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Free Erotic Stories

SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "The Backrub".


The Backrub

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It had been a long day. He stood in the shower and felt the refreshing water rinse the lather off of his naked body. It felt so good to be home. As he rinsed he rubbed his hands over his body feeling the refreshing water. He slowed his hands down as he moved below his waist. His hands stopped momentarily and rubbed his cock. The warm water from the shower had caused it to grow long. As he rubbed its shaft it began to harden. He moved lower, to the balls and scrotum. He grabbed his balls gently and pulled on them, making his cock grow longer and harder. He began to stroke himself, feeling the ribs of his penis grow harder and more pronounced.

“Hmmmm, hate to waste this” He said as he looked down at the erection.

“Hello! You home Honey?” His wife called from downstairs. The moment was over.

”In the shower Babe, I’ll be right down.” He said, stopping his play and reaching for the water. He toweled off and slipped into a pair of baggy shorts, and put on a T-shirt. The bedroom door opened.

“I couldn’t wait”, she said as she came in and kissed him hard on the lips. I missed you today.

He held her close against his body. It felt so good to hold her in his arms. Every day was new with her. It was hard to believe they’d been together for ten years.

She buried her head in his chest, so warm, so content.

“So, how was your day?” She asked him.

“Oof! Tough. Long.” He said. He pulled her to the bed and rolled her over on her stomach and began to rub her back gently as he told her about her day. She reached behind her back and grabbed his hands.

“Stop. That’s enough.” She said abruptly.

“Thought you liked back rubs.” He said surprised by her unexpected behavior.

“I do.” She sat up and pulled him down on the bed. “But whenever I have a tough day you rub my back. Now it’s my turn.”

She moved over his body and began to massage his shoulders. He relaxed and enjoyed the movement of her hands up and down his back. She ran circles with her fingers and alternated between hard and gentle strokes. As she did so she told him of her day and the constant little reminders of the special day. That was a clue. He listened to her talk and tried to figure out what day it was. Then he remembered. This was the anniversary of their first kiss. Who’d have known it would lead to this relationship.

She moved her hands under his shirt and reached up towards his shoulders.



“I never realized how good it felt on bare skin.”

She pulled at his shirt and slipped it over his head. Then she began to massage his back, rubbing from shoulders to waist. She leaned over and began to kiss his back as well. Then she moved her hands over his shorts and massaged his butt.

“I love your ass.” She whispered.

“I know. I’m glad. It feels so good what you are doing.”

He felt her hands move below his shorts and down his legs. Massaging the thighs, the calves and the feet. Slowly, she moved back up his body. She lingered at the bottom of his shorts. She slipped her fingers under the leg of his shorts and moved them up to his ass.

“Hmm,” She mused gently squeezing his butt cheek, “Going commando are we?”

“Is that okay?”

“I like it…a lot. Too bad I can’t see it though.” She said as she slipped her finger into his crack and against his anus.

He lifted his hips and spread his legs a bit, inviting more of her touch. He felt her hands move to the waistband of his shorts. She slipped them down so he was fully naked. He moved so she could remove them completely and she continued her massage. Each time, she would start at the shoulders and move to the feet, but linger at his ass. He felt his cock swell with each hesitation.

“Like this?” she asked.

“Oh, baby, you know how I like you playing with my ass.”

“Then this will be okay?” She asked as she moved her hand inside this legs and caressed his balls.

“MMMMMM” was his only response. With her left hand she continued to move up and down his ass. She felt her own wetness as she looked at his asshole. She took the tube of lubricant from the nightstand and put some on her hand. She moved her fingers to his asshole and gently slid them in. She heard his moan of satisfaction.

“Feel good?”

“Uh huh, very good.”

“Want more?” she asked as she penetrated deeper into his ass.

“Oh….I’m yours baby”.

She watched her finger disappear into his ass, imagining how it felt when he fucked her. She slipped another finger inside and went as deep as she could, watching his reaction. With each thrust he moaned.

“You want it hard?” She asked.

“I’m yours…Man, it feels good.”

