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The Avon Delivery

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part I

It was a hot Tuesday morning when I got up from bed. The kids were at school and I had come home to get some extra sleep after walking Bailey to school. I decided it would be a good day to drop of some Avon orders that had come in.

First though I needed a shower so I stripped of my pajamas and under ware and got into the hot water. John had been out of town for 3 weeks and my pussy was in need of some loving. So I brought my blue vibrator into the shower with me. It felt real good rubbing against my pussy lips then sliding up into my wet vagina. I started working it in faster and harder in and out thinking about John's penis hard inside my pussy. It felt so good with the hot water and the vibrator stimulating me. I held the vib real tight with my pussy and finally I climaxed. I started to think how bad I needed a real cock inside me to satisfy my pussy real good. I finished washing then got out of the shower to dry off. I stop at the mirror in the bathroom and looked at my naked wet body. I started thinking would any man like my body and satisfy it like John?

Then I started putting on my makeup real good because I wanted to look real good today. After that I looked for a good sun dress to ware. I found a red one I liked that made me look good. I then put on my white panties and the dress. I then put on my sandals. I looked in the mirror one more time to see how looked and thought I looked real good today.

I had 3 customers to deliver to so I got my bags together and started for the door when the phone rang.

? Hello,?I said picking up the phone.

? Hey whadya doing??said the voice on the other side. It was John my husband.

? Getting ready to deliver some Avon,? I said. John's voice sounded so good to me that I could already felt my pussy getting moist.

?I should be home Monday if things go as planed here,? John said sounding tired.

I was so happy to hear him say that I missed him so bad,? good my body really needs you right now. I can't wait tell you get home.?

?I know me to,? he said a sexy voice, then he changed his tone and said,? I gotta go back to work right now I will talk to you later OK.?

?OK bye.?

?Bye,? he hung up. It was nice to hear is voice but it did remind me that he wasn't here and it made me feel alone.

I opened the door and the heat from out side hit me. I was a good thing I was wearing this dress. I walked over to Spruce street to deliver to a new costumer of mine named Nancy. She had a very nice house with a will kept up yard. I knocked on the door and Nancy answered.

?Hi Jackie come on in?; she said sounding happy to see me. I walked in and set on the couch.

We went through her bag of cosmetics she she had ordered and then we started to discussing are husbands.

?So Jackie what does your husband do?? Nancy said with a pleasant smile.

?He works on buses. He goes out of town a lot. Right now his in Canada working at the Olympics.?

?Ow yeah. How long has been there??

?3 weeks,? I said wondering were the conversation was going.

?Wow thats along time. You must really be missing him.?

?Yeah but we talk on the phone every night.?

? Doing the phone sex thing right,? her smile just got bigger.

?Yes. I try to make him happy,? I said a little embarrassed.

?Do you get off to?? she said with grin.

?Yes sometimes,? I was feeling a little unconformable but I liked talking about this with someone.

? I know what you mean Jackie my husband works out of town too.? She looked down as she said it with sad look in her face, ? but I found a cure for my problem,? then she looked happy again.

?O yeah what?? I was curious.

? I have a friend that I call and he's glad to comes over and have some fun, know what I mean??

? Yeah I couldn't do that.?

? My husbands in Chicago for 2 months and believe me I need to be satisfied with something real or I will go crazy,? She said defiantly,? so Jackie if you were to meet a good looking man and your real horny you would let nature take it's course??

?I don't know... situation would have to be right,? I didn't know what I meant to say I was just saying anything to keep the conversation going so I could hear more about her friend.

?Well this friend of mine she has a real cute brother and I new he liked me so I called him one day when my husband was out of town for a week. I had him come over to help me fix the sink. Then I seduced him into my bed. He was so good....mmm.?; She said looking up remembering some thought. She continued;?He's 32 and has a real good body and his real hung if you know what I mean?? she said with grin winking at me.

?yeah,? I said with a smile.

? When ever I get real horny I give him a call and he comes over when he can,? she said.

I said,? Hmmm... I don't know if I could do that with 2 kids.?

?You have to make time for yourself Jackie because no one else will,? Nancy said to me.

? I know,? said looking at the time,? I have to be going I have to more orders to deliver.?

? OK Jackie I'll give you call when I need something else or find a hot guy for you,? she said laughing.

?OK bye,? I said and left to go to my next costumers house.

As I was walking to my next costumers house Nancy words kept going through mind about sex with other men to satisfy my needs and hungers. But when would I ever have the opportunity to meet a man that would want me like that. Never I would imagine. But it was fun to think about. I finally got to my costumers house Audre. We talked for awhile after I gave her the order then I left to go to my last stop. Another new costumer named Jenny.

She had real nice yard and house with a fence in the front yard. I walked up to the door and rang the door bell. No one answered the door so I rang it again. Finally the door opened. A man stood there. He was very good looking. He stood about 6 feet tall with short dark black hair. He had deep brown eyes that looked right through me. He was slightly tan wearing only a white tank top and blue swim trunks. He had a towel rapped around his neck and he still looked slightly wet from swimming. His muscles looked real good to me and I could feel my pussy starting to get wet as I imagined him squeezing me with his arms.

