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The Arrest of the Century

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The man kept looking at his watch. She should?ve been here by now. The lady at the agency said she?d be here within 45 minutes, and it?s been close to an hour now.

Sighing, the man sat on the bed and tried to remember what the agency lady said his ?date? would look like.

Asian, petite, and a little older than her usual girls. That was fine by him. He wasn?t there for pleasure anyway. Just another guy trying to do a dirty job and make a living.

He laughed out loud. ?Hell, it beats driving a cab every day.? Although not by much on others he thought ruefully.

He looked at his watch again and cursed softly. ?Fucking bitch?s. Never on time for anything.?

He got up from the bed and walked to the door, looking out the peephole, trying to see if anyone was near. Not yet. Shit. ?Come on lady, I?ve got other things to do today.?

He had pulled his eye away from the peephole when he thought he heard the unmistakable clicking of a woman?s heels walking across the parking lot. He returned to the door, and looking again, spied the wearer of the clicking high heels.

?Nice?, he thought to himself. ?Very nice.? He stepped back as she approached the door, and as he waited for the forthcoming knock, he shot a quick glance of himself in the mirror. ?I gotta lose some weight.? he thought wearily. ?I really gotta.?

His reverie was broken by the soft and barely perceptible knock on his motel door, and taking another quick look in the mirror, he took a step forward and opened the door.

The woman stood in the doorway before him, smiling, open, and expectant. He sucked in his breath and thought: Fuck, she?s beautiful! My God! She had to be one of the most elegant and lovely women he had ever seen, and he?d seen plenty in his lifetime.

She was probably around 5?, extremely petite, with thick ebony hair that fell like a waterfall past her amazingly beautiful and fuckable ass. High cheekbones, delicate features, big beautiful eyes, long curvy lashes, and one of the most kissable mouths he had ever seen.

Her eyeshadow was not quite whorish, but close, and he liked it. The gloss on her wide pouty mouth glimmered and shimmered invitingly, so glassy he could almost see his reflection in it.

?Shit, how am I going to be able to do this? There oughta be a fucking law against the fucking law the city says she?s fucking breaking!? he thought.

He stepped back, and motioned for her to come in and closed the door behind her, locking it and securing the anchor chain.

She hadn?t spoken to him yet, so he pulled out a chair and motioned for her to sit down, and he took up his seat on the bed across from her.

He started to speak, but she stopped him with her hand while smiling and handed him a note, beckoning him to read it.

?Dear sir, it began; My name is Shalon, and first I want to thank you for choosing me from the agency I work for. I will do my very best and utmost to ensure that you are happy with the services provided, but I must first advise you that I have a disability you should be aware of before we begin.

I am a mute, and have been for a very long time, but I am an excellent lip reader, so I usually have no problems in understanding and keeping up with conversations. If this is not a problem for you, then I would be pleased to continue with our plans.

?Well now?, he thought to himself, ?this is a new one.? But it doesn?t really make any difference to what he was there for anyway, he thought. As long as she understands her rights when I read ?em to her, it won?t matter whether she can talk or not.

She had been watching him for some kind of reaction to her note, and when he handed it back to her with a nod, she smiled and handed him another piece of paper that looked somewhat like a contract. Two hours for $1000.00. Cash only. Payable up front. Nothing discreet about that. Well, it?ll make for a quicker use of the courts time anyway.

He handed the paper back to the beautiful woman, and smiling, reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a wad of $100.00 bills. Counting it out, he wondered how much of it she was supposed to get? Not nearly enough probably. Hell, if she was as good in bed as she looked out of it, she was probably well worth it and more. Too bad he?d never know, he thought with a frown.

She smiled as he handed her the money and carefully placed it in her purse, and then set it upon the table, and turned to him expectantly, her eyes bright and warming.

What happened next she wasn?t expecting, and her beautiful eyes went from bright and warm, to wide open and alarmed when the man flashed his badge at her and explained to her that she was under arrest for prostitution, and did she need him to read her her rights?

The room was spinning about her head, and feeling violently ill, she jumped up and tried to open the door. But the cop was no rookie, and expecting it, he was able to subdue her quickly, and before she knew it, he had her back in the chair with her wrists handcuffed behind her.

He didn?t enjoy this part. In fact he hated this part of his job. With her anyway. He didn?t personally think that she was harming anyone or anything. Her work might have even helped some people. He never had bought into the notion that morals could be legislated. Never would. But that didn?t matter because his bosses down at city hall did, and they had their job to do and he had his.

So what if they got to make the rules and then broke them, and expected him to look the other way and still enforce it upon those not so fortunate as them. So what? Fuck it. He had a job to do.

But she wasn?t making it any easier for him. She was whimpering softly, her beautiful expressive eyes pleading with him to let her go, not do this to her, leave her be, rescue her. Anything. Just not this.

He looked at her a little more closely, enjoying the depths of her eyes, and the gossamer flutterings of her long lovely lashes, flickering like the wings of a hummingbird in flight. There was something funny going on here though. Something was missing. Ahh, that?s it. Tears. He didn?t see the tears that usually accompany anguish and fear. Not a one. No rivulets making smeared runs through her mascara, heading towards their reunion with the seas. None. Pretty strange.

Oh well, what difference did it make if she cried or not, maybe she was a hardened pro who had been through this so many times she already her cellmates and bail bondsman picked out, and their numbers in her cellphone.

