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Talented singer

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It was the normal time for karaoke at the local establishment I go to every Wednesday night. I took my "friend", shall we call her to watch me perform songs up there during one of many nights we had attended. Watching her eyes meet greedily with several of the patrons, trying to get me a playmate. "Hunting" as we called it. Just one of a few times I've sent her on the prowl for me. My ever-watchful eyes met the gaze of a few of the locals. My eyes scanning every curve, every woman there, daring to pack themselves into a pair of jeans far to small to contain their ample backsides. And then, we came across a friend, who despite her best attempts, would not just come along for a simple night of torrid ecstasy. Just watching the sway of every young piece of flesh come across my way, as they sauntered from the bar room down to the exit. Hips swaying fervently, as I desired to mount each and every last one of them that dared to come within a distance close enough for me to smell. The night was rife with such distractions, even as I rose again and again to take my turn singing. As my last song drew to an end, it was only just discussed I should take my friend out for some adventure. Of all the years she has spent with one man in a shamefully monandrous, uninteresting, microphallic, relationship. I was her new love, I replaced him in every single way. Her skin's touch to me sent an undulating wave of desire into my most repressed senses, and I knew it was then and there, that I had to have her, to violate her in the most ardent way, my body would be capable of. Noticing I was low on gas, I pulled into the local Dandy's to refuel. The girl in the line ahead of me wore a skin-tight bodyglove outfit, which only fueled my overwhelming desire to get about my unfinished business. Asking if she knew of a spot, any spot that might be available to get rid of this carnal beast that rose with every breath I took, that threatened to consume me with the rising of my ever-engorging manhood. Taking a somewhat unknown way through Sayre, PA, we finally reached a backroad that yielded a small niche of a road, leading out to a cornfield. Not knowing whether we would be discovered, she approached me from the passenger's side of the car, and I promptly placed her on the engine hood, and stripped her of what denim lay between me and the scent of unyielding woman-flesh. Her pants went down, her legs came up, and I found myself gnawing at her innermost tender parts. The panties, if you could call them that, were easily pulled aside so I could tenderly nibble her innermost sanctum. I forcefully thrusted my fingers into her moistness, not knowing or caring if it was ready enough. I knew she was mine at this point, as was unable to resist my taking of her by permission, or not. My tongue greedily worked its way up, and down her slit, ever-seeking the aroma and taste of her nectar, to be savored, and passed along the undulating rivulets that comprised the tastebuds on my tongue. As I pressed on deeper, and faster, I could feel her body shudder in a way that could only indicate one thing. Total and complete dominance of my will over her, forcing her body to my will, extracting that sweet prize. As she finished her convulsions, she slid from the hood. A minor bout of dizziness soon passed, and as she wanted me to mount her on the ground like a wild animal, I offered to instead bend her over the front of the vehicle, and make sure she knew what the thrusting of an engine would feel like. My pants were urged to the ground by an overwhelming sense of gravity, as I guided my cock between her moist lips. Not caring what amount of precautions I should take, I carelessly started pounding away at the tender flesh I just only recently had between my teeth. My car had been shut off, but I could hear the faint and distinguished sound of an engine going through the stroke cycles, as my body urged to go faster. With every coursing of compression, stroke, and chamber fire, I found myself taking her on, as if through a racing course. A last gasp from her signaled I was ready to pull out, and into the racing pits. No sooner than I had started fixing my pants, and adjusting my belt, did a local Guthrie minibus pull up, and stop there at the top of the niche's incline from the main road. I then proudly proclaimed that was the first thing to knock off from her checklist of things to do with a man.

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