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The Evolution of Swinging - Part 1

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I'm making this the first attempt to try and put down in words the progression that my wife and I have had going from a married couple with a decent, but slightly tepid sex life, to one that blossomed into a wild existance.

I want to start out explaining our relationship and sex life so you can see how things went from one extreme to the other. The story starts out a little slow, but it will get better. I promise.

My wife and I have been married for almost 15 years. We went to high school together and flirted in the halls. We saw each other at a few parties or gatherings and whhile we said hello and briefly hung out, nothing really ever became of it. In our senior year a chance meeting led to us spending an entire night together (no sex, just hanging out) at a party and I decided to ask her for a date.

We went out the following week and had a great time. We went out two more times and we starting dating exclusively. It was a few weeks into dating that the subject of sex first came up. It was then that she told me she was a virgin. She had never had sex... not even oral sex. In fact, she had not even gone past the making out stage. I was fairly experianced (having lost my virginity back when I was 14) and had had sex with a few different girls. I really liked her and wasn't too concerned about her being a virgin or being unexperianced.

I was fine with waiting (I was never one to pressure a girl into sex too quickly) and we slipped easily into a routine that involved a lot of touching and kissing but not much more. We quickly graduated to nudity (she was quite shy about being naked in front of me for a long time) and within another month she was giving the occasional handjob. I was able to play with and suck on her tits, but below the waist was still a no-no for the most part. She would occasionally strip totally naked but it wasn't always.

We dated for a good six or seven months before one night in a hot and heavy make out session she blurted out that she wanted to have sex. She hadn't even gone down on me at this point. I told her I was in no rush... but she didn't care she wanted it. I tried to tell her to wait a little more and she relented... for one night. The following night she told me point blank she was ready and wanted to do it. So we did. For a while after that she was a nymphomaniac. We had sex constantly. She gave her first blowjob right after giving up her virginity and while she liked it, she was dead set against me cumming in her mouth or even on her. It was a little bit of a battle to go down on her... she was very nervous about it and was uptight about it enough that it seemed to affect her enjoyment of it. We eventually settled into a normal sex life.

Over the next two years we got engaged and got married three years after that. Our sex life was good, if unspectacular. She would have occasional times of total nymphomainia that would last about nine to ten days were she couldn't get enough and would get slightly experimental. Unfortunately these periods were usually followed by a three to five week peroid of a total lack of interest in sex, were I would be lucky to get laid more than once a week... with occasional going a two to three weeks in a row with no sex at all. After Our first child was born it got bad... the first pregnancy was a hard one and she had no desire for sex for almost eight months following the birth. We had some rough times from that but eventually settled back into our basically normal routine. We had a second child two years later.

After the birth of our second child I started getting strong feelings of wanderlust. Our sex life was basic and slightly boring and disjointed. We'd have a great week or fantastic sex followed by two months of non-existant or quick passionless sex. At this point we had been together over ten years (from teh point we had started dating). There was no doubt we loved each other, but the passion in the bedroom was not there. She continued to have hangups... about oral sex (I could count on one hand the times I had gone down on her over the years), about foreplay (she didn't like being fingered and sex toys were taboo) and about sexual positions. It was missionary or nothing.

Some time after that we had some very rough times... we had problems in the bedroom and out of the bedroom. We even seperated for a while (about two months). While we were seperated we realised we were letting life and our marriage pass us by, and resolved to make things better in every way. This included some serious talking about our sex life. She started be experimental by leeting me go down on her often. She finally seemed to get over her hang up about it and started loving it. I finslly was able to slip a finger into her pussy. She starting doing things like having me tit fuck her. It was a nice start.

Our relationship got stronger and stronger... not because of our progess in the bedroom, but it didn't hurt. Love was never an issue, but now we seemed to be so much more on the same page. We had our third child soon after we got back together. After he was about a year old we started discussing our sex life much more often. I started pushing her to tell me her fantasies. She was alwaysd too shy to say anything and I broke the ice by telling her something I had never told her before... that was a tenn before we had started dating, I had dated a girl who was into swinging. I had participated in a few threesomes and one group situation. It was mostly oral, but it was hot as hell and a major turn on. I then told her my fantasy was (as all guys will most likely cop to) to have two woman at the same time.

She was blushing but I pushed the subject. We starting kissing and I stripped her down and slid my cock inside her and started teasing her.

"Do you want to have sex with an another woman"" I asked her.

"No." she said. She was breathing heavy and was very wet. I could tell she was trying to listen to me but was getting very worked up also. I continued to tease her.

"Do you want to swap with another couple?" I asked her in a playful voice, fucking her harder as I asked.

"" she stammered. She brought her legs up around my back and put her heels on my ass, and started forcing me into her harder.

"Do you want to fuck two guys at the same time?" I asked her, moving faster and harder.

"I... I..." She was moaning. I could tell she didn;t want to answer.

"I want to hear your answer!" I said. We were going at it very hard and heavy now. She was trying not to scream. "Tell me the truth!"

"I..I maybe..." she moaned..."I... oh GOD YES I WANT TO FUCK TWO GUYS."

Just hearing her say this blew me away and I lost it. I pulled out of her and for the first time in our lives together I didn;t even aks her I just started jerking off and cumming onto her breasts. Noramlly she'd yell at me if I did that without asking first. This time she didn't even notice. She was writhering around on her back in extacy still shuddering from her own orgasm.

I collapsed next to her and turned to look at her face. She took another minute and turned to face me. She smiled but didn't mention what she had said. I left it alone.

That night was our first step. That weekend we went to our first sex shop and bought her first vibrator. It was a normal smooth one. Within the next month we went back twice to buy a sliver bullet (a msall clit vibrator) and to get some porn, which for the first time in her life, she suddenly was willing to watch.

A few weeks later I broached the subject again.

"So... did you mean it when you said you'd like to fuck two guys?" I asked.

"We ere talking about fantasies right?" she answered. "It's a fanatsy."

"And what if I told you I would let you do it?" I told her.

She stared at me, not sure if I was serious or not. Twice she opened her mouth to say something, but closed it. I was determined to have this conversation.

"I am the only man you have even been with." I said. "You've never even seen another guys cock, much less fucked or fooled around with anyone else. Sooner or later, this is going to be such a point with you that the curiousity alone will drive you nuts."

"And your point is?" she asked.

"My point is, I trust you and love you enough to know that I could handle you being with another guy with me there. I fact, the thought of it turns me on."

She was very quiet and I could tell I struck a chord.

"I don't know..." she said. Her eyes were bright though. I could tell just from them that she was actually thinking about it.

We made love that night and as before I teased her... this time though we started with the threesome talked and she got right into it. As before, just talking about it made me cum right away. This time her jerked me off as I came all over. As she cleaned us up with a towel she kised me and said.

"How would we go about doing it?"

With that question, I knew our lives had just changed.

To Be continued...

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