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The Balcony

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My flight to Oklahoma City was delayed - again. I was originally scheduled to arrive in Oklahoma City at 6PM. With this second delay, I would not arrive until after ten. I took my cell phone out of my purse to break the news.

"Hey baby."

"Hey sweety.. aren't you actually supposed to be in the the air right now?" Mike asked.

I explained the dilemma. Rain and thunderstorms between us had delayed my departure and would most likely make for a bumpy ride. I told him that I would be there soon.

"Baby... I am so hard for you... right now.... To be without you for two weeks... to not be able to feel you.... to touch you... to taste you... it is almost too much for me to handle."

I smiled as I stood in the Great Cincinnati airport.

"I will be there soon, and you can do all of those things sexy... many times over." I felt the wetness between my legs. My heart began to beat a little faster, and my breathing became irregular. I was so hot for him, and I longed to feel him inside me again.

The flight was indeed bumpy and even longer than anticipated. As I walked through the security gate at the airport, I saw about a dozen people begin to welcome home their loved ones. But I did not see Mike.

This was not our home. Mike was there for three months for training. But I wanted to find him to greet me too. In the worst way. I became a little frantic.

Then he stepped from behind a decorative pillar. He leaned up against the wall and brought a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. The colors jumped from the wrapping and lit up his face. He leaned forward to take in their scent, and then he looked up, and his gaze met mine.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," I moaned. How handsome, how sexy, how hot.

I slowly walked toward him and dropped my bags at his feet. He slid his arms around me and pulled me close.

"I have missed you so much Ann..." he whispered in my ear. He took in my scent much like how he enjoyed the aroma of flowers a moment earlier. He kissed the inside of my ear, then my earlobe, then my neck, then my cheek... before bringing his mouth to mine.

My lips parted instantly to accept his warm tongue into my mouth. His hand slid down to my ass, and he pulled me tightly against him.

"We had better go before we are asked politely by the police to.. um.... get a room."

He gathered my things, and we walked toward the parking garage. He guided me over to a nice convertible. It was a wonderful surprise. He had driven our car to Oklahoma City. So the little sporty convertible was a nice surprise and a fun alternative to the sedan -- even though my luggage barely fit in the trunk.

We both climbed in. He fired up the engine and off we went.

I could not keep my hands off of him. I snuggled close.... began to tease his neck with soft, wet kisses. I slid my left hand behind his neck and ran my fingers through his hair. My right hand found his upper thigh. I began to trace little circles on his dockers as I slowly moved upward to his crotch. He began to squirm in the leather seat.

"I want you baby. I want what you have for me. I want your cock in my mouth. I want to taste you, tease you with my tongue. And when you are ready, I want to feel you cum inside of my pussy. I am so hot, so wet for you. I can't wait to taste you." I purred like a lonely kitty against his cheek.

"If you don't want to wait then don't." Mike wiggled away from my touch. With his left hand on the steering wheel, he undid his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his Dockers with his right.

I slid my hands into his brief and touched his hard cock as we drove north from the airport on 44. He moaned... "Oh yeah baby..."

I started to slowly stroke him; his cock grew with my touch. I slid my hand under him... teased his balls and lightly caressed his ass. He continued to squirm.

I knelt in the passenger seat of the convertible and leaned over him. I smiled into his beautiful blue eyes. Those eyes were pleading with me.

"I thought I could wait to taste you... I thought I would be able to show some level of decorum. But I can't...."

I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the tip and flattened it out against the underside of his rod. His ass came up out of the seat as he tried to drive more of his cock in my mouth without losing control of the car. But I pulled back so that I could continue to tease him.

I pulled him out of my mouth completely and lightly blew on his cock. I buried my head in his crotch so that I could run my tongue over his balls, over his thighs. I covered him with light soft kisses.

His left hand remained on the wheel, but his right hand was in my hair.... trying to guide me back to his cock. I let him do exactly that and took his length in my mouth. I started sliding up and down on his cock, tasting his precum. I began to moan, and he cried out.

With his cock in my mouth and one of my hands teasing is ass, I could feel the tip of his head flex and his balls begin to tighten. He told me that he was cumming, but he certainly didn't have to. He spurted his warm love juice into my throat. We were both moaning as his orgasm washed over him and began to subside.

