your breasts, bringing my hand down to your pussy I slowly insert first one, then two then three fingers. Not all the way in, because they wouldn?t fit, but just up to the second knuckles. Then, as I lick your clit, I start to twist my fingers inside you. It?s not a lot of action but it?s working. I can feel you stiffen up and feel your breath quicken. I keep at this slowly changing the rhythm of my licking and my fingers until I find what you need. You?re moaning now. ?Yes baby, yes, of fucking yes.? My other hand reaches up to find your nipple again and squeezes. This is what you needed, that little bit of pain pushes you over the edge and you cum, hips thrusting, hands grabbing my head, your body shaking. I just keep on with what I?m doing, looking up past your breasts to your face and watch you. Finally you relax and I slow down to a stop. I?m tired but so wound up. I need release, getting you off has made me so horny. I stand up and pull down my pants. ?Sit up? I say ?Show me how much you enjoyed what I did to you.? You slide your hand under my balls guiding my cock to your lips. You see that it is covered with ooze. I?ve been oozing since I closed the door, you have me so turned on. You start to lick the ooze off slowly with your tongue, staring into my eyes. I?m transfixed, seeing my cock in front of your lovely face has made me lose my mind, I can?t really think any more just react. ?Suck it? I say ?NOW!? and I grab your head and force my cock into your mouth. Some sound comes from between my lips, not a word, more of a guttural animal sound. You start to suck me, hard, your one hand under my balls, the other on my ass cheek. ?Yes that?s it baby, show me how much you liked it, show me how good it felt when you came.? You?re sucking me good, not too slow, a nice good rhythm all the while I?m staring into your eyes, the connection between us so strong that I can?t take it anymore. I?m close, real close, but I don?t want to cum in your mouth, not this time anyway. There will be plenty of other times to live that fantasy. ?Move back to the headboard and lean back.? You do and I come and straddle you, my cock sitting between your beautiful breasts. ?Stroke me off onto your tits? I say. You grab me and start sliding your hand up and down my cock, slowly at first but building your speed. My balls are pulled up tight, the head of my cock swollen so hard. ?Here it comes baby, oh yes make me cum, awww fuck.? Cum squirts out of my head, one shot, two shots, three, falling onto your breasts, running down to your belly. I?m shaking and have to lean forward and grab the headboard for support. Even though I?m done cumming you keep stroking me, the sensations from it running through my body. I?m spent and can?t stay this way anymore. I fall on top of you, my mouth meeting yours, tongues meeting, lips pressed so hard together. We lie like this, the kiss lasting a long time but slowly ebbing until we break. ?So are you mine now? I ask. ?Maybe? you say ?I might take a little more convincing? A twinkle in your eye. I smile and say ?I?m game if you are? and kiss you again, my cock already starting to harden.

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