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Ten Years After

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I saw a story the other day on another site that reminded me of a great moment in our marriage. This story is mostly true, but the actual events maybe embellished as the years go by. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I like to write, but this is my first submission. I hope it?s a good read.

My wife Lisa and I have been friends with them since we met. We have been married for 14 years and with three children our opportunity for getting out and meeting other couples has become very limited over the past several years. We have tried to keep in shape and at 34 Lisa was still able to turn heads. She is 5?1? and 125 pounds. She began dying her hair about two years ago going a medium blonde cut at her shoulders that accent her blue eyes. Her breasts she considers small at 36 B but they are still as firm and perky as they were at 19 and her ass is still small, heart shaped and firm as always.

Our friends had put in an in ground pool a couple years ago and with the heat we had taken the opportunity to swim a few times. Our friend worked construction and his wife was in sales. With the kids out of school, we would meet for cookouts and our families were great friends. John would stop sometimes during work to have lunch with Lisa. John was 38 years old and works around our home town. He is 5?7? and 180 pounds with a little body fat. He is sometimes shy with that lost little boy look in his eyes.

Lisa had always flirted with John and found him attractive. Sharon seemed to like the attention John got from my wife, and she would sometimes encourage it. Before school ended Lisa would tell me that she and John would spend time together having lunch and flirting. Several years earlier their friendship turned sexual for a short time when John?s father passed away and he could not get comfort at home. He had a fascination with receiving oral sex, since he had never had it at home. Lisa spent a lot of time with him during his mourning and decided to make his dream come true. Their relationship went back to being friends after a short cooling off period.

During one of our family gatherings, Lisa told me that John had pushed her off her float and then embraced her as she came back up out of the water, while Sharon and I were cooking hamburgers and the kids were off playing. She said that he had rubbed her tits and her ass through her bikini and then they stood in an embrace with her looking up into his face, she could feel his hard cock pressed up against her belly but they broke off the embrace just as the kids where returning to the pool. As she got off her float to exit the pool for dinner, John came up behind her and held her tits pressing his still hard cock between the cheeks of her ass for a minute. They got out and dried in the hot sun the outline of his hard cock remained visible beneath his shorts all through dinner. Lisa told me later how much this had aroused her and we had a great night of sex afterwards. After we finished I asked her if she wanted to have John and she said the thought excited her but she could never go through with it. I told her if she wanted to go further it was fine with me.

During this time in her life Lisa was not feeling very attractive and her friendship with John and all the attention he paid her was great for her ego. Sharon sat the wheels in motion from them to consummate their relationship without even knowing it. She had tickets for a concert, and she asked me and not John to go. Lisa was OK with this arraignment because she hoped to have plans of her own. Lisa was sitting on the couch when I left, and I knew John might call her to go out after I left with Sharon. The sight of her sitting on the couch in white short shorts and a low cut black top made me not want to leave her because she never looked sexier, but I left for the game.

I returned home around four hours later and Lisa was still setting on the couch. She looked different than I left her. She appeared happier then I had seen her in a while. I asked her did he call. She said yes. I asked her did you get laid. She said no. I could see a smile in her eyes. I took her to the bed room and asked her to me what had happened after I left.

Lisa said he had called fifteen minutes after Sharon and I left for the game, and he invited her out to his house for a swim. She said yes, and she would pick up dinner for them and bring it with her. They ate and she had drank two or three wine coolers with dinner to ease her nerves as she noticed his cock straining to get out of his shorts while they ate. She still didn?t know if she could go through with it, but she knew she was going to find out. After all he had been trying to get in her panties for over ten years.

She changed in to her bikini and went to the pool. She had drifted off lying on her stomach on a float as John had not come right out. She said she heard a splash in the pool looking over to see John walking toward her with two cold drinks in his hands. She took one of the drinks and they finished them off making small talk. John had brought up their embrace earlier and she gave him a wicked grin calling him a ?naughty boy?. She told me that John then replied he would show her a naughty boy and again turned her raft over. As she came up out of the water John pulled her up to himself letting his hands explore her ass and crotch through the thin material of her bottoms. He then pressed his hardened cock into her pubic area and pulled her top off revealing her tits and hardened nipples. She said she lightly kissed him on his closed lips and reached around him grabbing his firm rounded ass cheeks pulling him into her further. John moved his head down and began circling her areola with his tongue as she put her head back enjoying the sensation.

