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The Adventures of Jordan and Cal- I - Pocket Naughty

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Cal is your typical frat boy who never grew up. He loves beer, loves girls, parties hard, and smiles often. He has piercing blue eyes, light blond hair, and a devilish grin. Translated, people love him. Lucky for him, God also gifted him with a brain and although he doesn't always use it to his advantage, his quick wit, keen ability to read people, and natural intellect allow him to excel in business. I don't quite know how he does it but he's able to use this combination of assets to both ingratiate himself within the conservative, tame, and intellectually elitist circles and yet portray himself as a lovable, and forgiveable, bad boy. Consequently, everyone knows Cal has a naughty side - even though they may not know quite how naughty it is.

I, on the other hand, am known as your straight-laced, organized with a capital "O", well-educated, rule-following, female. I'm generally known to be fairly attractive - in a classic way. I have long blond hair that just reaches to tickle my nipples when I get out of the shower. My eyes are actually blue but due to some unusual yellow lines I have accrued, when I'm outside and my pupils are small, my eyes glow an electric green.....which frequently draws unexpected attention from strangers. My smooth skin, callipygous backside, and perky breasts allow me to walk in, and tease within, many circles as well. I, too, have been blessed with a bit of intelligence and as a result, I take great pleasure in surprising people who make the mistake of thinking me a typical pretty blonde. I am a scientist by profession and therefore can keep up with even the best debaters. I am very comfortable with myself, both emotionally and physically, allowing me to traverse topics others may often avoid. In this case, I commonly enjoy a bit of sexually charged banter.

When I first met Cal - this was the scene. It was a friend's wedding and we were attending the quintessential 'after party'. Despite the buzz of conversation around us, we quickly learned that the others were no match for our sexy sparring. Eyes locked, thoughts aflame, our naughty banter ranged from number of partners, to tame fantasies, to the night's impossibilities. However, I quickly learned that I was no true match for his experience. Having only slept with one man in my life, my 'knowledge' wasn't really knowledge at all - just speculation and conjecture mixed with a willingness to cross the line in conversation. His stories of threesomes, foursomes, and daring experiences - were all true....and titillating. Following that meeting and despite having never touched each other, I was wet for weeks. My mind was a flurry of activity - focused on the intense and invigorating sensations these stories made surge through my body. Years later, after many more meetings, discussions, and exploratory touching - we began to escalate our interests....we began to flirt with being truly naughty. What follows is an account of our sexually stimulating endeavors….

Our first adventure began one day when were in the living room, on the floor. I needed him and I needed him now. We had been in the pool so we were already naked. The salty pool water dripping off our bodies made our skin soft and clean and the indoor air on my nipples made them red and erect - eager for warmth. Cal was happy to provide his hot demanding mouth - franticly moving it from one nipple to the other. His hands were everywhere – on my tight stomach, cupping my breasts, squeezing my pliable tushy. In no specific order, and with no rhyme or reason, his body and mine touched, strained, and pulled at each other as we fell to the carpet. He on top of me, his weight was an aphrodisiac. I love a strong man lying on top of me, commanding my attention, controlling my body. Feet entwined, he moved my wet hair from my face to kiss me hard. This was not one of those sweet, loving, warm kisses. No, this was a hot, demanding, and possessive kiss. I was going to do whatever he chose. …no questions asked. At that moment, he decided to enter me…in one swift movement, he pulled his mouth off me, looked me in the eyes, and with a sense of determination and control, scooped his arm under my leg, hiked it up, and drove himself into me. My mouth could only gape – my eyes glazed over in ecstasy….nothing but erotic pleasure. But what he did next might surprise you. He leaned forward, breath hot, and whispered into my ear. He told me of another time, another woman….a sexy, shapely, beautiful blonde who was tighter, lighter, and smoother than me. He told me about how much he missed her, wanted her, and needed her. You would think that this would have been a turn off – but contrary to what I would expect, this description – the knowledge that my husband was fucking me but telling me about his fantasy of another woman that captured his attention had me wetter than I had ever experienced. Consequently, what should have made a wife mad – made me beg instead. I begged him to think of Her, to be with Her, to show me what sex was like with Her. And so he did…..

His eyes left mine as his mind went to Her. His cock grew tangibly larger inside me and kept me in a state of shock and excitement. You could hear our thighs slapping, pounding, and reddening as he fucked me as he used to fuck Her. No more kissing, no more caressing, this was an intense, and naughty dive into forbidden carnal pleasure. My chest arched, aching for his touch and he responded – pulling my hair, biting my neck, jamming his ramrod cock as far as he could, and all the while, calling for Sarah. The mixture of pleasure and pain had me screaming and gasping for air. His strokes became shorter and faster, harder and harder! As he neared his climax, his face strained, his eyes were elsewhere, the sweat from us both was dripping on the floor. Legs hard, body taught, I tried to hang on and keep up. Eventually, he shook and spilled his seed in me, in Her, and yelled like a warrior in his first kill, for Sar. As he collapsed, and crushed my soft, sweat slicked body under him, I realized…..he hadn’t yelled her name for show – he had really envisioned her in my stead. He hadn’t fucked me – my body, yes, but not ME. So I had to know – who was this Sarah? Did she feel as nice as he said? Did he want her as badly as he showed me? I had to know. And so…..Pandora’s Box was opened. I asked him to call her. When she answered………

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