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The Beach

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The Beach *

We are at the beach......

It is evening, the water reflecting the setting sun.

We walk, hand in hand, along the waterline.

We can hear the seabirds in the distance.

On, the horizon, a single boat with sails set full, billowing in the breeze.

No words are spoken, we just enjoy the scene.

I turn you to me, your face silhouetted against the sun's last rays.

I pull you close against me and press my lips to yours.

The water now rising, lapping at our ankles as we stand in the sand and embrace and kiss deeply.

After a few moments of this pleasure, we separate and turn to continue our walk...again holding hands.

Now, I release your hand, but only so that I may put my arm around your waist and pull you to me as we walk.

We come upon an outcropping of rock, a jetty out into the water.

We climb up onto the rocks and we sit and, in each others' arms, watch the final light of the day fade away, listening to the waves against the rocks.

You melt into my arms, relaxing against me.

I lean over to you and kiss the top of your head.

You look up into my eyes, as you do, I once again kiss you gently on your lips, not invasively, but a soft, light touch.

Very nice.

I look over your shoulder and I see a small sandy area amongst the rocks.

I stand and take your hand, pulling you up and lead you over to that patch of sand.

As we reach that spot, I once again pull you against me.

I kiss you and this time the kiss holds much more passion.

Our lips part and our tongues meet.

As we kiss, my hands move up your body and find your breasts, caressing them firmly, and kneading your nipples with my fingers.

I now place my hands on your shoulders and slide the straps of your suit down.

You give me complete control of you.

Reaching behind you, I unfasten the hooks and expose your breasts to the ocean breeze.

You gasp at the new sensations rippling through your body.

I lean forward and take one into my mouth, licking on the nipple with the tip of my tongue, then lightly nibbling on you.

You moan softly.

I feel you press yourself against my mouth.

As I suckle one breast, I stroke the other.

Tenderly, you run your fingertips over my shoulders as you feel my touches.

I move my hands lower and find the strings that tie your bikini panties.

I pull on the bows.

You smile into my eyes.

The string loosens, allowing the bikini to drop away.

Now you stand naked before me and i drink in the beauty that is you.

My hand finds the moist warmth between your legs and you spread them to allow me better access.

You release an almost purr-like sound, and my finger enters you.

You smile at me and again moan softly.

As my finger slowly moves in and out of you, you lean up and reach for the waistband of my trunks Carefully removing them...

Yes! Pull them down and remove them.

I say to you, "Take me, let me feel the warmth of your mouth around me".

Looking deep into my eyes as you now expose me to the breeze, take me tenderly in your hand as you move down to place your lips on me.

As you take your tongue and wet the head you let your lips slide slowly around the tip sucking me gently into your mouth.

You feel me lean slightly back, I begin to move my hips to meet your strokes as you slowly let me slide in your mouth and over your tongue and now it is my turn to let out a moan.

You feel my body tense and as I harden even more, you move me slowly in and out of your mouth.

It is all I can do to keep from immediately releasing myself into your mouth.

As I move in and out you let your tongue explore every inch of me.

Pulling me carefully out and sliding your lips up and down the shaft as you look up at me.

I warn you that i am about to lose myself to you and that you must slow down.

That there is more pleasure to be had.

Slowing down a bit, you allow me to enjoy the gentle pleasures of your tongue and lips.

Taking me to the edge and letting me relax back to your touches.

Feeling me get harder with each touch.

I tell you that I want to be inside you.

You gently slip me from your lips and look into my eyes, and you whisper, "I belong to you My Love, Do with me as you wish. "

Yes, my love, i want you.

I want to feel my hardness penetrate you.....

You shake with passion as you feel me touching you.

I pull you up over me and place my hands on your hips.

Your warmth only inches away from my hardness.

I feel you begin to relax and once again give yourself completely to me.

We can each feel the heat of passion from the other's body.

You take me tenderly in your hand and slide me carefully up and down your slit to let me feel the wetness we have created.

And then guide me to the point where two become one.

The wetness is so good.

I feel your heart beat faster, you tell me that you need me and want me.

You begin to ease your body down over me and the head begins to penetrate you.


And as I slide into you, you are so ready for me, you immediately shudder with your first orgasm.

Looking down into my eyes as you give yourself to me, passionately, but ever so slowly, your body shivers from the pleasure as you release yourself to me.

I kiss you again as you cum against my thighs.

Wanting you, needing to feel you shivering from the passions and pleasures I wish to give to you.

Again, you softly moan as you begin to build to the ultimate orgasm.

Moving your hips up and down as I feel myself, with each stroke, slowly going deeper and deeper inside you.

Opening yourself up to me as I go all the way inside you, feeling the chills as my body tingles from the pleasure.

And as you release once again, I can feel the wetness of your orgasm against my skin and I smile.

Pulling you harder against me.

Passionately releasing and giving yourself to me and the passion we hold for one another.

Looking into your eyes and softly smiling as I lean back and you allow me to slide- is it possible- even deeper into you.

It is such a passionate, erotic scene, I can barely control myself.

Letting you see in my eyes just how badly I need and want you, without losing our connection, I roll you over onto your back staying deep within you.

I begin to stroke into you even faster now, and I can feel it building in me.

You lose yourself to me and give yourself over to me.

You wrap your legs around my waist carefully to allow me yet deeper penetration.

Faster, the strokes continue.

You are Moaning and you whisper to me, "Yes Baby, take me! Take me, I am yours!" And I feel you tense, and know that you are cumming against me once again as this time you now scream out in ecstasy.

I feel your muscles contract on my hard shaft pulling me into you.

And I can no longer resist the urge.

You say "Yes! Give yourself to me, Love".

And in one swift motion, I pull out from you and raise your head to me, placing myself against your lips.

You take me deep inside your mouth and feel me explode.

You take everything I give you.

My body gyrating with pleasure.

You are careful to get every drop.

Your own fingers have replaced my shaft down below, and as I cum between your lips, you too, feeling your insides tremble, find one more orgasm deep within yourself and once again you cum hard against your own hand.

After you cum, you raise your fingers to my mouth and let me lick your juices from them.

We look into each other's eyes and smile.

We kiss once again, passionately and deeply.

Then lay back in each others' arms and look up at the stars beginning to twinkle in the night sky.

jgw 2006

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