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The Bugsprayer

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Well my story is quite arousing both in thought and now that I am sharing with you. My name is Ron and I love to fantasize about chance meetings, unusual settings and my favorite.....the working man encounter. A brief background to my story is I have a professional career as a manager for a large company. Many years ago I was bug spraying my house and all my families houses for extra money. As prices continously increased for the service I was asked by friends to spray their houses to avoid the costly contracts. The word was spreading quickly beyond friends and family. One afternoon I received an e-mail from someone thats name I didnt recognize. The contents of the message was an inquiry about spraying a house in Rio Rancho. I got your name from a friend. Please respond if interested. I was reluctant at first but replied to the message that I would be willing to perform services as long as they understood I was not licensed or bonded. Several days had passed before I saw a message from the address asking that I please call the number provided and ask for Cindy. I complied to the request and called.

The following day I called the number in the early morning and was surprised that there was an answer. The girl that answered said she was Cindy and asked that I please come over as soon as possible as her kitchen was invaded by ants! I agreed to go over within the hour. She proceeded to provide directions to her house.

I arrived within 45 minutes of the call and was greeted at the door by a very attractive dark haired women. She introduced herself as Cindy and asked what I needed to do. I wanted to first conduct a walk thru of the house to determine what type of chemical was needed. She said I have free reign of the house and was not limited to any room. I started by service.

I worked from the outside of the house first as I always have before entering throught he front door to start the in house service. I made a verbal announcment that I was in the house and was acknowledged from a voice down the hall from a back room. I worked my way around the house in and out of rooms as normal.

Upon entering the master bedroom and the last room requiring spraying, I noticed what I believed to be the bathroom door ajar witht he light on. I politely asked if it was okay to enter the room and her voice from that bathroom replied sure...."go ahead and do what you need to do. I will be out of here shortly". I proceeded with the spraying and was quite shocked to notice a box filled with adult toys on the side of the bed. I tried not to be obvious as I stalled along that wall to visually admire the wide assortment of sexual aids. I was even more shocked to suddenly hear a voice from within feet of me (right behind me) saying "do you see any bug problems". I know I became very nervous in my reply and somewhat starteled that I was "caught" admiring the box of toys. I replied...."uhh no, I was just wondering if you wanted to move this box so I dont get any spray on it". She smiled and asked me if I could hand it to her. I could feel my arms shaking as I reached down, lifted the box and held it out to her. She said to dump it out on the bed and asked me to pick one out. I was unsure what she meant but complied with her request. I did ask what she meant by picking one out and she said "whatever you would like to see me use". I was by now in total shock and starting to feel butterflies all through my stomach. I reached down and picked up a large blue vibrator and said that blue was my favorite color. She asked me to sit down on a chair across from the bed. I complied.

She started to tease the vibrator (and me of course) as she slowly moved it around her still clothed body...up and down her stomach....slowly circling her breasts..up to her mouth....ever so often licking the shaft of the vibe. I was now becoming incredibly excited and was quite obvious to her as she made reference to the bulge on my pants. She continued to explore her body with the vibe even occasionally slipping under her shorts. Soon the shorts were only getting the way of her activity so she stopped....stood up, pulled her shorts down revealing a her totally shaved....smooth, glistening pussy. She removed her top and I was close to exploding as she pinched her nipples. She lay down on the bed and said...."come over, I want you to try the vibe on me". I was quickly there to begin her request. She instructed me to get undressed so that we could explore one anothers bodies using the oil that was on the night stand. We continued for what seemed like hours of heavy petting, rubbing, oral stimulation and ultimitely lead to intercourse. We spent several hours sharing orgasms together.

Eventually our energy was spent and she kindly thanked me for spraying the house. I cordially thanked her and stated the first spray is free. She asked if I was available monthly for bugspraying and I of course said yes.

The service calls continued over the next 7-8 months before her business moved her to another state.....I always wonder who is spraying her bugs now!

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