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Free Erotic Stories

SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "The Boss Lady".


The Boss Lady

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The Boss Lady

I am so excited as I write this. I have been chatting with a charming and beautiful lady for months on the computer and we have finally arranged a meeting. She and I started out online sending messages and notes, then we progressed to talking on the phone. She is a dynamic mature woman who is very independent and good at what she does. She is intelligent and witty too, with a mischievous side that I saw in her demeanor very quickly and became very attracted to very quickly. During some of her online conversations she would take on her role as a boss with me and call me into her office for discipline. The discipline usually takes form in a spanking. Although I have never done anything like that at all, when she and I role play, it has a very positive effect on me. Like I said she is independent and she is now free to travel so she has planned a stop in a city near me.

We have arranged to stay in a hotel near the airport after I pick her up. She has been traveling a lot lately starting her new business and she generously worked her way across the country to get here just for me. The phone calls and text messaged we shared the last few weeks were getting more and more exciting and the anticipation of her arrival was enough to make me quiver with excitement. I am now at the airport to carry her to the hotel. To my dismay when I get there I find out that her flight has been delayed. It is just a few hours, but when I finally see her and greet her I see that her demeanor is slightly agitated ? at the airline I hope, but her appearance was stunning and I tell her so.

?Darling? I exclaim as you approach me. I see that you are wearing a gold satin blouse with a short denim jacket, tight fitting jeans and black boots. Your strut across the terminal floor tells me that you were more than ready to be off that plane. I watch as you glide through the crowd and you walk straight up to me and you smile. You give me a courteous little hug and a very firm warm peck on the cheek. What I don?t know is that you applied a fresh coat of your lipstick before getting off the plane and I am now marked as an owned man for all to see. After the kiss you let your hands grasp my arms with a strength I find a little surprising and very stimulating.

Your smile is bright and exciting and I know we are about to have the time of our lives. You examine my shape and you slide your hands up and down my biceps and I instinctively firmed them up under your hands. You pump your hands up and down slightly and your smile gets brighter. ?Nice and firm ? just the way I like them.?

I feel my face flush and blush and I know you see that. You lean forward and quietly whisper in my ear very softly and seductively while maintaining your brilliant smile and increasing your grip on my arms. I am surprised when I hear you whisper through your teeth ?I am so damn mad with these people ? they have made me so late?. You continue ?I?m mad because I was so sure ?. I was positive I would already be in our room ?.properly washed and dressed by now" you say. ?I just knew ?.we would be up in that room ?.. with you naked and bent over in front of me ?. and I would be having the time of my life tearing up your ass right now baby.?

You straighten up and you pause to admire the look on my face as what you have said sinks in. ?That?s right lover boy?, you say patting my arms, ?I was supposed to already be here holding you down while I spank and tan that ass of yours ? and doing so much more too? you say, ?you do not know the half of what I have in mind for you.? ?I?m sorry baby? I say, to which you reply ?you will not be sorry when you have to pay for this delay?. ?As soon as I get my luggage we will leave this place and I will make up for lost time.? ?I am ready to start this vacation with you!? You seal that comment with a big warm smile and another warm kiss this time on my lips.

We go to the luggage carousel with me carrying your small suit case with your toiletries and some special things you brought with you. We wait ? and wait ? and wait for the main suitcase with all of your clothes. We wait until there is no more luggage. We go to a representative and find out your luggage is hopelessly lost. They quickly offer to give you a voucher and tell you to present it to any store in the area and you can get yourself a whole new wardrobe and they will bill the airline.

You are seething and I am sure you will kill me before the night is over. While they are getting the voucher you ease me across the room so that my back is against the wall in the little office we are in. You stand beside me clinging to my arm with your body turned so you can whisper into my ear while I look ahead. From this position you have slid your hand behind me and you massage my ass cheeks and squeeze them so firmly. Your other hand takes my chin in your hand and you turn me and kiss me gently. You watch my eyes as you massage my ass. You peck me a time or two more then whisper in my ear ?oh yes baby, that ass feels so good in my hand? you say. I smile and you continue ?that smile will be gone very soon because I will make your ass feel like it is on fire?

