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The Bar-b-Q

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It was a warm spring after noon as Sarah and John where trying to finish up some much needed yard work before the summer heat wa s upon them. John glanced over at Sarah as she was pruning some flowers and with the sun just right he could make out the silhouette of her beautiful naked body that was only covered by her sarong.

?Hey hon, were about done here if you want me to start the bar-b-q?? he asked as he put the last of the clippings in the wheel barrow.

?Ok? Sarah replied as she as she untied her sarong and shook out the little clippings before walking into the house. ?But I need a shower before we start messing with dinner.

John couldn?t help but notice how the sweat glistening on her naked body aroused him. And John could tell Sarah noticed too by her sly smile, tender kiss and the gentle squeeze on the bulge beginning under his thin sarong.

?Is it just us tonight?? John asked ?Yes dear, all the kids are out or working? she replied ?No dear, I mean just us? No kids, cell phones, TV you know us? he asked.

Sarah stopped and turned around in the hallway and made her way towards John. ?Why yes dear I?m sure that can be arranged? she replied giving him a passionate kiss. ?Did you have something in mind??

?I am sure I can come up with something? John answered with that little grin that Sarah knew meant trouble.

John waited until he herd the water running in the shower before he got Sarah?s gifts off the top shelf in the closet set it one of them on the bathroom counter and the other he had with him as he surprised her in the shower.

?What are you doing?? she giggled ?You know this shower isn?t big enough for any messing around.?

?It is for what have in mind? he replied ?I got you a present?

Sarah turned to face him as John held out his hand. In it he held a solid brass butt plug, not too big but heavy and sculptured into the phalange end was a head of a lion. Sarah?s births sign Leo.

?Oh John that?s beautiful? she exclaimed as she picked it up and felt the weight of it in her hand. ?Isn?t this going to be too heavy and fall out??

?Only one way to find out? he answered, as he pinned her hands above her head and kissed her forcefully on the mouth. Holding her hands with one hand John slowly began softly caressing one breast then the other and taking the time to lightly pinch one nipple then the other. While never leaving her lips with his he ran his hand down her body and slowly worked her legs apart and began rubbing on her swelling clit. John could hear her breathing deepen as he inserted one and then two fingers into her wet pussy.

John had Sarah bend over and spread her legs as far as possible in the confined space of the shower and then knelt down behind her and slowly ran his tongue in circles around her tight ass hole. Every time John would penetrate her ass with his tongue Sarah would buck her hips wildly and spread her ass cheeks wider as if trying herself to drive his tongue deeper and deeper into her ass. John withdrew his tongue from Sarah?s ass and applied a good portion of lube to his fingers and slowly began working one then two then three fingers in and out of her tight ass. Her hips where gently beginning to move back and forth to meet the thrusts of his hands. After applying more lube John slowly started working Sarah?s new gift in and out deeper and deeper with each motion until he herd her moan deeply and it was fully buried in her tight ass.

John gently turned Sarah around and as she reaches out to balance herself he lift?s her leg over his shoulder and begins licking on her clit. Moving his tongue slowly around the outer parts of her soaked pussy and he can hear the low moan coming from within her. As John buries his face between her legs he starts to suck on her engorged clit and licking it with his tongue. The sense of fullness in Sarah?s ass and the feeling of his tongue immediately sends Sarah over the edge and her body tenses right before her hips buck wildly as she explodes all over Johns face.

As Sarah?s body begins to relax John release?s her clit from his lips and slowly kisses his way to her waiting mouth. She can taste herself on his lips as he kisses her gently.

?You ok?? he asks ?Uh-huh? is all she can reply.

?Good? He replies as he quickly rinses of and steps out of the shower giving her room to finish.

Sarah stood in front of the bathroom mirror finishing up her hair it didn?t take long for her to notice that she was slowly shifting her weight back and forth from one leg to the other. With each subtle movement the heavy toy seemed to defy gravity and move deeper and deeper into her ass. She had always enjoyed anal play but this was the first time anything has been ?there? for a long period of time and Sarah loved it and could feel the moisture building between her legs again.

