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The Date Part 1

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I tell you on Saturday morning that we are going out for the night but not with the crew, Lona, Michele and Jim. You ask me with whom and I just say don't worry about it and I will lay out your clothes for the evening after you have had a luxurious bubble bath and a drink to relax you. It gets to be 5:30 and I tell you it is time to get your bath as we are going to leave the house at 8:00. I have some candles burning in the bathroom and the bath is drawn with bubble that cover you to the bottom of your chin. A drink is waiting for you there and some soft music playing. You think this is just to much what has he got up his sleeve? But you figure and know I would not do anything to hurt you so what the heck.

So after the bath you get out and I wrap you in a towel and softly wipe the water and bubbles from your body. Making sure I touch you just enough on your nipples and pussy but leave you in an aroused state. I then say you need to get your make up on. Still not sure what you are wearing you start the process and ask what colors you are wearing? I just say whatever goes with black and white.

You tell me you are about done and I have gotten showered and dressed in black slacks and a Tommy Bahama silk shirt that is a white with a design pattern. I bring you in a new 3/4 length black silk skirt with a fuck me slit, and a camisole/slip with lace at the top just covering your breasts. Also out of silk so your nipples can feel the fabric against them. You ask about a bra and I just shrug my shoulders and smile. You figure what the heck why not. There is also a blouse out of black silk but with a sheer lace pattern that matches the lace on the camisole/slip. You also have a pair of matching french cut black lace panties. Your shoes are black with somewhat high heels. You get dressed and I have a hard time keeping my hands off of you. I do tease your nipples so they stand out against the fabric.

Eight o'clock arrives and I go to the front door and you look out and a limo is out front. I just say are you ready? We go to the limo and the driver gets out to open the door and it is a young lady with a very tight and short skirt with a slit that reveals the upper thigh to almost her pussy and a starched white shirt with the top 3 buttons undone. All she says is good evening and we get into the back of the limo. Where are we going you ask? I shrug again. As the limo pulls away I have made you another drink and start playing with you again. You say she will see us and then I said so what and push the button for the window divider to go down. I ask her what her name is and she says Lisa and I ask if she minds if we have some fun and she says not at all, what happens in the limo stays in the limo. I assumed she would put the divider back up but does not as she readjusts her mirror to have a better peak. Your second drink starts to hit you along with my kisses on your neck and ear. By now I have allowed the slit in your skirt to open enough for me to reach inside your panties. You start to say something but I place my lips on yours and you just reach for my cock. Now totally ignoring Lisa and her glances you say you want my cock. You unzip my pants and allow my cock to be exposed as you lean over and take it into your mouth. We hear what sounds like a slight moan from the drivers area as your eyes look up to see mine.

About that time the limo stops and you realize we are at a restaurant but not somewhere you have been before. The door opens and Lisa is smiling at us as we exit and another button has been undone on her blouse and appears her skirt has shifted a little. She says enjoy your dinner as we walk up to the door and a doorman opens the door and welcomes us. We enter and the restaurant is lighted by soft lights and candles on the tables. The hostes who is dressed in a very erotic outfit smiles and escorts us to a booth. We notice that all the people at the restaurant and dressed very erotic with some women wearing see through blouses and not lingere and also slits in their skirts just like yours almost revealing their pussy. You just look around and wonder what could be next. Our waiter comes to the table and he is about 6' with dark hair and steel blue eyes that go along with his huge smile. He is dressed in somewhat revealing black slacks and a white dress shirt starched to perfection but with about 3 buttons undone. He takes your napkin, opens it and then spreads it in your lap with just the right touch to your thigh and brushes your nipples that are hard as rocks. You acknowledge his kindness and also notice that a bulge seems to have appeared in his slacks. You whisper in my ear, what would he do if I touched that? I just shrug again. We order a white wine which is sweetened just to your taste. By now with the alcohol and the erotic atmosphere you are getting real hot, wet and horny. Another hostess comes by and asks if everything is ok and she takes my napkin and places it in my lap and slides her palm across my cock with a gentle stroke as she backs away. It appears everthings is going well and walks away. The restaurant has a small combo that is playing behind a dance floor. Several couples are dancing or should we say making an exhibition for us to view. One couple is in a highly erotic state of mind as their bodies mold together and another couple, no man and two women are doing some type of dance or something to the music.

I had preordered dinner and it started with a huge shrimp cocktail and as you ate the shrimp you were something, the way you would take them into your lips and tease me as if you were sucking my cock. I became highly amused with this as our waiter had come back to the table and was standing to the side watching you and now I noticed the bulge you had created. You now out of the corner of your eye noticed him and became embarassed but he handled it well as he now leaned over to remove the cocktail dish and this time made sure his cock touched the back of your hand on the edge of the table. I could not believe how long he was able to balance in that position and clean away items from the table. Just as he moved you turned your hand and was able to give his cock a slight sqeeze. I just look at you and ask how was the appetizer. You smile and reach under the table to now squeeze my cock.

Dinner was fabulous, it was lobster, shrimp with cheese and bacon with a slight touch of jalepenos (not hot just flavoring) scallops and a very light cream sauce. Some very light rice and asparagus. The scenery had also changed and tables were full all around us with people being very romantic and amerous. In some cases couples were very relaxed with everyone at that table and numerous kisses and hugs being distributed. We had decided on bananas foster for dessert and Ken, our waiter was preparing it table side. He had left one of the bananas cut about 3 inches long and had that in the center of your plate. As he was clearing the cooking apparatus away you took that piece and very eroticaly placed it between your lips and licked the sauce from it. Now his bulge was very pronouced and you looked him straight in the eyes and continued your torchering escapade. Very nonchalant he smiled and asked if you would like a much larger piece of banana? Curious you looked at me and I answered, yes Ken I think she needs one, is there one available? He moves closer to the table and now allows his bound up cock to escape and it is within inches of your mouth. I squeeze your thight and smile as you take your tongue and lick the precum from the cock and then slide your lips over the edge. Your hand goes up to stroke it as you now engulf as much of it as you can. Quickly you work it and before probably 30 seconds have gone by you receive a load of cum that filled your mouth and mixed with the sauce from the bananas foster. Ken moves away and you lick you lips and say that was a fabulous dessert, do they serve it regulary on the menu? Ken smiles and says no mam only to special diners.

We have now finished dinner and you are so wet it is about to kill you as you slide from the booth. As you exit you skirt opens and your panties are visible to everyone but you ignore it as well as you can. The hostess had come up beside you and reached for your slit and closed it as her hand touched the outside of your wet pussy. She smiled and said it appeared you enjoyed your special dessert this evening. You just smiled.

As we exited Lisa was waiting at the limo with door open, what could be next.

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