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That Smile

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That Smile He had seen her before. He knew this but it never really got to him the way it did tonight. She looked no different than all of the other times he had seen her. She was still curvy with sort of long brown hair. Still skipped the make-up, so why tonight did he feel the need to hold her up against the wall and bury himself inside her? Why tonight did he want her legs wrapped around him, and her moaning for him? He had took a step towards her and did a mental head shake. He knew he could talk to her, always said hi, gave her hugs, he just didn?t want to approach her with the beginnings of a raging hard on for reasons he couldn?t even understand himself. Taking a moment to clear his lust-filled mind he looked around checking out people and assessing the bar as he did; so second nature to him that it was as natural as breathing. He looked back just in time to catch her smile and look away. How long had she been watching him? Was she being flirty or was he hoping? He knew she was not the sort of girl to hang all over the guys. She was nice enough and friendly, but not one for a lot of attention.

Before he knew what he was doing he was by her side. He found himself coming back to her table again and again through-out the night, visiting with her and her friend that had come in. Watching her dance and joking around with her. He noticed she wasn?t drinking a lot, but seemed to be enjoying herself. He kept a watchful eye on the guys around her table that were not there with her. He had no doubt she could handle herself, but he wanted to head off any problems if he saw them headed her way.

The end of the night rolled around and she hugged him good-bye with the same smile she had been giving him all night. Teasing him by hugging him too closely, it did not escape his notice that they would fit nicely together. As he had at the beginning of the night, he found himself going through the motions of work, but his mind went with the woman who had just walked out the door.

Half an hour later he finished up his last rounds and headed out, stopping dead in his tracks. She was there, sitting on the rocks. She seemed comfortable and content. She was facing away from him, her round bottom resting easily on the rocks, giving him a hint of a black and lacy thong. He caught himself wondering if she?d like if he nibbled on her skin that was showing, teasing her, making her laugh and wet at the same time.

Damn..She had turned and caught him standing there and staring. He did the only thing he could.. he smiled at her. She smiled back and asked him if he was ?in a hurry?. ?, not in a hurry? he replied. Inviting him over to sit on the big rock with her was not what he was expecting but he certainly was not going to turn her down.

He sat down next to her telling her some funny stories from the evening at the bar, making her laugh. She got strangely quiet then. He wondered if he had somehow made her uncomfortable. When she spoke again though he realized she was nervous. Even in the night with just the street lamps lighting the areas around them he could see her blushing.

She asked him ?Do you know why I am out here tonight??

He had no idea, but found himself wanting to know.

?Watching you move tonight, watching you interact with people, taking time to make sure everyone around you was feeling good and the way you made sure all of the ladies were as safe as could be was amazing. There is more though. I kept finding myself watching the way your sexy body wound through the crowd, your sexy smile kept making my heart race. I had to tell myself to stop staring at you so many times tonight. I am too turned on to go home and I do not want just anyone, and I was hoping that all of the times I saw you looking at me meant that maybe you wanted the same thing tonight.? She spoke the words in barely above a whisper. She obviously did not pick guys up very often.

She got up to go, half laughing, saying things like ?I?m sorry, you probably have a girlfriend waiting for you at home? and ?so rude of me to assume?. He didn?t have a girlfriend at the moment and realized if he did not say something or do something she was leaving and getting the wrong idea in the process.

Grabbing her hand and standing slowly, liking that she was shorter than him but fitting so nicely with him, he started living out all of the thoughts that had flew through his mind that night. So gently he caressed her cheek and cupped her face. Bringing his lips to hers and whispering to her the truth of what he wanted from her and just how badly he wanted it.

His fingers traced down her neck and to her hair, moving slowly. Her hands were resting so lightly on his sides he could barely feel it. He kissed her so softly, and smiled to himself when a soft moan escaped her throat and she leaned into him. Her nipples were pressing out through the thin fabric of her tank top. ?Cold?? he asked her, his voice roughened by his arousal. Startled by his question, she laughed a little, a throaty laugh that was far different from the laughs he heard earlier. ?No, I want you.? Those four words had him kissing her harder now. The response from her was immediate. She pressed her body against his as if that could somehow ease their desires.

The look of disappointment on her face when he pulled away made him laugh again. ?You have a great laugh? she said. She couldn?t help herself, his smile was sexy and sweet at the same time, and his laugh made her want to know why he was laughing and what she could do to make him laugh again.