John lights the bar-b-q and is naked in the kitchen as usual preparing the steaks when Sarah returns from her shower in the new dress he had gotten her. She looked stunning in it, an off white halter top sun dress just a little above mid thigh in length.

?Dam don?t you look good? he complimented ?Do you like it??

?Oh yes I like it a lot? she answered as she walked towards John and gently pushed him back against the counter. ?Not to short and not to see thru either?

?Glad you like it, hon? he replied ?What are you doing??

?Pay back? she smiled and kissed him before getting on her knees in front of Johns still semi erect manhood. Sarah placed her hands on John?s hips while she took the head of his cock in her mouth and slowly began moving her head back and forth taking him farther and farther into her mouth. It wasn?t long before she could feel his cock getting hard and he began to moan softly. Sarah could tell John was getting close by the steady rocking of his hips she set his rock hard cock free from her mouth while she massaged his shaved balls and ran her tongue up and down the under side of his shaft while running her nails along the inside of his inner thigh. John was begging for release and Sarah could tell, she very slowly engulfed his rigid cock until she felt it tickle the back of her throat. Then with a steady and forceful motion she moved her head back and forth fucking his cock with her mouth. Sarah could feel the drool starting at the corners of her mouth as she took John?s cock deeper and deeper and could feel his little droplets of pre- cum sliding down the back of her throat. With a loud grunt John exploded in Sarah?s mouth she did her best to swallow what she could and let the rest drip onto her chest. As John?s cock began to soften Sarah pulled back and ran her tongue one last time around the swollen head before sucking the last of his cum from his cock.

John could feel his knees weaken as Sarah stood in front of him he could see his cum on her chest and on the corners of her mouth as she kissed him deeply.

?Wow? was all John could say as he watched Sarah walk away and noticed a little more bounce in her step.

John got a bottle of wine from the fridge and a couple glasses and it wasn?t long before Sarah joined him on the patio. And while the steaks where grilling they talked about places they wanted to go and things they wanted to see.

But the night had just begun.

Part 2

Sarah was finishing the last of her wine as John ran his hand under her dress and found her shaven wet pussy.

?I take it you like your new toy? he asked while slowly rubbing her clit with his finger.

?Oh yes? she replied as her breathing deepened ?I have never felt anything like it. It?s quite comfortable and I?ll be dam if it don?t keep me wetter then hell?

?I can tell? he replied licking her juices from his finger. ?Give me a few minutes and I see what I can do about getting you off a couple more times? he added whispering in her ear.

?Aren?t I the lucky one? she answered ?but you better hurry or I going to take care of myself?

?That could be arranged? as he smiled and walked into the house.

John had been preparing for this for a few days know and it was only took him a few minutes before Sarah herd him call for her. She found him standing in the hall by the spare bedroom.

?So you ready to play? he asked ?Always? she giggled ?Good? he answered ?Drop the dress and come in?

As Sarah entered the room she noticed John had it outlined in candles and the smell of incense. In the middle of the floor was some sort of platform with leather straps that sat 8-10 inches off the floor and with some kind of bracket in the middle of one end.

?You ready here we go? he said as he kissed her tenderly ?Yes? she answered John had Sarah knell on the platform with the bracket between her ankles. As he strapped her knees and ankles securely he ran his hand up and down the inside of her thigh stopping just short of her soaked pussy. Next he had her bend over grabbing the end of the platform with her hands. While he strapped her elbows and wrists he massaged and tweaked her erect nipples just before clamping small weights to each of them. He started off with a riding crop lightly at first then harder when he got to her ass and even a few light strokes between her legs that caused her to jump. By now Sarah?s ass was turning red in color and with every stroke of the riding crop she would move and jerk causing the weights on her nipples to bounce increasing the pain and the pleasure.

