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Taking Baby Girl

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What started as playful wrestling on the bed has become something quite different. I have you pinned down , straddling you as you lay on your back, arms outstretched. I am holding your wrist down, and can see the fire in your pretty eyes. As I glance down your awesome body, I see that your perky nipples are quite hard, your pretty face is flushed, and your breathing is ragged. There is that little "r*pe me" fantasy again. I bend down and kiss you hard on your mouth, forcing my tongue into your mouth. You turn your head to avoid me playing the part. I simply tell you "Cooperate with me , bitch, and I won't hurt you" As I kiss you again, the result is much different. I lean a bit down further and bite your hard, perky nipples. Your nipples are hard as rocks, even through your T shirt. By the time that I am done teasing them, you have two wet circles over your nipples. I release your wrists and grab your hair, as I slide off the bed. I direct you next to the bed, and onto your knees. "You are going to suck my cock, girly!" "Bite me, or try to hurt me, and you'll pay for it, you little whore!" I pull a bit on your hair to drive the point home as you pull down my sweats, freeing my semi hard cock. I am in your hot, talented mouth in seconds, and watch as your mouth works on my hardening cock. I am holding your hair, my hand at the back of your head, directing your mouth. I am fucking that pretty face, making you take me deep on each stroke. "You are a good little slut, baby" "Lick my balls" and you do what you are told. I feel yor tongue lapping my balls, as you stroke my hard cock in your slender fingers. After a time, I take my cock in my hand a lightly slap your face with it "Suck, bitch!" and I disappear back into your mouth. I let you suck me for a while, then bring you your feet in front of me, as I release your hair, I direct you to strip. You remove your T shirt, and your shorts, and I push you back down on the bed. "Play with your pussy, little bitch, I want to watch" You comply and begin to rub your now wet pussy slowly , as I sit near the end of the bed to enjoy the show. I watch as you slowly rub, and probe your pussy, lightly rubbing your hard clit. "Get it wet, slut, cause I am to fuck you soon" You have two fingers in your wet slit now, and are pumping them in and out slowly. Since I love to watch you play with it, I am in no hurry to mount you. I sit and watch, slowly stroking my cock as I do. Your pretty eyes are closed, and I know that you are wondering what will happen next. "Turn over, bitch, and get up on your knees" I order, and you comply, As you do, I spank that sweet as of yours hard on one side, making it red. I move onto the bed, kneeling behind that fine ass, and see taht you are very wet. I slide my cock up and down your wet slit, rubbing your hard little clit, teasing you with my cock. I push the head inside your lips, and grab your hips, shoving my hard dick, all the way into you. I hear you moan, and feel you cum almost immediately. Your flooded, pussy is well lubed, and I take full advantage by fucking you hard and deep. I slap the other cheek of your ass, making that side a matching red. As I look down, watching my cock enter and exit your tight, wet hole, I drop some spit onto your tight little asshole. Time to play with that little bud now. I rub the tight little pucker, with my thumb. Slowly, I insert my thumb into you, pushin it deep as I feel your muscles yield and relax. You shudder and tremble slightly at being double penetrated. I work my thumb in and out of you, sarting to keep pace with my cock's strokes. Once again, I slap that pretty ass, making you jump. I am pounding both your tight holes now, and once agin, you cum wetly. As your new orgasm subsides, I withdraw both my thumb and my cock, and press my cock head against your ready ass. I slowly slide inside you, and as I feel you stretch to accomodate me, I slide deep into you, feeling my balls slap against your wet pussy. "play with your cunt, bitch, while I fuck your ass!" I feel your fingers tickle my balls as you begin to rub and finger your pussy, eventually sliding those two fingers back inside. You are whimpering softly, as I work my cock in and out of your ass, bottoming out on every stroke. I reach up across your back and give your hair a tug. Ypour response is to grind your hips slowly, adding to the incredible sensations of my cock in your tight ass. I can feel the cum ready to flow, deep in my balls. I pick up the pace, fucking your ass hard, as I feel another climax explode deep inside you. As the first jet of my cum spurts from my cock, I pull out, stroking it and shooting a gooey mess all over your back and ass. You moan, and collapse on the bed, pretty much spent from several hard orgasms. I climb off the bed, still in character, and warn you not to tell anyone, or that I'll come back. As I step into the bathroom, I look back to see a sleepy, satisfied grin on your pretty face..

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