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The Bridesmaid

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This is the continuation of true stories I am writing as a kind of autobiography of my sexual escapades throughout my life. I am in my fifties now and haven’t slowed down a bit. I have always had the morals of an alley cat and as I get older I’m not getting any better. I have considered any female, any size, any age, any married or engaged status fair game to jump in the sack with, family not withstanding. Anyone interested in reading more of my exploits can get copies if you contact me on the SLS web site or at the Y under “rdh22208”. Now back to the story, this took place about ten years ago, during a time when I was at home recovering from a auto accident and my live in girlfriend was still out driving over the road. My son, the middle child was getting married to Misti, whom he had been living with for almost a year. His mother, my ex-wife and I were working together to put this wedding together. A few months earlier, I had taken him and Misti out to dinner and in the course of the conversation, he made the comment that since I tended to like women on the bigger size they should fix me up with Misti’s former roommate Karen. He told me she was a lot younger then me, being only twenty eight at the time, and that I should meet her. Now his girlfriend had a strange look on her face so I asked the fatal question, “What’s wrong with her?”

“Nothing, he replied, except she is a bitch and a cunt.”

“No she isn’t, Misti interjected starting to get mad at him, he just doesn’t like her because she said she didn’t think we were right for each other.”

“Yeah, she’s a fucking trouble maker, he shot back, I was hoping you’d load her up in the truck with you and take her to California….and fucking leave her there.”

“Stop it, Misti said a little testy, she didn’t cause trouble, all she did was give a message that some one called.”

“Yeah, he said, your fucking ex-boyfriend!”

“Alright, alright, I said, I’m not in the mood to referee, let’s eat, but I would like to meet her.”

“She has a boyfriend right now, Misti said, but they aren’t getting along so if something happens I’ll see what I can do.”

I really didn’t get to talk to her about her friend, but I knew she was going be a bridesmaid at the wedding so I was waiting to meet her. On the morning of the wedding, I arrived early because I wanted to see if my ex-wife and other two daughters needed any help and to take some pictures. When I entered the church basement, I was informed my son was out getting a hair cut but all the girls were in a back room fixing Misti’s hair. Well, what better place for a horny old man to hang out, then in a room full of pretty women? Remember no woman is safe around me. I knocked on the door and my ex-wife opened the door inviting me in, then going around the room introducing me to every one there. Almost every introduction was followed by, “and she is married to…”

Finally we worked our way to the back of the room and as we greeted the rest of the wedding party, a vision of beauty in an emerald bridesmaid’s dress stepped forward took my hand shaking it saying, “Hi Roger, I’m Karen. I have heard a lot about you.” Giving me a big smile, I’m not even sure how I answered her. She was breath taking, a real wet dream, about 5’6”’s tall and about 225 pounds she had long curly dark brown hair, with big brown eyes, creamy white skin and the largest set of tits I had seen in a long time. The way the dress was made, it pushed those puppies up and out to the point a good burp would have caused them to fall out. I was speechless as I stared at her then realizing I still had hold of her hand, I turned loose muttering an apology and telling her I had heard a lot about her too.

Still smiling she said, “I hope you listen more to Misti than JR.”

“Well, I told her, we never pay much attention to him anyway.”

“That’s encouraging.” She said.

I turned to walk away when I bumped into my oldest daughter, Terri, now a lawyer. She gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek then whispered in my ear, “Calm down dad it’s only a girl.”

“Yeah but fuck what a girl.”

She leaned back looking at me saying, “Remember it’s their wedding, not a fuck fest, now behave and don’t bother her.”

“I’m not I answered defensively, after all she is smiling.”

She just gave a look with a cocked eyebrow, so I walked outside to wait on my son and watch the guys decorate or trash the car, however you looked at it. Soon it was time to take our seats, so I went in taking my seat, but don’t remember much of the ceremony as I kept my eyes on her through out the whole ceremony, one point I could swear she winked at me but it was probably something in her eye. Later at the reception I made it a point to keep “accidentally” running into her exchanging small comments. Towards the end of the reception, having been admonished again by my daughter that I was giving her too much attention I made it a point to avoid her. Finally she came up behind me, handed me a glass of punch saying, “Where you been? I couldn’t find you.”