John knelt in front of Sarah and with a tug of her hair pulled her head up and shoved his semi erect cock in her mouth. Slowly at first he began thrusting his hips back and forth deeper into her eager mouth. The site of his beautiful wife strapped down while he took his pleasure with her mouth brought John close to the point of orgasm and quickly he removed his hard cock from her mouth and picked up the massager as he moved behind her. With firm pressure he held the massager on Sara?s swollen clit and almost immediately her hips started to shake and rock as she began to cum. John could see her wetness trickle down the inside of her thighs and with the same firm pressure started moving the massager in a slow circular motion. This caused Sarah to buck her hips wildly as she strained against her bonds and began squirting all over John?s hand. John held the massager still until het body spasms subsided then stood behind her and rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the length of her soaking pussy. With one violent thrust John penetrated her completely and with Sarah?s new toy still buried in her ass is was not long before she would cum again. John reached up and took hold of Sarah?s shoulders and began fucking her like a wild man harder and harder deeper and deeper with each thrust. With each thrust she could feel the weights on her nipples bounce and shake, and she could feel the beginnings of another orgasm building deep within.

John could feel the pressure building in his balls as beads of sweat began to form on his chest. Sarah was moaning wildly as she gushed all over John?s rock hard cock that was pounding her pussy.

John yelled as he grabbed a handful of her hair? Ahhhh there you go baby. Take that? as he shot steam after stream of his warm cum filling Sarah?s pussy.

John took a minute to catch his breath before removing the clamps from Sarah?s nipples and gently began rubbing her back.

?You ok? he asked ?Uh-huh? was all he could hear ?Good, I?m glad hon cause there is more to cum? he smiled.

Part 3

John slowly ran the pin wheel up and down Sarah?s back before using it on the inside of her tender thighs. He could her begin to moan softly as she moved her body back and forth in the restraints. Sarah gave aloud gasp as he removed Sarah?s new toy that had been buried in her tight little ass for a couple of hours now. John picked up a white and red candle that had been burning for some time now and slowly began to drip trails of hot wax on her lower back and ass. Sarah?s moans became louder now as she enjoyed the pain and took pleasure from it. He ran his fingers up and down the length of her again wet pussy and slowly began to fuck her with his fingers. John took Sarah?s favorite dill doe and had already taped the massager to it and began running it in and out of her now soaked pussy. Sarah soon realized the deeper she was penetrated the more pressure the massager applied to her swollen clit. John quickly attached the dill doe and massager to a holder he had fabricated and attached it to the bracket between Sarah?s legs so he could watch her take her own pleasure with the device. John stood back and took in the beautiful scene if front of him. Sarah was in her own world her eyes closed and her moans of pleasure became louder and louder as she took the large artificial cock deeper and deeper. John could feel his cock begin to harden as the scene played out in front of him and knelt in front of her and placed his cock in her awaiting mouth. Sarah took more and more of John in her mouth as she rocked her body back and forth. Suddenly Sarah began to speed up as she neared orgasm and as her body writhed in pleasure she pushed her self all the back taking all of the dill doe deep in her squirting pussy and the massager firmly on her fully engorged clit. John quickly straddled her ass and after applying a good portion of lube slowly penetrated her eager ass. With the pleasure of being double penetrated Sarah started cumming again and again as he fucked her ass harder and harder. John could feel the pressure building in his balls and with one hand firmly her clutching her hip he grabbed a hand full of Sarah?s hair with the other. Pulling on her hair to meet his thrusting hips John soon exploded deep in Sarah?s ass. The harder he pounded her ass the harder she came which in turn inspired him to fuck her ass even harder.

Soon they were spent and John laid there motionless on Sarah?s back. His semi hard cock still buried in her ass and his head on her back, he could here her almost purring. John released Sarah from her bindings and pulled her close.

?You ok? he asked ?I better then ok? she smiled ?I just got my brains fucked out?

They walked out of the room laughing.

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