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The First Night With Him

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It was late July and Andy and I had a long day at work. It was approaching 500pm on Friday night and Andy was ready to go out for the evening. I usually went home after work and relaxed but Andy begged me to go out with him that night for a few drinks. I agreed to but was going to go home and clean up first. I told Andy that she would meet him at the bar I had went home and cleaned up and put on a short skirt and a halter top that made me look unbelievable. My long tan legs and large chest stood out ever so nicely. I did my hair and put some make up on and headed out the door for a night of drinks with Andy. When I got to the bar I met Andy in the parking lot, as I stepped out of the car I thought Andy was going to pass out when he saw me, the look on his face was priceless. When we are at work I dress very conservative, so Andy did not expect this look at all. We went inside and found a table and sat down, we ordered a couple drinks and then a couple more and before long we had finished several more. Andy kept scooting closer to me and started to put his hand on my leg and work his way up. I loved it, since I began to work with Andy I had always been attracted to him but I assumed I wasn?t his type and just let things be the way that they were. Andy began to whisper in my ear and ask me if I wanted to go back to his place and have a few drinks at home with him. I agreed to, so we headed out the door and I followed him back to his place. We got there and went inside and sat down on the couch. Andy fixed me another drink and we sat and talked some more, until Andy started kissing me, the drinks got put down and Andy pulled me onto him. He was staring into my eyes and kissing me and asked me if it was ok if we went a little farther. Since I wanted Andy for so long I didn?t disagree with anything. Andy pushed me back on the couch and unbuttoned my skirt, kissing my belly he pulled it down as he continued to kiss me. This was feeling so good, I never wanted it to end. Andy began running his hands all over my body and telling me how beautiful he thought I was. I smiled and told him thank you, that he made me feel so wonderful.

Andy was into oral sex so much, he had my skirt down and was rubbing my pussy with his fingers through my black silky panties. He could feel the wetness through my panties and couldn?t believe how wet I was. He said he had been dying to get with me since he met me. I asked him why he hadn?t said something before, said he was just nervous didn?t want to get turned down. Before I knew it Andy had slid my panties over and had a couple fingers in my pussy, making me so wet, I begged Andy not to stop. Andy pulled my panties down and started to lick on my pussy ever so gently and then faster and faster. Andy started to lick on my clit and he had me so aroused that I started to squirt on his face. Andy licked me more and more and made me cum again and again. I decided that I needed to take care of Andy also so I pushed him back and unbuttoned his shorts pulling his cock out which was hard as a rock. I got down on my knees and began to suck on his cock and take it all the way in my mouth. Andy was moaning out telling me to keep on going. Andy pulled my hair out of my face so he could watch me taking his cock all the way in. Just as I was about to make Andy cum he pulled my hair harder and got louder with his moans. He asked where I wanted him to cum and I said give it to me in my mouth. Andy was so surprised as most girls won?t take it. Andy shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed every last drop of it. I cleaned up Andy?s cock and he sat back to take a breather.

Andy and I had another drink while we relaxed for a minute. But not to much longer Andy was ready to go again. He took me upstairs to his room so we had some more space to play. Andy pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me, he began at my ear and then to my neck, then moving to my lips and going down my body. He stopped to caress my breasts and kiss and suck on my nipples. Andy was loving my body told me that he couldn?t stop kissing and touching me. Andy pulled me over to the bed and laid me down. We were both there with no clothes on and Andy said he loved the way my pussy tasted and couldn?t get enough of it. Andy began to lick me again making me cum again and again. He began to kiss his way up my body telling me how beautiful I was. We were laying there staring into each others eyes kissing, our bodies touching and feeling the warmth that we both had. By this time Andy was hard again. I could feel him pressing against me, I wanted him so bad. Andy started to push his cock in my wet pussy, he said he loved how tight I was. Andy sat back with his cock in me and put my legs up on his shoulders so I could feel how deep he was going in me. Andy kept on going and going, making me moan louder and louder. As Andy was thrusting in me he had his finger on my clit and started to make me squirt again. Andy began to fuck me harder making me cum over and over. Andy and I were both about to cum at the same time, he grabbed my hands and we clenched our fingers together as we came. Andy laid down beside me as we were both exhausted. He had asked me if I wanted to stay since it was very late, I agreed to and we curled up together, with one arm around me Andy kissed the back of my neck and ran his hands all over my body as we fell asleep together. The next morning I woke up to feel Andy pressing against me and the start of another round just as we did the night before. Andy thanked me for everything and hoped that we could do it again very soon, I told Andy anytime, that he made me feel so wonderful.

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