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The Cruise To Paradise

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It was early spring as our ship set sail May 2, 1921 from Japan with a full crew and fifty people on board. The air was crisp and the seas calm as we left the harbor that morning. It was not a large ship but one that had made many crossings to the United States. Mostly businessmen and their families would sail on it. It was a beautiful ship built with fine craftsmanship and skill. She ran shallow in the water, which made her a fast vessel for making the trip. I happened to be on this voyage because of the urgency to get back to the states. Most of the passengers were from wealthy families that were on this as a pleasure cruise. I had noticed a woman as I came on board with long brown hair standing at the rail watching the dock crew load supplies as I came on board. Ah, she was a fine looking woman with a beautiful smile that showed dimples on each side of her face. Her eyes sparkled behind a set of wire rimed glasses that only made them shine brighter. As I passed by the fragrance of her perfume caught my attention. It was tantalizing and yet mysterious at the same time. A fragrance I had never smelled before, yet for such a woman as her it was very fitting.

The dress she wore was of a light yellow color and it had a bow that tied at the back causing it to show her shapely figure the better. She was a woman that any man would love to hold close to him. Feeling her bosom press against his chest as he holds her tight, his lips locked with hers. Her beauty was very distracting to the extent I ran into a poll that supported the stairs. At the noise she turned to see me as I recovered my composure. A little red faced and thinking myself crazy for doing such a thing, I hurried on to my cabin. The cabin was quite large for being on a ship that size, with a desk and full size bed, a closet along one wall with a bath on the other. I had a porthole in the cabin so I could see out which I enjoyed very much. I watch the coast getting smaller and smaller as we headed out to sea on our voyage. Around noon I went upon deck for a stroll and to see who all was on board. There were mostly businessman and their wives on board with the exception of the beautiful woman I had seen as I came on board.

I found out she was along on this voyage and was on her way back home to see her Father and Mother, That she had been on a trip to Japan just to see the sights and learn a little about there customs. She had been away about six months studying the life of the people in Japan. She wanted to become an expert on their culture, and their way of life. I didn't talk to her because of the incident with the poll was still fresh in my mind and I was a little embarrassed about it. Later that evening I dined out on the deck watching the reflection of the full moon as it danced on the water. The seas were calm and tranquil as we glided across the ocean at a steady twelve knots. We were making good time and hoped to be in San Francisco in eight days. As I sat there enjoying my dinner I saw her again at the stern of the ship watching the wake from the props as they churned the water, leaving a trail of white foam behind. I could see her standing there in the moonlight with her hair curled in long locks down her back. I could feel the urge to go and talk to her rise up in me so I walked to the stern of the ship and stood, trying to think of what to do next.

As I stood there watching the water with thoughts of her running through my mind, I realized how much I needed someone in my life. I had been alone most of my life and needed someone to share life's experiences with. I could see her out of the corner of my eye and wanted so much to talk to her when the ship captain came up and started talking to her. Her smile to him should have been to me instead, but I had waited to long. I turned and started away and then she looked at me and smiled and my heart skipped a beat. Why had I waited? I didn't see her for a few more days and I wondered what she was doing, who she was talking to. She was all I could think about as I sat below going over my work. The ocean was getting rough and the captain had said to expect bad weather ahead. The wind was blowing and the lightning was getting worst as further along we went on our voyage. I decided to go upstairs and try to get something to eat before it got to bad, for the dinning room would close in bad weather. When I got there she was sitting at a table by herself so I hurried and got my food and went over to her table and ask if I could sit with her, expecting to get an answer of no, but to my surprise she said yes. We sat talking about different things as we ate our meal and wondered about the storm that lay in our path home.

In a very short time it had grown worst and was getting to bad to sit at the table and eat. I could see the fear in her eyes and tried to get her mind off of it but she could see the concern in my eyes too. The Captain came in and told us to put on life preservers and stay in the room where he would know where to find us. He didn't want to have to search for us if anything happened.

As the wind picked up and the waves got bigger we knew that it was getting worst and you could see it on the crews faces. All of a sudden a large wave crashed down upon the ship and we could feel the deck give below us. We knew we were in trouble then, the crew scrambled to the lifeboats to get them in the water; some one caught us by the arm and led us to a lifeboat. They put us in it and went to get others when the big one hit. The power of the wave tore us away from the cables and swept us away from the ship. We found ourselves alone in the lifeboat, no oars, water or food that we knew of. It was dark and all we could see was blackness. The howl of the wind roaring around us as it swept us further away from the ship. Did they even know we were gone yet? Could they find us in the blackness that surrounded us? We were alone and the fear griped us both as we held on to each other hoping it was just a dream. We were carried by the wind the rest of the night not knowing what lay ahead for us. Wondering if our dreams we had in life would ever come true.

Daybreak found us alone in the middle of nowhere. The storm had passed and there was a light wind blowing us alone to who knows where. Did anyone else get off the ship before it sank? Would they ever find us? Did they know we were alive? What would become of us? We looked around for supplies and found some caned food, drinking water and a flare. The oars were strapped to the side of the lifeboat and a small ax was under the seat. There was a small sail that could be rigged up which would help us along the way to where? Which way would the wind take us? Further away from them or closer, I didn't know. We had enough food and water for about four days if we used it right. The first day we didn't use the sail hoping they would find us, no one came. We talked about our homes and dreams to help pass the time and take our minds off our situation. I was worried and so was Kathy. She had told me her name at the break of day and I told her mine. This was not the way I had in mind that our first meeting would be. I had hoped for a romantic dinner together on deck with a full moon looking down upon us. One that both of us could enjoy. The second day we raised the sail and used the sun as a guide. We were making good time with the wind blowing like it was but we didn't know if it would take us to a safe place or not. We hoped to be spotted by another ship that may be passing by.