?HA? you laughingly say ?A fireman with his ass on fire ? that turns me on baby? you say and you flick your tongue across my ear. ?I will kiss you and stroke you and I will make my fireman willingly surrender his ass to me to do what ever I chose to do with it. I may chose to spank it, to swat it, to paddle it, I maybe even take a ride in it and he will love me while he does it? you say. ?Your whole ass will be as red as your fire truck and I will love challenging you and seeing how much you can take.? ?I have so many plans for you and your ass? you whisper quietly ?. ?and your mouth? ?.. ?and even your big strong fire hose too? you say with a grin.

The clerk returns and you walk over and get the voucher. You smile and tell them no hard feelings and you will let them know how good you have been treated in spite of this problem. We walk hand in hand to the parking spaces and get in my pickup. We talk about some of the different stores we will go visit to replace all of your clothing that has been lost that are in the area I have seen.

You note with some delight I offer to find you a nice women?s store that has jeans, blouses, dresses and skirts. You say, ?you seem to know a lot about the area ? have you spent much time here?? and you laugh and look at me mischievously. We get to my pickup and you sit down beside me and tell me to wipe the lipstick off my face. We both laugh as I wipe off your lipstick that you now tell me has been on my cheek the whole time we were in the airport.

You pull down the visor and you are applying more lipstick as I finish cleaning my cheek. You purse your lips in the mirror and when you are done you slowly lean toward me for a little kiss. When our lips touch you suddenly grab the back of my head and you hold me firmly as you begin an awesome soul kiss with your tongue instantly sliding deeply into my mouth. Your tongue slides back and forth quickly in my lips and I suck it up quickly as I moan in delight. I slide my tongue into your mouth and you suck it lightly and then you push my tongue back as you slide yours back into my lips.

As you push it in I find you have a really long tongue and I have no trouble taking it and sucking it deeply. You make it very firm and you hold it in my mouth for a few seconds - then you pull back withdrawing your tongue with a pop as it leaves my lips. You are smiling widely as you take a moment to examine my face. ?You took all of that tongue with no problem? you say. ?I?ve never had a lover who could do that ?. I wonder baby, can you take it all?? you say.

I answer with a huge grin and say ?Oh yes my darling, I am sure I can take it all?. ?I want you to let me try because believe it or not I have dreamed of kissing a tongue that long.? ?I give a short laugh and say, ?give me all you?ve got baby!?. You answer ?You might not be so willing to say that after you find out what all I have brought with me to share? and you laugh at me. You grasp my head firmly with both your hands and your tilt your face as you lean my head opposite of yours. You open your mouth and stick out your tongue pausing for a few seconds so I can see how long it is as it slowly approaches my lips.

It is the longest tongue I have ever seen. I eagerly part my lips and wait for it to penetrate me. As it slides in past my mouth I slide my tongue around it, moaning as I feel it slowly glide past my lips. You hold your mouth open and press your mouth to my face and let your tongue go as slowly and as sensuously into my mouth deeper than before. Your hands pull my face to yours as you push to get your tongue deeper and deeper into me. As you bottom out your lips on my face you viciously wiggle your tongue round and round inside my mouth just for the effect it has on me. As I begin to run out of air you slowly withdraw it while I maintain a deep suction on it with my lips until it is out.

?Very good? you say as you maintain your grip on my head. ?I have never had a lover who could take it all without gagging a little bit? you tell me. ?If you liked that, I am betting you will like this too? you say. In a flash you stick out your tongue and press it into my lips. It penetrates me fully and quickly in one long stroke. Before I can react you begin to move your head back and forth while pumping my head back and forth to make your tongue move in and out fully of my mouth. You are making love to my mouth with your long sexy tongue. You are screwing me with your long sexy tongue and I love it.

