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The Christmas Affair 2007

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At work, we are now in the process of setting up our Christmas party 2008. It is always a major issue, trying to keep everyone happy, and it’s just never going to be close to home for everyone. We do the best we can to satisfy as many people as possible.

This story is about last years Christmas party 2007. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, and there have been some discussions about returning to the same facility this year.

My story has to deal with the fact that my husband’s company Christmas party 2007 was the same night as mine. I asked him what he wanted to do, and at first, he said that he would make an appearance at his party, and then meet me at my party. I told him I would get a ride with someone from work that offered to pick me up and take me to the party.

As the time for the party got closer, my husband thought that it would be a long ride from where his party was going to be held, to where mine was being held. It probably was a good twenty miles, and it was on a Friday evening with a lot of people on the road, and it seemed like everyone had picked the same night to have their parties. So after my husband thought about it further, he indicated that I may as well attend my party, and he would attend his.

I had told my friend, Jim that my husband would not be attending our party, and he indicated that it wouldn’t be any problems for him and his wife to pick me up and take me home from our party. I really appreciated his very kind offer, and I know my husband appreciated it as well.

Jim and I work very close, getting products shipped out of the warehouse. We also happen to share the same lunch time, since we are a small business, and we can’t all take lunch at the same time. We do some crossword puzzles, and occasionally discuss some of our personal issues that are going on in our lives.

As the night of the party was approaching, everyone at work was excited, and it seemed like it was always the main topic of discussion. I think my husband was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to attend his party. Since I work everyday with all these people, and we joke and carry on at work all the time, I really wanted to go to mine. I didn’t know anyone at his party, and felt that it would just be somewhat boring.

Both of the parties had a 6:30pm start time for drinks and whatever little treats that they had planned to serve before dinner. It also gave us a little time to kid around with everyone, and meet some of the spouses that we didn’t know.

My husband left the house before I did, since Jim and his wife were running a little late. Jim finally arrived, and I jumped into the backseat. I told him how much I appreciated him going out of his way to pick me up.

Once we all arrived, Jim made sure that his wife and I had some drinks, and some of the snacks that were placed around the room. Jim use to have a drinking problem, and doesn’t drink any longer, but he made sure that every time my glass or his wife’s glass was empty, he would make sure they were refilled.

Normally, I only have one maybe two drinks for the evening. Jim had brought me probably four or five glasses of wine, so I was in a pretty merry mood.

We all were sitting at one big long table. Husbands on one side, wives on the other. I ended up sitting next to Jim, and across from his wife, and my daughter. Everyone was laughing a carrying on, and talking about various things that had occurred at work thru the year.

As the night progressed, someone had turned the music up pretty loud, and some of the couples had been up dancing. Tim seemed to be spending a lot of time keeping me involved in the ongoing conversation. At one point, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, telling me how sexy I looked tonight. Jokingly, I said just tonight? He said that even at work, I look very sexy.

I think it may have been a combination of too much wine, and how close Jim and I were sitting at the table, but I knew that I could feel a wetness between my legs.

Jim, under the long tablecloth, had placed his hand on my leg, which felt great, so I did not make any attempt to remove it. Actually, I returned the favor, and I could feel a growing bulge in his pants.

Someone had grabbed some hanging mistletoe decorations that had been up, and was now going up and down the long table, dangling it over the heads of the ladies. When it was hung over my head, Jim jumped at the chance to plant a big kiss on me, and I allowed him to enter my mouth with his tongue.

This little exchange got a lot of the people that were at the table at the time chattering about us being careful. I was more than embarrassed, but Tim just seemed to enjoy the opportunity to stick his tongue into my mouth. While he was kissing me, he moved my hand further up his leg so that I was now stroking his cock thru his pants, and he had taken the opportunity to reach up my skirt and had found my wet panties.

Things calmed down a little as they moved the mistletoe further on down the table, but I found myself lightly stroking his now hard cock. Jim had at this point, slid the crotch of my panties to the side, and was now playing with my pussy.

I whispered in his ear over the loud music that I needed to use the ladies room. He said that he would have to use the men’s room as well, and would show me where they were.

I adjusted my skirt so that it wouldn’t be showing everything that I owned, and Jim and I got up and started to make our way to the bathrooms. Tim went into the men’s room, and there was a short line for the ladies room.

When I came out of the ladies room, I found that Jim was waiting for me. I told him I would probably be running all night long with the amount of wine that I had consumed. He chuckled, and asked if I would like another one. My response was a big No thank you.

As we were about to make our way back to the table, Jim grabbed my hand, and whispered into my ear, asking me if I would like to go out and get some fresh air. I felt that the air may help me sober up a little, and at the same time, I still felt some excitement.

