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The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant

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It?s still early on Saturday evening, although the restaurants and bars are beginning to fill up. We (my wife and I) walk into the Cheesecake Factory, notice the waiting area is beginning to fill, and find the hostess. She is cute, about 5?10?, with long, dark brown hair, beautiful eyes and full lips. She has medium-large breasts that are almost exposed, a narrow waist, and very long legs. Her fuck-me heels make her over six feet, and she smiles at me as I walk up to the counter. ?Welcome,? she says in a voice that matches her looks. ?Table for two?? Jokingly I reply, ?or three if you?d like to join us.?

She smiles again, shifts her position slightly, rocking her hips involuntarily, I think, and looks me in the eye. ?We?ll have to see about that. It?ll be about 15 minutes, if you would like to have a seat in the waiting area or in the bar.? I thank her and we sit down on the benches. It?s a little cozy, and I am sitting next to a beautiful lady. She turns and looks at me as I sit down, and smiles a dazzling smile with perfect lips and perfect teeth. I swallow and say, ?hi..? It sorta croaks out and I am a little embarrassed. She is with a man and I am with my wife so I just let it slide. I can feel her gaze as she discreetly looks at me over once in a while. My curiosity is aroused, so I begin to eavesdrop on their conversation. I only pick up a little, because I suck at multi-tasking, but I catch her name ? Tami ? and it is music to my ears. Her hair is close to me and I fight down the urge to nuzzle my face into it: I can smell it and I love the color and curl. She catches me looking at it, and I am struck by her eyes. They are an unusual color that I am drawn to, perfect shape and tilt, and I can?t look away. I blush and my throat is dry and my voice is gone. She winks at me and looks away, but she adjusts how she is sitting and actually moves closer to me, and our bodies and thighs are touching.

I can hardly pay any attention to my wife, but she is somehow oblivious to me and is unaware of what is happening. I hear the hostess? voice and feel Tami get up. I look at the hostess and she smiles at me again and says that my table will be just a minute or two more. I watch Tami leave and wonder if I will ever see that beautiful face again. It?s then I realize that my cock is hard and throbbing. I reach to adjust it to a more comfortable position just as Tami turns and looks at me. She watches me adjust and smiles again and chuckles, then turns and follows her date to their table.

The hostess, whose name I never did catch, comes back and asks me if it would be okay to seat us at a larger table alone, or if we would like to wait for a smaller one. I tell her I?m fine with a larger one, and she asks us to follow her. My eyes never leave her full ass as she leads the way. I hold the chair for my wife, and she sits down. I go to sit down and realize I am looking across the table directly at Tami. My breath quickens as she smiles at me and looks away. I wonder if it?s a little warm in the restaurant, but quickly I realize it?s my problem. Scanning the menu, I keep looking over it at Tami, and find it impossible to keep my eyes off her. She is apparently having the same problem and our eyes meet many times over the next few minutes. My cock is as hard as a rock, and I wonder if she is feeling the same way, too.

The waiter takes Tami and her date?s order, then pivots and asks us what we would like. Of course, I have hardly seen the menu and I quickly make a choice as my wife explains her order. I mumble something the waiter understands and he assures us that it will take but a few minutes. I look up to find Tami staring at me, then she smiles and nods slightly to one side, and I realize she is trying to tell me something. She gets up, whispers something to her date, and walks through the restaurant toward the restrooms. With my heart pounding, I tell my wife I need to use the men?s room, and follow her at a distance. I see Tami disappear into the women?s room, and seconds later she reappears as I am approaching the men?s room. Without saying a word, she takes my hand and drags me into the women?s room, and pushes me into a stall.

Our arms are around each other, and looking each other in the eye, we kiss. It is electric at the first touch, and my legs go weak. her mouth opens and our tongues meet, fighting, caressing, licking, tasting, feeling, exploring, advancing, retreating, reveling in the feeling. She pulls away from me, and her left breast suddenly appears. ?Suck it!? Tami whispers fiercely, and I comply. As I suck and nibble and lick and swirl, the moans involuntarily escape her lips. ?Fuck me,? she says, ?please fuck me. Now? We fumble at our pants and soon they are down around our knees. She grabs my cock and I nearly cum at her touch. She turns around and bends over slightly. I reach my hand between her legs and her pussy juices flood my hand. I rub them on my cock and ease the head to her pussy lips. ?Please,? she sort of begs, then almost barks, ?now!?

I bury my cock in her pussy all the way to my balls. I pull out and do it again, then over and over I bury my cock in her pussy. She bites my finger to keep from screaming and shouting. I reach around to touch her clit as I fuck her, and in seconds she begins to convulse as she cum on my cock. It?s too much for me and I begin shooting hot cum into herr cunt. I keep fucking till there is no cum left in me, and we sag together.

As my cock begins to soften, Tami puts her hand on her pussy, and some of my cum drips into her palm. She turns, looking me in the eye, and licks it all of her hand. Then she takes both hands and pulls my face to hers. We kiss, open mouthed, and our tongues intertwine, and my cum is everywhere. It?s in her mouth and mine, on our tongues and we swallow it all. We pull our pants up, and she goes out to see if the coast is clear. It is, and we exit the ladies? room. I slip into the men?s room to catch my breath and wash my face ? sweat is dripping off my brow.

When I get back to my table, Tami is already at hers, smiling and carrying on a conversation. My wife asks me if everything is alright, and I smile and kiss her and tell her, ?Yes, everything is all right. It?s just fine. It?s great.?

I catch Tami?s eye and see her smile, and I can?t wipe the grin off my face. Just then the hostess slips into the seat next to me, and I am totally caught off guard. She smiles and says, ?I have a 30 minute break, and I just wanted to see if you were serious about that offer to join your table??

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