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The Date (By Paul)

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The Date By Paul Mays

When I first saw Sondra, I immediately felt a strong attraction towards her. Her intelligence and personality beamed from a beautiful smiling face. Her well poised, carefully orchestrated movements reminded me of ballet dancers. I met her online and rode my scoot over to meet her. I admired her athletic physique, dark complexion and black hair.

We met on and hit it off from the start. She asked if I knew how to get to Corbin because she realy wanted to go for a bike ride as it had been a long time. Since I was headed there, I asked if she'd like to ride with me.and maybe go over to the park in Cumberland Falls As we rode to the park, the usual questions were asked about each other. By time we got there, I...well, to use an old cliche, I was in love.

I suggested we go to a mart and get some munchies. We got some fruit, wine, bread, crackers and chocolate. Back in the park, we found a lush patch of grass in a garden. We ate the goodies and talked of our interests, finding that we had much in common. I was beginning to feel like a teenager, afraid of doing anything to turn this wonderful woman away from me. Sondra suggested a nap in the sun. As we lay down, she cozied up next to me and held my hand in hers. The feelings I had were wonderful, a combination of love and lust (you didn't expect this to be a romance novel, did you?)

We napped for a while, when we woke up, we started riding back. Sondra invited me to her place for dinner, of course I accepted.

Sondra's place was warm, open, eclectically furnished, with the sun pouring in through south facing windows. Bookcases were filled, subjects ranged from Monet's works to astronomy. Her collection of music included every taste: classical, rock, folk, jazz, etc. The walls had decorations from many cultures. The furniture told of a person with class and taste. There were plants everywhere.

It was hot. Sondra suggested that I relax with some wine while she showered and changed. I said I'd make the salad. When she emerged, she handed me a bathrobe and said I'd have time for a shower before dinner. I could take a hint, so off to the shower I went, sniffing my underarms out of insecurity. The bathroom was pleasant, the shower refreshing. The bathrobe didn't fit too well, but it wasn't obscene.

Dinner wasn't candlelight, the sun was still shining, but everything else was romantic. Good music, good food, good wine, and most important, a good person to share it with.

After the table was cleared, Sondra served up cups of gourmet ice cream and we retired to the couch. I sat down first, facing forward, too afraid to make any "advances". If Sondra was to be only a friend I would still be content to share her company. Of course, I hoped for more. Sondra sat down very close to me, shoulders touching. I ate my ice cream very slowly, deliberately licking the spoon in a suggestive manner. As if not to be outdone, Sondra would stick the full spoon in her mouth and withdraw it slowly, lips closed and a moan of pleasure (it was good ice cream...) By the end of ice cream we were closer together. I leaned back on the couch and Sondra leaned back onto me. I put my arms around her and our hands clasped, fingers moving between each other sensuously. Her head leaned on my shoulder, I reached with my lips and kissed her hair. Sondra's head moved back and her ear was exposed. I kissed her ear, my lips gently pulled at her lobe and my tongue darted out and licked behind it. She moaned and slowly turned her head. As she did, I kissed along her face until our lips almost met.

Our faces moved together in a union of trust. The moment was electric. Our lips rubbed together, tongues came out and gently explored. Sondra's breath and mouth were wonderfully fresh and inviting. Kissing was so good that we kept at it for a long time.

When we broke for air, Sondra slowly got up, my hand in hers, with a coy, suggestive expression that spoke the unnecessary words. She led me into the bedroom. The sun was shining through the large picture window onto the bed directly underneath it. The covers and sheets were a southwest native American style, bright warm colors on a beige background. Sondra stopped and faced me, we embraced and kissed. I parted our bodies and unbuttoned her blouse. The sun silhouetted her beautiful breasts with their erect nipples. The warmth of the invitation was irresistible. I lowered my head to a breast and cupped it in my hand, carefully kneading its firmness. My tongue circled around the nipple, teasing it into hardness. I licked the nipple and then used my lips to suck on it while licking. Sondra started moving sinuously and moaned with delight. I switched to the other breast - it deserved equal time. I then started kissing my way down her torso, licking under her breasts and swirling my tongue down to her navel. I stuck it in her navel and Sondra recoiled from the ticklish feeling. I unfastened her shorts and pulled them down. Sondra was wearing a pair of delicate laced panties that contrasted with her dark hair and made her mons stand out in an inviting fashion. She looked so sexy I was reluctant to remove the panties. But then I thought about what was inside, and the lace went down around her ankles.