I love this new feeling and I suck on your tongue and lick it with my tongue as it slides deliciously in and out of my mouth. It is long and thick and you are making it very firm in my mouth. I love the way it feels and I love the way your eyes are closed and the glow on your face as you make tongue love to me. You give me about 15 long deep strokes twisting your head from side to side to gain as much depth as possible.

On the last stroke you suddenly bottom out your face against my mouth in one last attempt to test my ability to have me deep throat your tongue. I hold my breath and take it deeply and smoothly with no problem. You very slowly and lovingly withdraw it and I keep sucking it to make it pop as it leaves my lips again. We both smile passionately as we look into each others eyes. You have gained a slightly glazed look to your eyes for some reason.

?You better drive me to a place so we can get me some clothes so we can get started on this incredible weekend?. There is a huge mall nearby and we go into several shops specializing in clothes for women only. I am soon pushing a cart with jeans, dress slacks, Capri?s, blouses, tops, socks, shoes, suits, dresses and skirts. As we shop you tell me that you are taking advantage of this and you are buying extra clothes for some people you know since the airline is paying for it. The fashions are tasteful and the tops dresses and skirts are sexy too.

You take about a third of the garments and put them in a big suitcase you have also purchased for the trip home. The rest you tell the clerk to ship to your home address. You look outside of this store and you notice a Vanity Fair factory outlet for ladies underwear across from the store we are in and we go there next. ?I hope this place has a lot of lingerie. I love lingerie and I hope you do to? you tell me as we enter. It is larger than it appears from the front and it is full of every type, size, shape, and color of ladies undergarment.

I watch as you relish in gliding through the racks and racks of clothes holding my hand and swishing the garments with your hand as you pass them. I grab a shopping cart to help hide the swelling in my pants. You notice this and ask me if I am being naughty while we are in the panty section. I just grin at you and you laugh approvingly. ?I hope you like the panties and bras I buy my sweet lover, you will get to see them a lot this weekend? you say.

You are quickly selecting different styles and shape and colors of panties and you are dropping them in the cart. I notice you watching my eyes carefully as you make your selections. Before you drop this one pair in the cart you hold it in your hand and slide it up and down my arm. You say ?how does that feel baby? you ask. I stammer ?it feels soft and silky?. ?Good you say, there will be plenty of time to feel more of this on me during our weekend together.?

We move about the store gathering more items, slips and half-slips, night gowns and hosiery. You spend a lot of time making selections in the nightgown section, picking out over a dozen different gowns to wear. The bra section was rich with selections and you purchased over 20 new bras. You even held up some for my approval and rewarded me with several kisses for not being embarrassed or afraid to be in all the racks shopping with you. We make the purchases and I carry the stuff to the truck.

We are now on our way to the hotel. We arrive and quickly check into a room. The room is nice and the bed is a huge pillow top style and there is a big tub with jets in the bathroom. We grab each other and kiss and kiss and kiss because we are finally here and alone. We try holding onto each others lips as we undress. We stagger into the bathroom as we strip each other and we get the water tuned on and we try not to break the kiss. Soon the water is warm and we get in still holding each other and kissing.

We break apart and start washing furiously. We wash hair and bodies. We kiss as much as we can while we do this. When we can we both reach out and soap each other and feel each others body in our hands. You take particular delight in washing my penis and you really massage my ass and soap it all very well. As you are washing my penis again I am washing your pubic region and your rear end. You encourage me telling me to ?you better make my nether regions very clean because you will be spending a lot of time being very intimate with it.? I work my hands all over you moving and up and down. You moan with pleasure and I work my hands all over your gloriously firm and round hiney. I massage your whole rear end vigorously while I do the same with your vagina in my other hand.

I finish washing you and after we kiss you suddenly turn me and press me face first into the wall. You press your whole body into mine and you lift up and place my hands on the wall as if I were being arrested. ?Assume the position? you growl with your mouth right at my ear. With my hands raised you run your hands up and down my sides and then you grind your hips into my rear end. ?I will be checking for weapons and I better not find any? you say. You lean your mouth to my neck and you gnaw on my skin like a tiger eating a meal. I feel the wonderful press of your breasts into my back.

