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Tessas Night with Kevin

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Tessa told me about her little escapades and the thoughts made me so hot thinking how she took a 10 inch slong on a Ferris wheel, sucked the same cock at a movie in the front row no less, and had my cock on the street in broad daylight. Well she knows that I love her excerpts of taking that big cock in so many ways. I remember her saying it was normal to come home from work while he was in the garage and just take his pants down with the door open and slurp to finish after a hard day?s work. Wow, that always got me excited, so I planned a little something in motion.

I remember talking to a guy we had contacted about meeting, he said he was well endowed and was still in my contact list. Well, contacting him and getting to know what he was like took some time, but I didn?t care. He understood my plan and we became friends over the course of a month because he knew where I was at and thought it cool that I was offering such a gorgeous woman to another man. I told him of our play and thought it was great of me to be concerned about her loneliness, but he was about to take care of that little detail soon.

I told Tessa I wanted him to meet a friend of mine from my old days in Groton and that he was a nice guy. She agreed to have dinner with him and talk about what we had been doing. Now Kevin was no slouch in the hunk department. He was 6?3?, 230lbs, and very handsome. Now the kicker, he was known to us all as donkey. And for good reason, the boy had a crank the size of a horse 10 inches long and straight as an arrow. He was 36 now and still a lady killer, never wanted to get married, had plenty of nieces and nephews.

They met and had a nice dinner, talked and generally he was to just lay the groundwork for a second meeting. Well Tessa afterward couldn?t stop talking about how built he was, how hot he looked in his tight tee and jeans, and the ass on him. I played along as she said that he wanted to take her to a movie and then I told her what his nickname was and she said no sir. I said find out for yourself, he and I have been friends for a long time and if you jump him, he will indulge you darling. She said we?ll just see how it goes Hun, no promises.

Meanwhile, he told me how good it went and I told him at the movies wear something that accentuates your cock. He laughed and said really? I told him that she will be very horny seeing that, plus you?re a handsome guy. He said if this is what you want dude, ok. Of course I told him it wouldn?t be a regular thing, unless I came back home and she was dying for seconds, then we both could have fun with her.

They met for a horror flick and it was a late one and had been out for awhile so there were not too many people around. Tessa was wearing a short summer dress, white thong, and her fuck me pumps that just made her look absolutely beautiful. Kevin complimented her as they entered the theater and he led up the stairs to the very top. Tessa watched his ass as they went to the center of the aisle and sat down.

This is her account of what happened next he he he:

Kevin said she smelled great tonight and Tessa thanked him. She happened to look down at his crotch while the lights were still on and couldn?t believe her eyes. Kevin?s cock was bulging down his jeans. She thought oh my as the wetness immediately started her pussy on fire. Just as she stopped starring, she looked up at him and there was a big smile on his face.

The lights dimmed and it got very dark. Kevin had told me the movie played very dark throughout the first hour and thought this would be his moment to move in.

Tessa said that he took his hand and gently caressed hers as he moved it to his jeans. She didn?t resist at all, what was under those jeans intrigued to know if Johnny was telling the truth. Tessa started stroking his jeans and thought about what I said to find out. Kevin leaned in and kissed her, they started making out like crazy. He then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants so she could get inside his jeans. Tessa said she struggled to get his cock out, but when she did, the surge in her pussy took over. It was gorgeous at first sight and oh so thick and juicy. She bent down and engulfed his cock and he put his hands on my head. I sucked his cock while stroking and my saliva was leaking out of my mouth, it was heaven. Kevin was fucking my mouth as I could only get about half inside using my hand to keep from choking as he fucked me. His hands reached my skirt bottom and pulled it up to get to my pussy. He easily placed two fingers inside my cunt and started massaging my lips and clit. I came almost instantly from sucking and his fingers inside me, I wanted more. Kevin got excited quickly and whispered he was close and I wanted to taste his cum so bad. He took a deep breath and I prepared for it by closing my mouth over the tip as the first blast hit. I swallowed as much as I could and then released him and he shot a rope over the chair in front of us. I went back down on him and sucked down the rest and it was unreal how much he had built up.

I cleaned him up and immediately got up and placed my pussy right on top of that still rigid head. He gently pushed in a little at a time and I moved down to take what I could, but I was so wet I wanted it all in me now.

I sat on it all and bit my lip as he flexed his cock muscle causing me to cum right there. We moved slowly so no one could hear my sloppy wet pussy riding this huge cock. I was in heaven for over 20 minutes as I rode this great big cock. It was like one continuous orgasm after another. He pulled my tit from my dress and that made the orgasms more intense as he switched from my tit to my lips. We kissed hard and I juiced a little as he fucked me harder. Finally, he said he was cumming and I felt a huge surge in his thickness and he hit my pussy wall with a thunder. I slammed down as I felt the first blast, holding him there as I felt every vein in his cock flex in my cunt. Kevin was breathing so hard that one couple some rows down turned around and laughed, they knew what we were doing and turned around to watch. I didn?t care; I wanted all of his cum in my pussy as he pulsed over and over inside of me.

After coming down from our earthquake we settled in to watch the movie. Luckily, I had brought some napkins from the counter for our popcorn and cleaned us up as best we could at the time. The movie ended and we started on our way out to the stares from the couple that watched us. We just laughed and made our way to the parking lot. I told him I wanted to suck his cock again and we climbed in the back seat of your truck and he took down his pants. This time I took my time and gave him the blowjob of a lifetime he said afterward. I licked, sucked, and drained his cock again before I left that night.

He told me that my Johnny was one lucky man and that he hoped when you got back, we could do this again. I told him you sure will be invited back and Johnny is going to sit and watch as I fuck you silly again. Then I?m going to make him eat my pussy after you cum inside of me and that?s when he said that that was so hot. Kevin told me he was bi and I informed my Johnny after this lusty event and I have made plans for us to get together after you and I have had our reunion fun Hun.

Well needless to say Kevin was very satisfied and I was spanking my cock every night after reading her account of their fun. I think I managed only to save a weeks? worth of cum by the time I got home to fuck Tessa with that story still on my mind. We did invite Kevin back and Tessa will have to tell that story sometime, but boy was it fun for her all night long.

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