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The Breakdown

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Damn it was hot she thought to herself. The beads of perspiration running down the small of her back and pooling at the top of her shorts, soaking through the cotton. Eight miles back to the main road before she could hitch-hike, nobody ever used this deserted old crossroad. Chances of getting a ride are one in about a thousand... I might as well start walking and hope for someone to come by. Curse this 110 degree heat anyway, and why didn't I get that jalopy fixed last week when I had the time? She asked out loud, to the birds presumably, because they all took off chattering and chirping as if in answer at her as she raised her voice...

No one around, she removed her tank top wiping her brow with it. Walking now in only her shorts and brassiere, ~ a little cooler but not much ~ she decided to step into the shade and rest before going to the second half of the main road. Parting the tree branches, she spotted a secluded lake. Just what I need, she thought as she smiled, a swim to cool off... She stripped off her clothes, hanging them over a tree branch and dove in. The water was quite cool and startled her, and she gasped as she went in, her nipples immediately perking to sharp points. But the water was so damn refreshing she couldn't help it and dove under the water again wetting her hair.

She was under the surface and didn't see him watching her. He arrived as she splashed under the water. He went to look through her clothing, and he saw all except panties. Naturally, he figured she was wearing them as a bathing suit. She came to where she could touch bottom with her feet and stood up, revealing her supple cleavage to his gaze. He couldn't help but smile. "Been here long?" he asked. She nearly jumped out of her skin and feebly tried to cover herself as she gazed up at the most gorgeous cop she'd ever seen. It just so happened to be the very same cop that made her wet with his deep voice when he stopped her for speeding a month or so ago. He was thirty-ish with short dark hair, dark blue eyes that were almost black, and a well muscled form from all the training he undoubtedly had received. Damn, she was leaking again... Good thing she was in the water. Stammering, she replied, "Ummm, n-n-no? I just got here, actually... Was walking and almost passed out from the heat, so I had to cool off."

"I see," he replied, "So that's your car a ways back?" he asked. "Yes, that's my hunk of junk," she responded. Chuckling, he replied that it seemed to be running fine the last time he had seen her. She giggled and admitted, "Yes, I guess it was, huh?" and began walking up to him as he handed her clothes out to her. He blushed beet red and turned his head, avoiding her gaze as she emerged. Her clean-shaven bareness was revealed to him, and she made no attempt to cover herself. "You act as if you've never seen a naked woman before Mr. Police Officer," she jokingly commented. "Well, at least none as beautiful or as uninhibited as you seem to be," he responded. As she retreived her bra from him, she began dressing. She turned around, holding the clip hook ends of the bra strap and backed herself up towards him. "Would you mind please? Since you're here and all?" A bit taken aback, but slightly turned on, he stuttered, "Ummm, n-n-not at all."

As he reached out to grab her bra straps to hook them together, their hands touched. She felt what could only be described as electric shocks that shot through her fingers straight to her womanhood. God, he made her wet so easily! She leaned over, pointing her ass at him as she slipped one foot through the leg of her shorts. He could see her wetness as he blushed again. She noticed that he had a rather definite bulge in his uniform pants. "Are all officers this well trained in self discipline?" she queried. "Most men would have already tried to jump me when I bent over in front of them like that." He chuckled and replied, "Well, we like to think we are." He continued watching her as she raised her arms high, lifting her breasts higher for his benefit as her tank top slid down over them.

"So are you going to take me back to town or call me a towtruck or what?" she asked. "I think I may be able to help you get your car running again. We'll see if that works first," he replied. "Okay, but do I have to ride in the back like a criminal or can I ride in the front?" she asked playfully. "You can ride up front with me but you need to promise not to touch anything in the car okay?" "Allright, I won't, no problem," she said, "I won't touch anything in the car." Once seated and buckled in, the handsome cop started the car and it purred like a kitten to her. "Well-maintained, like it's driver," she thought, as she eyed his more pronounced bulge (She could really notice it since he was sitting now.) He revved the engine a little before putting the car in gear. She couldn't help but giggle a little bit. He eyed her questioningly. "What's so funny?" he asked. "Uhh, nothing except there seems to be more than one engine revving right now... three in fact," she said as she smiled provocatively at him, eyeing his groin.

He shifted in his seat slightly, a little uneasy with her forwardness. "Well, it's not every day a guy sees such a sight walkin' into view as I just did... And even cops are human you know." She grinned slyly and agreed, "Yeah, I know... I was counting on that, actually." She began to spread her legs slightly and sat up straight, making her nipples practically poke out through her tank top. Mischievously smiling as she eyed his bulge, which was growing with her increased flirtations. "Looks like my car isn't the only thing that needs servicing either, Mr. Policeman." He could not help but stare at her breasts. "Ummmmm, no, I mean yes, it looks that way from ,too," he replied as he watched her nipples denting the cotton tank top. "So, how far are policemen trained in the service of the public?" she asked him. "We do whatever it takes to keep the peace and enforce order," he responded quite matter-of-factly. "Ooooooh, you're so serious... You are... That word enforce is so strong and harsh sounding, hehe, I like it." She grinned as he blushed again and turned the car around, avoiding the subject that she was hinting at, knowing that he couldn't do what he wanted to and still respect himself as a police officer. They drove in silence to her car, and he was keeping his eyes on the road, trying to avoid worsening his situation. He pulled up nose-to-nose to her car in case she needed boosting, and they both stepped out of the cruiser. "Pop the hood," he told her, "so I can take a look at what's going on." She opened the door and did as she was told. "Well," he said, "try to start it so I can listen for trouble." She turned the key and nothing happened. "I think you may have flooded it when you tried to restart it before on your own," he told her, "and there's no spark... I think you may have a cable off somewhere."

