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The Depraved

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The Depraved

Jack pulled up alongside my pickup in his Pimped out muscle car. His swagger portrayed him as having the world by the tail. He lined up his car so our driver's side windows were lined up so we could talk without anyone else hearing us. There were still a few cars left in the employee lot of Chicago Ridge School Bus Company. There were strict rules about co-workers fraternizing. However, there were clandestine meetings between the safety director and the head mechanic-yeah, they were knocking boots. Gotta love the double standards, NOT!

Hey, Deanne I want to ask you a question.

Yeah, what's up Jack?

Your place or mine, hot stuff?"

I'm flattered, but I'll have to think about that stud. Give me a week and I'll have an answer for you. You know I'm married.

?Yeah, but he's a shit head, Why don't you just leave his sorry ass?"

?Don?t tempt me, Stud.?

?I can make it look like an accident. He can't walk on his own and I'm stronger than him, just saying.?

Deanne is on fire with carnal desires for Jack, he?s in check. I would be wise to steer clear, but I am not wise when it comes to men and that's why I married an asshole.

.Jack is just too sexy for his own good. I wonder what he'd be like in bed. I often fantasize about it when I?m with Cody I could fall hard for Jack if I allowed myself to experience what a real virile man is like. He makes me feel as sexy as he sees me in his eyes.

I realized that it wasn't whether I'd accept Jack's proposition, but how soon.

would I call him or wait until he comes back and ask again to make sure he wasn't joking. I'd feel awfully foolish if I gushed over him only to find out it was just flattery and his way to make me feel attractive. Think I'll wait to be sure. It's bad enough that I'm going to blatantly lie and cheat on Cody?s fat ass, but I will enjoy myself for once.

A week has passed and sure enough Jack is pulled alongside my pick- up truck when I walk out to the parking lot. Hey, I need to get in, back up for a second will you horn dog. Jack laughed at that remark. I got in my truck and rolled down the window.

Jack pulled forward.

So, what's your answer?

To what Jack, I am playing hard to get.

?Your place or mine??

Oh, that question. Your place, Jack.

When can we get together? Tonight is good for me he says practically salivating.

Hold on a second, let me make a call. I'm acting depraved-about fucking time.

I lie and tell Cody I have to do a charter and will be home late. He seems to believe me, but he may just make me think that. I tell Jack I'll have to leave my truck on the road out so in case Cody's spies come by to check to see if the truck is actually here at work.

Jack puts gravel in his travel out of the parking lot. I then pull out of the gated lot and park just outside the exit on 103rd so I can get back into the car much later. I get into Jack's car. My heart feels like it's going to jump out of my chest it's beating so hard. My knees are buckling I'm so nervous. We make a stop at the liquor store for some hooch and munchies. I?m going to enjoy the feel of a real, hard cock. I don?t want Jack to wear no fucking condom. After we work up an appetite, we?ll order a pizza.

Jack drives onward to the condo. Jack parks his car on the concrete pad as a deterrent. If my wife decides to come by to take things that don't belong to her and sees my car she'll keep going. She doesn't like confrontation. I changed the locks, but you can't be too safe. Once inside the condo we start to make out right there on the landing. We leave a trail of clothes all the way until we reach the bedroom where the twenty five cent tour ends-whatta surprise. We begin to kiss and fondle each other. Jack caresses and sucks on my ample melon-size breasts. I can feel shaft swell and twitch as he pulls me closer and our press together. My pulse quickens. I allow Jack to completely rapture me. Even though Cody is a rotten son of a bitch, will I have a guilty conscientious? Hell no.

We fall onto the bed and continue kissing and groping. Jack is obviously erect.

I can feel his cock twitching, but he decides to give me pleasure first to help me relax and let me experience what I'd obviously been missing with Cody.

He slowly works his way down from my hard nipples then my taught stomach flinches from the sensation. He finally reaches the sweet spot and my back arches like a cat. I wasn't used to a pleasurable touch. He delivered me to the land of milk and honey. He licked up all the sweet nectar that exploded from within. He savored every drop.

I returned the favor. My hot wet mouth enveloped his shaft. I took it all in and kissed his balls when I reached the base. I worked slowly back up swirling my tongue around as slowly moved my mouth up and down his shaft.

Just before he was about to pop his wad in my mouth, he rolled me onto my back and plunged his rock hard shaft inside the hot honey pot. We both moan in ecstasy at the same time. Then he pulled out and set his cock on my glistening muff and a few drops spilled out. I reached down and rubbed it in and got off again.

His tongue was ah-mazing, but his rock hard shaft was fucking fantastic, especially in the ?doggie Style?, it hits my clit in just right. Our sweaty bodies separated breaking the vacuum seal. We just lay on the bed letting blood return to the rest of our body before we attempted to stand up. I'll be having sweet dreams when I crawl into bed in my trailer of dullness tonight.

At ten that evening Jack drove me to work to pick up my truck and drive back to my house. I got to the house and parked the truck. I opened the driver?s door and hit the door lock button. Use the keyless remote would make too much noise since it makes the horn honk twice. I shut the door and walk quietly up the four wooden stairs to the narrow deck. I insert the house key into the keyhole and quietly turn it so it doesn?t wake up Cody. Once inside, I carefully close the door. Out of the still darkness I hear a voice call to me. I almost jump out of my skin.