The fourth day it rained, we were able to catch enough water to refill our water bottles and drink till we were full. Our food was beginning to get low so we ate as little as possible so we would have some for a few more days. We knew if we were not found soon that we would not make it. At night we cuddled together to stay warm for we had no blankets to cover ourselves with. Holding Kathy was pleasant and I didn't mind at all for it kept us warm. We would sit there with her in my arms talking and looking at the bright stars above us. After six days hunger had set in and it was getting bad. We still had water to drink so that was a blessing and we had some shade from the sail. Late the sixth day we spotted land off at a distance but the wind was keeping us to far out so we took to the oars. It took a long time but we made it to shore after dark. Not knowing what or where we were we decided to stay there till morning. We used the sail to cover ourselves up with and fell to sleep holding each other.

We woke to birds singing and waves crashing on the shore. The sun was shining brightly and it was good to be on solid ground wherever we may be. Our main concern now was to see if we were alone or if there was someone to help us. We started out along the shore because we knew if someone were there they would use the shore. Three hours later we were back where we started from and hadn't seen anyone. It looked as if we were the only two on the island. We had seen plenty of fruit to eat so we would not go hungry. We started searching for water and a good place for a shelter so we could get out of the weather. We found a waterfall not far inland so our water problem was solved. There were bananas and coconuts to eat, nuts and berries also. Kathy was a great help in knowing about the berries and nuts because of the time spent in Japan.

After our first day we knew we could survive so we were somewhat relieved. Kathy held up great under pressure and I was thankful for that. She was always there to help with what needed to be done. Never complaining but always willing to help.

We set about fixing a shelter so we could stay dry and have a place to sleep. We used bamboo to make the frame and palm leaves for the sides. We used the sail for the roof and tied everything together with vines we found on the island. We hollowed out large coconuts to use for bowls to eat from. It wasn't as nice as home but we could survive. After a week of work we had a place to sleep and food gathered to eat. We had seen no sign of a ship passing by. We got to know one another better over those few days and shared a lot of our thoughts with each other.

The waterfall was close so we would go there to bath and wash our clothes, one at a time of course. The gentleman in me keeps me from watching Kathy although the desire was there. I was sure she might be having thoughts about me by the way she would look at me sometimes. I am sure she saw the bulge in my pants from time to time; I would try to go somewhere else to work on something so she wouldn't see it. Sometime I could see her nipples showing through her blouse and would want to kiss them gently. One time she caught me looking and smiled at me with that beautiful smile she has. Weeks passed and still no sign of a ship. We had been there twenty-five days so far but we were in good health. This day started out no different than most we had been through, the sun was shining bright and the sky was clear. I decided to look for something of use that may have washed up on shore so I started out down the beach looking. I searched about two hours and decided to cut across the island to get back faster. We had done this many times before on our searches and knew the island well. It was only about four miles around the complete island so I cut across to a trail that would lead me back to the stream that feeds the waterfall where we bathed. As I come to the top of the falls I decided to take swim before I went back to camp.

I took off all my clothes and jumped in from the top of the falls and begin to swim around when I saw Kathy sitting on the edge of the pool where I was. The sight of her there surprised me and here I was naked with my clothes at the top of the falls. As I wondered what to do next, she stood up and began to take her clothes off also. She then slipped into the pool and began to swim around. Seeing her that way started a burning desire deep inside of me, I wanting to reach for her and pull her close to me. I worked my way over to where she was standing and looked into her eyes and saw the need in them. As I drew her close to me I felt the softness of her breast as we held each other. Our lips touching gently at first and then with more passion as our bodies responded to each touch, each kiss. Our need grew stronger as the moments passed by, with the desires that had grown between us in the days gone by. We stood there in the water holding and kissing one another as the sun danced off the water.

My lips began to explore her neck and shoulders with kisses, brushing them gently as my hands traced the outline of her body. We left the pool to lie on a carpet of grass that was as soft as a bed. Lying there we kissed each other with passion, allowing our desires to take control. My lips found her breast and kissed them softly, sucking on them till they stood erect pleading to be kissed again and again. I left a trail of kisses down to her love nest as I explored her most secret parts with my tongue. Darting it in and out, teasing her clit till it throbbed with anticipation. With each thrust of my tongue deep inside of her, her need for me grew stronger. Wrapping her legs around my shoulders I begin to suck on her clit bringing her closer to a climax. Her moans became louder as I continued to tantalize her love box. Pulling my head against her as my tongue plunged deep inside, she started to shudder as she reached a climax releasing a flood of juices for me to have.

I rolled over onto my back and watched as she lowered herself down on to me taking all of me deep inside of her. With slow strokes she begin to move up and down on my shaft. I could feel her pulling me deep inside of as we made love to each other by the pool. The mist from the waterfall felt as though it were raining as we lost ourselves in our desires. We made love next to the pool with the sunlight dancing off our glistening bodies. I took her breast in my mouth and begin to suck on her nipples, getting a response from them again. As my shaft sank deeper and deeper inside, I could feel myself getting closer to a climax. As the head began to swell to its full size she pulled all of me inside. Her love canal began to contract with each beat of her heart around my shaft. Not being able to hold back any longer I climaxed shooting my hot cum deep inside of her. With our bodies spent we lay there holding each other with the mist of the falls covering us. We didn't know this would happen but it was meant to be. Fate had brought us together on this desert island of paradise. We didn't know what the future held for us but as long as we had each other it would be ok.

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