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Takin care of business

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My boss, Brad, first introduced his wife Donna to me at the annual company picnic. Donna was barely 5?0? tall but had a very nice body, short blond hair and a very sexy look with pouty lips, a deep tan a pretty face. She was wearing short tight shorts and very revealing tank top and flip flops.

An impromptu softball game started up and Donna volunteered to play. I watched her as the game got underway, Her breasts bounded nicely when she ran and from behind she had the sweetest heart shaped ass. At the end of the game, Donna found the cooler and brought two beers over to the bleachers handing me one and then sitting on the row just below me. I got a good look down the front of her tank top and saw no tan lines?we drank a few beers and made small talk and then she headed for the car to meet up with Brad?I watched her as she walked away and she made a quick turn of her head as she got in the car and gave me a quick wink and puckerd her lips in a kiss that Brad didn?t see.

A couple of weeks later, Brad had to attend a meeting for the week in our Chicago headquarters?from the airport he called me and said that he had left some needed files at home. He asked me to drop by his house and pick them up from Donna so they could be Fed Exed to him for tomorrows meeting. I assure him I?d get them to him?.

Driving over to the house, I couldn?t help but smile at the though of Donna?s little wink and kiss. Pulling into the long drive of their huge hous, I rang the bell once, twice and then a third time. No answer. Brad had said he?d give Donna a call letting her know I?d be by to pick up the files. Walking around the side of the house I called over the fence for Donna. ?It unlocked, come on back? she replied. Opening the gate I saw a huge back yard with a big pool and cabana next to it. Donna was sitting nude in a lounge chair next to the pool and smiled, making no attempt to cove up . The files were on the table next to her chair along with a tall iced drink. ?Come on over!? she said with a smile. I was right there were no tan lines, Donna was a regular nude sunbather. She got up and stepped to the side of the pool executed a perfect dive and swam to the steps. She got out with the water running down her perfect body walked back over to me and handed me the towel to dry her off. I started with her back and lovely legs then, she turned and faced me. I was seated and her blond thatch was right at my face level. ?Up here? she teased as she cupped her wet breasts presenting them for my approval and I began to dry them off even rubbing her dark brown nipples that became erect as I touched them. She turned again and faced away from me, bent forward and smiled at me thru her spread legs??Now dry me off here? As I took the towel to her sweet ass, she reached back with both hands pulled her ass cheek wide open for me and presented her pink little pussy to me it was glistening and wet and I could smell her as she slyl smiled, still looking at me updisedown thru her spread legs. She deftly slipped her middle finger down and flicked the tiny pink clit and then she inserted the finger inside of herself and worked it in and out. ?ummm? at the same time, her other hand reach around and grabbed my bulging cock thru my pants and she squeezed hard. I told her I was going to have a hard time getting her dry down there and she smiled, ?Yes you will? I?m just going to get wetter.

Then she stood facing me and slipped her wet finger under my nose and held it to my lips. I got a good smell of her juices and then took her finger in my mouth and savored her taste. She was busy unzipping my pants releasing my cock, it sprung out like a snake ready to strike ? Oh my looks like you need some attention? She got on her knees, looked up at me with those soft brown eyes and grabbed the shaft of my cock hard and pulled the skin up producing a big drop of clear pre come right at the tip of my cock head, Donna got up real close to examine it and with a sly grin she began to stroke my shaft as she teased and tortured my cock head, licking, flicking and waiting till just the right moment to open her tiny mouth, seal those sexy pouty lips around the head and then tasting wine before approving of it.slurp the pre come into her mouth swirling it like a gourmet. Then she dived down the length of my cock and I felt it filling her mouth and the shaft sliding down her throat??

She stood up grabbed my cock and holding on tight lead me to a chaise lounge under the shade of the cabana?.then her phone rang?while she worked my cock up and down she casually answered, ?Oh hi Brad! Where are you?? He told her his plane had just landed at O?Hare and asked her if I had been by to pick up the files. ?Yes, he was just here a while ago ? Donna replied as she straddled me and lowered her pussy just over my cock she smiled at me and it was all I could do to keep quiet and she swiveled her hips teasing my with the feel of my cock just inside her tight lips. Then as they talked further Donna thrust her body and a tight little cunt sqewering herself on my dick and taking every inch of me into her. I was biting my tongue to keep from yelling and encouraging this naked blonde cowgirl to ride me like a cowboy. It was exciting to have my cock buried into the hot wet depths of my bosses wife while she spoke with him on the phone so nonchalantely. Donna certainly had the moved. Her muscular tight cunt grabbed me tight and held me for a wonderful bareback ride. What control she had?She was enjoying it and then slowed don and ground her pussy down on me I could feel her little clt and began to tease it to watch her reaction. Would she give it away to her husband would he guess his employee was buried in his wife?s hot little cunt? Donna wa s small and agile that she lifted her legs up in the air and I spun her around for a nice screwing ride on my cock. I put her thru a couple of nice 360?s and she was trying hard not to let on to Brad that she was enjoying a nice ride..

Finally donna was saying good by to Brad and she hung up just as she cried out yessss? and she came hard, hot and wet soaking my cock and balls, her juices running all over my legs. I hope my boss had hung up in time and didn?t hear her cause she was very vocal in appreciation of her release?moments later, I filled her pumping thick streams of come deep into her womb. Her juices mixed with mine and her pussy gurgled as my cock continued to stroke inside of her.

I put her on her back and spread her tiny tight lips open with my fingers and bewgan to eat her full cream pie and her phone rang again. Brad had just hear the beginning of her cires as she hung up and he was calling back to check on her as I was lapping at her pussy teasing her clit, then plunging my tongue in deep for more of our blended juices?Donna tried so hard to calmly accept my teasing as she spoke to Brad and assured him that everything was ok?.I wited this time about thirty seconds after they hung up and then drove Donna to her second orgasm this time was even louder?.

We waited a few minutes for her to recover,then she began stroking my cock again and got me very hard. Rolling her over on her hands and knees, I got Donna in the doggie position and was just plunging deep when my phone rang. This time it was my turn to be nonchalant. As I was driving deep into Donna?s pussy, Brad asked me if I had the files now. I assured him I had picked them up a while ago and would get them to Fed Ex for overnight deliver?.Brad seemed just a little suspicious and asked me if everything was OK. Oh, yes I thought its all wonderful here. More tingling excitement at the thought that his sexy wife had offered up some unforgettable afternoon delights. I a told Brad that he?d have his files the next day and he seemed please, then just as he was about to hang up, he asked me if I would go back to the house and check to see if Donna was OK.

I told my boss, ?No problem!? with a big smile. I?ll check on her and get back with you.

For several more minutes afte I hung up. I pounded the bosses wife?s pussy. Fucked her doggie style, then standing up bent over the chair, then set her up on the table andput her on the edge where she put those lovely tan legs over my shoulder and I plunged in again stroking her and looking into those mischevious brown eyes?reaching for the phone, I called Brad back as Donna giggled silently?Hey Boss, Donna?s doing fine, she?s just gotten back from jogging, here!? I handed the phoento her and fucked into her even deeper, soundin?t out of breath, Donna said she was glad he was so concerned but she was fine and was just thanking me for coming back to check on her?oh yes, boss I?ll be happy to take this assignment any time yu want in the future I thought to myself?

This time, when we hung up we waited about two more minutes and Donna and I came at the same time both of us crying out as she reached her third orgasm of the afternoon and I flood her again. This it just ?taking care of business?

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