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Taboo Sex - My Story About a Past Elicit Affair

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I was fortunate to be raised by parents that lived and traveled to many places in my youth which has enriched my life today. Unfortunately travel at that age made it difficult to have steady boyfriends which I had truly desired, so my sexual experiences were limited to say the least. I was sexually active since I was 15, however it none of the encounters were anything steady, but I knew that sex was going to be a very important aspect of my life. My name is Cheryl and I am 47 years of age 5'7" 140 lb. athletic natural red head and have enjoyed a very healthy married sex life thanks to my husband of 17 years and to a unusual relationship I occurred in my early 20's. My husband and me both enjoy reading those erotic stories in SLS and at my husbands behest, he suggested that I write about a period in my life that others might like to read about. Anyway here is my story and I hope that you enjoy:

After many years of marriage, my parents decided to split up and leaving us kids sort of scattered physically and emotionally around the country. The older siblings were either married, working far away or school somewhere. My mom wound up moving back towards her family and my dad was living overseas with his new lady friend. I was around 22 at the time and going to college out west and came back to visit my mom who had recently relocated to North Carolina near her family. With what little money she had my mom started a small business by purchasing a small vacation apartment complex at the beach area to rent to the visiting tourists. I had really missed her since living out west so long story short, she sensed that I was not in the happiest place in my life, money being tight, their divorce and not having solid direction in my life. She suggested that I move back east to help her with her business, attend college out here and help renovate some of the rooms. She would let me live rent free if I worked with her to get the business going. So I packed up my things and drove cross country to North Carolina to restart my life that really hadn't started.

Well work renovating rooms wasn't the most exciting thing a 22 year old single girl could do, but it was nice seeing my mom, grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins. One of my moms distant cousin "Gerry" owned his own construction business and would lend a hand to my mom when he could and supervised the work from a contractors view. Gerry was an good looking older man about 48-50 years of age. He was divorced from his first wife and had children older than me that had since moved away. I remember we used to try and hang out with his children when we would visit my mom's family during holidays and such. Gerry was more like an uncle than he was a cousin and so we always just called him "Uncle Gerry". Uncle Gerry later remarried to a younger lady around the age of 35 and they lived nearby mom's place. After the days work was done we would often all hang out and have cocktails and dinner together either at their place or my moms.

After I was settled in, I was working with uncle Gerry and others fixing up the apartments. The apartments were in bad shape, however the location was good and once they were renovated, we knew it would provide more than enough income to support my mom's living. Well Gerry and me took to each other as boss-worker and we had a good working relationship as he would show me how to rewire a room to meet county electrical code and to re-plumb the kitchens and bathrooms etc. Doing this work labor free saved my mom a lot of money and at the same time it taught me a life skill that I can still use today. Gerry was a lot of fun to work with as he made the work easier through his knowledge and he made my laugh at my mistakes. Occasionally we would be working in tight spaces and I would have to squeeze by him to get to where I needed to go and I sometimes would pinch his muscled butt and say something like "excuse me". On other occasions he would reciprocate and brush by me and grab my ass. It was all in good fun, but I had to tell you, when he would grab my ass, it would send a electrical shock wave right to my pussy. I really looked forward to the days we would spend together doing the renovations and I began to develop a thing for uncle Gerry.

One day early in the morning, we needed some supplies from in town which was about an hour away and he asked if I would like to ride with him. I readily agreed as it seemed like a great distraction getting away from the mundane tasks we did at the apartments. So off we went first stopping by his office to get somethings he would need later and meet with his guys to check in for the day. We then went off to town to get the our supplies that we needed. We found the necessary supplies and it was still early in the day but close enough to lunch time. He offered to take me to lunch at one of his favorite haunts which I gladly accepted. We had a couple of beers with our sandwiches which lowered my inhibitions. When it was time to leave we walked out towards his truck, I kind of put my arm around his waist as we walked. He kind of leaned in and put his arm around me and when he did I instinctively turned to face him and gave him a kiss. Well that kiss was so charged that once we got back in his truck, we had to find a more secluded parking area so that we could continue making out. He tried to tell me that we really should not be doing this with him being married, us being related and lastly him being so much older, but I didn't care. It had been so long since I had sex and I wanted him so badly. I was willing to throw caution to the wind and was wanting him to fuck me right then and there. He finally relented and said that if we are going to do this, then we need to take it to a quiet place, so he drove us over to a little motel across town and got a room for us.

