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Being a Dr. of Psychology for the last 18 years has been rewarding in itself. Along with having a wonderful and loving wife and raising 2 very successful children has afforded us the opportunity to relax and finally enjoy some of the fruits of our labour.

Val and I met while still in college. Young at heart and both ready to set sail to conquer the world ahead. I will always look back at the first several months of our relationship. We sat for hours and dicussed all phylosophy of life. It was amazing how the hours went by sitting in a coffee shop while studying for our careers. Sex never even came into play until after dating for 8 months. Not that we didn?t desire it, but it took the low priority in searching for a life partner. But once we identified that part of it, look out.

It was just out of the blue one night on a walk along the river. She was an attractive 5?4, brunette and the 36c cleavage exposed was more than I could handle. It was dark and row of hedges was just waiting for company to be concealled behind them. I pulled her behind them and began kissing her in deep sensual fashion. The mid thigh skirt was up to her waist in seconds to discover the treasure that lay underneath it. We fell to the ground and I began planting kisses of passion. After removing her dress and bra, I was down to the panties. I slowly removed them to reveal the nicely timmed lips, She was soaked in her own juices. I relased my hardened cock and placed in gently for her to open even wider. Our first love making was fast and furious, but we had waited so long. It has only gotten better over the years and our fantasies continue to ignite the fire that lays in our hearts.

We are now free of children and able to now heighten our interests in the swinglife. We have already played with neighbors down the street that introduced us into participation. It has went well, and we now want to expand. Everything was going very well, till my wife Valerie received an email from her brother. John wanted their daughter to stay with us while she attended college locally. It was a private college and the expense was too great to afford living off campus. Rebecca was raised somewhat like a menonite. They dressed and lived in the same fashion. Quite the opposite of how we lived. My thoughts of how we live and our openess just went south. Val assured me that it was just for 1 year, but that didn?t still it put off what we were starting to finally enjoy. I love my wife, and so I agreed. It was going to be difficult to adjust. Rebecaa moved in just before the school year, and the first 3 weeks was getting her settled in. Val took total control in preparing her room for comfort. I just sat back and continued to work in my spare time reading and analyzing my patient charts and working on a second book. If you can only imagine walking through a house with a girl dressed from head to toe in a dress, and hair pulled up in a bun. Lol. I was uncomfortable just walking around in my running shorts, not alone a t-shirt and boxers.

Becca was a pretty girl, and with everything hidden. She was about 5?4 and 140. Brown hair and green eyes. I would have to guess under all the padding, she was a 34c. I felt she could be a very sexy gal but I kept my thoughts professional. I never wanted to come across wrong or get myself in a precarious postion.

I had just finished one book for teens and older adults alike. I was a psych counselor for addictions. This included all problems of money, drugs and sex. The book was written on sex addiction. It gave both male and females an idea of what was normal and where the line was drawn to when it became a control issue. I had supply the information for girls. No one knows them better then one themselves. I wrote 4 chapters before inserting hers. I wanted to have a complete background written on family relationships before addressing the norm of sexual lifestyle. The boys section was chapter 6. I left nothing out in decription and glossary. We had upoaded explicit pictures of the anatomy which I felt was better than just drawings. I must say that by the time a guy read chapter 5, the chapter 6 would be very useful. Val and I both addressed in detail the subject of masturbation. Teens and adults both have always thought it to be taboo. There have been lots of familys that discouraged the subject of sex by not being open enough with the children. It is truly a shame. It is normal, plain and simple. Adults in their 50?s still battle that issue. Val was very detailed as to what drives excitement in men. She wanted to let the females know that with guys, it is about the 5 senses and not so much the heart. I did the same in my section. Guys need to be aware it is not thought of as the same. Women put deeper feelings into sex and relationships. That always needs to be respected. It should never get to a point of a free-for-all. Like all things in life, it has to be self controlled.

The first several months went smoother than I orignally envisioned. Becca was becoming more comfortable with the new envrionment. Val had bought her new clothes on the basis that if her parents visited, she would dress as they expected. Becca agreed but was very thankful for what Val had done. She had been pent up and now started to feel normal as other women. Becca was studying in the same field as me. I think it was due to the way she was raised. Her upbringing would benefit others in that same way. I, on the other hand, wanted to keep the evident in check. It was only normal to have thoughts, but that is where I was determined to keep them.