Speaking of phones, he pulled out his own to call and let the precinct know that he had made his bust, but just before he pushed the send button he caught a glimpse of her in his periphery and was taken aback.

She was watching him and smiling like a Chesire minx, her lovely glossed lips in full pout, and squeezing her lovely thighs together in a seductive rhythm underneath her bright yellow mini-skirt.

He arched his eyebrows unsmilingly, but took no steps away, and continued watching her sensual machinations.

He hadn?t noticed before, but she had some incredible nipples, which were showing plainly through the tight, low cut sleeveless sweater she was wearing. Yellow like her skirt, the light shade of yellow couldn?t veil her ?bitable buttons?, which were brown and hard. He could see her areolas spreading out from her nipples like ripples across a pond, lovely and textured, and begging for attention.

He walked closer to her and edged behind her, looking at her dainty and feminine hands within his shiny cuffs, clasped together, and squeezing in the same verdant rhythm as her thighs.

Her squeezing was holding his concentration when a thought flashed through his mind, and before he could stop himself he reached down and tightened the cuffs about her roughly while grabbing a fistful of thick black hair and violently pulling her head back.

He held her there and smiled down cruelly at his prisoner. His suspicions had been correct. The bitch enjoyed being restrained. She liked it. Was turned on by it. Absofuckinglutely got off on it.

He slammed the door on his thoughts and pulled her head back further, watching her all the while, as her eyes rolled back in her head, her thighs squeezed and gushed, and her nipples rebelled against their own restraints secondary to this new and renewed source of pleasure.

He was troubled by his actions because he had always been a good cop and played by the rules. Well, mostly anyhow.

But this was different. This was an amazing opportunity and he knew it. Just like she did. Hell, what did he know? This may have been part of her plan all along. To place herself in this very situation, hoping beyond hope that what was happening now would actually take place.

Man she looked good. Who would know? Just the two of them, and she wasn?t likely to say anything afterwards. Fuck! What a mess!

He sat down on the edge of the bed and thought for a moment once again before walking back to her and yanking her hair back once more, but this time, pulling her around so that her eyes had to meet his, and he had his answer.

Releasing her hair he walked around to her front, and after going to his knees he reached up, grabbed the top of her sweater with both hands and ripped it open, the buttons flying in every direction, and the button holes torn assunder.

Her bra was as delicate and feminine as she was, lacy and lovely, and he quickly unclasped the front of it expertly, releasing her firm tits and anxious nipples to his fingers and mouth.

She gasped and moaned with pleasure and delight as he feasted on her nipples, and slipped two fingers up inside her swollen, raging cunt, fucking her hard throbbing clit, pushing and stroking it against her pubic bone, her thighs and moans groaning together with desire and fervent need.

Bringing his hands away unhappily from her swollen nipples, he pushed her tiny skirt up around her waist, spread her very long, lovely and willing legs apart, and starting at her tight little asshole, ran his tongue up slowly from there, through her swollen, drenched, delicious labia, and then on to her overtaxed and oversexed clit, where in one smooth and oft practiced motion, sucked it back deeply into his mouth, brought it gently between his teeth, and fucked it like it had never been fucked by a mouth before, or ever after again.

Her sweet cum covering his face, he stood up, and bringing her sweet glossed mouth to his own, he kissed her slowly and deeply, their tongues mingling and greeting each other gladly, sharing juices and pleasure and lust and all that they could ever think to desire.

His cock had been aching and dripping behind his pants before he had ever come to his conclusion concerning what to do with her, and he knew was in great need of its own attention from his very willing prisoner. So he released his belt, and unzipping his pants, he pulled out his dripping, thick, blue veined and rock hard prick and brought it slowly and tantalizingly close to her still wet, glossed mouth.

She closed her eyes, her lashes fluttering as she moaned for it, reaching for it, crying out for it, and made little aching sounds of need and anguish, while her beautiful mouth groped for just a feel, a glance, a taste of it upon her lips and tongue, just a taste, just a drop of sweet, salty cum.

Not being able to hold back the raging tide that had been pushing him since she had arrived at his door, he finally relented to her plea?s and relinquished his thick fucking prick to the wonders and ecstasy of her skilled mouth and tongue, her eyes looking beseechingly at him as she took him, slowly and quickly, begging him to grab her hair and fuck her face and mouth as hard and rough as he could, gagging her, calling her every filthy, degrading, name he could think of while he fucked her mouth, tongue, lips, and throat with his thick beautiful cock.

They both knew it was coming, so they prepared together, he releasing her quickly from her bonds while she went to her knees, her delicate hands on his ass and balls, fucking his prick with her mouth like only she could, bringing his voice to a primal scream of release and animal passion as his hot, thick, salty, sweet load exploded and jetted from his throbbing prick across the back of her awaiting throat and mouth, swallowing and reveling in it slowly, milking him dry with pleasure, and then pushing him back on the bed, spreading her beautiful long legs, and mounting his still thick and very fuckable prick, riding him slowly, her hair falling across her shoulders, breasts and his face, her hands on her nipples, her head back and eyes closed while she fucked him sweetly for her own pleasure and release.

They laid in each others arms for a long time afterwards. She smiled, and of course, said nothing. She didn?t need to. His cell phone rang two or three times, but he didn?t bother answering it. He knew who it was. And he really didn?t care at the moment. He?d deal with it later. She was the arrest of the century.

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