“Terri told me I was making a pest of myself.” I told her.

She wrinkled her nose, frowning, saying, “I’m a big girl, if you were bothering me I would tell you myself, I think you are charming and I’m having fun.”

So for the rest of the afternoon we hung out, laughing having a great time. After a while the wedding party having endured the necessary picture taking, decided to change into casual clothes and she excused her self to so the same. I took the opportunity to do the same. When we met back up she had changed into a pair of jeans with a tight T-Shirt that showed a lot of cleavage.

“Nice.” I commented.

She chuckled, blushing, “Thank you, I’m glad you like it.”

Soon after the bride and groom left so did most of the guests and the families, which left some of the wedding party to start the clean up process, putting most of the left over stuff in my truck before leaving. My ex and I were splitting the cost of the reception so I had agreed to pay the caterer for my share. I gave her a credit card to settle up with him and she left, leaving me the last to leave or so I thought. I locked the door and started to get in my truck when I saw Karen standing at the end of the parking lot with her arms full. I pulled up, got out asking her, “Where’s your ride?”

“My boyfriend was supposed to be here, but I haven’t seen him and the phone in the church is locked up.”

“Oh, I said, I have a phone in the truck, get in, we can call him.”

We got in, I handed her the phone and she dialed several numbers without success before finally calling her house to retrieve any messages. As she listened to her messages, her face clouded over and I could tell something was wrong.

“If you want to take home, I would appreciate it, she said looking like she might cry, it seems the little dick decided to go fishing with his buddies and won’t be home till Monday morning.”

“Well, I said a little too gleeful, his lose my gain.”

She smiled at that, but didn’t say anything for a minute or two, so I made a comment about it being a shame the reception was at a church, because it was alcohol free.

“Your right, she replied, because I could use a drink.”

“I can take care of that.” I replied pulling in to a bar that we were about to pass. We walked in sitting at the bar, where she ordered a Jack Daniels Black with coke. I was really impressed because that was my drink of choice and I liked the way she emphasized the “Black”. We sat drinking and eating finger food for almost an hour and a half while talking about a variety of things, mainly telling each other stories about our past, families, plus a few stories about JR’s years growing up. We talked like we had been friends for years, laughing and generally enjoying each other’s company. Finally she said, “We better leave before you end up over the blood alcohol level, and I don’t feel like walking home.”

“You would probably get a ride before I would, I told her, you’d look cute hitchhiking with that dress over your shoulder.”

“I doubt that, she said, laughing, nobody picks up little fat girls.”

“You might be surprised, I answered, there are a lot of guys who like girls your size.”

“Well I haven’t met that many.” She remarked as we got in the truck starting down the road.

Ten minutes or so we were in the driveway of her house, and as I prepared to help her get her stuff out of the truck, she looked at me saying, “I have a couple of gallons of Jack Daniels in the house if you would like another drink or two, but if you drink much more you’ll have to stay, because I don’t let anyone leave who’s over the limit.”

“I’d love to do that, but I don’t want to cause you a problem with your boyfriend.”

“Fuck him; she responded angrily, the little prick made his decision for the weekend.”

“Ok, then I’m in.”

We walked in her house and I took a seat on her couch as she put her things away then fixed us a drink. She took a seat in a recliner across from me, playing with her remote looking for something to watch on the television. We continued our light hearted conversation for another hour or so, till I got up to use the bathroom while she mixed us another drink. When I returned she was still at the counter finishing up the drinks as I walked up behind her. She turned facing me, handing me my drink which I took. Then I leaned in to kiss her, and as I did she took a step backwards giving me a puzzled look. I took a step backwards also saying, “I’m sorry. I just thought I was getting certain signals from you, I guess I misunderstood.”

She smiled at me saying, “No, no you probably read things right. It’s just….just that, I don’t know, it’s…”

“Your boyfriend, I supplied for her, maybe my girlfriend?”

“No, I told you, fuck him and from what I hear, you and her are more roommates any more. It’s just that, she faltered again, but this time I didn’t interrupt, do you know what a shit storm this would cause?”

“With who, I inquired, Misti and JR? “

“No she replied leaning back against the counter, I don’t think Misti cares, I mean she knows I fucked her brother and we have shared boyfriends before. It’s your family I was thinking about.”