She continued telling me that John was really worked up. He took her engorged nipple into his mouth sucking on it and pulling on it as his free hand slipped down her back and into the waistband of her bottoms. His finger pushed down in the crack of her ass and he squeezed her left cheek for a minute before moving down and gently flicking the edge of her pussy. She removed her top in front of me revealing a large hickey on each of her firm tits. My own cock sprang to life. She said that John left her tit and turned her around pressing his rock hard cock into her ass as he moved her to the steps. As she climbed the steps to exit the pool John held her still at the top and pulled her bottoms off her bending her forward and burying his face between her cheeks spreading them with his hands. He kissed her perfect ass while reaching underneath to rub her clit and then he slid a finger into her very wet pussy. After a few minutes of this and her moaning and writhing around he ran his tongue between her now engorged pussy lips before driving inside her tight folds while still playing with her clit. He reached up and caressed her breasts, rolling her nipples in his fingers as he continued eating her pussy until she came very hard.

John released his grip on her and she climbed out of the pool with him following closely behind. Once on the deck he kissed her deeply forcing her mouth open and pushing his tongue deep inside allowing her to taste her own juices and cum. He then pushed her gently down to her knees in front of him. He asked her to suck and she pulled his shorts down revealing his cock. She said she remembered he was not large at about 5? but was thick and had a huge sack between his legs. She licked the head of his rock hard cock and ran down the shaft taking his balls into her mouth and sucking on them. She said he talked nasty to her telling her how much he loved her sucking his cock and that he was going to cum in her mouth. This made her hot and after about five minutes he blew a huge load deep down her throat.

As I looked at her I could see dried cum in her hair and on her face. She said John never went soft and picked her up leaning her over his large cooler that he kept by the pool. He wasted no time in telling her he had to have her pussy as he thrust into her wet pussy pulling back out and ramming back into her hard and fast scooting the cooler forward with each thrust. Lisa began to orgasm as John took about 10 minutes before blowing another huge load this time filling her pussy full of his hot cum. She could feel each shot inside as it blasted her cervix. She said John never went soft but lost a little of his hardness as he walked around, and she pulled his cock back into her mouth until she brought him back to full strength. She removed her shorts letting them fall to the floor showing me her cum thick matted pubic hair and fresh cum covered legs and ass. I noticed then that her panties were missing. I freed my own cock pulling on it as she told me the details of her evening.

John moved her onto her back on the edge of a pool recliner lifting her legs over his shoulder as he inserted his hard cock into her already used pussy picking up the intensity from before. She said she could hear their mixed juices with each thrust and was soon cumming again as she cried out in pleasure. She told me John again started talking nasty to her keeping her climax going as he pounded her pussy for almost 20 minutes before shooting several large shots inside her. As he finished he still was hard but said he needed a drink. They had another drank and then he ask her get him another. As she lifted the lid on his cooler and bent over to pull a cold bottle out he came up behind her and grabbed her hips saying he had to have some more of her.

He then stood up behind her and grabbed her hips pulling her back onto him fully entering her tight hole. She said he pounded her for another ten minutes, but she became nervous that Sharon would show up. They got dressed and returned to the house. She was changing back in to her shorts and top, but tossed him her panties, so he would have something of hers to keep. She saw him changing as they were both in the living room and his cock was still hard, and she decided why not. She walked over and pushed him down on the floor and climbed on. She rode him giving him the fuck of his life. His cock was a perfect fit. She began pumping him in and out of her at full force and speed asking him how he liked his cock buried in her. He was pinching her hardened nipples. She climaxed again as her pussy muscles milked his hard cock causing John to explode quickly blowing a huge load into her pussy. She stood up and his load started running out of her and down her leg. She said he finally went soft, and he walked over to her and kissed her hard shoving his tongue once again in to her mouth. He broke the kiss and asked her how she liked her nasty boy.

I could not take any more; I pulled my clothes off and laid my hot used wife onto the bed as I looked her cum filled pussy. Her beautiful lips were still open and cum was leaking out down her crack toward her ass. I entered her in one push and Lisa told me that I felt huge to her. I lasted only a couple of minutes before I added my own cum to her pussy. She had had sex with two men in the same day, and she never looked more beautiful. As I looked down at her, I couldn?t help but notice her eyes were still smiling, and she never looked more beautiful. I knew then what a truly lucky man I was.

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