?Hey Dee, is that you? It?s about time you got home.

It?s me. I told you I was going to be late, don?t fucking start with me. Got back to sleep.

I think to myself; I need to take a quick shower, I was sticky, but it wasn?t because of the weather. I needed to clean Jack?s essence before going to bed. Don?t need Cody smelling Jack?s musky scent and cologne. I?ll have a wet dream tonight, but will have to tell Cody it?s him, shit!

I feel my phone vibrate so I take it into the bathroom with me. I close the door and then turn on the shower to let the water warm up and to drown out the noise of the keypad when I send a text message back to whomever is calling me at this time of night.

It?s a text from Jack.

?Thanks for a great time. I?m glad you gave me a chance. Hope to see you again soon.?

?I?ll try to work something out. I?ll let you know.?

There will be a lot of clandestine meetings with Jack, I know how a double agent must feel like. I delete all the text messages so Cody doesn?t see them. He doesn?t need any ammunition to fuel the fire of disdain he already has burning out of control toward me. Just as I was about to shut the phone off, another text is coming through.

It?s from Terri, Simpson, my off-beat neighbor and friend, across the street, encouraged me to accept Jack?s proposition. She wanted me to be happy and enjoy what a real man is like,

Terri texted me, not wanting to wake Cody with the landline phone.

?I saw the lights on in the bathroom.

I reply back with: ?I?ll call her tomorrow. And we?ll get together for drinks or lunch while I?m off during Spring break.

I quickly delete those texts then shut the phone off. I?ll plug the charger into it once I get into the bedroom. I sigh with relief when I hear the familiar rumble of Cody?s snoring; like a grizzly bear with a deviated septum. He won?t be ruining my wet dream tonight.

I finally step into the shower. Before I wash up I enjoy the warmth of the water and the brief feeling of solitude. I wash the smell of Jack?s cologne and musky essence out of my hair-damn. That was going to help with my fantasy of him later. Oh well, will have to rely on my pornographic memory. I used body wash to exfoliate the essence of Jack off of the rest of me. I rinsed thoroughly then reluctantly shut off the warm water. I push back the shower curtain cautiously.

I grab a towel and wrap my hair up and pile the towel on top of my head. I step out and slip into my fluffy terry cloth robe with pastel stripes. I quietly open the bathroom door so it doesn?t make the clicking noise. I tiptoe into the bedroom. I pick up the end of the phone charge and plug it into my cell phone. I fluff up my bed pillows and go to sleep looking forward to sultry dreams..

There are a lot of clandestine meetings with Jack, mostly taking place in the back secluded parking lot of forest preserves. Terri is happy for me when she noticed how inseparable Jack and I became. She had her string of friends with benefits, businessmen passing through. She met them at the dances hotels would have for singles to meet. Terri didn?t want commitment since she had a great paying job allowing her a lot of free time during the week. she had her friends from work to hang out with.

When I returned to work Monday, I didn?t tell a soul about Jack, It was no one?s business, despite their unrelenting obsession about the rumors. I just ignored them, they were ignorant and pathetic. There?s an addictive quality to lust- you can?t live without them, you obsess about them when apart.

Jack & I had that- even if we didn?t admit it to ourselves. Jack is my fantasy coming to life when we are together. I found that it is very sexy to have a love interest be a secret. It contributed to the feeling of allure and passion. When we got together at his place we would lose ourselves in our intense sexual and emotional connection.

I got the courage to leave Cody. He bothered my friend Terri asking her. I didn?t tell her where I went so she wouldn?t have to lie if anyone asked her. At least now we don?t have to sneak around anymore. After being with Jack for four months, I am developing deep feelings; from friends with benefits to true lovers. Jack always tells me what a great lover I am, the best he?s ever had because my love and desire are true-I didn?t trap him. It?s true that when you love someone and want to be with only them, it?s natural to want to be with them sexually too. With Jack and I it increased our feeling of connection.

Terri and I met for drinks at the town tavern. It was a long over- do girls night out. We would?ve closed the place if it weren?t open twenty four hours. I nursed one drink for over an hour and switched to soda so I could drive home. It?s not about getting loaded, smashed, plowed or any other euphemism for drunkenness, it?s about sharing, laughing and bonding. I told her all about how goddamn sexy Jack is.

Terri tells me she?s a stripper. I wasn?t shocked at all.

That?s so hot. I?d like to learn some moves to dance for Jack, I thought to myself.

So, you just dance.

Yes, primarily just on stage, but I do have a few favorite customers that I would give a lap dance. There?s no sex, at least not from me. I got a decorative bustier, so you wouldn?t suffocate. I have some extra outfits at the house that have gone into retirement, but you could dance for Jack and drive him to distraction. What size shoe do you wear? I got a pair of shoes you can have.

I wear an 8 ½. You really think I could do it, I mean for Jack.

