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Teenage Boy and the 36 year Old Married Woman

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When I was 17 years old, I took a job at a local restaurant in my hometown bussing tables. It wasn?t a very glamorous job but a high school student doesn?t really need a glamorous job. That?s why he goes to college. Anyway, it might not have been glamorous but it did lead me to one of the most erotic sexual experiences of my life.

At this restaurant worked a 34-year-old married woman named Lynda. She was a waitress. She was around 5?2? tall, coal black hair, ice blue eyes and the creamiest complexion I have ever seen. Not to mention an awesome figure that any man would give a nut to see unclothed! She had a daughter that was only one year younger than me and a devoted husband but that didn?t stop me from fantasizing about what it would be like to make love to her. I especially fantasized about her at night when teenage boys do what teenage boys do all by themselves in bed.

Lynn and I (her name was Lynda but she went by Lynn) became fast friends and she often confided in me concerning personal matters. Her life seemed to be well in order and she seemed very happy. So two years passed and my fantasies remained my fantasies.

In the intervening two years, the restaurant went out of business and Lynn and I went separate ways. I was off to college and she went to work in another restaurant in another town nearby. That summer, two years later, I ran into her in a bar in my hometown. She was drinking pretty heavily and seemed upset. Though upset, she was surprised and happy to see me and hugged me in an almost erotic way. I ordered a beer and we talked. I was right. She was upset. Her and her husband had a fight. A really bad one and she had left. Being that was now twenty years ago, I really don?t remember the details of the fight, but that is really not important to the story. The events that occurred as a result are important here.

We talked for a while and drank a couple of more and then she asked me if I wanted to go and see a movie. Hell no I didn?t want to see a movie but I wanted to stay in her company so I agreed. While watching the movie, she fell asleep and her head drooped over onto my shoulder. I got an instant boner and that is when I hatched a plan that I had never thought of before. It was devious, just plain wrong and so unlike me but I had never considered that I would ever be in a position to make this one fantasy come true. She was vulnerable, a little drunk and sleeping on my shoulder. I might never have another shot at this.

After the movie, we returned to the bar and had another drink. I asked her to dance when I heard a slow song begin to play and she jumped right out onto the floor with me. We held each other close and I got another raging hard-on. I know she could feel it through her skin-tight white slacks because she immediately began to grind her pelvis into mine. When I reached around and began to squeeze her ass, she giggled but pulled my hand back up to her lower back.

When we left the bar she turned to me and said, ?I don?t know what I?m going to do tonight.? I asked her what she was talking about and she said that she didn?t want to go home. So I asked her if she wanted to find a room and she said that sounded like a good idea. We drove around for about 30 minutes looking for a hotel with vacancy before we finally found a little motor lodge that had a room. After getting the key, I walked her to the room and guided her in.

Once in the room, she lay down on the bed, covered her face with her arm and began to cry. Not exactly what I expected. When I asked her what was wrong and could I do anything for her, she started to talk about her marriage and how it was ruined and how her life was ruined. I listened intently but offered no advice. I figured a nineteen-year-old boy didn?t have enough life experience to offer any advice. Besides, I?d never been married so what did I know? Now I was thinking that I couldn?t possibly go through with what I wanted to do. It would really be bad for me to take advantage of her now.

When she was gathering herself again and the sobbing was dissipating I hugged her on the bed and she hugged back. My little pal stood at attention once more. So I took a chance and kissed her on the cheek. She turned her face to me and so I kissed her again on the lips. She didn?t know what to make of it and gave me very little in the way of a kiss in return but then I pulled her blue knit sweater up and exposed her midriff. As I rubbed her belly with my hand I kissed her again and this time she seemed a little shocked. My hand moved down from her belly and began to rub her pussy through her slacks. She immediately pulled my hand out of her crotch and squeezed her thighs together to insure that my hand would not go back there.

I kissed her again, still receiving only a very small kiss in return. This time, while I kissed her, I let my hand unbutton her slacks and then quickly ran it under the elastic of her panties. I was very pleased to find a thick carpet of black pubic hair. But then again, this was 1985. Most women didn?t completely shave their pubes back then.

This time she pulled away in alarm broke the kiss and pulled my hand out of her pants. ?I don?t think we should do this,? she said.

?Why not?? I asked her.

?Because I?m old enough to be your mother,? she answered. ?It?s just not right.?

?Who is going to know besides us?? I asked. This time there was no immediate response while she seemed to mull that question over.

?What about my husband and your girlfriend?? She asked after a minute had gone by. I had actually forgotten my girlfriend until she mentioned her.

?Like I said, no one will ever have to know,? I told her. Having no defense against that argument, she went back to her original protest.

