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The Daughter I Never Had

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She was bent over my lap - her 18 year-old ass naked and quivering - and I had to stop and think how it had come to this. I am an ordinary guy, trust me, a woman on the street wouldn't give me a second glance. I'm 45 with a receding hairline, wear glasses, and just squeeze into a size 38 waist. I have an ordinary looking wife who is more interested in granite counter-tops and dining room valences than sex. Once a month she consents to giving me a few quick strokes with her hand lubed and, on rarer occasions, lets me enter her missionary style for three or four pumps, making me cum outside her unkempt, hairy, pussy, which looks as appealing as furry little minx writhing in a leg trap. The only thing that I have going for myself is a three store chain of pharmacies in a small Midwestern city. I manage to hold my own against the big box pharmacies and, besides giving my wife more than enough cash for granite counters and dining room valences, it has given me the pert puckered ass of Julie.

I hired her for store number three, which is where I keep my office and where she now resides bare-assed over my lap. At first I thought she was flirting to get a raise, it wouldn't have been the first time. I have pretty good intuition and in the past any female employee who showed an inordinate interest in me was immediately transferred to another store. I look in the mirror every morning and I know the score, I have no intention of losing half of my money in an ugly divorce only to end up with a slightly better looking wife who will give me the same quick hand jobs.

Julie was different, she came from one of the wealthiest families in town with a trust fund that will provide her with a couple of million when she turns 21. She didn't need money, or even a job, for that matter. She is going to an old established university out east in the fall and planning on majoring in international economics, which still doesn't answer the question: why in a world of all possible worlds is she bent over my lap and about to suck my cock?

The answer is simple, her father made a lot of money and had never spent as much as a Saturday afternoon with her when he suddenly died, his cock buried in the pussy of his "secretary" in a cheap motel on the edge of town.

Julie wanted to work as a pharmacist's assistant. She's a bright girl, no doubt about it, so I had work with me. I began to notice her hand lingering in mine when she would hand me a bottle of this or that and I felt her gaze when showing her d**g interactions. After about a two months I came right out and said it.

"Julie, I don't know why you're wasting your time here with me, but I really appreciate how hard you've worked. You're like the daughter I never had. I know you want to get a degree in economics and go out and be the something something of something, but if you change your mind, you could get a degree in pharmacology and come back here to take over the stores, not right away, but in a few years..." I stopped because I was choking up.

"That means a lot to me, Mr. C, I mean you've been a better dad to me than my own father..." She began to cry and it felt so natural to take her into my arms and hug her, which turned the her tears into heaving sobs. I gently kissed the top of her head and her nubile body pressed into mine. She smelled like a fresh-cut papaya and I could feel my cock getting hard.

"I know it's a stupid idea, let's forget I said anything." We were behind the counter in the back of the store and it was almost closing time. I pulled away and handed her a tissue to dab away the tears. She had long brown hair and a healthy body, not rail thin like so many girls her age, some might even tend to think of her as overweight, but she was full breasted and perfect in my opinion. We got a lot of new male customers with her behind the counter, her smile was that good and she had perfect white teeth. The girl was like a fucking milk commercial and I imagine a lot of guys pictured their milk streaming down her chin.

"Don't think for a second it's stupid, Mr. C. I'm honored that you would think of me like the daughter you never had." I was a few inches taller than her and she looked up at me and batted her eyes. "I'm not sure I should say this, but..."

"Go ahead, Julie, anything, you can trust me."

"Gee, okay, then the truth is I would love to call you, daddy, you know when no one else is around." She changed the tone of her voice to that of a younger girl and rubbed my hands in hers. This had the effect of hardening my cock as nothing else had in the last twenty years.

"Julie, I er, uh, um, don't know what to say."

"You'd like to be my daddy, wouldn't you? Come on I can see you would." She was staring straight at my crotch.

"We have to close the store wife."

"Norm is up front locking the door already, why don't you tell him that I'll close out the registers."

"My wife..." I couldn't get anything else out. She touched my lips with her index finger.

"You said you wife is always in bed by the time you get home."

"Well, er tonight might be the odd night she's still awake."

Julie picked the phone and dialed 50 for the intercom. "You can take off, Norm, I'll close tonight."

"Yesss!" Came back through the speakers. Norm liked to finish his evenings at the Patio Grill and Bowl.