“Well then I know JR wouldn’t care, his mother and I are divorced so who else matters?”

“Terri is the one I was concerned about, I’m sorry I know she is your daughter, but she is a fucking bitch.”

I laughed out loud at that last statement, “Fuck baby that’s alright, we all know she is a bitch, but she doesn’t worry me in the least. If that is all that is between us, we are doing fine.”

“Alright then,” she said as she set her drink down stepped into me, wrapping her arms around me putting her lips on mine. After we broke from our kiss, I locked my eyes on hers asking, “Are you sure?”

“Oh yeah, she said taking my hand leading me off to the bedroom, I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw you.”

She led me quickly to her bed room and when we got there she turned, wrapped her arms around me, kissing me passionately while I pulled her T-shirt up then unhooking her bra pulling both over her head. She pulled my shirt over my head as I lightly kissed the side of her face before licking her ears and neck lightly.

“Oh God, she murmured unbuckling my jeans, a man who knows how to kiss.”

As she pushed my jeans down around my ankles, I could feel her hard nipples brushing up and down my chest and I shivered uncontrollably.

“You alright?” She asked smiling at me.

“Ah yeah, I breathed out, I’m just fine, fucking great.”

I pulled slightly back from her, gazing down at her magnificent chest, before lifting one full breast up to my mouth uttering, “Um, um, um,” before taking the nipple in my mouth sucking on it while licking the very tip of it. It actually got harder as she moaned and pushed her chest in to me.

“You can suck harder, she moaned, bite a little if you want, they won’t break.”

I did just as she asked biting down on the base of it as she put her hand behind my head pulling my mouth closer, groaning, “Yes, yes of my God yes.”

After sucking and biting down on first one then the other nipple I went to my knees unbuttoning her jeans, then pulling them along with her silk bikini under pants down to her ankles. I grabbed her ass turning her till she was beside the bed then pushed her gently backwards till she sat down. Pulling her jeans off her feet I took one leg in each hand, crawled up between them then putting one foot on each shoulder as I leaned in till my nose was in her pussy, sniffing deeply. After inhaling her intoxicating scent I took my fingers and spread her lips apart exposing her wet pink interior of sexual paradise. While her breathing was increasing I placed the tip of my tongue at the base of her slit then licking deeply went all the way to her clit in one motion.

The instant I started licking up wards she let out a loud gasp crying, “Ah holy fuck that feels good,” then thrusting her pussy into my face and hunching me.

At that point a spoonful of girl cum flowed out of her on to my tongue which I immediately swallowed. I made several passes like this with the same result each time. She was also now wiggling her ass up, down and all around my face, showing definite signs of an impending orgasm, so I thought we might ratchet things up a notch, and on my next pass I pushed her ass up an inch or two jabbing my tongue in her asshole about an inch, immediately producing a squeal, but at the same time starting a volatile orgasm that was probably felt two blocks away. Using my shoulders as a launching platform, she pushed herself up and down rapidly, bouncing her ass of the bed, while simultaneously rotating her pussy in a tight circle on my face. Looking up I could see her huge tits flopping around in circles with the rest of her. She had pulled the bed sheets up in two knots in her and was pulling them almost off the bed. As the full brunt of her orgasm hit she started quivering like a bowl of jello screaming, “Holy mother fucker, shit, fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh my fucking God, watch the fuck out you are going to fucking drown!”

She was right too, because at the moment her orgasm hit its peak she squirted a couple of cups of girl cum right into my mouth and all over my face. I swallowed all I could, but when I stood up it looked like I had dunked my head in a bucket of cum. As I stood up, lifting her legs with me as she was trying to calm down from the storm, I added a more fuel to the fire by rubbing the head of my dick up and down her slit causing her little man to stand back up at attention. I stood there for several seconds rubbing him on her clit, waiting to get her attention before sticking him in the tunnel to paradise. As she settled back to earth, opening her eyes to try to focus she said, “Hey baby, you want me to suck that for you?” Then instantly getting a good look at me giggled, “Oh fuck, look at you! Do you want a towel? Shit did I shoot that much cum on you?”

“Yep, I answered, except for the large mouthful I swallowed.”