?We are just too far apart in age. It just wouldn?t be right,? she said. Not wanting to give into that argument, I told her that we were not that far apart in age. ?I?m 36 and you are what? 22 or 24 years old?? She asked. I found that a little amusing. I thought she knew my real age and that I was only a year older than her 18-year-old daughter. Then it dawned on me. I was underage drinking at the bar so she assumed I was older than 21. I saw no reason to convince her otherwise.

Out of ideas to convince her to make love to me, we lay there on the bed side by side in total silence. I was thinking that I should go. I can?t push this any farther and then she asked, ?What if I get pregnant?? A valid question but it did signal to me that she was thinking about it. Not expecting to get laid when I went out that night, I had no condoms on me. Had it been someone I didn?t know, it would have been out of the question to have sex without protection. But I knew this woman. She had been married and in a monogamous relationship for nearly 17 years. The only risk I would be taking would be pregnancy.

?I?ll just pull out at the proper moment,? I answered her.

?I?m at that time of the month when I could REALLY get pregnant,? she said. I could offer no other alternative except to run to a drug store. I was certain that if I left, any thoughts she was having on going through with everything would disappear the moment I was gone. So again we lay there in silence.

Finally, I decided it was a lost cause and I was afraid that I had crossed too many lines. I was just about to get up and leave when she said, ?Don?t you think that light is too bright??

?What?? I asked, confused.

?The light is awfully bright. Can you turn it off?? She asked. So I got up and turned off the overhead light. When I turned back around, she was sitting on the edge of the bed and her sweater was already on the floor along with her bra. Her pants were unzipped and she was sliding them, a pair of pantyhose and her panties down her thighs all at the same time. She was naked and lying on her back ready for me in less than 15 seconds. I couldn?t get naked fast enough. I also couldn?t hardly believe this was going to happen. I didn?t even take the time to untie my shoes. I just ripped them off.

Once I was naked, I couldn?t believe my cock. It was harder than it has ever been in my life and it actually tingled with excitement. It was flapping back and forth, wagging like a dogs tail in front of me as I walked to the side of the bed. Even in the dark I could see her eyes locked on it and a small devious smile on her face. Her body was even sexier in person than I had fantasized about it in the past. Her breasts were large with large round, red orioles. Her belly was flat and smooth. Her skin was peaches and cream and there was a perfect triangle of wiry black hair between the tops of her thighs.

I jumped onto the bed next to her and wrapped one thigh over her creamy white one. My raging hard cock was pressed against that thigh and my arm was around her middle as I snuggled close. She giggled and joked, ?You guy?s all work so fast!? I just kissed her in return and this time she parted her lips and kissed back. Soon I was kissing my way down her neck to her breasts as she moaned with pleasure. Once there, I started to suck on her nipples and that sent her into a scream of delight as she began to arch her back. When she arched her back, I stop my work on her boobs, kissed my way down that flat stomach and then ran my tongue through her luscious bush. She immediately spread her thighs for me as my tongue headed right for her clit. I ran over her clit and then buried it deep in her waiting pussy. I was shocked to find her so wet that her own juices were running out of her and onto the bed long before I was ever paying her pussy any attention. In fact, to this day, I?d never seen a woman get so wet.

Obviously, she was getting very aroused before while she was playing hard-to-get. When I buried my tongue in her, she screamed so loud I was afraid that someone outside might think I was hurting her and call the police! She arched her back even more at the entrance of my tongue in her gash. More fluid poured out of her pussy and filled up my mouth. I was a bit shocked by this and actually gagged a little as I was not ready for that much incoming fluid. She must have cum right on my tongue!

Finally, I couldn?t wait any longer. I got up on my knees with my cock pointing straight at her crotch. I began to rub the tip of my dick on her clit and she offered one final protest. ?I wouldn?t do that if I were you,? she warned. At the same time, I noted, she was spreading her legs even wider for me! So I began to tease her by rubbing the tip of my dick up and down her pussy lips. She moaned really loud again and it only took two trips up and down her slit before she just reached down with her hand and jammed my entire cock all the way up in her hole! There wasn?t any resistance at all! My cock just zoomed all the way up inside her. I looked to my left and to my right and saw those beautiful, shapely and soft thighs spread out on either side of my naked inner thighs; her inner thighs and mine in physical contact. I looked down our bodies and saw our pubic hair had become one tangled nest of brown and black hair. My pelvic bone was pressed against hers and I could feel my ball sack sticking to the skin of her ass. But the most beautiful thing of all was the knowledge that this 36 year old married woman, with the 18 year old daughter and the husband who was probably at home watching TV at this very minute was lying under me with my 19 year old cock stuffed all the way up inside of her. She was giving herself to someone new for the first time in 17 years. She was cheating on her husband with someone half his age and that someone was me, a teenager that could be dating her daughter. Unknown to her, that knowledge, combined with the very sight of her gorgeous naked body under mine, and the feel of her wet pussy around my tingling cock actually made me shoot a couple of little spurts of cum deep inside her belly.