?Hi what can I do for ya,? he said to me.

?I'm Jackie I was supposed to drop of this Avon order for Jenny today. Is she her?? I said silently hoping that she wasn't.

? Jenny is my wife. She not here she had to run down to Palm Spring to help her mom out who sick. You can leave it with me if thats OK,? he said.

?OK it's just this one bag,? I was feeling like a school girl flirting with guys for the first time. My heart was starting to race.

? Would you like to come in for something to drink. We have Shasta and tea or water if you like,? he said smiling at me. I could tell he was looking me up a down checking me out. I was really starting to get turned on seeing this man look at me like that. I was so glade I put on my make up real good and this dress made me look real good too. Somehow I managed to say something.

I said,?OK I drink Shasta at home it's my favorite.?

? I don't really drink a lot of coke it makes me get fat and I like to stay looking slim,? he lifted up his tank to show me his stomach muscles. My pussy instantly got wet and started to swell in my panties as I looked at his beautiful body. His stomach was very muscular and slightly hairy. My breathing got faster and I was feeling real horny now. I walked into there house.

? By the way my name is Tom. The kitchen is in here,? he said pointing. I followed Tom into the kitchen my legs feeling a little wobbly from nerves. I then sat down on a bar stool. He opened the fridge and bent over to get my coke. His ass was perfect and tight and I imagined grabbing it with my hands as are bodies had all kinds of pleasures together. I started to cross my legs to put some pressure on my vagina because it was really hungry.

He said, ? here you go Jackie,? handing me the soda can. I could smell his body as he stood next to me. His scent was driving me crazy. My head was spinning now. If he told me to strip and go get in his bed so he could ravish me I would march right to his bed right now. I was starting to feel a little guilty as I thought about John but my pussy wanted this mans hard penis inside me now. I was thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts about this man. He could see I was staring at him. I started to think about what Nancy had said to me earlier again. So I said,?thanks you have a pool,? I blurted out hoping not to sound to stupid.

?Yes we do I swim every day. It's kinda like a cold shower for me. My wife has been going down to her mothers every day now for about a month. I don't get any fun if you know what I mean,? he said with a smile and a wink just like Nancy earlier.

I said,? Yeah I know what you mean my husband has been out of town for a month now to.? I really didn't want to mention I was married but I wanted to keep the conversation on the right track,? I haven't had any fun ether.? as I said that I thought I saw some slight movement from his swim trunks. O my god was his penis starting to get hard for me. I was thinking he hasn't had sex in a long time he probably has big load of cum just waiting to shot out. Now my pussy was really wet and my scent must be having a affect on him. I opened my legs to let my pussy breath a little because it was so hot now thinking of him inside me.

?You know Jackie your a very beautiful women. Your so pretty in that red dress,? he said looking at me up and down again. Time stopped right there for me. I was getting a complement from a good looking man and it felt so good. I just smiled at him I didn't know what to say. All I could manage was a,?thanks you real handsome to?. Now he was really smiling at me and he moved a little closer to me. I wanted him to kiss me so bad but I couldn't move at all. My body was frozen with nerves. I felt a deep shyness come over me and I dropped my head down and I stared at my Shasta. I could feel him looking at me not sure what to say now. I didn't know what to do now having never being in a situation like this before.

He said finally,? Jackie.. I was wondering.. if would like to...,? right then his cell phone rang on the table next to me. He reached over to grab it and as he did he put his hand on my back. His touch made the hairs on my back stand up. I felt like I was going to burn up from excitement. He said hello to the other person on the phone. He then turned and walked back to the door of the kitchen his back to me. I looked down see if my dress was wet because I new my panties sure were. I then put my hands in my lap putting a little pressure on my mound. I started thinking about what Tom's penis might look like. How it would feel sliding deep into my pussy walls. Grabbing him and pulling him into me. Then I heard him say something into the phone about ,'your mom', and ,'OK you'll be home in an hour'. All of a sudden reality came crashing in. I had to get out of here. I was defiantly ready to let Tom fuck me if he wanted but I didn't want to risk being caught by his wife as he humped my pussy. I got up from the stool and walked toward Tom. He said On the phone,' Bye I love you,' and hung up.

He said,? that was my wife shes on her way home,? he looked a little disappointed.

?OK I need to go anyway I have to pick up my daughter from school.? I tried not to look into his eyes but I couldn't help it. I quickly said,? my number is on the Avon book if you want to call me and order something,? I was thinking I hope you call and order me to be in your arms.

?OK thats good to know. Maybe I will order something for my wife,? he said. Thats not what I wanted to hear. I lost all my excitement and left.

As I walked home I ran through the hole thing with Tom again. What if I said this instead of that would we be making love right now. I couldn't believe it I almost had sex with a stranger. I was so hungry for pleasure with him I was so out of control. I hope he calls me. I felt so sexy right now.

I got home and took of all my cloths in the bath room. I looked at my self in the mirror and imagined Tom touching my body. I finally gave my pussy some pleasure and slowly started to rub it. It felt so good and I pretended like Tom's penis was going in and out of it. I had to get into the shower and I quickly gave myself an much needed orgasm as I imagined me and Tom fucking and having all kinds of pleasures together.

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