June 20, 2018
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The Evolution of Swinging - Part 2

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When my wife asked me how we?d go about actually finding another man for a threesome, I was at a loss. The thought of it was erotic as hell? but since we had never done anything like this before, neither one of us was sure how to proceed. The first things I could think of was trolling the AOL chat rooms or picking up a guy in a bar, but neither one of those options was very appealing. We both knew there had to be swinger clubs that we could go to, but my wife was very shy about going to one. That was too big a step for her to start with. Something like that would have to be done in progession. Also, despite the fact she was curious about how we?d do it, she still wasn?t 100% sure we were actually going to go through with it.

The next day I was talking to a friend at work. He was telling me about his new toy... a 16 track digital recording board. He had managed to pick one up cheap and was very happy with it. He told me he had bought it off of Craig?s List.

"Craig?s List? Is that like Musician?s Friend?" I asked.

"Kind of..." he replied. "It?s like a personal ad or classified ad site where you can do anything from sell stuff, buy stuff, get or supply services? find a date? they even have a sex area."

"They what?"

"They have a sex area. Imagine the largest classified or personal ad paper in the world... only it?s online. You have got to see some of the sick shit on there."

When I got home that night, I jumped on our computer and went to the Craig?s List website. My bud was right. It was a smorgasbord of everything and anything. Anything from fixing your car, to buying a drum set to finding a stripper or a fuck buddy. A plan began to formulate.

I told my wife about the site and after the kids were in bed we went on there and looked around. There was a section titled 'Causal Encounters' in the 'adult' section. There were loads of people just looking for sexual partners. Everything you could imagine. We looked at each other.

"We can write up an ad..." I told her. "Set up guidelines. Tell guys what we want. Get them to send us face pictures. We?ll go through them and once you find a few you like we?ll talk to them online, then on the phone, then eventually in person."

She was chewing on her bottom lip as I explained my idea. She looked a mixture of excited and scared to death.

"Let me think about it." Was all she said and she went upstairs.

The next week passed without much mention of it. Her period came so we didn?t have any sex for a few days. Life was normal for that week.

A few days later I was at work when my cell phone beeped informing me of a text message. It was from my wife. The message said simply: 'Write it.'

I spent my lunch hour and much of my afternoon writing and rewriting the ad. I put in the things I thought was necessary and finally had something I felt was a good start. I emailed it to myself and finished my day, dying to get home and show her.

I got home that night and told her I had done it. She nodded and we had dinner and paid some bills and put the kids to bed. Then we went into the computer room and she sat down and read what I had written. She seemed to stare at the screen for a while and told me she wanted some changes. We changed places and I edited as per her instructions. We wanted a single male (no one cheating on a wife) between the ages of 28 and 35. We explained this was going to be our first experience. The ad was actually kind of long? but we laid out everything in it. She was happy with it with the revisions.

"Don?t post it yet." she told me. "I?m not ready yet."

"No problem. You?re the boss." I told her.

"Damn straight." She replied.

That night we had another round of great sex. We talked about another guy being there and I pulled out her vibrator and slid it into her pussy, starting slow and then doing it harder and faster. I moved my body up so her mouth could reach my cock and she took me into her mouth. I started telling her to imagine that she was being fucked by another guy as she blew me. She started begging me to ram the vibrator harder into her. At one point I couldn?t believe I wasn?t hurting her I was doing it so hard. Suddenly she pushed me back and almost screamed at me.

"I can?t take this? FUCK ME!"

I tossed the vibrator aside and jumped on top of her. She was soaking wet. I started fucking her as hard as I could. I had to kiss her to keep her from screaming out loud. She moaned into my mouth and I started worrying we?d wake the kids.

She had her feet on the small of my back and her hands were on my ass forcing me into her. I thirsted harder than I could remember ever doing. The bed started to bang against the wall. I was torn between my fear of waking the kids and my ecstasy. We had only been fucking for about six or seven minutes and it felt like an hour.

"You want me to fuck him?" my wife sudden moaned to me. I didn?t know who ?him: was, but I played along.

"Yes." I replied. "I want to see you fuck him."

"I?ll fuck him and suck on your cock. I want to fuck him. Fuck. I want him to fuck me hard as I suck on your huge hot cock!"

The image popped into my head and once again it was too much for me. I pulled out of her and her hand darted to my cock and she jerked me off as I came bucket loads onto her stomach and breasts. She continued to rock as if I was still fucking her and I just slide my fingers into her pussy as I unloaded my cum onto her. Suddenly she bucked up hard and let out a high pitched squeal. I could feel her almost gushing as she came around my fingers.