It was a little chilly outside since neither of us had our coats. Tim suggested that we could sit in his car for awhile. As we made our way to his car, Tim put his arm around me as we walked.

Jim unlocked the car, and opened the back door for me to get in, and he followed me into the back seat. We were only there for a few seconds, and he planted another big kiss on me, and this time, there weren’t any restraints. His tongue quickly entered my mouth and I willingly responded to his kiss.

With that, his hands were all over my breasts (38a’s), not real big, but every bit sensitive. He was working both of them, and had my blouse undone, and my bra unhooked before I even realized it. He was telling me what pretty tits I had, as I had proceeded to undo his belt, and was in the process of pushing down his slacks.

I now found myself with Jim sucking my tits, and my hand was working his cock. I was somewhat surprised, when I pushed his pants down, and saw his cock, which was still flaccid at this point, but it was a good seven inches just laying there.

It didn’t take very long to bring his cock to attention, and he told me to suck his cock. I got myself into a position that would allow Jim full access to my mouth with his cock, and he could continue to play with my tits, which I love to have done.

His cock was growing rapidly in my mouth, and I couldn’t help but wonder, just what kind of a load was he going to give me. I then, for a moment thought, is my husband in the back seat of some car with another broad? If that was the case, then good for him, but for now, it was all about pleasuring myself, and the man that I was with at the time.

Jim was holding the back of my head as my mouth was sliding up and down his cock. He was trying to push it out the other side of my head I think, and I would gag from time to time. Jim did not seem to notice the fact that I was having a real time trying to swallow every inch of his cock.

I could sense that Jim was about to cum, as he pushed further and harder into my throat. With that, he shot a stream of cum into my mouth and down my throat. I did the very best I could to swallow every drop of his cum. As he was calming down, and all the while still playing with my tits, I told him that my pussy was in need of attention.

He asked me if it was as good with him as it is with my husband. I told him that my husband is only average size when it comes to his cock, and was not near as big or round as Jim was. Jim asked me what my hubby would think if he knew that I just gave him a blow job in the back seat of his car. I told him he would probably be pissed that he wasn’t there to watch it. Jim looked a little puzzled with that remark.

I told Jim that my husband and I have somewhat of an open relationship, and that he really enjoys watching other guys fuck me, and enjoys watching me sucking their cocks. Jim indicated that we were both lucky, and that he would love to have that relationship with his wife. I told him that I would have to talk to her about it for him. He just laughed.

Jim never bothered to pull up his pants, and I was still sitting there half naked as well. I could see that Jim was starting to get aroused again, and I said we had better get back inside before my daughter started looking for me. Jim, I could tell was a little disappointed, so I suggested that I could probably jerk him off in my panties before we went back inside. He thought that was a great idea.

I found my panties on the seat, and wrapped them around his cock, and started to jerk him off. As Jim was getting into it, he grabbed my panties, and put them up to his nose, and was smelling the crotch of my panties which were still wet. I continued to jerk him off. I could see he was about to cum again, and he gave me the panties back, and I wrapped them around his cock again, and jerked him off the best I could. He exploded into my panties. When he was done, I gave him the panties as a memento of our time in the back seat together.

We reorganized our clothing, and went back inside. Everyone was saying, where were you guys. I just told them we went outside for some fresh air. I did get some strange looks from some of the guys, and then I realized that I still had some of Jim’s cum on my wedding ring, and my finger. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, and when I didn’t think anyone was paying attention, I licked off the remaining cum.

We joined some of our other friends and relatives back at the table, and Tim took his seat next to me again. It was a little more exciting now, knowing what we had just done, and knowing that he had my panties in his pocket.

He was careful not to let anyone see what was going on under the table, even though I was having a hard time sitting still. He was still running his hand up my skirt and playing with my still hot pussy.

I tried to keep an eye on his wife, but she didn’t seem to be aware of what was going on, and she was having fun with some of the other people there. It was getting close to 11 pm, and the party was supposed to be over at 11. Jim asked me and his wife if we were ready to leave. We all agreed and said our good bye’s and headed out to the car.

I took my usual seat in the back of Jim’s car, all the while thinking about how I had just sucked his cock in the back seat no more than an hour ago. We both asked Jim to get some heat going in the car, since it was still a little cold out.

Tim started the heater, and we were discussing how everyone enjoyed the evening, and that we were already looking forward to the 2008 Christmas party.

I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband about what happened at the party, and tell him about all the fun he missed out on. By the time I got home, he was already in bed and asleep. Will have to wait to tell him what he missed out on.

I was actually looking forward to going back to work, and see how things will be between Tim and me, now that I have been sucking his cock.

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