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Thank You for Serving

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I drove the bus to the gig. Since I wasn't playing that day, I stayed on the bus parked across from a hotel. As I'm sitting on the bus I see a woman walk out of the hotel that immediately catches my eye. She looked to be in her mid-30s. You could tell by the looks of her she was a woman who gets whatever, or whomever she wants. She was wearing a mid-length skirt and a blouse that was very low-cut, showing her D cups proudly - a cougar in waiting. She spots me on the bus and comes over to me for what I assumed would be the usual "Thank you for serving" line I got all the time. That was merely the beginning of our encounter. The woman comes up onto the bus and stands next to me and comes next to my ear. She whispers to me "I want to give you a thank you you'll never forget." Then the next thing I know she comes around to my lips and kisses me with passion and fire. It was obvious how memorable her thank you would be. I told her "We should take this to the back where the windows are tinted." Without a word, she simply gets up and walks to the back of the bus. As I got out of the driver's seat, she motions me to her with a seductive finger. I get to her and we lock our lips together again, this time with more lustful fire. As the kiss was going on, she begins to reach down to my crotch and begins to massage my stiffening member, unbuttoning my pants as she rubs. She breaks from our interlocked kiss after what seems like an eternity and says "Seeing a soldier in uniform turns me on, but getting fucked by the soldier is so much better..." At that point me self-control was out the window as I took her blouse off and flung it to the front of the bus, discovering the lack of a bra. Obviously she was prepared. Her glorious tits were now in front of me with a visible tattoo on her left tit that said "Swing On." My cock is now free from my pants and ends up between her lovely tits that surrounds and fucks my cock, our eyes locked into each other. I motion her to sit down and proceeded to slide my hand up her skirt to finger her clit and discovered a side zipper on her skirt, as well as a lack of panties. Again, she was obviously prepared. I quickly disposed of the skirt and started to play with her pussy, only rubbing around it at first. Then she released my cock from the vice grip of her breasts and started to lick the tip of my cock, which made my lust level rise even higher. Seeing how much I enjoyed it turned her on even more. She then took my hand that was teasing her clit area and shoved three of my fingers deep into her pussy. "Finger fuck my brains out, soldier - that's an order!" I flicked my fingers in her pussy like a pro, driving her to the verge of an orgasm. Know she would be loud (and because she wanted it) she engulfed my cock in her mouth - sucking and moaning her way to her first orgasm. The powering orgasm made me want to do one thing, so I took my throbbing member out of her mouth and said "Now let me show you how much your support means to me!" I then proceeded to slide my cock slowly into her wet, tight pussy, slowly going in and out. This of course got her libido going again. She then shouts "FUCK ME, SOLDIER, FUCK ME HARD!!!" I started to pound her pussy for all it was worth! We fucked for what seems like an eternity, when all of a sudden she says "I want to ride you honey!" I simply said "Yes, Maam!" I pulled out of her pussy and sat on a seat. She then straddles me as I guide my missile into its target - her steaming hot pussy! As she rode me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco, she could tell my sperm attack was coming. She then shouts out "Cum on my tits, sexy!" Without a word, she dismounts, lays on the seat, and she jacks my cock for a few seconds before I explode a load of white pearls all over her glorious tits. I cummed on her for a good minute, continuing to pulse out my creamy goodness all over those tits. Then I realized the band would be back soon. She could tell by the look on my face that it was time to go, so she reached into her handbag and grabbed a towel to clean us both off. She then quickly gets dressed. I button up my pants, and we get to the front of the bus. She looks at me and says "That was amazing. I'll be back in town in a couple of weeks - I'd love to do this again. Bring your wife along next time. Call me." As she says this, she hands me two business cards - one with her business information, and the other an SLS greet card. "Check your messages when you get home..." Shocked, I simply said "Yes, Maam." With that, she left the bus and went back to the hotel.

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