You reach up to one of my wrists and you swing my arm down and behind me and press me harder into the wall. You bend your other arm and press your forearm against my shoulders harder on the wall. When I am immobile you press your pubic mound into my rear to make me stick fast to the wall. While you are still pushing your hips into me I feel you release my arm and shoulder and you get the soap and you work some onto my back.

?While my hands are not holding you, I will check you good for weapons and you better not move? you say. Your hands soap my rear again and then I feel your fingers running up and down the back of my thighs. ?WHAP? I hear as I feel you sting my ass with your hand. You massage some more soap onto my flesh and then another ?WHAP? makes me jump. You quickly press yourself up against my back again pressing your mouth against my ear saying deeply ?I - SAID - DON?T --- MOVE!?

You release my body and use your hand to make my cheeks wiggle as you watch them redden a little. You turn me now making me face the end of the tub. You are now standing beside me with one of your hands on my rear end and the other is holding the head of my rock hard penis in your closed sleeve shaped upturned fist.

You look in my eyes and then you look down at my manhood. ?I knew it, damn you ? you do a weapon? you seethe as I hear another WHAP. My hips instinctively jerk forward thrusting the length of my penis through your hand. As soon as I pull it back - you deliver another WHAP on my ass. I involuntarily have copulated with your hand. ?So, you think I like you doing that to my hand?? you say as you grit your teeth. ?I think you do because every time I smack that ass you thrust your manhood through my fist.?

You give me a few more slowly spaced pops on my ass. I know that I now must fully run my manhood through your hand every time you strike me. WHAP ?.thrust ? WHAP ?. thrust ? WHAP ?.thrust ?. WHAP ?thrust.? See how you are? you say. ?You are trying to screw with my hand here in the shower!? ?What will it take? ?WHAP? ?until you stop? ...WHAP ?. ?doing that with my hand!? ?.WHAP ? WHAP ? WHAP - POW you finish with a sound harder smack. ?I think I better stop with these because we are just getting started??

?I need to check for contraband? you say. Your fingers start to massage my penis as you squeeze and stroke my swollen member. I feel you maneuver your fingers around my testicles. You stroke my length a few times just to feel my manhood throb. You wrap your hands firmly around my sack. ?You better not move - I better not feel a flinch? you say as you massage my ball sack. You tighten your grip on the bundle in your hand just to see the effect it has on me. I gasp and suck in air as I am not sure how hard you squeeze. You give my manhood a few more strokes as you handle my ball sack at the same time.

You are working you?re hand on my fist covered testicles up and down as you squeeze. This makes me rise up on my toes and drop down to lessen the effect. To add to my already overloaded brain you straddle my thigh and you press your vagina onto it like a saddle and you begin to hump my leg as you stroke my manhood. Your two hands move back and forth on my private parts like you are playing an accordion. You are humping my leg and with one final bit of eroticism, you tell me to kiss you. I turn my head and you slide that ultra long tongue inside my mouth as deep as you can. I beg you ?please stop or I will come.? You laugh heartily at me and then ? WHAP ? ?I didn?t tell you to speak? as you let go of my sack and remove your hand from my penis.

You turn me around under the water and I rinse off. You step out of the tub and say ?Dry me?. I grab a towel and start drying. I start at the top and work my way down. I dry your back and your front. You take my head and lean my mouth to your breasts. I lick and suck the nipples into my mouth as I continue to dry you as far as I can reach. Your breasts are wonderfully thick and full and I work on them with glee as I slather them with my tongue. I suck and lick each delicious nipple and watch and feel them firm up with my attention. I move from breast to breast lavishing each one with loving attention. Your moans of pleasure are my reward.

When the top part is all dry you use your hands on top of my shoulders to push me to a keeling position in front of you. I dry your legs and as I do I press my face into your vagina. I lick and suck at you as best I can while I dry you. I wipe your legs and you move your feet apart as I lick you. You give me better access to your womanhood and I press inward to push my tongue into you deeply. I lap at your womanhood like an ice cream cone.

