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The Beach

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It?s a beautiful warm sunny day not a cloud in the sky, the ocean crystal clean bluish color, there?s a warm breeze with the sound of the water slapping up against the boat. We set sail in the warm tropic waters of the carrabein, as we sail along I find it difficult to navigate due to the beautiful sight of you in a red bathing suit topless sunning yourself on the bow of the boat, me at the helm in white shorts no shirt feeling the warm sun on our bodies the misty spray of the water occasionally hitting us. We near an island and as we round a point on the island it opens up to a small secluded beach. I bring us close to the beach where I drop anchor. Once I secure the boat, I get off with a blanket in my hand wading to shore then returning to help you off the boat. Reaching up with both hands letting you slide your way down between my hands your nipples pass right in front of my face where I stop you to give them a quick lick and suck as you pass by into my waiting arms. I look into your beautiful eyes our lips move closer together kissing each other deeply stopping only because, I know there is a long day ahead of us yet. Not letting you touch the water I carry you to the beach setting you down in the warm sand. We remove our clothes so the sun can warm our entire body, I pick up the blanket taking you by the hand I begin to walk you along the beach the sand is hot on out feet with surf occasionally cooling them we walk until we see a trail leading into the jungle.

We start down the path the jungle begins to swallow us by the growth of it above our heads leaving only the opening of the path before and behind us, the sounds of the jungle are all about us. Feeling your hand squeezing mine tighter I turn and look at you, and you seem uneasy about our surroundings but I reassure you with a caring look from my eyes, that I will protect you from any danger we may encounter. I feel you slightly relax your death grip on my hand. After walking for a short time we can hear in the distance a rumbling sound, as we get closer we recognize it as the familiar sound of a waterfall. As we go down the path it gets brighter and opens up into small area where there is a waterfall plunging into a small lake tropical flowers are all along one side, the jungle on the other side a small beach leading into the water. I look into your eyes seeing how delighted you are at the place I have selected; I spread the blanket out holding your hand I help you down. I Kneel next to you taking your hair moving aside from the back of your neck I start by kissing the left side of neck softly kissing my way around the back of your neck and along the top of your shoulder at the base of your neck my hands on your soft biceps. I slowly kiss my way up the side of your neck sucking softly along the way reaching your earlobe I nibble gently on it with my lips. I run my tongue back down the side of your neck and across your shoulder and begin to kiss my way down your back across your shoulder blade beneath your shoulder blade and all along the left side of your lower back. My hands traveling along your sides running my fingers along the sides of your beautiful breasts, I kiss my way until I reach the small of your back then I run my tongue along the bottom of your back, until I reach the right side of your back, and begin to slowly kiss my way up your back my hands teasing your breast again this time taking a little more time feeling the sides of them. Reaching the top of your right shoulder I stop here to soft suck on the top of your shoulder, nibbling my way along the top of your shoulder sucking where your shoulder meets your neck. I kiss my way up your neck reaching your earlobe sucking it softly. I run my tongue down the center of your back, until I reach the crack of your ass then kiss my way across the cheeks of your ass running my hands along the cheeks of your ass outside to your thighs my tongue slides down the back of your right thigh until I reach the back of your knee sucking here because it is such a sensitive area. I kiss nibble and suck here kissing my way very slowly up the back of your thigh my hands again running along the sides of your thigh my left hand nearing the top inside part of your thigh feeling the heat from your hot wet pussy looking and feeling for a reaction listening to your breathing and watching your movement I run my fingers slowly along the right side of your pussy feeling the moister both hands meeting at the center of your thigh. I then kiss my way down your left thigh sucking behind and flickering my tongue here then very slowly start running my tongue up the back of your thigh both hands on the sides of your thigh my right nearing the top of your thigh feeling the heat and your body moving upward wanting to be touched I take my index finger and middle finger run them across your pussy lips then slowly up your slit repeat this several times slightly penetrating your wetness. I take both hands and run them along the insides of both thighs slowly upward reaching the top of the inside of both thighs running them along your pussy up over your ass slightly teasing your ass, and up along your back as I run my tongue slowly and methodically up the center of your back. Reaching the top of your back I softly suck along the bottom of your neck my body pressing against yours looking and feeling for a reaction your ass pressing against my body rearing upward wanting my cock in your pussy and my cock seeking you wetness. The tip of my cock slowly entering your hot wet pussy feeling the tip of it entering you as your lips surround it easing it in a little more then back out returning it entering further in feeling how extremely wet you are I suck on your neck as I give one finally thrust burying my cock with in you rise to your hands and knees allowing my cock to slide even deeper in you I slowly slide it in and out feeling you press rearward with each thrust, we please each other in unison a perfect rhythm. With my cock deep inside you I rotate my hips creating a circular motion with my cock at the same time you reach back grabbing my balls playing them. I reach up taking your breasts in each hand taking your nipples between my thumb and index fingers gentle squeezing them and pulling on them then taking them between my index and middle finger running them between my fingers I begin to pump harder and harder you matching my thrust hearing you moan as I ask if you like that I start to feel you shake as you moans get louder I pump even faster until I feel your whole body shake from orgasm. I begin to feel it inside me my orgasm building I pump deeper and faster telling you I?m going to cum I bury my cock inside you and release my hot cum shooting deep inside your pussy making it extremely wet. I pump a few more times keeping my cock inside you for a few more minutes before removing it and continuing on.

