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Teaching the BIGGEST and brightest SEX-ED

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My husband enjoys letting me fuck some of my students. My husband travels a lot and wants to make sure my sexual needs are met. I work as a personal tutor for kids who attend a nearby boarding school. I help students keep up with their demanding lessons. All the kids come from well off families and didn't mind paying any cost to ensure the kids gets the best education. I tutor in the evening and my days are lonely. I usually fill my days going to the gym and my love of outdoor actives. I have a lot of energy and have always stayed in shape. I am 5'9? 150lbs, 34D breasts, and a nice round ass that while firm has always been curvy regardless of how much I exercise. I have always had a thing for my students. They are different from everyday kids. They smart but lack confidence mainly due to the lack of a close family upbringing. I enjoy bringing them out of their shell. My husband took notice of how I adored my students. He suggested if the right opportunity came along he would not be opposed to me teaching a little sex education. He figured my needs would be met but none of my students would pose any threat to our marriage or his ego.

When I teach I dress in a conservative dress suit that flatters my figure. I only have a few students at a time. The ones I have extracurricular activities are rare. For the rest I get enjoyment in other ways. Like wearing a bright colored bra and leaving a button or 2 undone. It is very amusing watching these smart shy boys trying to casually glance at my breasts. This spring I only had 3 students. Two were girls. The other was a cute young man named Justin. Justin had the largest dick I have ever seen let alone been with and with his tall rail thin frame his cock look freakishly large. Justin and I had that right mix of chemistry immediately and soon he got that extra special attention only a handful of boys have earned over the years. Once I chose a student to play with it progresses quickly. Its not like either of us are looking for a relationship it is purely sexual.

On our first night together I had Justin masturbate on me twice. I find this helps boost their confidence when they are able to last longer their first time. It makes them feel like a real man. Justin was a virgin and would basically do whatever I asked him to. His cock softened a bit but with a few manipulations of my hands it was growing fast. His size was amazing as it grew in my hands. I hand one hand above the other. As Justin grew harder my fingers spread apart and were no longer able to touch around and his length easily surpassed both my hands. I did not have any extra large condoms and I could not resist having this massive cock up my hole without protection. Justin was fully ready for action within five minutes.

I scooted back on to the bed and flipped up my ass to reveal my tight pussy. "Come on Justin, fill me up." Justin, about to lose his virginity, was more than excited. So was I. I could not wait to experience such an unbelievably large cock. All my other encounters were with students with average to smaller then average size cocks. Which is why my husband's ego was never hurt. My husband was barely average in length and girth. I was not fully prepared to receive such a massive cock. Justin jumped all over me at once. The first ten seconds felt like I was giving birth as the young stud almost tore me in two. The first few inches were delightful and then as he crammed deep inside me I actually lost my breath. The next few minutes gradually raised my pussy temperature seemingly a hundred degrees. The last minutes found me totally captured in the greatest pleasure of my life. I watched Justin in the dresser mirror slamming his cock inside me like a steam engine. Like most virgins he fucked with a furious pace, I'd say at least five powerful strokes per second. His incredibly cute ass was moving like a blur, and I was witnessing him having the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced with a guy. I felt his explosion against my uterine walls. He was groaning loudly, breathing like a winded horse, and mumbling about how much he cared for me. Fortunately for me, his rock hard horse-sized cock stayed totally hard and he continued to pump like nothing had happened. This was a real rush and I was able to cum a in a few seconds. It was the fastest orgasm I had ever had. In another few minutes he came again, filling me with a second fresh load, then pulled out. Cum ran down my legs and it felt like I had been on a long horseback ride. When I stood up to go to the bathroom my legs were like rubber and I almost fell down. I have never been fisted but I imagined my cunt felt like it. It was leaking so much cum it ran all down my legs and onto the carpet. At first I thought I had been physically ripped. No, this had simply been the best fuck the world, and I was going to get used to it.

I determined right there that Justin was going to fuck me constantly, and since using condoms were of no use, my husband's wish of "saving" my ovulation week was going to be drowned by about a gallon of sperm from this young stud's pony-sized balls. Besides, if my husband's ego was not so fragile he would have bought me condoms that work for a real cock. As far as I was concerned, Justin owned my cunt. We kept fucking and both of us came furiously three more that night, each time better than its predecessor. His penis was the perfect match for my hole, and when the friction of his incredibly thick ridged cock continually rubbed against my g-spot it was like heaven. When he came, it was the strongest and most copious I had ever seen. And Justin seemed to genuinely adore me. He constantly shyly mumbled how much he loved me each time he was finishing his orgasm.

We were fucking more frequently. I never had this problem before. On prior occasions after I let them have a go or two the thrill was gone. With Justin I could not give it up. I found myself lying to my husband to keep my fuck sessions going with Justin. It was still purely sexual for me but I did not want to hurt my husband's ego. I decided I needed Justin with me more than I had ever needed my husband. Soon Justin was staying over on weekends. He was telling the school that he was visiting family on the weekends. Then one night I was calling my husband about two in the morning with Justin slowly humping me from behind. I told him how I could not wait to see him when he got home sometime Sunday, but not to worry about me in any case, I was being "well taken care of." When Justin began to shoot his load inside me he tried to keep quiet and I just stopped talking as my husband must have known what was going on. I had to squeal and bite the pillow as the powerful tube washing administered by Justin's balls got me off automatically, again. When Justin got up to go to the bathroom I whispered to my husband "his cock was the same size as yours,? I paused and decided to tell the truth and replied, ?his limp cock was bigger then yours when hard!? He tried to ask me for some more of the details, it sounded like he was masturbating as he was talking to me, he seemed out of breath, but I told him there would be some surprises for him when he got home and I didn't want to spoil anything.

After a sleepless night I awoke with Justin pressing his hard gigantic cock against my vagina again and this time he started to fuck me in a completely new way, lifting my ankles on to his shoulders. After that I never wanted to fuck another male. This perfect cock had filled me like never before. I watched in total bliss, smiling ear to ear as his flat, lined stomach moved like in my dreams, and his massive testicles slapped my buttocks before they blew another overflowing load in my cunt, down my ass. I guessed secretly that if this didn't impregnate me, nothing would, and although I had used the rhythm method with my husband nothing had happened. I honestly didn't care if Justin knocked me up. At that point all I could think of was that I could have many months of glorious, unprotected fucking with him if indeed became pregnant. It was kind of a liberating feeling. The orgasm I got from this last blast was the strongest of my life. But he wasn't through yet. He sat in a large upholstered chair with his flagpole still extended and motioned for me to come over and sit on his lap. With cum running down the inside of both my legs I knee-straddled the arms of the chair. They were broad and tall. I was about a foot above his lap when I felt his cock enter my dripping pussy. This was a really amazing feeling. I could just feel the biggest part of his cock, his cock head, for five full minutes. Justin supplied all the motion. It felt so good I thought I was going to get off the entire time. It was almost like a five minute orgasm. All I needed was about about half of his cock in me to make me feel full. His ridged, friction, and motion were ideal. I cried "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard. Never stop fucking me!" My spine tingled as I cam and creamed his beautiful cock. I knew no other male I was likely to run into would ever be physically equipped or capable of this act, and I collapsed on him, flushed with delight. This kid was never going to get away from me.

To my delight breaking the news to my husband was the best thing ever. He enjoyed it just as much as me. He even requested that we started taking pictures and videos of our acts so he had something to jerk off to when he was on the road.

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