Once in side, we started to make out furiously with his hands all over my body and my hands rubbing his bulging crotch. He helped me take my clothes off and I stood there naked in front of him so that he could look me over and decide on what he wanted to do with me next. He kissed me again and laid me on the bed and gently started to suckle my breasts and fondle my pussy. He told me how young and beautiful I was and how he loved my red hair especially my little red bush. He fingered my aching pussy while he sucked my hard nipples. My hands reached down and unzipped his pants and I rubbed his naked hardness for the first time. He quickly stood up and stripped his clothes off giving me a first glance at his manly body and hard cock. He had a mans cock and was so much longer and thicker than any of my previous boyfriends by far. His big purple mushroom head was glistening wet with pre-cum and was twitching as he stood there. I could feel his excitement and it made me want him even more. He then laid on the bed next to me kissing me and massaging my breasts and telling me how good this was going to feel.

He slowly kissed his way down my belly and stuck his tongue in my wet folds that nearly made me orgasm. He licked my clitoris and got me all good and wet and ready for what he was going to do next. He climbed up on top of me, spread my legs really wide and told me to watch his cock enter my pussy. We both let out a sweet moan as he split my lips with his massive hardness rubbing the head all inside my folds. I watched as he slowly entered me stopping to allow for me to adjust to his girth as I had never felt my pussy feel so full. He told me that my pussy was so tight and he would be really easy with me at first. He then continued his thrust until he was all the way in my pussy and I could feel his cock twitching as he held it still so deep in me. I was totally connected to him feeling so naughty and yet so out of control with pleasure. He then slowly began thrusting it in and out of my dewy hole which caused me to uncontrollably orgasm moaning and crying out a pleasurable climax song to him. He then spent the next hour fucking me slow and fast like I have never been fucked before. He made me orgasm numerous times during that fuck session with him sweetly kissing me as I came. I knew Gerry was close to his own orgasm when he slowed his pace down as he changed his fuck rhythm giving me slower and longer strokes. His face and body became very tense and he then thrust his cock in my pussy as deep as he could go and he yelled out an almost painful sounding groan as he released his thick sperm laden semen deep into my belly moaning and thrusting with each powerful spurt. His body then relaxed and he just collapsed on top of me with his stiff cock still imbedded in my pussy. His hardness finally softened and his cock just slid out of me and he slowly rolled over next to me where we laid there for several minutes catching our breathe and holding each other. He told me that this had to be our little secret and that no one needs to know about it. He made me promise that I would never tell anyone about our affair to which I promised him I would. After a while of cuddling and pillow talk he got hard again and rolled me onto all fours where got behind me and grabbed my hips and he fucked me doggy style pounding my ass and pussy so hard that I didn't think he would stop. My pussy was so matted, wet and soaked with our cum juices that it was making sucking and squishing sounds with each one of his strokes. I just kept clenching his cock with my pussy as hard as I could almost hoping he would stop. He told me to reach back underneath and massage his balls as he was about to cum. I began to massage his big nuts with my hand and he then slowed his thrusting and he filled my freshly fucked pussy once again with his sperm. He told me that it felt so good to have me massage his balls while he came. That was the first time I had ever massaged a guys balls in that position. Gerry told me that guys really love it when girls do that for them as it makes them cum even harder. He just kept his cock inside me bathing it with my pussy juices until it went limp before he slid it out and laid next to me again. As I sat up I felt my pussy start to leak our juices onto the bed. I quickly tried to get off the bed and make it to the bathroom but suddenly my pussy just gushed a cup of his sperm right onto the bed sheets. Uncle Gerry just laughed at my plight and told me not to worry as the maid would change the sheets, so I made my way to the toilet. We both hopped in the shower to clean up and get dressed to head back the the beach apartments. In all of my horniness and excitement I never told uncle Gerry that I was not on any birth control at the time until he asked me about it on the way back. I wasn't too concerned as I just had finished my period and figured I wouldn't be fertile for a week or so. He on the other hand was very concerned, and even scolded me telling me that I need to be protected. I assured him it would be fine and thankfully it was.