After lying in the sun for a bit it?s time for me to put some suntan lotion on you. Taking it and squeezing the lotion into my hand so I can warm it up before applying it to you. I start at your shoulders my hands smoothly gliding along your soft skin rubbing it into your shoulders from the base of your neck out along and across the top of your shoulders (I love running my hands along shoulders, and backs) out along your arms, your biceps, your forearms, and the top of your hands. Getting more lotion I start on the top of your back my hands spread out rubbing in a circular motion along the top of your back down along your shoulder blades down both sides of your back and up both your sides, getting more lotion I start at your ankles moving slowly upward both hands on one leg at a time across the back of your knee up the back of your thigh all the way up to your pussy feeling and seeing the cum I have left behind , and doing the same to your other leg teasing your steaming pussy.

Having you turn over and getting more lotion I start at the front of your right leg with both hands running my hands slowly upward across your knee to your thigh and slowly up your thigh watching your face for expressions as I near the top of your thigh. Taking my time here I move to your other leg doing the same. Reaching the top of both legs I can?t help run my tongue along both sides of your pussy seeing what you think of my tongue nearing your cum filled pussy. I move to your stomach I kiss along the top of your hair line sucking just off to the right top of it sucking my along here where it is very sensitive feeling you squirm and jump with excitement. Run my tongue across the top of your hairline until I reach half way between the center of your body and left side sucking here while I?m sucking here I flicker my tongue feeling how you react. Getting more lotion I begin to apply lotion to your stomach. With both hands spread out I slowly move upward then down along your sides and slowly run the tips of my fingers along the bottom of your stomach and up along the bottom of your ribs across your ribs up the center of your chest and outward across your breast feeling your rock hard nipples running my fingertips in a circular motion around them sliding them between my fingers and taking both of your breasts in my hands holding them, gently squeezing them. Taking one with both hands I move my mouth just above your nipple ever so softly I begin to run my tongue across it circling it slowly and softly letting you feel the softness of my tongue. Taking it between my lips pulling gently on it with my lips finally sucking it into my mouth with as much of it as possible in my mouth I run my tongue across your nipple slowly then picking up the pace releasing it I take both your breast holding them together and begin to lick and suck both your nipples at once then I move to your other one doing the same as I did to your first one.

Then I kiss my way up the top of your chest reaching the base of your neck I run my tongue up the center of your neck over your chin my lips meet yours and we kiss with deep passion our tongue entangled our breathing rapid. I move to the front of your right shoulder the inside of your right arm along your bicep up to your elbow and doing the same to your left arm. Kissing the front of your neck then moving to the right side sucking on it, and nibbling up your neck. Running my tongue back down and kissing my way across to the left side sucking and nibbling my way up the left side of your neck. Looking deep into your eyes seeing the passion building I place the fingers of my right hand on your left cheek

Moving close to your lips I gently kiss your top lip then your bottom lip, then the tip of your nose and ever so softly your closed eye lids, your forehead then back to your lips giving you a deep passionate kiss our mouths opening tongues entangled in passion. Pressing harder wanting more, our bodies pressing very hard against each other. I roll you over on top of me letting you take charge my arms wrapped tightly around you my hands running along the length of your back we kiss passionately. Kissing your neck moving downward to the top of your chest kissing down the center of your chest my hands placed on your hips.

We stop both of us extremely hot from the passion that is building. I take you by the hand bringing to the waters edge. We wade into the water until it becomes deep enough to swim; we swim together to the waterfall where we kiss beneath the waterfall the water splashing on us from above as we kiss deeply. Holding you tight wanting you ever so much, I hold you, my fingers finding you lips spreading them my cock feeling you hot pussy I begin to ease my cock into you the combination of your steaming hot pussy and the waterfall are so thrilling I slide my cock al the way inside you we kiss as I pump in and out of you supporting you by the ass moving you up and down with my thrusts you lay back in the water allowing me to take your breast in my mouth I suck your nipples hard as I slide in and out of you my finger teasing your ass you reach down play with your breast giving me a show. I feel your orgasm begin to build so I pump harder and faster feeling you start to shake and your pussy tighten around my cock I thrust deep inside you holding my cock deep in you as I feel your juices flow past my cock at the same time I feel my orgasm build and I release my hot cum inside your pussy taking you in my arms holding you tight passionately kissing you. I hold like this for a short time then begin to ease you off my cock you playfully push me away, and begin to swim back to the lakes beach. I swim catching you by the ankle pulling you back to me we swim and play for awhile then return to our blanket. Holding you in my arms we talk for awhile planning our next little excursion. Getting late in the evening I take you by the hand and head back down the little trail that took us to this romantic place, I take you on a slight detour taking another path this path leads to a small cliff over looking the ocean we sit here on our blanket holding one another listening to the surf and watching as the horizon steals the sun.

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