We recovered just in time to arrive at his short term apartment rental. He grabbed my bags, and we barely made it in to the apartment. Luggage went flying, and clothes were quickly cast aside.

He pushed me toward the couch and used his hands on my hips to guide me down onto the cool leather. He used his leg to slide out the coffee table, and he knelt in front of me. He ran his hands up each of my legs, onto my thighs, then on to caress my pubic bone. He then had my breasts in his hands, kneading them gently and using his thumbs to tease my nipples until they were hard and erect.

He lowered his mouth to my pussy. He used his tongue to slide up and down the entire length of my slit. One hand then helped with my oral pleasure. He reached up under me and used his fingers to part my lips. He then slid one finger inside of me while his tongue found my clit.

I don't like my pussy attacked. That usually doesn't work for me. What does work is his tongue gently making little tiny circles on my clit with a finger or two gently fucking me. Mike knew this and instinctively pleasured me as I moaned his name. He continued for about five minutes when he sensed as I was close as my ass came up off the sofa and my breathing became highly irregular.... sometimes as I focused on the pleasure, I held my breath to intensify the feelings of impending pleasure.

"Oh baby... here I cum... suck on it..." I whispered.

He knew what that meant and took my clit between his lips and sucked on it. That sent me right over the edge, and my first orgasm rocked my body.

"Yes.. oh god.... yes.... oh Mike yes...."

He continued until I had to pull away from his tongue, his lips, and his fingers.

"Easy baby... so tender...." He smiled and moved up over me to kiss me.

I reached down between us and felt his hard cock. He was ready for more attention.

"No... come here."

He stood up and pulled me up toward him.

"The balcony.... there is a beautiful view."

My mouth curved into a smile. "mmmmmmmmm."

We stepped out into the cool night air. It was Oklahoma City in April. The days were already hot, but the nights cooled down, and the chill caused me to shiver and caused my nipples to tighten once again.

His apartment balcony faced the parking lot and then out onto the a busy roadway. All of the lights were out on the inside of the apartment, so I didn't think anyone could see us from the street. There were privacy dividers between each balcony, but there was certainly the possibility of folks outside seeing us - especially from the next building as the back of that building was slightly angled toward us. Of course, none of that mattered.

I walked out to the railing and grasped the cool metal with both hands. I moved my feet back and leaned forward.

"My god... what a nice fucking view that is..."

Mike stepped up right behind me and slid a couple of fingers inside of my pussy to make sure that I was ready. I cooed to let him know that I was.

I could feel him lower himself so that his cock could easily slide inside of me. He stepped forward and pushed his length inside of me.

Size does matter. But girth is just as important as length and perhaps more so to me. Mike is thick. His cock felt so awesome as he surged forward into my warm wet tunnel.

He held himself there as we both became comfortable with the feeling. He put his hands on my hips and started slowly rocking back and forth inside of me.

"Your ass is scrumptious... and I love watching my cock disappear inside of you."

He slid one finger in to my ass and held it there so that I could experience the wonderful pleasure of having both holes penetrated at once.

My pussy grabbed at him with each deep stroke. I started to rock back and forth so that we could work together to maximize the sensation of his cock pounding inside of me.

I leaned down and buried my head against my arms on the railing.

A slow gurgling moan was building. I reached underneath myself to finger my clit as Mike fucked me from behind.

"Oh yes... fuck me Mike.... take me...."

With gentle urging, his strokes became more determined... more intense.

"Oh god, Mike... here I cum baby... oh yes...."

My second orgasm washed over me.... and I worked my love muscles to tighten on his rod.

"I want to feel you cum inside of me, Mike... cum for me baby.. inside of me..."

With that last little bit of encouragement teamed with my ever tightening muscles, Mike screamed out and spurted his warm cum inside of my pussy.

"oh fuck... oh fuck.... yes... oh fuck..."

Mike continued with determined strokes until we were both spent. He collapsed across my back with his arms hugging me at my waist. He slid out a few minutes later, and I turned to face him. We kissed passionately coming to terms with the sexy possibilities that the weekend held.

Our kiss was interrupted by a small round of applause. There were three guys out on a balcony of the next building who had taken in most of the show.

I was not embarrassed, and neither was Mike. We waved and walked inside vowing to give them a couple of more shows during my visit.

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