It was later in the day than we said we would be back to my mom's, but no one suspected a anything. And why should they as he was uncle Gerry and I was his "daughter like" niece and there was no way that either of us would ever do something so taboo like that LOL. We just went back to work as normal, but when we would look at each other from then on, we would smile at each other a knowing smile. It was exciting and naughty having an elicit affair right under everyones noses especially a taboo affair with a relative. The next day I went to the doctor and got on a birth control prescription immediately so to not wind up getting pregnant by him.

Over the next year and a half, uncle Gerry and me would get together sexually on an average of 2-3 times a week, sometimes more and sometimes less. I soon went back to a community college in town and took classes 3-4 days a week. After my classes, uncle Gerry would meet me there and pick me up to go to an furnished apartment that he rented out full time. There we would make love in every conceivable position with him teaching me what men want from a woman sexually. He was such a great lover making sure that I came numerous times before he let himself orgasm. He taught me what a man likes in a blow job as I really didn't know how to give one before him. He told me to lick the sensitive side of his cock and suckle the head while using my hands to jack him off. He also told me that men liked to have their women swallow and that I needed to learn to swallow. I wasn't wild about it at first, especially trying to swallow his massive ejaculations, but I learned to like it and looked forward to having him occasionally shoot his creamy load in my mouth. He loved it when I would get on top of him and ride his cock with wild abandon making both of us climax often times together. He was the first man to take me anally and he was quite gentle when he fucked my ass. His size was not easy to fit in my ass, but he made sure I was well relaxed with some good orgasms and lots of lubricant before he entered my butt hole. As much as possible he would love to cum deep inside my pussy as he had a thing for wanting to fill me up. He told me that no matter what happened to me later in life, no matter whom I met, that my pussy would always be his and by shooting his sperm in me it was sort of his way of marking his territory.

We would have some fun quietly teasing each other while other family members were present. Sometimes at these moments he would quietly ask me things like "Can you still feel my sperm dripping from your pussy" with others close by trying to make me blush. I would say something back to him in similar fashion like "Is your cock getting calloused from fucking both me and your wife all of the time". He confided to me that he would fuck his wife 2-3 times a week keeping up his marital duties with her as not to raise any suspicions. I think he did it because he was just an insatiable man.

At this time his company was doing well and sometimes it would take him away for a day or two looking in on a site 50-100 miles away where he would have to spend the nite(s). On those trips, I would drive my car up to meet him and spend the night with him where we would fuck all night. During this 18 months I felt like such a naughty girl and I loved every moment of it being so sexually satisfied. During that time I learned a lot from him both sexually and life's lessons.

After a while all good things must end, I decided to go away to another college and finish up my degree, so our affair had ended uneventfully with no one the wiser to our 18 month long elicit fornication. We did get together some years later when his 2nd wife left him for her high school sweet heart and he was pretty down emotionally. I was in between boyfriends at the time and so he came and visited me where we spent most of the two weeks he was there literally connected to each other. It felt good to have him all to myself all day and night long as he was still quite a sexual dynamo. We picked up where we had left off as we fucked in every way imaginable with him shooting as much of his sperm in me as he could. During this visit he confessed that he would often fantasize about breeding me while he was fucking me. He told me that the fantasy made his orgasms more intense while he was inseminating me. I told him he should have shared that fantasy with me earlier as we could have enjoyed playing it out when we were having our affair. I really enjoyed that taboo thought of uncle Gerry mating me, it was so erotic and so kinky. Thankfully it was just a fantasy and that the birth control pills prevented him from accomplishing that taboo act. As many times he came inside me there would have been no doubt he would have gotten me knocked up.

Soon after that I met my husband and uncle Gerry and me never had sex again. After some years later we decided to relocate back to North Carolina and I confided in my my husband about my past affair with uncle Gerry. I kind of felt I had to as we were moving back and we would occasionally see uncle Gerry at family events. Uncle Gerry had told me that he felt sort of guilty about him having sex with me, that he felt he may have corrupted me. I told that I didn't feel that way and did not want him to feel guilty at all as he taught me so much during our time. I told uncle Gerry that my husband knows all about our fling and he became concerned that it may cause some ill feelings to arise with me, my husband and him. He hoped it would not cause any conflict between us. I explained to uncle Gerry that my husband said it was so long ago and he was glad we had the affair because I need someone in my life at that time that looked after me and made sure I was well taken care of emotionally and sexually. That seemed to satisfy him and we have never brought the subject up since.

Uncle Gerry is much older now, but I often wonder if he would ever care to make love with me again just for old times sake with my hubbies approval.

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