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The Farm

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This is an event that occurred during my 2nd marriage. My name is David and my Wife is Amy. We have now been married for 10 years. Her 1st marriage was much like mine. Very verbally and sometimes physical abuse. I put up with as much as I could before calling it quits. She was very troubled and carried many scars from hers. We ironically met in a famous bookstore known to all. I would go in after work and drink coffee and read some of the best sellers. She would always be sitting there when I arrived and somehow managed to always sit near me. We struck up a few short conversations and then before you knew it, we were sitting at the same table. I work as a counselor for these types of marriages. She must have felt comfortable enough with me to be asking if the failure was her fault. I explained that in all separations that the first person that takes the blame is the one that is afflicted as the victim.

We began dating and it was then that I was made aware of her daughter. She was just 7. I didn?t want to be involved with a woman that had children, but the heart became stronger than my convictions. After a year of dating, we were married. I had a farm that I purchased in the rolling hill country. My reason was a place to get away from all that had happened in the past. I could work with the animals and fields and find inner peace that I had never experienced. Her daughter, Vickie was a concern. She was abused so bad, that she literally hated men. Time was the only answer to her turning it around. A trust had to be built. When Vickie got into high school, she stayed at home working on school work. She became a geek. She also had an eating habit. She sat and gained weight instead of being with her friends. She never got grossly overweight, but very large framed. Amy and I had a talk one evening and I suggested she start working with me bailing hay. I also suggested that she have her nephew come help us out. So, she contacted her brother and he volunteered Ben to get off his lazy ass and do some workout. This all started when Amy hit the 17th birthday mark. Ben was coming up on his 17th birthday in the fall of that year.

All went well that summer. Vickie got a pretty good understanding of what work is required to put food on table and hay in the barn for animals to consume. I actually began to see some weight loss. Vickie, like her mother, was blessed in the upper part of her body. Amy was a 38dd and I would say Vickie was not far behind her. Amy was blessed with larger thighs than most people of 5?4 and 140 lbs. Vickie was 5?5 and at about 165. Brad had thinned down and is 6?2 and at 170. He was muscular and wasn?t afraid to advertise it at the pond.

This brings us up to date for this event. Vickie was very naïve bout guys and all their little habits. I could honestly say she had never even seen a guy naked or even a glimpse of manhood. I was always respectful and careful about sending the wrong message to her or her mother. I loved my wife and that always was first and foremost. The two had suffered enough in life already. One day I was in the barn unloading hay from trailer along with Vickie. I had to pee really bad. I excused myself and went into a little inner shed building inside the large barn. I kept my saddles in there for the horses. It was about a 6 x 8 room with a door and the floor was just hay spread out over the dirt underneath. I would polish the saddles on the bench inside. I stepped inside and closed the door. I unzipped and began to pee like the race horse. My back was to the door and I just peed in the hay near the far corner. For some reason I was a little horny that morning and had already got a hard on from noticing Vickie in her shorts and t-shirt. I just stroked it a little before putting it back away. As I turned, I heard shuffling and then I noticed I forgot the door had a knothole in it. I dint think much about it at the time. I went back out and began to take off more hay bales. Vickie didn?t make much eye contact with me after that.

That evening I decided to take my sex frustration out on Amy. When we got to bed, she mentioned the barn. She asked did you go pee in the saddle room this morning?. I thought. Rut roh. I told her I did and asked why. Well, she said, Apparently Vickie peeked in the knothole. She told me your back was to her, but she saw your arm moving. I told her that when a man pees, and he shakes himself after. I also told her the old joke, If he shakes more than twice , he is playing with himself. Lol. She laughed and then asked, So, did you only shake twice?. I was stunned for words to be spoken. I just looked away and mumbled, no I shook 4 times. She started laughing even more. She said, well, she is getting educated working with you out there. I told her that in no way would I ever do anything that could be taken wrong. She quickly told me she wasn?t upset but thought it was cute. I again stressed my early statement. I rolled back toward her and she kissed me so passionately I thought I was with a new woman. We had about a 3 hour sex session.

I asked her if that event brought all that on. She replied, that and another issue. I asked what it was and she replied that I would be really upset. I told her that she could tell me anything. You don?t have the marriage you once had. She replied with, if you want me too, here goes. She asked ?why do you think brad is so happy to come help on the farm??. I replied with ?because your brother would kick his butt if he didn?t?. She said, ?not the case? and grinned a devilishly. I asked ?what the hell did you do??, She bent her head downward and said ?I have been a very bad girl?. I asked ?did something happen between you 2??. She said please don?t be mad at me. But yes, it was just a blowjob.

