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The Bus

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Finally we both have a couple of days off from work. We decide to go to Cripple Creek for some sight seeing and a little gambling. We'll take one of the gambling buses and let someone else do the driving. Its a 2 hour trip and we decide to leave after work so we'll have more time to enjoy ourselves when we get there. The bus leaves at 8pm so we rush home, shower, change, grab a bite to eat and head over to board the bus.

It's the middle of the week and the bus is not full. We choose seats at the very back and when the bus gets underway, there are 3 empty seats between us and the next passengers. As we head out of town we watch the city lights grow smaller and smaller. There are no lights on in the bus, everyone is content to sit in the dark and grab a rest before we get to Cripple Creek.

We're sitting side by side, holding hands and making small talk. "How was your day at work"?, "What do you want to do besides gamble after we get there"? At last we're on the highway and the city lights are far behind us.

You reach over and gently put your hand on my thigh, just above my knee. Softly stroking your thumb back and forth over my sensitive skin. I'm so glad I choose to wear a short denim skirt. I check to see what the other passengers are doing and then I look over at you. I can hardly see your face its so dark inside the bus, but I can just make out that delicious twinkle in your eye, the one you get when you have a great idea. I put my head back on the headrest and clothes my eyes and decide to see how far you'll take this.

Slowly, so very slowly you inch your hand up my thigh. Lightly kneading my leg as you go, your fingers brushing the sensitive skin of my inner thigh. Already I can feel those luscious tingles spreading up and down my spine. I let out a soft sigh and spread my legs a little to give your wandering hand and unobstructed path.

After what seems a tormentingly long time, but in reality is only minutes, you finally reach your destination and discover that I'm already so hot and wet for you. You bury your face in my shoulder and let loose a soft groan into my neck. As you trace your fingers around the elastic of my panties you kiss my neck and nip on my ear lobe. My body shudders and I have to clamp my lips together to keep from moaning my pleasure out loud. You slowly kiss your way down my shoulder to my breast., lightly plucking the fabric of my t-shirt with your teeth. At the same time that your teeth finally close over my already hardened nipple you slip a finger under my panties and circle my wet throbbing clit. My hips buck up off the seat and I bite down on my bottom lip to keep the cry of pleasure from escaping. One of my hands is gripping the arm rest and the other is now clutching your leg.

You smoothly nip at my nipple with your teeth as you slip another finger under my panties. My breathing is coming faster now. The effort to stay quiet is about to drive me insane. Your rubbing my clit, stroking the soft folds of my sex and still nibbling at my nipple with your teeth. My hips are bucking almost wildly now and just when I don't think I can stand another second of this sweet delicious torture, you slip a finger deep into my wetness. A stunning climax takes me by surprise and I stuff my fist in my mouth to keep from screaming out my pleasure. Faster and faster you stroke your finger in and out of me, biting my nipple the whole time, my body quaking with the force of my release. You slow the torturous movements of your hands and slowly kiss your way back up to my neck. We're both breathing hard but trying not to alert anyone to what we just did. As my body slowly calms down you languidly retrace your path down my thigh to tenderly cup my knee. You sit up and pull my head onto your shoulder, I'm still trying to catch my breath. You stroke my hair and caress my knee till finally my breathing is back to normal. As I snuggle in your arms and drift off into a pleasant nap my mind is dancing with ideas of what I'll do to you on the return trip.

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