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The Club

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Damn why am i so nervous tonight, it is just a club like any other. But really it wasn't, my friend Kelly had told me about this place a swingers club, it reminded me of something from the sixties. Shopping for an outfit was fun, i finally decided on this little school girl number with a skirt so short somebody was going to get an eyeful. I had put on a black thong instead of booty shorts so my ass was there for all the world to see. For a top I choose a lacy black bra and a white shirt that was to tight to button. The thigh high black boots are so tall I better watch what I drink or I might fall off the damn things.

Where is this place? This part of town is new to me, wait there it is, I can tell by the purple neon sign, but there aren't any cars. I pull around back and realize that this is the place. Apparently everyone parks in the back. Well here goes nothing. Walking in the crowd is just like any other place except the girls are all wearing little of nothing, so my outfit is ok. That is a relief. Walking up to the bar I ordered my drink. "Hey big guy, I'll have a captin and coke please".

While preparing my drink the bartender can tell I am new here so he introduces himself. "My name is Jake, your first time?." It wasn't a question he could tell. "Yes, my name is Anne", I can tell already that it is going to be a good night. "Well let me show you around." He handed me my drink and led me by the hand around pointing out the dance area, pool tables the to the back where there are these little rooms. The moaning from inside let's on and I can tell what people are doing. Turning me to the side he leans in for what I thought was a kiss but instead he just lets out a little breath on my neck causing a shiver to run up my spine. "Let me know if you need anything, I will be right here for you". Smooth move on his part cause it sure left me wanting that kiss.

Walking back out I put my quarters up at the pool table. The couple that are playing seem really nice, "you want to play doubles?" "Sure but I don't have a partner". "That's not a problem". They called over this hunk of a man, his black shirt and blue jeans fit him just right. I could tell he is a man of confidence. "Hi, my name is Craig". He extended his hand when I reached out to shake it he pulled me close to him and placed a gentle kiss on my cheek. Damn he is hot. After a few games of pool, he offered to buy me another drink. I accepted but reluctantly, "Yes, but I don't want to get drunk tonight." A slow song started to play and he asked me to dance. The way he looked into my eyes made me melt with every sway of his hips. I do my best to follow his lead but I'm not that good. "So what brings you here tonight?" he inquired. Boldly I answer "To meet you, of course".

Looking into her eyes I could tell that she was up to no good, If she had come here expecting to get laid and I was not going to let her down. Holding her close as we danced I placed my hand up her skirt and gave her sweet little ass a squeeze. She was receptive to my touch and pushed herself closer to me. "Would you like to go to the back room?"

Walking together I shut the door behind us, she sat on the couch. Trying to pretend she was prim and proper but I knew better. If she was she sure wouldn't be here. Looking over at her, I said firmly "Stand up." She did so without a question. This was the first clue that she was used to being in the submissive role.

Getting down on my knees I lifted her skirt and gave her ass a little kiss, it was a light touch, but one that sent shivers through her body. Turning her I began running my tongue up her leg and stopping just short of her pussy. Moving my fingers up the other leg and stopping again before I reached where she wanted to be touched. I did this knowing full well that soon she would be asking me to fuck her. Finally pulling her thong aside I started to lick her clit sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. My other hand reached up toward her ass. Her ass hole tightened as I gently probed it with my finger. She let out a small moan. I moved my hand back to her clit so she could get a little more into it. Fucking her with my fingers and rubbing my thumb over her clit she was getting so wet. Her legs were starting to quiver, standing up while cuming was always a little bit of a challenge, but she wasn't going to cum, not just yet anyway I wasn't going to let her.

"Oh god that feels good" she wanted to cum but making it last was better. "Please put it in me" she asked.

"Not yet, my dear, all in good time."

She could tell he was going to tease her till she begged. Standing up a little he brought his mouth up to her stomach unbuttoning her shirt as he went till he reached her breasts. Releasing them from their constraints he firmly took each breast in his hands and alternated sucking on each nipple till they were both hard as pebbles.

"What do you want me to do to you?" He purred in her ear. No one had ever asked me that, I was surprised when I answered "I want you to fuck me." "What else?" he asked. "I want you to . . ." Thinking was not so easy in this circumstance, but what the hell. "I want you to fuck me doggy style while I touch myself and cum with you inside me."

Always willing to oblige a lady, I took off my pants. "Get down on your knees." She did as she was told.

No one had to tell her what to do his cock was right there. Looking up into his face she took the head of her dick in her mouth gently swirling her tongue around it. He was big but not so much that she could not take it. Deep throating was something she had been practicing; she took a deep breath and pushed his dick all the way to the back of her throat pulling in and out just a fraction of an inch. Back out to breath and again this time he knew what to do and his hips rocked three times shoving his dick all the way. Pulling back her hair so he could watch and giving her hair a squeeze. The rhythm kept her from gagging.

After the third time he reluctantly pulled his dick out of her mouth. She had a few tricks up her sleeve the feel of her throat closing around my dick was almost enough to almost make me cum.

Getting down on his knees and facing her he kissed her, their tongues intertwined for a moment. With a twist of his hand she turned and got on all fours her ass high in the air looking back over her shoulder to see his response. He penetrated her again this time full hilt, she moaned either in pleasure or pain, but he didn't care. She began to masturbate fingering her pussy with him in her, feeling his dick against her knuckles, then back to her clit.

Not being able to resist her creamy white ass he slapped it, first lightly to see how she responded then again a little harder. Her right ass cheek now had a nice cherry glow to it. It didn't take long before she started to cum he could feel her pussy pulsating and contracting against his dick. This was his clue to slow up and switch directions. He pushed his dick all the way and only pulled out a little allowing her the pleasure of feeling the full girth of his penis. Once she had started to cum it didn't take but a few more thrusts till he released his load in her.

Getting up and getting dressed she felt a little awkward but what the hell they had just fucked so it was cool. This guy was one of the best lovers she had had so far. She enjoyed his style it was different than other guys, dominant. Or it could be just the excitement of being with a stranger in a strange place. Maybe she would see him again and maybe not. They left the room behind and went back to shooting pool, this time she spanked his ass, on the pool table at least.

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