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The Fallen Palm Trees Fantasy

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The Fallen Palm Trees Fantasy

During my last Hawaiian vacation, I rented a Harley to tour the island. One of the girls I was with Janice, wanted very badly to be the first to ride with me around the island. We walked the 2 blocks to the Harley rental place. Most of the Harley?s were older models; ours was a 1987 Fat boy. It had 32,00 miles, leather saddlebags, windshield and running boards.

For our ride Janice wore a Brazilian style bikini and tennis shoes. She climbed onto the bike first, lifting her leg up and over the saddlebags. Every man within a block of us had their eyes focused on her every move. Her bottoms string moved enough for anyone watching to have a full view of her full pink lips and clit ring.

I climbed on board with shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes. We had packed a picnic lunch just in case we found a place to pull over and enjoy the view. You see, we were on our ride to find the perfect hide away for our next sexual pleasure encounter.

Janice was holding my waist lightly when I fired up the Harley. She leaned forward and hugged me tight. She said, ?This is sexually exciting.? We took off as the engine roared, sending vibrations through our bodies. The first part of our ride took us down through the main road past major hotels and Waikiki Beach toward Diamond Head. Janice caressed my entire upper body while we rode on. I reached down and held her thigh against my hip. She moved my hand to her pussy, which she had barred. She had moved her suit to the side giving me full access to her now pulsating mound.

About 10 minutes past Diamond Head we past Hanaunama Bay, a great snorkeling place, around the next few turns was Oahu?s Blow Hole, Waves shoot down and into underwater tunnels that open up on ledges, making a whale like eruption.

We continued to the North Shore. Chinaman?s Hat was on our right, an island that looked like a Chinaman?s hat. Not far from there we pulled over to a long strip beach below the road. Janice and I carried the picnic lunch down to the beach. I had gone down first just in case Janice slipped and fell. It was a good thing, because Janice did fall, she landed right on top of me, knocking me backwards onto the sand beach at the bottom with Janice straddling me. She looked at me; her eyes were sparkling in the sunlight. I slowly moved towards her giving her a kiss. ?It was a good thing I went first? I said.

We regrouped our things, spreading our blanket on the soft pure sand. No sooner than we had settled in on the blanket, Janice made me a bet. Just down the beach, two palm trees had fallen. They were about 5 feet apart and 3 feet up off the ground.

The Bet? She could straddle the two trees with one foot on each tree and with me lying on the sand below her; she could insert my shaft entirely into her pussy. This would mean she would be doing the splits with her feet straight to the sides and once she was perfectly straight across she would then drop another 2 and a half feet to make entry. This was insane!

My question to her was this.

?What are you betting??

Janice, ?Another trip next year, just like this one and to be able to do anything I want to you.?

And what do I get if you can?t perform?

Janice, ?Anything you want to do to me.?

I couldn?t pass this up for anything, so I said, ?Lets Go For It.?

We walked hand in hand down the beach to the trees. We took our clothes off and Janice stepped up onto the trees, spreading her legs, one on each tree. Her pink lips were now swollen and spread open for full view. Janice started her decent while I lay on the sand below her. She had moved to the legs straight out position and I yelled, Stop. ? I can?t just let you FUCK ME! I?ve got to have some of that Sweet Pussy!? I sat up and my mouth was at the perfect height, tongue out I eat her pussy, exploring her every secret. I inserted my two fingers into her pussy about 2 inches, placing them on top of her ?G? spot. I circled my fingers around and over her ?G? spot for what seemed to be no time at all when Janice exploded with an orgasm making her shake violently. Her pussy muscles gripped my fingers and would not allow them to move. Her ?G? spot was now the size of a dime making it very easy to detect and stimulate. I allowed Janice to pleasure her orgasm to its limits by continuing to finger and tongue her clit.

After about 4-5 minutes she had calmed.

Her vulva lips had separated and turned a bright pink undersides, love canal and clit. I kissed, nibbled, tongued and poked every possible sensual place. I now focused my attention to her Clit Ring. It was not an ordinary ring. It had two rings attached together, making her vibrations even more stimulating. I moved my tongue circling her clit moving the rings around in a circle with my tongue. I nibbled at the rings pulling them out then allowing them to fall back down onto her clit. The rings vibrated each time they fell down on to her clit. She was moaning more with each vibration. Taking my fingers, I thumped at the rings from every angle sending her into her second orgasm. Janice was now shuddering and bouncing as if to say, get up here and FUCK ME. When all of a sudden Janice started spraying, she couldn?t control any longer. Her orgasm sent chills up her body, her nipples shriveled and were hard as nails, and her hands held my shoulders for balance and her nails were digging into my back. Janice was bouncing uncontrollably and my fingers were locked inside her pussy. Her muscles were milking my fingers. The pressure of her muscles made my fingers put even more pressure on her ?G? spot. Janice was orgasmic for almost 8 minutes this time.

When her orgasm subsided, I said, ? Now are you ready to continue??

Janice said, ?Are you ready to get your brains Fucked Out??

I replied, Lets See What You Can Do??

With me lying on my back on the sand Janice reached down and grabbed my shaft to help balance and guide her decent down onto my shaft. She came lower and lower inserting my cock?s head into her pussy just a few inches. She stopped, bounced then rotated her hips. Her muscles grabbed the head of my shaft and pulsated around it. She again lowered and repeated the rotation and pulsations. When she had 4 inches left, she dropped and bottomed out. Janice closed her eyes, tilted her head and shoulders back then proceeded to grind my cock into submission. Janice worked her hips and muscles around my shaft bouncing and sucking the life from my shaft. With my cock deep inside Janice, I thought, ?How in the world can she be doing this??

Janice had won her bet, but I had also won. neither one of us were losers. I blew my load deep within her pussy with a violent eruption, now thrusting my hips and shaft up into her cunt even farther with each downward movement from Janice. Janice had anticipated my cuming and within seconds of my cuming had begun her orgasm.

Janice leaned forward, wrapping her arms around me and her legs came off the trees. Now straddling me, my shaft was still embedded within her pussy. ?Who, would have ever dreamed our experience was ever possible??

We had returned our blanket and picnic lunch, enjoying the ocean waves and all of mother?s nature. We feed each other gr*pes, strawberries and cream, laughing and talking about our earlier experience. Both of us talked about how wonderful our meeting each other has been.

We both agreed to continue our friendship way into the future.

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