My hands coaxed Sondra to spread her legs slightly. I kissed her mons and inhaled deeply. Her feminine odor was strong, but extremely pleasant and clean. The pheromones hit me immediately. I used my fingers to pull her labia apart. The sight do you describe it? I almost had an orgasm staring at her! I kissed her labia and clit and then stood up.

Sondra quickly untied the bathrobe belt, and my erect cock pushed it apart. It only took a quick pull before the bathrobe was at my feet. We stood fully naked, sunlight warming our bodies, staring at each other. I embraced Sondra and the feeling of her skin against mine was wonderfully sensuous.

Sondra pulled back the covers and we lay side by side on the bed. Our hands ran over each others bodies, caressing and exploring. I gently rolled Sondra over on her back and asked her to relax and enjoy. My hands caressed her ears, eyes, cheeks, etc., my tongue following behind. My hands and lips wandered down her neck and over her chest to a breast. As I licked and suckled her nipples, my hand caressed its way slowly down towards her mons. I moved my body further down between her legs. My mouth continued down, spending time licking her navel (not as ticklish this time). When my mouth got to her mons, I paused to rearrange our bodies. I got off the bed and knelt at the side. I positioned Sondra so that her bottom was at the edge of the bed, my head was between her legs, and her legs were resting on my shoulders. This gave me good access to her crotch.

I used my hands to part her labia again. As I stared at her crotch and inhaled her scent, I almost came again. But there was too much to enjoy yet. My tongue started by licking her labia slowly, back and forth, one side and then the other. I circled her vagina and pushed my tongue in. I flicked her clit back and forth gently, arousing it slowly. Two fingers slowly worked their way into her vagina. My lips closed over her clit, forming a seal. My tongue started moving rhythmically over her clit. On the upstroke, I sucked as the clit came out of its hood and its tip got lightly licked. On the downstroke, I relaxed the intense sensation. Sondra was soon grinding and moaning rhythmically, I used her rhythm to determine mine. My free hand went up and alternated between her breasts, rubbing and squeezing her nipples, kneading the firm flesh. I turned my fingers in her vagina so I could push upwards. The increased pressure aroused her further (I'm not getting into the G-spot debate, you decide what Sondra felt...)

I took my fingers out of her vagina and inserted my thumb. After it was covered with her juices, I removed it, replaced it with my fingers, and rubbed the thumb around her anus. Sondra squirmed and pushed her bottom towards the thumb. Her response was reassuring, I had been worried about offending her. I took my fingers and hand and moved them aside. My tongue left its post and started licking its way down. I stopped at her vagina and then licked down to her anus. Sondra squealed with delight as my tongue circled around her anus (not Uranus, that was the starship Enterprise...) I gently pushed my tongue against the opening several times and was greeted with more sounds of delight.

Sondra's motions had been building up slowly, and she was now getting to a feverish pace. My lips and tongue went back to the rhythmic stimulation of her clit, my fingers went into her vagina, and my thumb pressed at her anus. My thumb gently worked its way into her anus, and when I rubbed the flesh between her vagina and rectum, Sondra let out a long low, moan. Her hands were pulling my head harder and harder into her crotch. The pace continued to increase, and I adjusted my clit licking to suit her tastes. When I looked up from her crotch to her face, I felt really happy inside. Her body was bathed in the orange of the setting sun. Her nipples were erect and her breasts were heaving as she breathed deeply. Her face had an ear-to-ear grin, the mouth wide open as she gasped for air. Sondra's eyes were closed while her head rolled back and forth. The pace continued to build, then Sondra's whole body tensed as she let out a long sigh. She started to spasm from head to foot as her orgasm grew. Sondra was heaving so hard I could barely keep my mouth on her! I looked up to the beautiful sight of her orgasm's peak. Her eyes opened and stared back at me. Was it my imagination or did I detect another crest in her orgasm?