You push my head back and you turn around. You pull my face quickly into your rear burying my nose in your crack. I stick out my tongue and lick you and lap at your whole rear end. As I work I keep drying you with the towel. I stick my tongue deeply into your hiney and I work to keep it in there I push deeper and deeper with my tongue. I have soon dried you and you lift me up and turn me and push me and you stop me at the door of the bedroom.

You go to the bed and stop and face it. I see the little suitcase that made it with you on the plane is open and I can see the items you brought with you. I get to watch as you put on a sexy flowery bra, and a smooth full cut panty. You look womanly and so lovely. You didn?t really need all that lingerie you bought; you just took advantage of the opportunity to get them for free, and you did say you may have been buying them for someone else.

When you are finished dressing you ease past me and you sit on the bed. You start speaking and acting to me in a new and different persona - ?I want to know right now ? what is your problem mister .... get in my office and come here to me, you know better than to make me wait.? I approach you and you turn me side ways to your seated position and you say in a new role play character. You continue ?Well I am glad to see that you were smart enough to take off your clothes - that tells me you know why you are here and what will happen.? ?Many bosses tell their employee this is part of the job they hate ? but to me ?this is one of my duties as your boss that I actually enjoy? ? ?yes - you will find out I really enjoy this part of my work?.

?Now - assume the position? you say and I bend at the waist in front of you. I feel your right hand caress my exposed buttocks. ?I know you are a fireman - but for the life of me I can?t tell you how many times I have told you not to do what you continue to do! A sharp ?SMACK- sounds out and you have swatted my ass. As you give me a brief time to recover, you quietly whisper in my ear ?yes baby ? now we are getting to what I have been waiting soooo for long to do to you my dear. SMACK - I flinch and grunt and I hear you laugh ?Why do I keep telling you not to move every time I do this!? -SMACK.- ?I guess I will have to hold you still while I do this like I did last time I caught you goofing off while you were at work?

You place your hand palm down on the back of my neck squeezing it while holding my head down for the next one. ?Why won?t you --SMACK-SMACK-SMACK- - listen to me ?-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-- when I talk ?-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK- to you!? Then you quickly land a short series of sharp hard slaps on my ass. SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK. You laugh and you turn my face to you and kiss me while you take your other hand and slowly stroke my swollen manhood a few times.

You again grab my of my neck and you hold my head down again while you -SMACK-SMACK-SMACK- at my behind turning it bright red. -SMACK-SMACK-SMACK- I grunt and yelp as you land your hand on my ass time after time. -SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-I know you are enjoying it because I hear you giggle and laugh as you tan my ass. -SMACK-SMACK-SMACK- I lose count of the strokes as you take your time and spank me. -SMACK-SMACK-SMACK- ?Oh my darling!? I say

The pain has increased and I find I can no longer keep from whimpering and say ?OW!? As you deliver several more blows. ?You are making to much noise? you say. ?I need to make you quiet.? You turn me to face you and you say ?kneel.? I kneel and you turn me to face you with my chin now at your knees. I begin to kiss your knees and thighs as you slowly move my face up across your legs to your lap.

You lay back on the bed as I lean deeper into your lap and I feel the heat from your vagina. I press my face against the smooth fabric of your panty and I find it is so wet. I lick and lap at it. I take my tongue and I slide it all over your panty covered womanhood. I stick out my tongue and run it around and under the lace at the leg openings, tasting the skin underneath. You moan a little with pleasure and I feel you raise up slightly and I help you slide off your panty, then you remove your bra.

As you lay back down I wrap my arms around your waist and I bury my face in your womanhood. I suck and lap at your vagina and I probe with my tongue. I am eating you furiously and you are responding by wiggling and bucking from my lavish attention on your sexy womanhood. You are moving your legs and I am lapping at you and I have my arms wrapped around the underside of your thighs while my sore ass cools in the air.