I gasped and took a huge deep breath. I asked, You sucked off Brad??, When?? It was this morning when he came over and while you two were unloading hay. He came in and had on those damn tight jeans. I noticed a bulge but tried to ignore it. I went to fix lemonade and he came up behind me to tell me how much he loved coming over. When he squeezed me, I felt his manhood against my ass. I reached behind me to push him away but my hand landed on his crotch. He didn?t move back but just stayed there. I lost control of myself containment. I started rubbing him and he began kissing my neck. The next thing you knew, he was rubbing my breast through my nightgown. His hands on my nipples drove me over the edge. I turned around, got on my knees, unfastened and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard and long. The precum was dripping from the tip. I began to slowly suck him and within 2 minutes, he cum deep in my throat. She said, I am sorry honey but I don?t know what got into me. I told her, It sounds like his cock did. I began to laugh. I thanked her for her honesty and told her that although I should be pissed, that I wasn?t. I was seriously glad that we had a relationship that she could trust me enough to tell me.

The next couple of days, I couldn?t keep my mind off of what happened. It actually excited me somewhat. The thought of my wife sucking someone else. I know he was a teen, but I wasn?t about to condemn her or make anything of it. As far as I was concerned, it stayed at the farm.

During those 2 days, Brad came over and would go to the house before the barn. When I heard the pickup truck, I knew he was there. I stayed with Vickie working in the field and unloading hay. I couldn?t keep my mind off of the house. I was wondering if she let him get her pussy as well. He would join us about an hour after arriving. Nothing was said to embarrass him or even the hint of anything that would let Vickie know what went on. I acted as though all was fine. And It really was. I knew what awaited me that night. I wasn?t about to complain. On the 3rd morning after, Amy asked me if we would stay extra busy this morning. I asked why. She said she was going to let Brad take her. I told her I thought she already did and she said she was afraid Vickie would come to the house. She lifted her nightgown and showed me that she had shaved her pussy for the occasion. I immediately got hard. She said, you better get to work and stay busy. I told her no problem and just said. ?I bet you will? and grinned. I told her no way. We have work to do. When I got to the barn Vickie was waiting. She wore a pair of cloth shorts and a white t-shirt that sported her boobs. I could see the panty lines when she bent down to sat the bale on the ground. Between knowing Brad was coming over and seeing that, kept me hard most of the morning. About an hour after we started, Vickie said hold on. I have to pee. She said, can I use the saddle room?? I said sure, go ahead. She walked in and closed the door. I waited a second and then curiosity took over. I went to the knothole and peeked in. Her back was to me and she was squatting with her shorts and panties pulled down to her knees. I could see the pee hitting the hay. She had a paper towel from my bench in her hand to wipe with. I reach in my jeans and began feeling my cock. She was finished, stood up and pulled her clothes back up. I left the door and went back to the hay trailer. She came out and began to work. I told her, excuse me , but it is my turn now. I went to the room and closed the door. This time , I turned slightly sideways. I took out my half hard cock and began to pee. I heard the hay on the ground move and knew she was peeking. When finished I shook myself a few times and it began to get hard. I moved my hands up and down on the shaft, wanting her to see me. I then heard a sigh. I slowly walked toward the door and stopped. My cock was just at the knothole and knew she was getting a good view. I opened the door and she was on her knees with her hand on her right breast. I asked her, did you enjoy watching me shake it?, She said she had never seen a man before. I brought her into the saddle room and pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles. I then dropped my pants. I asked her if she wanted to touch it. She said yes and reached out to feel her first one. She began to push the skin up and down like she saw me do. My precum was dripping at the tip. I asked if she wanted to taste it? . She said yes, and bent forward to lick the tip. She slowly let it in inch by inch till it was engulfed in her mouth. She stopped to say, it taste so good. She began sucking harder but I told her to stop or I would cum. I lifted her off her knees and put her on the bench. I spread her thick thighs and moved my head between them. I could smell her musky scent and I went wild. I began licking her outer lips as she moaned and squirmed. Her breathing became rapid and then with a few shudders of the thighs, she came in my mouth. I began finger fucking her and could only go so deep to the hymen. She said I want to know what you feel like rubbing against me down there. I asked if she was sure. She said she was so ready to feel it. I brought her closer to the table edge and pressed my knob against her soaked pussy lips. I ran it up and down her crack and feeling her entrance. On one upstroke, she grabbed it and put it at the entrance. I knew what I wanted to do but was unsure. She moved forward and guided it in her entrance to the hot hole. I pressed forward and felt the resistance. I grunted and shoved on quick thrust. She grimaced as I broke the cherry. When I worked it in to full depth I held it there. After a minute I began pumping her back and forth. She wrapped her legs around my waist to take it in. I pounder her pussy till she was moaning and squirming. She tightened up and climaxed all over my cock. That was all I needed. I began thrusting harder and felt my load come up my shaft. In one last drive, I exploded my cum deep inside her pussy. When I pulled out, it ran from her lips and onto the table. Just seeing my cum all over her lips kept me hard. She pushed me back, got down and began licking our juices off of me. She sucked what little I didn?t get out and swallowed the remaining drops.

As we recovered, She said. ?I think I am going to like working in the barn?. We both laughed and finished the bales of hay.

Afterword Brad came out and we went inside for lemonade. My next event will be learning what happened between Amy and Brad.

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