?Thanks? he said and pulled her over to the picnic area. A light breeze was out, which thankfully meant that the mosquitoes were not. In the back corner of the park was a place that no one could see and he did not want to wait any longer. ?This ok?? he asked, hoping she would realize it was not disrespect he meant by bringing her to this corner of the park but impatience.

?Just a second, k?? she asked. Without warning he was standing by himself watching her round bottom sway as she hurried back to her van. ?Blankets? She said with a smile. Throwing one on the ground, she pulled him down to her.

Looking far more confident and much less nervous, she climbed onto his lap, running her fingers up the back of his neck, slightly scraping her nails up the back of his head. Watching his amazing brown eyes, half shut and yet taking everything still, made her already pounding heart beat just a little faster. Teasing him now, she moved around a little, knowing she was grinding on his hard cock. Knowing she was getting him more worked up. She leaned back from her slow torture she was doing to his mouth, sucking on his bottom lip then nibbling, then kissing him, letting her tongue play with the barbell in his tongue, all the while, running her fingers up the back of his neck and head.

His hands stayed on her waist for the moment, simply allowing her to become more and more comfortable in his embrace. Tightening his grip a little now brought out a surprising, and satisfying reward. She moaned and leaned into him, kissing him and rolling her hips a little more into him. He could feel that her pussy was so hot that his cock strained against his jeans to in that warmth. He had guessed she was soaking wet too. Finding out just how wet she would be one of his favorite things to do tonight, he decided.

Surprising her even more, he rolled her on her back and loved the way her blue eyes shone up at him. The sexy smile that played on her lips told him she liked what he was doing. His turn to tease a bit. Cradling her head in his hand, he tilted her head back allowing him free access to her throat. Sliding his perfect hips in between her legs, pressing his cock up against her just as he tasted her throat and bit the sensitive spot right above the collar bone, making her arch against him on an intake of breath.

?Please? she whispered, squirming beneath him now. ?I need to touch your body; I need to know what you feel like.? ?No.? Simple and direct he answered her. If only she knew how much that answer had taken, but if his clothes came off at the same time as hers, he couldn?t take the time he wanted to on her.

Moving down her body, teasing her had become his mission. He had wanted to make her gasp again, moan, scream if he could. He had no idea if she even was a screamer, but he?d try like hell. Biting her nipples through her tank top while holding her down and still brought a small cry from her. She pressed into his mouth. ?More please.? Her hands were gently running through his short hair, encouraging him to continue. Sliding back up, letting her feel how much harder he had gotten, letting her grind into him while he kissed, hard, demanding.

He pushed back enough to help her out of her tank top. He didn?t leave her body for long though. Laying her back down, kissing her playfully now. He wanted to her that throaty laugh again. He wasn?t disappointed. He caught her hands sneaking up his t-shirt. ?So naughty.? He whispered. Pulling both her hands up and holding them with one hand brought her breasts up high. The black, lacy bra she was wearing was promising to not be able to hold her breasts in any longer if she kept her back arched like that to accommodate the restraint he put on her wrists. Her hips kept pressing harder into him. He teased her back by settling his body into hers and holding her pretty much still with his weight. Loving that she could only try to get closer to his mouth while he nibbled on her breasts that were spilling out of her bra had her begging him for more again and kissing her soft skin.

Reaching behind her and getting rid of the bra, exposing her nice round nipples. She stilled then and watched him as he first took one nipple into his hot mouth, biting her and teasing her with his tongue piercing, then sucking and kissing away the sting, then the other. He liked how big her nipples were. Her moans grew a little louder. Her nipples were obviously sensitive. Letting go of her nipple brought another sound of disappointment out of her. Blowing a little on her nipple brought the sharp intake of breath again. Running his well kept goatee through the middle of her breasts, followed by his tongue and lips made her push against his hand that was still holding her captive.

Letting go only long enough to remove her pants, he caught her hands again and brought them down by her sides. Keeping them pinned down. Biting her pussy through her barely there thong had her almost in tears with want. ?MMMMMMM, please, again, please? was all she could manage.

Knowing at this point he was still being allowed to have full control, he eased off and licked her panty line. Making her giggle a little, what a nice response that had with her breasts. He loved how women felt, looked, and tasted. Especially when they weren?t trying to be sexy and weren?t feeling self-conscious, like now, but ended up being sexy as hell. He wondered if she knew how much that little giggle had him wanting to be inside of here, he wondered if she would be surprised.