Your hands hold my head and I feel you press my face deeply into you. I feel your passion rising and I feel your woman muscles throbbing and I know you are about to climax. I feel you buck and writhe and spasm under me. I am holding you tightly and your hands are squeezing my head. I cover your clit with my mouth and apply a gentle suction as I flick my tongue and massage it. You squeeze my head very firmly in your thighs and you give me a few more wild bucks and your climax is done. You lie still and relax and recover.

I get up from my position on my knees and I go wash my face. I return to the bed and I lie down beside you. ?Baby, that was incredible? you say. ?You got me so hot and then you got me so OFF!? ?I love what you did to me, but what I from you need from you right now is for you to make love to me? you say. ?I know you took a lot from me baby and I am going to show you a woman like you have never seen?. You say ?my body and soul is on fire for you and that massive erection you have been keeping from me.? ?I am yours and I want you to take me and punish me with your love!?

As I move to get in front of you I say ?I?m glad you feel that way my love, because if I don?t make love to you in a few seconds I will explode!? I quickly climb my way up and on top of you, and I gently guide my excited love muscle directly to your wet creamy opening. You are beyond a doubt the wettest hottest woman I have ever seen.

I move into you and I drive my member all the way into you. We both gasp as we our bodies suddenly and wonderfully fit together with a pleasure neither of us expected. My manhood feels huge and you moan and say ?Oh Weldon? as I enter you. I feel your love muscles grip and squeeze me and it is my turn to groan calling out ?Oh baby.? We instinctively start to make love and the feeling is so good neither of us know how long we can last and we both moan and pant at the feeling we have never experienced.

We both wiggle and move and caress each other with our hands as the waves of pleasure move over us. A rhythm develops and we both rise and fall in a choreographed movement that is making us both lose control of our bodies. We both try to resist and go slow, but we cannot and we go faster and faster as we make love like never before. I feel myself moving to a climax and I tell you so. ?I?m going to come soon? I say, and you respond ?me too baby.? I continue ?Oh honey, this is so hot, this is more than I can stand? and you say ?then give it to me baby, let me have it now with mine.?

As the passion goes beyond what we can control, we lose our rhythm and we start to move with wild abandon. My hips crash into yours and our muscles and skin slaps together loudly. Our bodies peak, writhing and wiggling, spasms jerk us and your finger nails rake my back. You wrap your legs around my waist and I continue to pound you as I lift you up and pound you down onto the mattress. With one final act you drive me to my climax. You pull my head down and drive your tongue into my mouth. I suck it deeply and fully into my lips.

It is more than we can stand and we begin to climax. I feel your womanhood clamp down on me and that triggers the beginning of my massive climax. The pent up passion I had since you arrived explodes inside you. My cream jets into you with a hot fury as you wiggle and writhe under me. I use my arms to hold you close and press my hips harder and deeper into you. We break our kiss and we both scream and cry out and the climaxed wrack our bodies and our brains. I continue to release myself and I start slowing down, slowing down, slowing down. I stop and lay down on you fully. I am spent and I lay there with you.

We lay there panting and sighing and I begin to caress you. You are glowing and I am so happy. I raise my head and I look at your pretty face. ?Oh baby, you look so good? I say. You say with a wondering look in your eyes ?I don?t know if I feel so good baby.? ?Why?? I ask.

?I think I may have over done it with you? you say. ?I got so carried away with my role play, and I think I was to rough on you and your delicate skin? The corners of your lips turn up into a little grin and you say ?I think perhaps I should be spanked for that.?

I look at you and smile, and then I change my demeanor to a supervisory tone and say while I furrow my eye brows ?How dare you tell me what you think?? ?Have you forgotten how many times I have told you not to interfere with my decision making?? I say. Young lady, I think its time for you learn how serious your attitude has finally affected me.?

?I want you to immediately move off this mattress and stand at the foot of this bed?.. you WILL assume the position!? We grin at each other and as you slide over to kiss me before you get off of the bed and ?.. ?assume the position!?

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