"Julie, this is all happening too fast, I mean I'm old enough to be your father and..."

"And I've been such a naughty girl, daddy." She took a blue diamond pill and pushed it into my mouth. "Now you won't have any excuses!" She laughed.

I walked up front and let Norm out and locked the door. When I returned she had removed her top and bra and put her white lab coat back on. "You're a very naughty girl, very naughty."

"Really, daddy? What are you going to do." Her voice now totally like a frightened little girl's.

"I have half a mind to put you over my knee and show you the back of my hand."

"Oh god, daddy, please don't." But her eyes, her mouth all told me to go ahead.

"Back to daddy's office, no excuses." I was firm in voice and cock.

"Please, daddy, I promise."

"You can't be taking pills like that and putting them in my mouth." I took her and pulled her jeans down and bent her over my lap. "Slap, slap, slap." I hit her beautiful ass, hard enough to leave a red mark which brings me back to the beginning. "You have to promise, never again."

"I won't promise, daddy, I want your cock hard, don't you want to show it to your little girl?" She shook her ass and placed her hand on the outside of my pants and then unzipped me. My cock sprang out and she took it in her mouth.

"Why you dirty little cock sucker." I said and pushed my cock into her eager mouth while looking at her body kneeling before me. "You're going to get all of daddy's cum, is that what you want, answer me!"

"Yes, I want my daddy's cum, all of it." She stroked me slick with her spit as she talked and then began to suck again, as I had never been sucked.

"You teasing whore, look out, daddy is going to burst." I held her head steady and began to fuck her wanton mouth. "Take it, baby, take your daddy'd hard thick cock" She moaned and slurped eagerly. "Here it is baby, a sweet little pearl necklace! Aaarggghh." I groaned and came hard, sending years of pent up spunk against the back of her throat, keeping my cock in her mouth until she cleaned up every drop. "Oh god, Julie, I am so..."

She sat up on my lap and began to kiss me with her mouth full of my cum. I could feel my heart rate increasing as the little diamond blue pill was beginning to take effect. "Daddy's angel." I kissed her over and over until my cum had been swallowed between the two of us. She spit in her hand and started to stroke my cock.

"Do you want to fuck me, daddy? My pussy is so wet for you."

"Just let daddy get a rubber, angel."

"No need to, daddy, I have been stealing another pill, the kind that keeps your little slut from getting pregnant. Don't you want to feel my real pussy, daddy?"

She looked up at me with such innocent eyes the whole time stroking my cock like an expensive Las Vegas whore, I know, I paid for one a few years back. I don't let the wife waste all my money on granite counters and dining room valences.

"Angel, my sweet dirty cock sucking angel, sit on daddy's cock."

She responded without needing a second entreaty, mounting me with her agile full body and slowly, oh my god, so fucking slowly, moving down on my cock.

"Daddy, your cock is in me, do you like your little slut, am I tight enough for you?"

She looked directly into my eyes and fucked me, me feeling every inch of her pussy walls and the urgent wet need she had to fuck me and I her. There is something so twisted and primeval when one imagines fucking their daughter, but I didn't feel any remorse or guilt, it felt so right, if anything she was taking advantage of me, or least that's the way I like to think of it. She sat on me for at least an hour, god bless that little diamond blue pill, it is everything good about pharmacology and more. Our foreheads leaned together and I held her around the waist until I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Oh god, Julie, daddy's going to cum. Daddy's going to give you more of his cum, angel"

Her eyes were squeezed shut. She began twisting my nipples. "Give it to me, daddy, I want it all, I need it so badly!"

I bucked up and into her. She grasped my dick with her twitching labia muscles and I came. She began to cry. "Daddy I'm cumming on your cock, oh god, daddy I'm cumming into your cum. Fuck me, daddy, fuck me."

We fucked for three more months until she left for school. I had no idea how much it was going to hurt until she walked out one late summer day and hasn't returned since. I'm back to monthly hand jobs and occasional three pump missionary fucks with my ordinary wife. I know too much about STD's and pharmacology to be out there playing around and I'm too cheap to give my wife half my money to try and find someone new. Julie was a gift, how many guys will ever get what I had, there's only a handful of Julie's out there. Finding the daughter I'll never have was something money can't buy.

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