Sliding down, he sucked her swollen clit through the panties, Damn she was soaking wet. He could taste her a little. He loved the little moans he didn?t think she was even realizing she was making. Teasing her a little while longer, this time by taking off his own shirt, but holding her hands still as soon as he put his shirt aside. She was staring at him. ?You are so damn sexy? she said. He felt that if he let her go she would be the driving him crazy with her mouth and hands. Tempting.

He sank his head back down to her waiting pussy. He looked up to realize she was watching him tease her pussy. ?Like what you see?? He couldn?t resist asking. She smiled, ?mmhmm, very much.?

Enjoying the way his skin felt pressed up against her soft thighs while he returned to slowly making her lose her mind. Licking up the side of her panties, teasing her pussy lips, making her push a little against his mouth. Letting go of her wrists he grabbed her waist and covered her pussy with his mouth. Making her let out a moan so loud he didn?t doubt the people who lived near heard. Her hands were back on his head, not pushing, but certainly encouraging him to keep his mouth right where it was.

Her legs started shaking when he sucked in her clit through her panties, biting down just enough. ?oh my g..? was all she got out before her whole body tensed under his talented mouth. Holding her still by her thighs, he bit and sucked a little harder. The panties had to go he decided. Tearing them off would be saying it nicely, but they were finallly out of the way. Burying his tongue inside her had her rocking up into his mouth, his fingers teasing her clit with the same firm pressure and lazy circles that had her starting sentences she couldn?t finish.

The little moans that had been coming from her stopped abruptly. Knowing he had her right at the edge, he pushed his tongue in just a little farther and applied just a little more pressure to her clit. His tongue was soaked with her cum and she was gasping for breath, her body was shaking. He didn?t waste a drop of her cum. ?oh my? She said pulling him up ?too sensitive? she said laughing.

He kissed his way back up to her mouth, letting her taste her on his tongue. Her hands were everywhere. ?So damn good baby? she whispered against his mouth. He wasn?t quite finished with her. Sliding his hand down between them he started playing with her clit again. This made her eyes go so round it was almost funny. ?Oh my? was all she got out. ?Wait..? she said stopping him. Worried he had done something she didn?t like he stopped immediately. ?Do you mind women that squirt, because if you do, I wouldn?t do what you?re about to do.? His response came quickly, his mouth was on hers and his fingers were deep inside her soaking wet pussy. She rolled up against his talented fingers, the moaning growing louder now. ?You?re going to make me..? she froze then, her body much tighter than before. Her cum soaked his stomach and his hands. ?Holly hell? she said laughing, ?you?re amazing.?

He didn?t want to stop playing but he knew he had held her back long enough. She tugged at his belt. The smile that came to his face was quick. He always looked so good when he smiled that way.

Helping her undo the belt wasn?t enough though. She was tugging it out of his jeans. Her movements were slow and deliberate, running her hands up his sexy body, bringing his hands up. Without warning though he was suddenly tied up with his own belt. He couldn?t help it, he laughed. ?I?m glad you don?t mind? She whispered and smiled, running her tongue across his tattoos making his skin tingle, brushing her hard nipples across his stomach as she took her time giving his chest pieces attention with her fingers and mouth. He sighed, liking the way she was taking her time to show him just how sexy she thought he was. She smiled at him ?I?ll skip the side piece.? Running her hand firmly down it, he realized she was trying not to tickle him.

?Stupid button? her heard her mutter. ?Guess I could help if you let me out of this? He said with a smile that lit up his incredible eyes. ?noooo way? she said on a laugh. She tugged his pants off. She was glad he had gotten rid of his shoes a while ago. When had he done that she wondered? Oh well.. she was just glad he had. She didn?t want to struggle with those too.

Sliding her hands up his legs, slowly, as if deciding in what way she was going to sweetly torture him. ?You?re so hard? She said on a half-whisper, looking slightly amazed. She pulled his hard cock out of his boxerbriefs, loving the way it looked. Lowering her head she started at the base of his cock, looking up at him, watching his face to see if he liked what she was doing and wanting him to watch her run her tongue up his hard cock. At the tip she licked the pre-cum off the tip. ?Mmm, you taste good? she murmured. Sucking in just the tip of his cock, she ran her finger-tips lightly over his shaft, teasing him. Rubbing his balls through his boxersbriefs but not pulling them off yet. Very slowly, she started stroking his cock while sucking and teasing the tip. Enjoying the way he let out a low moan of approval.