Val trusted me and my decisions. She knew I never did anything that would compromise us. Any decisions made had solid reasoning. We kept our sexual fantasies within our bedroom and did allow each of us our own private time as well to play them out. Mine used to be on Tues night. That was before Becca moved in. Val traveled to corporate on Tues and returned on Wednesday night. That gave me my moment of privacy and she had hers during the evening of travel. I ended up spending a lot of time reading in the living room. I study continued educcation courses as a requirement. Becca, would read her classwork.

One Tuesday night while reading, I noticed she had removed the book we wrote from the book shelf. At times there would be that inquistive look on her face, but I figured it was written to answer any questions she had. Sure enough as she continued reading, she would nod her head as tho the answer was just provided.

When Val returned on Wed, I explained the events of Tues. We shared everything. She said: ?Jerry, I will make sure to tell her if she has any questions, that she can always come to me for answers as well ?. I was encouraged by that. It may have been difficult coming to me, being that we are family. Val and I were in bed having this discussion when all of a sudden the subject changed. She was telling me about this new intern from college that started with the firm. He was getting flirtatious with her. I asked how she was handling it, and she said it was flatering and had to admit she enjoyed the little game. She asked my thoughts on it and I told her that I trusted her decisions. She said next Monday she was going to raise the ante. With a devious grin she said ? I will she how much teasing in return that he can withstand. He picked the wrong woman to play that game.?. Our discussion created an extreme errection on my part and we fucked like rabbits for the next 3 hours. She said she would tell me how it plays out before she leaves to the main office. All week I wondered what she was up to. She wouldn?t give it up. The next Monday came by slowly but when she came home, she looked like she was victorious. That night, she revealed it. She said about 3:oo she went to the bathroom and took off her panites that she had on all day, and put them in a file under the name Peterson. She had Jay, the intern, to go pull the file and review it for legal issues. When she looked out to his desk, he was gone. She went to the file cabinet and the panties were missing. She laughed to herself and went back to the office. About 30 miniutes later, he returned looking flushed. She knew he had just went and jacked off to them. After the end of the day, Jay left and she went back to the file. There they were all rolled up. She unrolled them and noticed there was a spot of cum in the crtoch of the panites. I said ? that boy will never be the same?. That made me so horny I couldn?t handle it. I ignored the normal foreplay and fucked her to 3 orgasms. I pounded her pussy while thinking about Jay going the distance with her. With the vision of her sucking his cock and and him fucking her doggie style. Afer we finished, she told me that Jay had to go with her to corporate in 3 weeks. She was really wanting my approval to complete the task. I told her it was fine, but I wanted the details when she returned.

