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The Closet Encounter

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This is my first story, lemme know how u like it!

Today was crap. I was late for work, my boss was a dick all day, and my project proposal got shot down by the board. I needed a good fucking. Unfortunately great sex left with my husband. I divorced him and his 10 incher (when fully erect) about 6 months ago when I found out he was sharing with my sister. Tonight was all mine. As I was gathering my stuff off my desk, my cell phone rang. It was Shelly, my best friend. I answered and said hello. “Hey Elle! (my name is actually Michelle but everyone calls Elle)Drop all your plans for tonight!” “But I was planning a personal night. I really need it Shelly!” “Oh come on. I’m taking you out. It’s lady’s night at The Cat’s Paw. You might pick something up to replace your plastic buddy I know u were gonna spend some time with.” Real sex. God I hadn’t had that in so long. I was hooked. “Ok” I said, “Pick me up at 9” I was getting wet just thinking of the possibility of getting some tonight. I hung up and grabbed my stuff and dashed to the bus stop.

As soon as the bus arrived I made my way to the back and found a seat near the window and set my stuff in the seat next to me. No one was gonna disturb me if I had anything to do with it. My hand quickly found it’s way into my skirt and headed straight for my clit. Oh God that felt so good. Using my thumb I made small yet entrancing circles as my middle finger traced the clean shaven outline of my pussy and grazed across my pussy lips sending shudders up my spine. I leaned forward and put my head on the seat in front of me, doing my best to block any views that were still open as my other hand rose up and massaged my breast through my lace bra and thin blouse. I could feel an orgasm forming and knew I had to save everything I could for tonight. Luckily it was coming to my stop so I quickly regained my composure and gathered my belongings.

Once off the bus I hurried to my apartment and quickly stripped and jumped into a hot shower. Making sure all the right places were smooth, I toweled off and dove into my closet in the nude. After several failed attempts I finally found my perfect outfit. My black semi see through black halter, my tight assed low rise jeans and of course my red Fuck-Me heels. This meant of course that no bra or underwear was allowed ;) Looking in the mirror I looked pretty damn good. I was a skinny, semi-athletic build, with a fair complexion and strawberry red hair. My 34Ds were filling my shirt nicely and you could faintly see my nipples showing though. My jeans fit snug against my ass and if I moved just right the material rubbed my pussy just right. You never would have guessed I was 28.

At 9 I was jumping into Shelly’s Ford Mustang and we were headed to The Cat’s Paw. It was a pretty upscale strip club/bar. They had valet parking and a coat check right in front. Normally it’s a fairly expensive place to get into, so I only went on lady’s night. We parked ourselves and headed in. I couldn’t help but notice that as I took off my coat the man taking it kept looking at my breasts. “Good” I thought. Tonight may prove prosperous after all. Glancing down I saw that he was getting hard. Wow, he seemed to be a big one. Fairly slender and he looked built. He couldn’t be more than 22. He might be my savior tonight.

Shelly pulled me to the bar. The bartender took one look at us and said “don’t worry about drinks tonight, I’ll pay for your’s.” I looked over at Shelly. She was in a blood red halter top and short cut off shorts. She was looking good. She was tan too. I figured she’d get some action tonight for sure. Turning back to the bartender I ordered a glass of whisky and Shelly ordered a beer. After a few classes of whisky, I was headed off to the dance floor. Soon I was grinding with just about every guy in the place. God it felt good. They were rubbing against my crotch pushing my jeans around on my pussy. It felt so good. As they pressed against my chest I knew I was wetter and hornier by the second. No matter how many guys I grinded with, I couldn’t get coat check boy out of my head. Slowly I made my way back to the bar and had another class of whisky. It gave me the push I needed. I looked around for Shelly to tell her I was moving in, but she was busy necking with some guy in the back corner of a booth.

I made my way back over to the coat check hoping my prey was still there. What luck! He was! Approaching I strutted a little more as I walked. He saw me coming. Good. Winking at him I saw him turning a little red. I also noticed that there seemed to be a bigger bulge in the crotch of his pants than the last time I saw him. “May I please have my coat?” I asked. He jumped up stuttering “Y-Yes M-Mam.” He brought me my coat, but I refused it saying it wasn’t the right one and telling him to try again. Looking confused he went back to the closet and grabbed another coat that was similar. “No” I said, “That isn’t it either. May I go back and get it?” “Well, I’m not supposed to let non-staff members back there.” “How about you come with me?” I offered. “Well, I guess that would be ok.” I stepped around the desk and followed him to the closet. Opening the door I saw that it was a fairly small closet, room for about four or five people to stand comfortably. “this would be fun” I thought. “do you see your coat mam?” Ignoring his question, I whispered one of my own in his ear. “I saw you watching me.” I said. “Did you like what you saw?” “Yes, I did.” He answered quietly. “Were you hard for me?” He answered more quietly this time. “Yes mam” I couldn’t believe he was answering so freely. I decided to go for it. “Would you like to see more?” Now he had turned to face me and I could see that his pants looked as if they were about to pop. Pointing down I said “I’ll take that as a yes.” “But where would we go?” he asked. “How about right here?” I suggested. Not giving him time to answer I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the closet and closed the door.