Taking my fingers and scraping it off my face, then licking my fingers said, “Hell no I don’t want a towel, this shit is good, maybe a glass for next time.”

“Shit, she exclaimed, you swallow it? Oh you are a trip. Where did all that come from?”

“Yeah I swallow it, and it came out of this little opening between your legs down here, but don’t worry I’m going to plug the hole in a minute.”

The incredulous look on her face was priceless so I said, “Why are you looking at me like that? You swallow boys cum don’t you?”

“Well yeah I swallow but I have never seen a guy swallow that stuff and there has never been that much before either, most guys go ballistic at barely a quarter cup full. How in the fuck did I cum that much?

“Well, I said either you haven’t got off really good for awhile or you haven’t had anybodies head down there that knew what he was doing. Also it could have been the position I had you in.”

“I just can’t believe you aren’t upset, and you are still licking it off your face! You are freaky.”

“So does it turn you off to see me do that?”

“Fuck no! That is actually getting me hotter.”

“Then do you mind if I give Mr. Happy a little dip in your honey pot to see how he likes getting wet?”

“Be my guest.” She replied wiggling her butt as an invitation.

I inserted Mr. Happy in between her soft outer lips and gently started pushing him in. He slid very nicely inside bottoming out causing Karen to let out a very satisfied sigh. I then began taking very slow deliberate strokes pulling almost out then all the way to the bottom again, all the while watching her watching me and both of us smiling.

“I know you would probably like me to go faster, and I will shortly, but you have me so fucking hot I’m afraid a couple of fast strokes and I’ll dump in there. It feels exquisite in there and I just want to enjoy the feeling.” I told her barley able to talk without stuttering.

“Take your time, she said quietly, I’m enjoying the feeling too. You are good.”

“You say that like someone said I wasn’t?”

“Oh no, she chuckled, quite the contrary, I was told you were really good.”

“By who?” I inquired so shocked I almost stopped mid stroke.

“Oh nobody important, she replied enjoying the mystery, your name came up in a conversation several girls were having and you got a rave review.”

“By how many of them?” I asked slowing even more.

“Well I don’t remember exactly, but more than two I think.”

“I, I, I just can’t believe that I would be a topic of a conversation like that. I never thought I made that kind of impression.”

“What the fuck, she said, you guys compare notes on girls all the time, you really didn’t think we did the same?”

“Well I don’t know. I guess I never really thought about it. What shocks me is the fact there are girls out there who would even admit to fucking me let alone give a good report card.”

I hadn’t realized it yet but I had stopped moving inside her as I tried to get over the shock of her revelation. As I looked at her, she gave a very pretty smile saying, “Well they did and you got an excellent review, but if you don’t start moving him again, I’ll have to give less then an ‘A’ for your attention span.”

I laughed when I realized I had stopped and in just a couple of dozen strokes she announced that she was over the top and cumming hard, “Oh fuck here cums another one, oh my God it’s going to be big, fuck, fuck, fucccccccccck!”

I was finding it more difficult to stand up, hold her legs up, and fuck, but when she started convulsing and twisting her ass, it was almost more than I could support. Then I felt the flood of warm to hot fluid gush out of her running down my legs like she was pissing after a night of drinking beer.

I just held real still and let her work the ride out for herself, finally seeing her breathing come back to normal and when she opened her eyes, I said, “Good morning, enjoy your trip?”

She shook her head to clear the cobwebs, looked at me saying, “That was fucking awesome. Did I flood you again?”

“Uh hun, I answered, I’m standing in a puddle about two inches deep.”

“Fuck where’s it all coming from.”

“I told you, this little hole. I tried to plug it, but I think he needs a snorkel.”

She laughed as I started stroking again, only faster this as I intended to cum.

After about a minute I looked down asking, “Uh are you like on birth control, because I don’t know if you noticed but I don’t have him wrapped?”

Her eyes widened a little as she said, “No not really, but go ahead and cum in there, I’ve never used any protection so I don’t think I can get pregnant, but if I do, I do. I thought you had a vasectomy?”

“Haha, I guess you did do your research. Yeah, I’ve been clipped, I was just trying to rattle your gage.”

