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The Beginning

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My name is Teri. My husband Jamie and I have been in the lifestyle for several years and have enjoyed every minute. I thought I would share a story of how it started for me.

As a 16 year old high school sophomore I was 5?6?, 110lbs with 34DD tits. I had long blonde hair, blue eyes and raging teenage hormones. I started dating Domenic at the beginning of sophomore year. He was really cute, played football and was fun to hang out with. Dom and I would make out a lot but never seemed to take the plunge and actually have sex. I wanted it, needed it, craved it but for some reason Dom wasn?t ready.

One day my best friend Vicky and I were talking about sex?she had sex already and couldn?t tell me enough how amazing it was. During our conversation she mentioned Dom?s dad Vincent. She said she overheard her mom telling a friend how hot se thought he was and that she heard he was hung like a horse. Obviously I had met him but being Dom?s father, and 40 years old I never thought of him as hot. That day Dom had football practice and I had to drop off his homework. Dom?s mother was a nurse working the nightshift at the local hospital and his dad worked shifts in the mill. Nobody was supposed to be there.

Well I walked in to put his homework on the kitchen table as instructed and heard a man?s voice say ?Hey Teri, how are you? I turned around to see Dom?s dad Vincent standing there with a towel around him having just got out of the shower. Needless to say my eyes went straight to his crotch?which immediately told me that what Vicky?s mom had heard was very true. Feeling a sudden rush of blood through my body and feeling a little embarrassed I sheepishly said ?Hey Mr. Calabrese?. Vincent replied, ?Teri you have been dating my son for a few months now you can call me Vincent?.

We made some small talk, I couldn?t take my eyes off him, and he was big?heavily muscled and had thick wavy black hair. It didn?t take long for him to notice me noticing him and he began looking me up and down. Did I mention I was wearing a pair of cut-off jean shorts with a tank top and no bra? Well anyway, he continued talking and walked past me to get a beer out of the refrigerator. As he did he brushed against me and I could feel his now semi hard cock as he felt my painfully erect nipples. He stood next to me and I made no effort to move. We continued chatting and his cock continued growing?finally he looked at me and said ?Teri it appears we both could use some relief? I smiled and tilted my face up al little and he kissed me.

I had never been kissed by a man before and I wasn?t really ready for it or what came next. Vincent took me in his arms and kissed me deeply and passionately. I didn?t want him to ever stop. We only broke the kiss for him to lift my tank over my head exposing my 16 year old tits to him. He began sucking and kissing them and unzipped my shorts. With one motion my shorts were around my ankles and I was standing there in my boyfriend?s kitchen, naked making out with his father. I stepped out of my shorts as Vincent dropped his towel?I can?t describe my feelings at that moment. It was very confusing, desire, fear, anticipation, excitement, a million thoughts running through my young mind. We kissed again as Vincent began rubbing my pussy, I was getting wet as he expertly massaged my clit.

Then Vincent lifted me up and set my ass on the counter, he slowly placed the head of his huge cock at the opening of my tight blonde pussy. I had never gone this far before. He slowly entered me with just the head, the very patiently worked in a little at a time until all he was all the way inside me. I thought I was being split in half. He began moving his ass and thrusting into me. I had my arms wrapped around his neck and was holding on for dear life. It didn?t take long for his pace to pick up and he started fucking me hard, then he stood up and put me down spinning me around so I was leaning on my elbows on the kitchen table. He pushed back into me from behind and started fucking me?hard. My firm young tits were bouncing as he held my hips and slammed his huge, thick cock into me. A mix of blood, sweat and cum was running down my thighs.

We fucked wildly for about 20 minutes before he shot a huge load into me. Ten he picked me up and carried me upstairs. We got in the shower and he washed me. Then he led me to Dom?s bedroom where I quickly took his growing cock into my mouth. I had no idea how to suck cock but Vincent patiently talked me through my first blowjob. I crawled up onto the middle of the bed and he crawled between my legs. He entered me, this time in one quick thrust. Pulling my legs up over his shoulders he began fucking me furiously. I have never had anyone fuck me a hard for as long as Vincent did on that bed. I don?t know how he kept up the pace.

