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Tales by T N T

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A tale began by TongueTickleHer

> > I have a little dream I'd like to share with you..

Running late, I finally arrived at a friend’s party, somewhat tense due to heavy traffic and a hard day at work. David met me at the door wondering were the hell I’d been as his wonderful wife popped around the corner happy to see I finally made it. They chat with me for a few minutes then told me to go find a good stiff drink to calm my nerves. Then they both ran off to check on the rest of their guests.

Scanning the crowd living room, I started to make my way towards the bar. I noticed a few people I’d meet before and said hi as I walked by. Everyone in the room seemed to be enjoying the party; some were dancing, and others were playing some sort of a game while a few of the guys who had left their wives to their gossip were watching the Spurs game on TV. Making it to the bar, I pour myself a double scotch, quickly let the fiery fluid flow pass over my lips and begin its' warming sensation as it started to fill my body.

Still feeling somewhat tense, I decided to head out on to the patio wanting to be alone for a few minutes to let my drink sooth my nerves. Finally alone I cloak myself in the darkness of the night, closing my eyes to feel a soft breeze brush against my face. In the distance the sounds of the party broke the night’s soothing blanket reminded me I soon must return.

Suddenly, I felt the warm hands of someone on my shoulders slowly messaging my tense muscles as she whispered in my ear “tuff day”. Wondering who it was I tried to turn to see, but she insisted I stand still as she continued her task. Beginning to closing my eyes, I took a deep breath to allow myself to relax in her gentle touch. Her fingers finding my knotted muscles and with slow circular movements her hands began to release the tension of the day. She began softly kiss the back of my neck, moving one hand up the back of my shirt and around across my chest. A small gasp past over my lips surprised by the feeling of her hand against my naked skin. Her fingers began to play with my nipples making them erect to her touch.

Relaxing to the movement of her hands, I suddenly realized she had placed the other hand firmly on my crotch, nibbling on my ear she then whispered, “There seems to be something else all tense." She began to stroke my cock through my jeans, and as she stroked my manhood, it became hard and firm in her hand begging to be released from its' confined space. She then pulled herself close; I could feel her large firm breasts pressing against the middle of my back. Even though clothing still separated us, I could feel that her nipples erect and hard, begging for their own attention.


Longing to touch her, to feel her skin to skin, I took her in my arms and asked if I could kiss her. Her reply was to place her open lips on mine searching for my tongue with hers; as she found what she was looking for, she began sucking on my tongue gently, oh! so gently, but working up to a stronger suction finally ending the kiss with a question on her lips, "How would you like for me to do to your dick what I just did to your tongue?"

"Fuck, yeah!" I replied. "Let's get out of here!"

"No, here, now," she demanded and began to pull me over to a bench that was just a little further back but not so far back that anyone inside the house wouldn't be able to see us, and anyone who ventured out to the patio would have a clear view. She sat down on the bench and pulled me closer to her; before I could say a word she had my pants unzipped and was stroking my already erect cock while lightly running her fingers around my balls. Unable to protest, I moved closer; she responded by putting her lips around my dick and sucking so hard she had me down the back of her throat before I even knew what happened. I felt like I was in a dream, the sucking continued stronger and faster, and she began squeezing my balls in just the way I liked. I felt her hot, wet mouth on my cock stroking faster and faster.

About that time I heard voices from the house become louder and turned around to see David and his wife talking to another couple on the patio! "Hey," I stammered to her barely able to talk.

Barely missing a beat, her hands deftly took over the job that her mouth had been doing and hurriedly said, "Look, no one can see anything for sure from behind us. You just maintain your composure and let me finish relieving some of this stress you have had from your 'tuff day' because it isn't going to take much more for me to get off!"

I was so confused and light headed, I didn't dare say another word as her mouth took the place of her hand on my dick. I looked down and saw that as fast as she was stroking and licking my cock, she was fingering her pussy stopping only to play with her clit! The thought of a woman I didn't even know giving me the best blow job I could remember while fingering herself in plain sight of my friends got me so fucking turned on, I hissed, "I'm gonna cummmmm...." to which she replied with a moan that I knew was loud enough to draw attention to the two of us! The cum began shooting out of my dick as I tensed up and felt her sucking and licking every bit.

As she licked the last drop and before she brought her hand to her mouth to suck her own juices, I heard her say, "Now zip up, so we can walk over for David to introduce us!"

Here is TongueTickleHer's Part Two

Reaching behind me I felt the silkiness of her nylons as I ran my hand up the inner part of her thigh. As I continued upward I could sense that she was only wearing a short skirt barely hiding her triangle sweetness. My hand came to a stop finding her extremely hot and wet; her juices flowed over my fingers through her nylon stockings. She immediately trembled as I traced the outline of her precious flower with only a finger tip. Spinning me around she kissed my mouth deep and eagerly, nibbling on my lower lip, allowing my hands to now roam across her trembling body.

She then stepped back, grabbing a hold of my hand leading me to a near by bench. She directed me to lie back removing my shirt on the way down. With what little light penetrated the night, I could trace the outline of her face, her hair was golden and of medium length. Her hands began to move across my chest. She teased at my nipples with her finger tips only to replace them with her warm soft lips. Her tongue ran circular motions around my erect nipple, teeth playfully taunting them. Her hands dancing slowly down across my stomach to finally unbuckle my belt to release the throbbing cock that was smothered inside.

She laid a hot smoldering trail of kisses down my chest; across my stomach until she was inches away from the tip of my manhood that was now covered with pre-cum. I could feel her hot breath across its' tip as she rubbed the head of my cock across her cheek along her chin, then giving a little teasing lick to the underside of its shaft. I barely could control myself feeling her glide her teeth up and down my shaft a few time before finally taking the head of my cock in her mouth, sucking greedily at the first signs of the volcanic eruption that was to come.

Reaching out grabbing a hold of her hips, I began to pull her around positioning her mound just inches away from my nose. Her scent immediately filled my head, as I swallowed hard in anticipation of the erotic taste of her pussy that was to come. Like a shark lost in a blood lust, my eyes rolled up in to my head as I began my feast, kissing and nibbling at her nylon covered thighs and lapping at the juices that had already soaked every inch of my face, glazing me like a donut. The further I descended into this erotic treasure, the more erect and hard my cock became.

By this time my pants had been pushed down around my ankles, and my cock and balls were covered in her saliva. Catching a piece of her nylon stockings between my teeth I created a little hole. Reaching around and inserting a finger from both hands, I ripped away the only barrier that was separating me and my intended feast. As I began to spread her pussy lips wide apart finding the hidden little bud hiding inside, she began to moan loudly taking more of my cock in the depths of her throat. I immediately sank my tongue deep into her pussy as far as it would go. A wave of her excitement splashed over my face as she began to rub her clit across my nose.


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