She grabbed my face in both hands pulling down to her face saying “Bastard”, before kissing me and licking some of her dried cum off my face. I began to rapidly pick up my pace till I felt that exquisite feeling start in my balls and surge towards her receptive vessel. My body stiffened as I began to shake uncontrollably, then my full load of sperm spewed forth filling her pussy to capacity then running out around my cock and balls. I was leaned over her holding one of her plump breasts in each hand as I convulsed cumming so violently that one of my legs stiffened and I started kicking the floor as hard as I could. My intense reaction to cumming then triggered another orgasm in Karen and she vibrated spastically squirting another cup of goo down the front of my legs.

After our dramatic finallie I just laid on her as we both tried to get our breathing under control, kissing passionately. She wiggled her way back up on the bed as I followed laying side by side looking at each other kissing, rubbing fondling, Finally she was raised up on her elbow holding her head in her hand moving her index finger in a slow small circle on my chest. The look on her face along with her demeanor told me there was something on her mind but she didn’t know how to approach it. I quietly waited a few seconds till she said, “I am really sorry about all that mess, I really don’t know where it came from. I usually am very wet and I have squirted a little but never, never like that.”

“Not a problem baby, you can save all of that for me if you want, I’m a Pisces, I love being wet.”

“You are fucking kinky aren’t you? She replied laughing.

“Yes, very.”

“I’ve heard that too, she said, just how kinky are you?”

“Dunno, I answered, I haven’t run from anything yet.”

“Wow, she said circling my chest with her finger again, what else do you get into?

“Well who told you what?”

“The who is not important, she said with her eyes getting big and bright, but I heard you let a girl pee on you while you ate her.”

Now it was my turn to look surprised, “Yes I have but how do you know her?”

“Just a friend of a friend. So do you give as well as receive?”

“I can if asked to, are you interested?”

She looked down, like she was embarrassed, before whispering, “I have always been fascinated by the thought of it, but I’ve only had a boy pee on me in the shower but never had anybody let me do it to them.”

“So, I asked slowly looking at her, now that you have a willing participant in your bed, what exactly do you want to do?”

“Anything?” She asked.

“Anything.” I answered.

Thinking for a minute then looking me in the face said, “Everything! I want to pee on you while you eat me, I want you to pee on me, all over me. I don’t know if I can swallow but I want to try some. If you have done this before then you know how to do it without drowning me.”

Scooting even closer to me, pushing her warm plump tits into my chest she put her face very close to mine and like a child begging said, “I really, really want to try this. If you will do this for me, I’ll let you do anything and I mean anything you want to me.”

Looking at her, I leaned in kissing her deeply said, “I will do anything you want, but this is not “Let’s Make a Deal”. We only have to do something if you really want to. I won’t use one of your fantasies to make you do something you don’t want to do. I like you way too much for that.”

Almost looking like she would cry she said, “You are a real sweet heart.”

“Yeah you and I know that, now if I could teach the rest of the world that.”

“OK, she said gleefully how do we do this?”

“Well first you need some towels or plastic so we don’t ruin your bed.”

“I have that covered, as she bent over in her closet bringing out some blue pads, these are water proof puppy pee pads. Where do you want them?”

I placed them on the edge of the bed, then asked, “Can you pee now?”

“Uh yeah.” She answered.

“Good, get in the same position you were in before, but try not to let go all at one time, kinda like you are peeing in a specimen cup. I’ll squeeze your titties when I want you to stop.”

She plopped down and I once again lifted her legs on my shoulders, spreading her legs as wide as I could, completely exposing her pussy and cute pink puckered asshole. I got in position but instead of licking her honey pot, I began a tongue assault on her little but hole, causing her to begin to squirm, asking, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Licking your asshole, that’s my payment. Don’t tell me you don’t like it.”

“Fuck yes, I like it, it’s just that no one has ever done it. Are you sure you want your tongue there?”

“Yes I do! It tastes as good as your pussy and it will make you want to pee.”