I fell aside her. He eyes were closed and she mad no attempt to clean herself off, which was amazing since I knew she normally did not like having cum all over her.

A good five minutes went by. She continued to lay there with her eyes closed. I touched her face and she turned to me and smiled.

"Give me a few minutes, ok?" she asked and closed he eyes again.

I got up, cleaned off and tossed on a pair of boxer and went to make sure the kids were asleep. Thankfully a bomb could go off in the house and the kids would usually sleep through it. No one was awake.

I went into the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. I stared into the mirror. I had often fantasized about doing what we were talking about doing and could not believe we were really considering it. I went back into the bed room and my wife was sitting up wearing only one of my shirts.

"You have to understand something." she started to talk, looking into her lap. "I?ve never been with anyone but you. I love you. I don?t want to lose what we have. Things have been so good since we fixed things. It's kind of fun talking about this as a fantasy, but this is starting to get too real. I'm scared."

"I know." I replied. "There?s no pressure here hon. If it?s not what we both want we won?t do it."

She looked up and I could tell she was close to tears.

"That?s the whole thing." She said, trying not to cry. "I do want it. I REALLY want it. I?ve never been able to say anything... it?s not that you aren?t enough. You are... it?s just... it?s..."

"You don?t have to explain or worry." I said sitting next to her. "This has nothing to do with how you feel about me. I know you have to be curious about other men. I know you have urges. It?s human. It's normal. There's nothing wrong with that. It?s ok. I know I have your heart. I trust you."

"If, and I do mean IF, we do this..." she responded. "You have to be 100% honest with me at every step. The FIRST time you feel even slightly weird, you?d HAVE to tell me. Promise me that. I will not chance losing you over this. I also need some time to really make sure I want this. As exciting as a thought it is, I?m really not sure I can go through with it. Don?t bring it up for a while. Until I say I want to do it, I don?t want to talk about it. I don?t want you to say things about other guys when we have sex. I want no mention of it at all or the answer is no. Ok? "

I promised her and kissed her. We went to bed.

The next few months went by quickly. Thanksgiving and Christmas passed. One of the kids? birthdays came and went. I kept my promise and despite the fact that I thought about it almost every day, I didn?t bring it up. February came and with it was Valentines Day. At this point over two full months had passed. I had pretty much resolved myself to the fact that we weren?t going to go ahead with it. Our sex life continued to be amazing. It seemed that with each week we discovered a new position or technique or pleasure zone on each other. I went to work each day dying to be home with her. Our life and relationship was great and if the little flirtation with a threesome never came to fruition I was ok with it. Things were great.

We had a nice and romantic Valentine?s Day and that weekend we got a babysitter and went out to dinner. We saw a movie after dinner and went home. After the babysitter was gone I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and when I came into the bedroom my wife wasn?t in there. I sat on the bed and picked up a book and started reading. I heard her go into the bathroom and kept reading. A few minutes went by and I was about to call out and ask if she had fallen in when the door opened. My wife stood in the doorway with a new bra and panty set and a silk short robe. The bra and panties were lace and very see-through. She closed and locked the door behind her. She looked amazing. I started to get up but before I could she had climbed onto the bed and pushed me down. I started to say something but she cut me off his a kiss. She pulled my sleep pants and underwear down and my erect cock popped up. Without a word she pulled aside the bottom of her panties and sat on top of me. She was very wet and I slid into her easily. She put her finger to her lips for me to be quiet and she started to rock back and forth. This was something she has recently learned. I felt amazing and I was always able to last fairly long when she moved like that. Except for little gasps and moans, neither one of us said anything for over twenty minutes. She moved faster and faster and I moved with her, trying to match her rhythm. Suddenly she threw her head back and almost screamed. Her body convulsed a few times and shuddered. I felt her cum. She started lifting up and going down, hard? unlike the rocking motion she knew I wouldn?t last long with her doing that. I started to ask her if she wanted to change positions and she looked me right in the eye and smiled.

"I want to do it." She breathed. "I want to find another guy and I want to fuck him. I want to suck on your cock as he fucks me and then when he cums I want you to mount me and fuck me as he watches. I want to feel another man?s cock inside of me. I want to have you both at the same time. I want it. I want it so fucking BAD."