As soon as the door was closed our tongues were tangled, our hands exploring each other’s bodies in the dark. I felt his cock through his pants. God he felt thick, and long, probably almost as long as my ex husband. He had settled his hands on my ass and breast and was massaging them. Quickly peeling his shirt off I began kissing his chest. Moving back and fort kissing and sucking his nipples as he continued to squeeze and rub my breast. Suddenly I felt my shirt being lifted off of me. “I want to suck your tits” he said. I quickly raised up my arms so my shirt could slide off. Not sparing a second, he buried his face into my chest; his mouth was kissing and sucking my nipples. As he flicked one with his tongue, he pulled the other nipple. It felt soooo good! I moaned in delight. Looking up at me with hungry eyes, he sucked harder. I couldn’t stand it any more. I needed to have his cock in my mouth. I reached down and unbuttoned his pants. He must have knew what I wanted because he immediately put his hands on my shoulders forcing me down on my knees. Pulling down his pants and boxers in one quick thrust I watched in awe as his cock sprang forward fully erect, already dripping sweet pre-cum. I was right, he was just as thick if not thicker than my ex, and he had to be atleast 9 ½ inches! Grabbing hold of this beautiful monster, I began licking the underside of his cock from the base right up to the tip. Flicking my tongue over it tip of his dick, I tasted his pre-cum. It was so sweet tasting. Taking him into my mouth I began to draw him in and out of my lips, mixing my saliva with his pre-cum. I could hear him moaning and decided to make him wait a little longer. Letting his cock slide out of my mouth I ran my lips over his shaft and then rubbed his dick over the tips of my breasts, covering them with the pre-cum that was now oozing out of his tip at amazing amounts. “Please” he gasped. “I want to blow my load in your mouth” Instead of putting him back in my mouth, I began stroking him while I took both of his balls in my mouth, sucking on them intensely. I felt him begin to swell even more and knew he was close to coming so I quickly took all of him into my mouth bobbing my head back and forth quickly. “Yes” he screamed, “Fuck me with your mouth!” With in a few seconds he shot once then twice down my throat, and kept coming. His cum was sweet, hot and salty. I was intent on swallowing every drop. I lost count of how many times he shot down my throat, but I don’t think I’ve ever been with someone who had cum that much. When he finally stop I kept him in my mouth, sucking him dry. Then I proceeded to lick off the outside of his cock, making sure to get all the cum. It tasted so good!

He pulled me to my feet and gave me a very passionate kiss. “Mmm, my cum tastes so good in your mouth.” He said. Looking down, he grabbed my breasts and sucked all of the pre-cum off of them, flicking them with his tongue. Without looking away from what he was doing, he said “I’m gonna eat you out. Lay down.” Within seconds I was on the floor with my jeans off. He got down and spread my legs. Burying his face in my pussy I became aware of how wet I was. He went to work, flitting his tongue against my pussy lips and licking off my clit. As soon as his tongue touched my clit I gave out a small scream and shuddered. “you like that huh? Well not yet.” He continued to explore my pussy with his mouth, inserting his tongue into my hole, he reached up and started to rub my already sensitive clit. Moaning uncontrollably I reached down and started massaging my aching nipples. He began to tongue fuck my pussy harder. Suddenly he switched places and inserted two fingers into me and began to lick my clit. This was what I wanted. “Oh God Yes!” I screamed. He finger fucked me faster and faster keeping rhythm going with his tongue licking and sucking on my clit. I was about to orgasm and he could feel it. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!!” I yelled. He began moving faster and deeper than before, as I felt my pussy tighten around his fingers and my juices spill out over his hand. He kept his fingers moving inside of me until my orgasm was over. Suddenly his head was back down lapping up my juices. This just made me hornier. I could feel his tongue moving along my pussy, stimulating my next orgasm. After cleaning me up he sat up and told me that my juices were divine and that he wanted more.

Still horny I told him that I wanted him to watch me play with my self. Eagerly he agreed. Still laying down I opened my legs wide enough for him to see me slide two fingers into my pussy as I pulled on one of my nipples. Sliding my fingers in and out of my body, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I let go of my nipple and moved my other hand down to my clit, massaging it as I worked my fingers in and out. Looking up at my coat boy I saw he was pumping his shaft with his hand in rhythm to what I was doing. His cock was practically covered in pre-cum again. “Quick” I said “I need your cock inside me.” Without delay he climbed on top of me tracing his dick along my pussy lips. As he slid his dick inside of me with one long thrust I let out a moan. Slowly he drew himself almost all the way out, leaving just the tip inside, then slowly sliding the while length in again. As he quickened his pace I knew I had picked the right guy for the job. Soon he was fucking me like a mad man, his balls making a loud slapping sound as they hit me each time he thrust into me. I could feel him swelling and knew he was going to cum, but I also knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. Reaching down to rub my swollen clit, I reached the point of no return and let out a scream of pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm went through my body. Within seconds of my scream he came, shooting his steaming hot load into my cunt adding fire to my orgasm. When I stopped shaking we collapsed onto one another in a deep kiss. I suddenly felt emptiness in my pussy as he slid out. Throwing on our clothes, I pulled a pen out of my jean pocket and write “Jess” and my # on his hand and told him to call me if he ever felt the need to do this again. “oh you’ll hear from me” he said and told me his name was Drew. As we headed out the closet door the club seemed deserted. Looking at my watch, it was 8am. The club closed for the day at 6am. Apparently no one wanted their coats.

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