She rammed her fingers deeper and pulled back. As she did so, he raised up to feel the full force of her thrusts. She took her other hand and grabbed his hanging cock, feeling it grow in her hands.

“ I think I’d like to see you fucked sometime.” She announced.

“You would?” He sounded a bit shocked.

“Yeah I would. I’d love to see you penetrated deep and hard like you do to me. Would you like that? She slowed her thrusts but continued to work his cock.

“Yeah, that would be cool.”

“So, who would you want to fuck you? A guy, or a woman with a strap-on?”

She continued to stroke his cock, feeling the ribs of his pole in her hand, waiting for his answer. “A woman” he said, “…but, to be honest sometimes I wonder what a real cock would feel like, or taste like.”

“Hmmm” She was thinking as she reached felt herself get wetter.

“So does that bother you? Me with another guy?”

“No, it’s a turn on, but I’d rather it be a woman so I could be sucking tit while she is fucking your ass.”

He rolled over on his back and she continued to caress his cock and balls, feeling their hardness. He reached down and caressed her breast through her dress.

“I’d like to see you get some tit too. You know, this is really unfair.” He said as he unzipped her dress. She stood by the bed as he let the dress slip to the floor. He reached over and unbuckled her bra to expose her huge, hard nipples. She came to him.

“I’d like to see you sucking on a breast like I do, or with me.” He said as he pulled all of her breast that he could into his mouth. She felt his lips sucking and the warmth and wetness of his tongue. He bit gently on the nipple. She imagined what it might be like to have two people on her at the same time.

Closing her eyes, she reached down and stroked his cock. Then she pulled away and moved her lips over the head of his now hard, erect penis. Grabbing the shaft she stroked and twisted him as she sucked. She tasted the first sweet drops of his pre-cum. She opened her eyes to admire it.

She felt his hand move to her panties, pulling them down to expose her ass. She moved over him, straddling him so he could look at her pussy, and her ass. He grabbed her hips and pulled them down. She felt his tongue working from pussy to asshole and back. Then, slowly, gently, a finger entered her asshole. His tongue licked and sucked her lips.

As they played, she thought.

“Would you really want a guy to do you?” The thought was intriguing.

“ I go back and forth.” He said as he slipped the finger of his other hand inside her pussy, caressing her G-spot. “You?”

“Not at first, but the thought of it is interesting.” She thought of seeing two cocks, being able to touch and feel them both, have them in her mouth, sharing the mystery cock with him. Watching him getting fucked while she sucked his cock. As she thought, she felt herself start to come. She began to pulse to meet his fingers.

“OH! OH! OH! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She continued to move her hips, feeling him in her.

Moving away from his face, she sat on his cock. She felt it penetrate her lips. Felt it’s hardness caress her inside. She pulsed back and forth, grabbing her tits and feeling them as she did.

“I’d like to see someone doing your tits right now…” He said.

“Y-Y-ou W-Would?” she said. “Me toooooooooooo! She came again. Harder. She felt him start to go.

“Stop” She said. She climbed off him and lay down on her back. “I want you to ram me. Ram me hard. Don’t stop until you have nothing left,”

He climbed on top of her. She felt his cock enter again. He moved in and out a couple times. Slowly.

“How would you like to be stroking a cock right now as I ram you?” He asked. “You could feel him while I ram you.”

“MMMMMM, and squirt his juice on my tits?”

“OHHHHHHHHHH, Yeah! The thought sent him in a frenzy. He rammed her hard over and over again until she felt him explode inside her as she came once more. Then, he collapsed on her.

As his erection began to subside he moved slowly in and out, feeling the warmth of their bodies together. He felt her breasts against him and reached down to suck on them. He moved off her and continued to suck, moving his hands down to finger her. Sliding two fingers into her warm, wet pussy and then pulling them out to caress her clit. She began to moan once more.

She began to moan once more, moving her hips to meet his fingers. OOOOOOO, she moaned harder and louder until her felt her cum once more. He kissed her passionately on the lips, and looked into the penetrating blue eyes’ he’d fallen in love with.

“My day suddenly got better, “ he smiled, “Want to go out for dinner?”

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