I remember thinking Dom?s mother was a lucky woman. When he finally finished and filled me with cum again it was time for me to go as Dom was due home from practice. My pussy was sore and I was almost delirious from the 2 hour sexual high I was just on. We walked to the kitchen and I put on my shorts and tank?he kissed me goodbye and I left. The next week I got out of Dom his parents work schedule and I showed up again when I knew Vincent would be there alone. We had another 2 hour fuck session.

This went on for a few weeks, Vincent and I fucked at least once and sometimes two times a week. Then things changed. One afternoon I stopped and Vincent was out back on their deck. I called out to him and he said ?Teri, come out on the deck?. So I did and was very surprised to find Sam, Vincent?s best friend, also in his early forties there with him. They were having a beer and chatting. Vincent greeted me with a kiss which surprised me. He explained that it was ok because he had told Sam about me. By the way, Sam is my friend Vicky?s father. I was pissed, I couldn?t believe he told someone. I hadn?t even told Vicky that I was fucking Vincent.

I protested and Sam said ?Teri its ok. I won?t tell and besides I have always thought you were hot as hell?. All I could say is ?Please don?t tell anyone?. With that Vincent kissed me again, it was such a sensual kiss I didn?t even notice Sam standing up and walking over to us. Sam reached around from behind me and cupped my breasts, I don?t know why I didn?t protest but I didn?t. Vincent lifted my shirt over my head at the same time Sam lowered my jeans. I wiggled out of them and there I was standing in front of two men naked and ready to fuck. I would have done anything they asked I was so aroused.

They both took turns kissing me as they undressed. I reached out and grabbed both of their cocks, Sam was big but not as big as Vincent. They led me into the house and I sat on the couch with them standing in front of me. I took turns sucking their cocks and then Vincent sat next to me so I straddled him and sat on his big thick cock. As we started fucking Sam put his cock back in front of me so I did my best to suck it but being inexperienced and Vincent fucking me so hard it was impossible. So Vincent and I finished our fuck and I rolled off him onto my back on the couch, Sam didn?t miss a beat and slammed his cock into me missionary. He pounded me like there was no tomorrow, I learned later from Vicky that her mom and dad stopped having sex about six months before our encounter.

After Sam shot his load in me I quickly got up, dressed and left. I didn?t know how to process all of it. I continued fucking Vincent for the rest of that school year but never fucked Sam again.

Vincent and I ramped up our sexual activity. We were meeting to fuck nearly every day. Over the summer I worked at a local public pool and I stopped at Dom's wearing just my bikini and naturally Vincent and I fucked. We were on the couch in their game room when we heard a car in the driveway, looking around me Vincent say his wife Marie, Dom's mother walking toward the house. He stood up with me still impaled on his cock and went into the kitchen. I grabbed my bikini and went out onto their deck trying to dress and I stumbled through the door. Once I was dressed I walked in the back door as if I had just been out on the deck and said Oh, Hi Mrs. C, please let Dom know I stopped by and I'll call him later".

I had still not fucked Dom. He was now beginning to get frustrated because he wanted sex now. I talked to Vincent and he said I should just fuck Dom and get it over with. So that weekend Dom and I had our first fuck. It paled in comparison to my fucking with his dad. Dom was nowhere near as big and was just so inexperienced.

Dom and I broke up during our junior year but stayed friends and I continued fucking Vincent until I graduated and went away to college. Our last fuck was at Dom?s graduation party. It was at their house and there had to be 250 people there. I was talking to some friends and excused myself to use the restroom. I was checking my make-up in the mirror when the door opened. I was just about to give someone hell for not knocking when I saw it was Vincent. I said ?Are you crazy? There are a couple hundred people, including your wife right outside?. He didn?t say a word just walked over and kissed me, then my shorts were around my ankles and his cock was in my pussy from behind.

He fucked me hard and shot the biggest load ever into me. Then he zipped up and said ?I know this was our last time. Thank you?.

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