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Taking care of me while my husband is gone

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My story begins when my husband of 4 years got a promotion at work and we found out that we had to relocate. Brad and I got married right out of college and he got this great sales job. Brad had worked his ass off the past 3 years and deserved this promotion but it did come with a big drawback, relocating. Brad and I moved after college to a great mid-size city where Brad grew up and his parents still live there. We lived with them for about 6 months after we were married and they helped us buy our first house. Chris and Sue were great, gave us the money for the down payment, Brad and his dad Chris basically remodeled the whole house exactly like I wanted it. Well, Brad took the new position but I had to stay behind to put the house on the market and try and get it sold. Once the house sold then I was to come up and join Brad then we were going to find a house together.

Brad could only come home one weekend a month so I depended on his parents a lot who only lived a couple of miles away. Sue worked a lot of hours and Chris worked from home. I had a great relationship with them and always got along good with Chris. Chris and Sue were very social, had friends over and Chris had his motorcycle riding buddies. We spent many of social nights at their house and got to know all of their friends. Chris was also an extremely good looking older man. He always worked out, thin and even though he was 52, he had a body of a 40 year old.

One Friday evening, I was packing up some things having a couple of glasses of wine. I knew Chris and Sue were coming by to drop off some paperwork from the realtor so I had a new bottle of Crown. Chris likes a few cocktails after a busy week. Chris came in the door but Sue wasn?t with him, she had to work late. Chris and I hung out for a while and we have always joked around a lot with each other. Like I said, he had always gotten along great because our personalities are just alike. We had that ?ball busting? type of sense of humor. You let him get something on me or let me get something on him, it was on. We could razz on each other so bad that the other family members would have to tell us to stop.

I was on about my 5th glass of wine and he was on his 4th crown and coke. I had only packed a few boxes so Chris said he would help me. As Chris began to help, he picked up one of the boxes that I had already packed and was going to stack it in the corner. The lid fell off and he saw inside what I had packed. Well, to my embarrassment it was a box with personal items in it, my toys. Brad and I had a great sexual relationship and enjoyed playing with the toys. My face was so red with embarrassment; I thought I was going to pass out. Here is my father in law looking at my sex toys. Well, here he goes giving me a hard time about my sex toys. He said since Brad wasn?t coming home for another week, which I better keep these out. Chris went on and on making jokes and all I could do was laugh and take it. I couldn?t get upset because that would only make it worse.

We continued to pack boxes but the jokes and ribbing kept going. And so did the drinks. After about another hour of packing, we took a break. As we sat at the kitchen bar, what came next really shocked the hell out of me. Chris said, ?Can I ask you a question?, thinking that it was something on the serious note I said sure. He said, ?So which one of the toys is your favorite?? Then he gave out a huge belly laugh. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of me being embarrassed and without missing a beat, I said ?the red one, the rabbit, it has skills, which one did you like?? I would have loved to had a picture of his face. He was thinking that he was embarrassing me and he was going to enjoy me being uncomfortable. But when I fired back with no embarrassment with that answer, I think he got a little a little lost for words. He fumbled around trying to find something clever to say but couldn?t. Trying to seize this opportunity, seeing him for the first time uncomfortable and being on my 6th glass of wine, I kept pushing the conversation. I asked Chris had he ever seen a rabbit dildo before and he said no. I took it out of the box and brought it over to where we were sitting. He just began to laugh and couldn?t believe that we were having this conversation and I was laughing too. It was a crazy moment but it felt very adventurous. I tried to explain to Chris all the features that it had and verbally tell him how it works but Chris no; he didn?t want that, he wanted a demonstration. Damn, he just put me back on the spot. I couldn?t believe I was in this situation but the alcohol I had in me and my pride of not wanting to let him get the best of me said OK.

We made sure that the doors were locked and went back to the bedroom. I was dressed pretty casual, sweatpants and t shirt but I did still have my panties and bra on. I told Chris to lay across the foot of my bed sideways and I got up toward the headboard in my normal sleeping position. I took my pants off and then slid my panties down to my ankles. We had a couple of the lights on so he could see. He reached up and took my panties from around my ankles. I could feel myself so wet but I was still nervous about spreading my legs. He began to caress my feet, ankle and calves which only made me wetter. I bent my knees and finally spread my legs so he had a full view of my pussy. I started by taking my finger and rubbing up and down the outside of my clit. I could see the excitement in him and I could feel the excitement inside me. My heart was pounding. I finally got the rabbit to my pussy and slide it up inside me. I truly don?t think I have ever been so turned on or wet. I laid my head back and played with myself and everyone few minutes I would look up and watch him for a few minutes as he watched me. He couldn?t keep his eyes off of my pussy and his hands off my legs.

He continued to caress my legs ever getting higher and higher on the bed. I asked if he wanted to give it a try and of course he did. I let him have control of the rabbit and fuck my pussy. I rubbed his shoulders and back until I couldn?t hold it any longer. I cum so much that it soaked through the comforter and got the sheets wet. He slowly stopped using the rabbit and began to gently rub me with his hands. It was awesome and I hadn?t felt like that in years. We talked for a little bit and made a promise to never talk about this again to anyone including ourselves. Chris watched me get dressed, we had one more drink and he went home.

I know I should have never done that but it was one of the most intense sexual experiences I have ever had. So good, the next Friday night we tested out a different toy.

End of this story but not the adventure.

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