As far as me, my tues nights became routine. Becca and I adopted it as a quiet reading night. Our attire became more comforatable as I was finally able to relax with my running shorts and shirt. Becca became at ease also. She wore her knee length nightgown. I was glad it wasn?t one that was a see-thru. However, It did confirm that 34c was the correct size. She would take the book from the shelf and read it along with her studies. I asked what chapter she was in, and she replied that she started chapter 6. She was reading each page slowly. About 30 minutes into the chapter, I noticed that she was crossing and uncrossing her legs, rocking them, and basically having trouble sitting still . I knew what I wrote , and with the pictures, it must have been having an effect. This was all new to her. She had never even heard of the male masturbation subject, not alone, ever seeing the male anatomy before. Val told me she had lots of questions about chapter 5. The female chapter. Val had gave her examples of situations and how men react along what their mind causes them to do. As much as I kept visualy under control, It was arousing to wonder what she was thinking. I felt myself getting hard and had to concentrate more on my studies then the movements she was exhibiting. About 10 min later, she said she had to go shower and retire for the evening. She had a test in the morning and wanted to read herself to sleep. She asked if she could use our bathroom. We had a gym type shower. I told her it would would be fine. She put the book back on the bottom shelf, and when she bent down, her nightgown raised up to her bottom. I noticed the light blue panites had a wet spot in the crotch of them. This made it even more difficult for my condition, but knowing she was leaving made me feel less conscious about having a huge hard on. After awhile of studying I had wanted to go take my shower. Atfter I finished I threw my robe on and put my clothes in the hamper. I noticed the blue panties folded neatly as though they were being put in the dresser drawer. The thought went in through my mind, but I wasn?t going to take the chance of rearranging them and getting busted. So, I threw mine on top and went back downstairs to read some more. About an hour later, I decided to call it a night. I stopped to use the bathroom once more and noticed the hamper top opened up. I walked over and those blue panties were laying different. They were just like they had been rolled down. The inside crotch was exposed. She had rearranged them. It was an invite. I looked back at the door to see it was closed then reached down to pick them up. I felt them to see if there was wetness and they were very damp. I then breathed in the light musk scent. I got extremely hard and took my cock from my boxers and stroked it I had to go get relief in private. So I put them back, but folded them neatly. If she came back, she would know what I had done. Precum had leaked in my boxers and left a huge wet spot visisble. I waited till I softened and then walked back to my room. Once there, I took off the boxers and was looking forward to a slowly masturbating and letting the events of her moving around while reading, go through my mind. Wondering what she was thinking about and what she thought when she first saw a picture of a penis. I was slowly stroking when a knock on the door happened. I quickly covered with a sheet and she turned the handle. I kept my left knee up to conceal the errection from view. She was flushed and walked around with the book and wanted to ask a question. She said , Uncle Jerry, was is a scrotum. It wasn?t in the glossary. Damn, I left it out. I told her it was the sack below a penis. She said ?oh, it says here there is a vein a guy presses to control orgasms. It is underneath the sack?? She had the book open with her hands and moved it in front of me to show me the paragraph. I noticed her fingers were wet. She must have been playing with herself while reading. I said ?yes, there is a vein but I don?t have a picture of it.?. Still looking confused I said ? I can show you where it is if you want.?, She said she would like for me to. So , I covered my errection with my hand and lifted the bottom of the sheet to just under my balls. I lifted them and said it is here. I told her ?if you press here you can feel it.? So she reached down and pressed under my balls and felt the hard vein. My cock leaked out precum and it soaked into the sheet. She noticed it. She knew what I had been doing. When she pulled her hand back, she caught the sheet bottom and it lifted up. She glanced down and saw my 7-1/2 in cock in full errrection. She said ?oh my, I am sorry. I didn?t mean to lift the sheet.?. I removed the sheet so she could get a full look. Her nipples were hard and sticking through the nightgown. She asked ? were you masturbating?? I said yes. And then asked ? were you??. She said she was playing with it and wondering what I looked like. I asked, ?do you want to touch it?? She reached down and put her finger on the head and felt the precum. It gushed a little more. She asked if she could grip it and move it up and down like it said in the book. She gripped and started working it over the head. I reached under her nightgown and found her panty edge and slipped a finger under them to feel that virgin pussy. They were the first hands that had been there. It was soaked in juices. I asked if she wanted to taste the precum and she bent forward to lick the tip. I told her to just suck on the tip a little and more would come out. So , she did. She then put more in her mouth and gripped the shaft with her lips. I was so close to cumming that I made her stop. I moved over on the bed and pulled her down to it. I layed her on her back and lifted her gown off. I started sucking her nipples. She was writhing on the bed and her legs automaticaly spread wide. She was panting and moaning. I grabbed the waistband of the panties and slipped them down to reaveal her treasure. It looked so ready. I started lick the lips and the juices that were flowing. Sucking those lips as she moaned and dug her fingers into my back. I told her I was close to cumming. She said she wanted me in her. She wanted to know what it felt like. I told her it would hurt at first. She didn?t care. So, I turned her on her knees where I had better control. I looked down and saw her ass and pussy as I place my cock in between the lips. I rubbed the head up and down that silppery crack and she kept moving to get it started in her hole. Once there, I pressed in till I felt the resistance. She said ?shove it in, hurry. ?. I pushed hard past the hymen and she gasped. I held it still for the pain to pass. She then said it was ok. She wanted to use glossary words. So, she then said, fuck me. Fuck me hard?. I started pounding that tight hole long and deep. She gripped the headboard and bucked back against me. I felt the cum up my shaft and told her to hold on. I picked up my pace and drove in deeper till I exploded a load of cum deep inside. When finished I pulled out and it was running from her. I took a mirror and showed her what it looked like. She just layed back and smiled.

This was the beginning of many more tues nights. The next story I write will be about the events of Val?s trip.

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