Finally Sondra pushed my head away from her and pulled it up to her face. She kissed and licked her juices from my face. The smile and warmth flowed from her as she thanked me. I felt wonderful, having had the pleasure of satisfying such a gorgeous woman.

Sondra reached down and took my cock in her hand. She quickly guided it into her vagina. It was wonderfully warm and I felt her muscles tense around my cock. I started moving in and out, convinced that I couldn't last more than a few seconds. Luckily, I didn't have to find out. Without disengaging, Sondra rolled us over until she was on top. Sondra stretched and ground around. The sensation was stimulating me quickly. I reached down with my hand and used it to massage her clit. She was applying so much pressure that it was a difficult maneuver. Sondra picked up the pace, and I couldn't decide between going ahead and orgasming or trying to wait for Sondra. We were staring at each other the communication was tacit. Sondra reached down and aimed a breast towards my face. I took the hint and licked and sucked her nipples. I was in heaven. My cock was stimulated by her warmth and exquisite motions. My mouth was enjoying her tastes, my nose was entranced by her odors, my ears heard music in Sondra's moans, my hands were rapt caressing her body, and my eyes were glazed with the sight of this woman in the orange sunset, sitting over me, enjoying our lovemaking. Having all one's senses so pleased this was nirvana (OK, OK, but it felt that way at that moment...) Sondra tensed, shuddered and started spasming. The extra motions of her orgasm coupled with the feeling I had from experiencing it with her put me over the edge. I moaned loudly and tensed, thrusting my pelvis up towards Sondra. My orgasm hit hard and fast, I shot into Sondra with such force that I felt like I was exploding. Coming together heightened our orgasms, they seemed to last an eternity.

We kissed and embraced for several minutes, basking in each other's warmth and love. I was ready to quit, but Sondra had other ideas. She climbed off of me and slowly moved down between my legs. As she went, her tongue traced a circuitous route, stopping at my nipples and navel. When she got to my crotch, Sondra slowly started licking the juices off. Even though I had just had an orgasm, I found myself getting aroused again by this great woman. Sondra's tongue slowly ran up and down my shaft and then circled the head. Her lips parted and she took the head in her mouth. Sondra gently sucked on the head as her tongue stroked the length of the shaft. One hand gently closed in a circle around my cock, cutting off the venous flow and making me harden quickly. The other hand kneaded my balls, delicately pulling and squeezing. The setting sun was still shining on Sondra. Looking down at the orange on her black hair was intoxicating. The sensations were...too much (hey - I'm not up to my cliche quota yet!) Sondra quickly found what rhythm and strokes aroused me the most, and it didn't take long before I was grinding around on the bed. I was amazed when I felt myself nearing orgasm after a few minutes. Sondra sensed it and increased the pace. I countered, and pretty soon I shuddered and started shooting into Sondra's mouth. She kept up the pace perfectly during my orgasm, timing her motions to my spurts and contractions. As my orgasm died down, Sondra relaxed her motions perfectly. I pulled her up to me and kissed her deeply.

I was exhausted from pleasure, drifting in an orgasmic state of bliss. we moved to be side by side (and away from those damn wet spots) and cuddled together. We kissed and exchanged complements. Our hands caressed and massaged each other. I felt absolutely, wonderfully satiated. The afterplay continued to wind us down until we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

When we awoke, it was dark outside. We were clenched together for warmth. We got up, used the john, and got some more ice cream to eat in bed. We talked and played, when the ice cream was done, we lay again in each other's arms. This was definitely the beginning of a great love affair, I can't wait to tell more of the story...

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