She suddenly jumped off of me and did something she had never done before. We?ve always kept oral sex as foreplay, but once I start to fuck her, she has never put my cock in her mouth until I?ve cleaned up. We never really talked about it and it wasn?t a big deal to me. This time, however, she jumped off me and practically shoved her head into my lap and my cock into her mouth. I reached around and was able to just reach and slid my finger into her pussy around her panties. She moved a little further back to give me an easier reach and I slid two more fingers in. She worked my cock like a champion and after a few minutes I was ready to cum. Since she normally didn?t like the taste of cum I warned her I was about to finish. She lifted her head and started jerking me off. I starting to cum and she surprised me again she lowered her head just enough to let some of the cum go into her mouth. I was shocked. It felt like I was attached to a garden hose or something since I kept cumming. I?m sure it was only fifteen seconds or so, but it honestly felt like minutes. When all of the cum was out of me. My wife sat back and started cleaning herself with a towel.

"Let?s go post the ad and come back up here and fuck again." She said tossing me the towel.

I pulled my sleep pants back on and followed her downstairs. We turned the computer on and she asked me to make one more change.

"Make the age as low as 22. I think I want to try a young guy." She said. At that time she was 35.

I smiled and made the change. We went to Craig?s List and I followed the directions to posting an ad. Just before I hit the submit button I looked at her.

"You?re sure?" I asked.

She didn?t respond. Instead she reached over and put her hand over mine on the mouse and pushed my finger onto the button to click submit. She smiled at me.

"You know we?re going to need some pictures of you to show the guys you want to talk to." I told her.

"So then..." she said walking towards the stairs, "Get the digital camera and let?s go."

I almost broke my leg jumping up from the desk and racing after her.

She wound up putting on a cute and sexy tank top and a tight pair of jeans with no shoes on. She looked so hot I could barely keep the camera straight. We took a number of pictures and I kidded her about letting me take more provocative shots.

"Another time." She said. "Now come fuck me."

Since it was the second time of the evening, I knew I?d be able to last a nice long time. We pulled out the vibrator and I used that on her for almost an hour, watching in delight as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her. After a while she climbed onto me with her pussy at my face and her mouth over my cock and we 69?d for what felt like forever. When we finally got to me getting on top of her and sliding my cock into her, I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 5 am. We had been at it for almost three hours. My cock was actually sore. She saw the cock too and laughed. I knew it was time to finish up. I didn?t hold back at all, but instead started slamming into her harder and harder. She hissed at me through clenched teeth that she couldn?t take it anymore and I had to cum. I pulled out and fell beside her and started jerking off. She rolled over next to me and cupped my testicles, dr*ped her leg over my thigh and started licking my ear and neck.

"Jerk it for me baby. I want to watch that hot cum all over you." She breathed into my ear. "Just imagine you?re jerking off watching me get fucked by some hot stud. C?mon... cum for me... c?mon baby."

As tired as I was I still hadn?t finished. She moved her hand from my testicles to my cock and jerked me up and down. Her mouth went to my chest and she teased me.

"Want to cum in my mouth?" she asked looking up at me.

"Oh God yes." I moaned.

"Then cum in my mouth." She said.

That was all it took. When she said that I came so fast I never found out if she was really going to swallow or not. She was still looking at me and I shot all over the back of her head. She yelped and started laughing and pulled back. She watched me spurt all over her hand and my stomach for another second and when she learned in there was no more. She kissed the tip of my cock and rolled over.

"We have to get to sleep. I?m exhausted."

She ran into the bathroom and came back with a wet washcloth. She tossed it in my lap and went back in to clean the cum out of her hair. Within ten minutes we were fast asleep.

The kids were awake by eight but for once let us stay in bed for a little bit. By 8:45 or so we got up and made them breakfast. Sipping a cup of coffee my wife smiled sleepily at me and said she was going to take a shower.

I went downstairs and realized I had never turned off the computer. Thankfully none of the kids had sat down at it. Even though I had changed the website to ESPN, if one of them had hit the 'back' button, it would have brought them to Craig?s List. I made a mental note to make sure I didn?t make that mistake again and went to the yahoo email address we had set up to receive responses. We had one message.

"Ouch." I thought. I didn?t even read it. I just turned off the computer and went upstairs.

We spent a regular Saturday running errands and then took the kids to a later afternoon movie. We finished it off with dinner at Friendly?s and after the kids were in bed back at home and we had relaxed a little, I told my wife I wanted to check our mail.

"It?s been less than 24 hours since we posted it..." she said. "I doubt we have many responses."

"Let?s take a look anyway."

I turned the computer on and went to Yahoo mail. I signed on and took a look at our messages. I was staring at the screen when my wife came down the stairs.

"So do we have more than one yet?" she teased.

"You could say that." I responded. I leaned back so she could see.

The new mail counter read 173 messages.

"Holy. Shit." she breathed.

To be continued (and we finally get to some swinging action next time)...

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