I continued to lick for a minute or two before moving up to suck on her clit which really made her quiver and moan, “Any time you are ready let it go,” I told her and in a very few minutes I felt the first trickle of warm pee starting to flow out of her. I continued licking and swallowing for several minutes when she made the announcement of an impending orgasm that hit her broad side almost before she quit speaking. When it slammed her she went rigid then convulsed wildly spewing warm girl cum all over me. I held on to her till her breathing returned to normal, then I stood up, pushed her legs back till her knees were on her breasts and pushed my hard dick inside clear to the bottom. I stroked steadily a couple of dozen times watching her smile serenely before I pushed in as far as he could go holding totally still and telling her, “Lay perfectly still, don’t move for a minute while I concentrate because I have a surprise for you.”

She did just as I asked keeping her eyes closed till I felt myself let go a strong stream of urine deep inside her. The minute she realized it wasn’t cum her eyes snapped open wide and she said, “Holy fuck are you peeing in me?”

“Yep, how does it feel sweet puss?”

“Oh fuck, she said, that is totally wild. Like taking a douche, while you are fucking. Shit I’ve never had a feeling like that.”

I started taking long deep steady strokes feeling my dick sloshing around in her pee filled pussy when warm liquid started running out of her soaking my balls and running down my legs.

“Is that me running out of you?” I asked her.

“Nooo! She said laughing, it’s me peeing too!”

After we finished doing that we both needed a shower so I helped her change the bed sheets and we went in the bathroom where she got on her knees in the bath, before turning on the water and had me stand over her soaking her in a golden shower. We then showered, lathering each other completely, kissing the entire time. After that she fixed us something to eat, and we talked till we got sleepy. She took my hand and looking in my eyes, asked, “Will you sleep with me tonight?”

“Absolutely,” I said walking her to her room. Once we settled in bed, she straddled my body impaling her self on my still hard dick rotating her wet pussy slowly for several minutes till I could feel her body starting to shake as I felt my own orgasm starting to build. Her orgasm hit her hard just as I started squirting an impressive load of cum in her willing pussy.

“Oh fuck, she squealed, here I go again.”

“Me too, I grunted, hang on, I’m going to fucking put another load in there.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, she cried out, I can feel it hitting in there,” as she started bouncing harder and harder on me.

Finally we both settled down and wrapping our selves around one another went to sleep.

We woke up the next morning groping one another till we were back to fucking like rabbits. After we got up she started fixing breakfast, when her phone rang.

“Hello, she answered getting a shocked look on her face as she looked at me, Yes he’s here.”

Handing me the phone I noticed her hand was shaking as I said, “Hello.”

“What the fuck are you doing, you fucking pervert?” My son said sounding annoyed, “Did you have to take her home to fuck her on my wedding day and ruin my honeymoon?”

“I, uh, I’m sorry, I stammered, at a loss for words, how did you find out?”

“Well apparently you left mom a credit card to pay the caterer, but he told her he didn’t take credit cards anymore, but since he knew you forever, that you could bring him a check on Monday or Tuesday. That wasn’t good enough for Terri, so she goes to find you to take care of it immediately, and when she couldn’t find you she got up this morning to look for you again since you didn’t answer your phone. She drove by Karen’s house where it must have been apparent your truck had been sitting there all night. She then goes gets mom out of bed then calls down here. Now Misti is in a rage, throwing things in the car hell bent on coming home.”

My anger at a boiling point for being treated like a child by my own children said as evenly as possible, “Look man I’m sorry but this isn’t any of her business and I don’t appreciate being checked up on. After all we are both consenting adults. . .”

Starting to laugh he said, “Chill dude! I’m just fucking with you, Misti and I could care less. She’s not mad, in fact Karen told her at the reception that she wanted to fuck you, but Misti never got a chance to tell you. We are fine with it, I’m just warning you that the witch of the east is looking for you and that she knows. We are having a great time but Misti said to tell Karen to crawl out of bed sometime today and go get the dogs to take care of them.

“Ok, man, I’ll tell her and I am sorry she dumped this on you?”

“That’s alright, he replied, just one thing though…”


“Don’t knock her up.” He said laughing as he hung up, Hanging up the phone I turned to Karen, who was standing quietly wringing her hands looking like she was going to cry.

“How bad is it?” She asked.

I told her what had happened, that the newlyweds were cool with it but I didn’t know is Terri would show up or not.

“If she does I’m going to kick her fucking ass!” Karen said angrily.

“Well in that case I said pulling her tightly to him kissing her deeply, I better take you back to bed and wear you out so she stands a fighting chance.

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