Surprising him, he felt her stopping. He looked up at her. She only smiled and tugged off his boxerbriefs and threw them aside. She knelt once more and got the tip of his cock very wet, then straddled him and slide down on him. He started to come up to meet her, she shook her head and smiled ?No thank you.? He laughed and settled back, wanting so badly to make her cum a third time. Loving the way her hot wet pussy felt wrapped around his cock. Slowly getting off him he felt a little disappointed. He stared at her trying to figure out what she was up to till she sucked his cock into her mouth as far as she could, letting her tongue swirl around his shaft. She came up and whispered ?we taste very good together.? His breath was becoming a little more ragged, she noticed. ?You likes?? she asked. ?Yes, yes I do? he replied giving her his sexy smile once again. One of the things that made him so damn sexy was that he smiled so easily.

Taking him in her mouth again, she made sure to enjoy every inch of his hard cock. She loved when she had him in as far as she could take him. She loved how tense his body was. Playing with his balls and getting a rhythm down that seemed to make him tense up the most, stopping only to tease the tip of his cock, swirling her tongue around it then bringing him all the way back into her mouth again.

She had to stop; going down on him was driving her crazy. She needed to feel him inside of her. She took the belt off his wrist so he could hold on to her waist. Slowly, she slid down on his extremely hard cock, soaking him with her want. Leaning back a little she started to ride him. The moaning got louder, he didn?t care he loved hearing how much he pleased her. He could feel how wet he made her.

?Can we switch, can you take my pussy from behind?? She asked him. Of course she got a smile for a response. She pulled gently off of him, kissing him as she did. Her round bottom greeted him as he sank back into her wet pussy. ?MMMM.. that feels so good baby? She whispered to him, pushing back on him. Holding her tightly by the waist he picked up speed, one hand slide around the front, teasing her clit. The moaning got louder, only it was a whole lot more like a scream than a moan. He loved the way she was getting so loud from the way he was taking her, her round ass bouncing with every thrust. ?Do not stop? it came out as a request and a demand. Her breath was out of control and his name on her tongue sounded so good to him, he thrust harder. She came again soaking his thighs this time.

She slowed down a little now. Needing to or she was pretty sure she?d try to fall over, not that he?d let her. Pulling him out slowly she turned around and slid him into her mouth again. ?mmmm? was the only sound she made. Holding her hair out of the way for her and so he could see, he watched her suck his cock like it was her favorite dessert.

?Can we try something?? She asked. ?Of course? He said wondering what she had on her mind this time. ?You?re strong and well-built, so I think you could do this easily. Follow me to the picnic table, please?? she asked and headed over there, taking his hand.

?I am going to wrap my legs around you while you?re standing up, but I am going to lean back, don?t try to pull me back up, just hold my waist, ok?? She said, hoping she explained it well enough.

She climbed on to the picnic bench and slid back down on his cock, the sound of pleasure that left her mouth only served to make his cock harder. ?Ready?? she asked. With a cock of his eyebrow he said ?Yep?. She leaned back til her hands caught on the ground, doing a half back-bend off him while he fucked her pussy, the angle his cock was at was amazing. He held on easily and fell right into rhythm with her, helping her stay where she was but helping her move too.

Slowly, she came back up and unwound herself from him, bending over, leaning against the picnic table, she gave him a look that didn?t take much for him to figure out. In seconds he was sliding back into her pussy, holding her shoulders, fucking her hard, making her scream again, he couldn?t resist giving her round bottom a spanking, that seemed to make her even more wet. Screaming his name now, she came all over his cock and balls. The sensation of her cumming like that made his balls tighten up and his cock explode, dragging a sound from deep within in him.

He slowed and leaned into her, kissing her back and running his hands up her back her body. She wasn?t speaking, just trying to get a handle on her breath. He pulled out slowly, hating to leave but very aware that she was very sensitive for having cum so much. She pulled him over to the blanket, grabbing his cigarettes on the way, handing him one with the lighter, she curled up against him as he held her. ?You are incredible? she smiled at him, loving that she got that sexy smile in return.

The End?C.G.S

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