Yep,. I?ll teach you a few simple moves. Come to the house for a minute before you go back home to Jack.

Terri pays the bar tab and we drive back to her house for a minute before I drive to my own apartment..

What a night. I sure missed hanging out with you Terri. How about if I talk to Jack and see about having you over for dessert, if you know what I mean.

Sounds great. Let me know if I can bring anything.

Yep, just you and booze.

?Hi Sexy, where are you off to?

?Nowhere, just trying on some clothes Terri gave me to drive you wild.

?Let the show begin.

?Oh, before I start, I want to ask you what you think of inviting Terri over for dessert.

Jack agreed and we would arrange a get together see when the three of us are all available.

Jack says, Ok, quit stalling and give me my private show. I?ll put on some music to inspire you, How?s Marvin Gaye? How about a strip tease in between outfits?

Sure, I?ll try some of the moves Terri taught me.

Wouldn?t you know it, Sexual Healing is the first song on the CD.

Oh, Terri is a stripper. Jack?s eyes rounded and his dick swelled.

Sure, is. At that place on 101st before you get to 76th Avenue near the courthouse.

She gave me clothes, taught me some moves, it was a logical conclusion. It?s cool. I tell her. I guessed it so you kept the secret.

I made a giant leap out of my comfort zone to oblige Jack with a dance. At first I danced like I was in a body cast. I was more nervous than scared. Jack sat on the edge of the bed in the shadows so I could get into the rhythm of the music. When the dance and fashion show was over, he smiled that smile that I can?t resist. Thank you for that, he say seductively flashing his cock in salute. He crooked his finger and gave me that come hither look.

When I got in front of him, he pulled me on top of him and he plunged his rock hard shaft into my hot wet cunt. Apparently the dance made me hot too.

We?re lying in bed a little after midnight when Jack dives under the covers and starts to perform oral sex-what a delightful way to wake up. I changed position and we did our favorite 69 position. Within minutes we let out a simultaneous shriek of orgasm then he gushed cum inside me and some of mine went all over the sheets. I moved back to the head of the bed and leaned over toward Jack. My full lips brushed against Jacks lips and he closes his eyes.

Fortunately, the upcoming weekend was open for everyone to enjoy. How about we play trip Monopoly. Whenever we land on the other players? property and pay rent, we have to take off a piece of clothing. I?m still undefeated. We?ll ask Terri when she gets here. She told me she?s bringing dessert. Wonder what it could be. She knows my taste in beer

The front buzzer sounds so jack hits the button to open the secure door, then opens the condo door and lets Terri in. . She is carrying a case of Coors beer. We open three bottles of beer and pour them into three frosted mugs. We put six bottles in the freezer for twenty minutes to chill. We order a pizza and start strip monopoly to relax first while we pound back some beers. We joke around and make innuendos. This breaks- the ice between Jack and Terri. I left the room to get some beers out of the kitchen, purposely leaving Terri and Jack alone. When I returned, they were French kissing.

?I see you are getting acquainted,? good for you. Let the games begin. Terri was sitting on the opposite side of Jack. She reached under the table and fondled jacks cock through the silky boxers. Jack backed up his chair making his shaft more accessible. Terri and I both went down and started sucking and licking Jack. It was turning me on watching his expression and hearing his moans and groans of delight.

I think we need to take this party into the bedroom. We all stripped out of our clothes as we walked down the hall to the bedroom.

We get on the bed with Jack in the middle Terri sat on Jack?s face. He reached up and fondles her tits. I straddle his shaft and ride him like a rodeo bull. After a few minutes, Terri and I have climaxed, but Jack hasn?t popped his cork so we switch positions, the Jack lets out an orgasmic shriek and shoots his hot wad up into me like a rocket launcher..

When I awoke at eight Jack is not in bed. I sat up and stretched before getting out of bed. I hear voices-Terri and Jack must be in the living room talking living room. I stumble into the bathroom and brush my teeth so coffee doesn?t taste like shit. I walk into the dining room area on the way to the kitchen. I see Jack and Terri sitting on the couch, not making out, just talking. That?s one of Jack?s and my rules, we play together.

Jack says, ?I know what game I want to play. I am a sexual being and think it?ll keep things exciting and fresh if we go to a club. This type of club allows couples to watch and be watched during sex. Occasionally swap partners in the same room. It?s not cheating.?

Without waiting for me to ask ?what about,? Jack gestured for me to sit down. Jack told me about wanting us to participate in a depraved lifestyle.

I tell Jack, ?I accept what you?re saying and will make these radical moral choices.

I tingled all over when Jack kissed me We went to Players Choice-It?s true that sex is hotter when you?re away from home - WOW!

Jack and I have a happy, healthy and exotic sex life. We attend a lifestyle club once or twice a month depending on our entertainment fund. In between trips to the club to dance, enjoy music before the exciting activity, we have date nights at home. We belong to an adult dating website Free Swing to see who is in our area-no cost except the cost of buying beer and munchies. Even just participating as voyeurs, it has spice up our sex life beyond our dreams. We are saving up to go on the Exotic Lust-a cruise ship for Swingers. We heard that it?s a wild time

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