?What?s wrong?? She asked when she noticed I wasn?t moving for a long time. I certainly didn?t want her to know that I just came inside of her. She?d probably flip out and we wouldn?t finish what we started. Even after cumming, my cock remained hard inside of her. So I decided to tell her a little bit of the truth. I told her that I had been fantasizing about making love to her ever since we met and that I couldn?t believe that we were actually making love! She cooed at the compliment and I drew my cock out and then slid it back in again. She screamed really loud again and I was afraid I was going to cum hard and she?d feel it. So I stopped a second time. This time, she grabbed my entire body and flipped me onto my back. ?Maybe this will be better with me on top,? she said. I was not going to protest!

Once on top, she immediately began to slam her hips up and down on me, sending my cock cervix deep with each thrust. Each thrust up and down she made on my cock caused her to scream louder. My cock, pubes, balls and inner thighs were now soaking wet with her vagina juices. I immediately began to think of things unrelated to sex to try and make this last as long as possible. It worked.

Lynn was totally into the fucking at this point. She lay down on top of me with her head next to mine. I put my arms over the small of her back where I could see and feel her ass going up and down as she continued to ride my ultra-stiff shaft. Cum was building in my balls and I could tell I wasn?t going to be able to hold out much longer. She could sense it too. Probably from my rapid and heavy breathing. She sat up on her arms while she continued to ride on me. I could see my cock disappearing and then reappearing in and out of her hairy, black bush. I could see my dick slicked with her white discharge. I noticed her stomach muscles flexing as she rode up and down and her large tits were dangling and swaying in rhythm right before my eyes.

That?s all it took. Just as my cock throbbed for the first time, Lynn yelled into my ear, ?Get it out! Get it out!? I reached down and only had to give my dick the slightest flick with my fingers and in all of the slime from her pussy it just popped right out. As the head of my dick popped out, a huge stream of white cum shot with an unbelievable force straight up her body. It shot so far, she had to lift her head to keep the cum from hitting her in the face as she had been looking down between our bodies probably to be certain that my cock got clear before I came. I fisted my cock and stream after stream after stream of white sperm flew from its tip and straight up her body. With each splash of cum, she squealed with delight.

Finally spent, she giggled and squealed at me, ?Look at me! I?m all wet! Yuck!?

?Yuck?? I asked, ?Are you saying that your husband never cums on you??

?No,? she said, ?He?s had a vasectomy.?

?Well, let me up and I?ll get you a towel,? I told her. She really was covered in cum too. Her tits, tummy and bush were completely dripping with white goo. She moved aside and I got a towel from the bathroom and hurried back to her. As I began to wipe off her body she again giggled and said, ?The next time you better have a condom with you!? When I looked up at her she giggled again and said, ?I can?t believe I?m being so bad!?

?You want to do this again?? I asked. ?I have a little confession to make to you.?

?What?? she asked with concern now entering her voice.

?I lied to you. I?m only 19 years old.?

?OH MY GOD,? she yelled, ?You are the same age as my daughter! You ARE young enough to be my son! OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE!?

Not knowing what to say I simply asked her if she enjoyed it. She told me that was beside the point and so I asked her when the last time was she got to make it with a teenage boy. She said the last time she did it with a teenager, it was with her husband and they were both 19. She was now sitting on the bed, her knees folded at the middle with her feet flat on the mattress. She was leaning back on her arms to allow me to mop up the cum from her abdomen. I put the towel down and placed my hand back on her twat. I combed my fingers through her bush and then inserted one finger into her still soaking wet pussy. ?Are you saying that you didn?t like what we did?? I asked her. Calming down now she just smiled in return and I smiled back as I continued to finger her. She looked down at my hand frigging her pussy as she moaned again. ?You did like having my teenage cock in here didn?t you?? I teased.

?It?s been a long time since it felt that good,? she said, suddenly honest about it all. ?My husband hasn?t been that hard in years.?

?So you do want to do this again?? I asked.

?You are so bad!? She yelled. Slurp, slurp, slurp went two of my fingers in her ever soaking pussy. ?OH?OH?OH?? She yelled as she came hard on my fingers. ?Okay!? She finally said, exasperated. ?Just be sure to bring the condoms!?

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