He disappeared from her view. Wondering where he went, she got out of the car and walked around to the front. Looking down, she saw nothing but a pair of striped blue trousers and hightop boots sticking out from under her car. She knew this was her chance and got soaking wet again as she kneeled down to peer under the car at him. "Accidentally" on purpose, she began brushing up against the stiff cock that pressed through his trousers. As she rubbed against him, she caused his member to jump and he jolted slightly at her touch. "You know," she said, "I've fantasized about this situation ever since that day you leaned in my window on the highway officer." She reached ovet to touch him and slowly started to unzip his pants. "Damn!" he said, giving in to the fact he'd let his guard down. "Well my name is..." "Shhhh," she interrupted him, "I don't wanna know yet," as she reached into his pants and pulled his stiffening rod and began to stroke it up and down. She loved the feel of it in her hands and between her fingers. "Just relax and let me look after you as well as you're looking after me," she whispered. She began to lick her lips and took the full length of his shaft into her mouth. His cockhead tickled the back of her throat and his pubic hair tickling her chin. She reached into his pants again and pulled his balls free too, cupping them in her hands and making him sigh in submission to her touch.

She licked all the way up and down on his shaft, making him grow to his full 8 inches of steel hardness, then wrapped her hand around his dick as she took one of his balls into her mouth and licked it and sucked on it lightly. He began groaning contentedly. She knew she had him totally in her grasp and began sucking his cock hard as she squeezed the base of his member tightly to stop him from cumming too soon, prolonging his sweet agony. She stopped and raised herself up, straddled him and slid her legs up along his sides. Pulling the leg of her loose fitting shorts aside, she lowered herself onto him slowly, loving the feeling of him inside her. She raised and lowered herself slowly up and down on him, feeling every wonderful inch each with each stroke, hanging onto the car bumper for support. He began humping and thrusting up into her, matching her downward strokes, giving himself completely to her wantonness. He could feel her juices starting to drip down over his cock and soak his balls. She felt him getting close as his shaft twitched furiously inside her, and she reached down and tightly squeezed his shaft again, stopping the eruption. He groaned loudly. "Don't worry baby," she said, "Your time will come... but I want to cum with you." She eased herself up off of him completely, and he groaned a feeble unhappiness with her stopping what she had been doing.

She jerked him lightly and reiterated, "Don't worry," and then added, "I have a surprise for you." Pulling her shorts leg further open she lowered herself again, this time working his thick purple head into her small, tight rear opening, feeling him slowly filling her ass and making her gush her wetness like a river as she squealed in delight at the fullness she felt. He groaned loudly. "Ohhh Jeesusss, that's sooo hot!" He felt her pumping her ass on his cock, milking it, and it felt like a tight fist around his fat dick. "Yesss, mmmmmmmm, oh yeahhhh, and your big cock feels like a red-hot fucking poker in there, too," she screeched as she plunged down taking his full throbbing 8 inches deep into her asshole. She began fucking his cock in and out of her ass slowly, loving how it felt having him filling her nasty tight entrance. She loved listening to him moan and sigh with her treatment as her ass stretched around his thick dick, knowing that he loved it just as much as she did. Reaching back, she cupped his balls and rolled them in her palm. As she felt her wetness coating them, she brought her fingers to her lips to lick her own juices every once in a while. He began raising his hips and thrusting harder to meet her downward plunges. Knowing he was getting close, nearly as close as she was now, she reached down and removed his nightstick from it's sling, slipped the end of it into her dripping pussy and began furiously fucking herself with it. Speeding up, she bounced hard onto his invading cock and pounded herself with the nightstick. She drove the wooden toy deep into herself and shuddered around it, her pussy clenching it tight and gushing a hot flood of her nectar around it as her ass clamped even tighter around his cock. Her climax hit her full force, nearly knocking the wind out of her as he groaned. Feeling her milking his cock so well, he groaned louder, saying he was going to cum as he shot a thick stream of hot gooey cum deep into her ass as continued to milk his dick dry of its seed.

She sat there, eased the nightstick out of her pussy and put it back in its sling. After he had softened in her ass, she lifted off him and licked him clean. Then she put his satiated cock back inside his pants and zipped them up. Walking around and getting back into her car, she asked him quite calmly, "Have you figured out the trouble yet?" "Yeah," he replied, "I think it's fixed now. One of the sensor wires came off. You weren't getting a signal to your computer from the starter." "Oh," she said, "something so simple, hmmm..." He crawled out from under the car, and told her to try turning it over. She turned the key and it started right up. He closed the hood, smiled at her, adjusted his belt and then dusted himself off. Looking up, he saw that she already had her seatbelt on and was putting the car in gear to drive away. Confused, he considered going after her and pulling her over. Dashing to his car, he jumped in and noticed a note under the windshield wiper blade. He smiled as he opened the paper and read it. It was a note written in lipstick, with a lipstick kiss shape on it. The note consisted of two lines ~ her first name and her phone number. He grinned, folded it neatly, put it in his pocket and then headed for the main road...

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