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The Yoga Instructor

There are people who come into our lives, whose entry changes what we are, and sets a directional course, for what we are to become. Her name was Janie, a teacher and practitioner of Yoga. Call it synchronicity, call it fate, or call it just pure luck. I?ll call it a gift from those that guide my path, and seem at times, to influence my destiny. She was a lesson in sensuality, and a liberator of my one-dimensional view of sexuality. She was my teacher.

It began during that transitional period of life referred to as mid-life crisis. I had attained all those things in life that were supposed to make me happy. I had the house, successful career, attractive wife, two beautiful kids, and from all outside appearances, the perfect life. The truth of the matter though, I was fucking miserable. My life had become so predictable, so routine, so boring. I felt like an empty shell, a man with no spirit. Our marriage had become the same. The shell was pretty to look at, and to my wife of twenty years, that was all that mattered. The spirit of our union that had bought us together in what we defined as love had long since vanished. We spoke to one another when necessary, presented the couple front when necessary, and had sex when necessary. It had gotten to a point to where even sex became a chore, more of a consensual obligation, than an expression of intimacy. When notice came that our sleeping arrangements were about to change, with her moving into the spare bedroom at the end of the hall, I knew then and there, that more than just our sleeping arrangements were in need of change. I moved out about two weeks later leaving her the house, all the crap we had accumulated, and the better of the two cars. I walked away with the soul- searching mission of finding myself. I wanted to pursue and define for myself, those things that would make life worth living again. I was free to pursue this need at last, and very determined to take back control, of the remaining years of my life. Mid-life crisis? Maybe. We create- our own reality. This I do believe.

There was something about Yoga that had always created within me, this desire to learn and understand its teachings. Maybe it was the mystery that seemed to surround it. People sitting and stretching into these strange positions, the gentle smiles of calmness, the atmosphere of serenity and tranquility that they seemed to have about them. I wanted that. No. It was more than a want. It was a need.

The first time I met Janie I was awestruck by her exotic beauty. She was a few years younger than myself, and not quite as lean as I had imagined a Yoga instructor to be. She had a smile and countenance that would immediately put you at ease. Something clicked between us from the beginning, and in just a very short time, I happily became? teacher?s pet?. This was much to the dismay of a few other interested males and females in the class. Everyone wanted get close to Janie and, I loved the extra attention she would show me. I loved the way her warm hands would feel against my body when she would correct a position, or help stretch a part of me that hadn?t been stretched in a while. I would stick around after class had finished and everyone had left, to help her lock up for the night. During this time we would talk about life, love, philosophy, or whatever happened to spark our interest at the moment.

One night while walking her to her car, I bought up the subject of Tantric Yoga. That smile that she would always flash when I would ask a provocative question, or touch upon an area of interest to her, suddenly beamed across her face.

?Doing a little private research are we?? She asked with the emphasis on private.

I froze for a moment, wondering if I had overstepped myself. We had talked about everything under the sun in the months of being together, and in that time the subject or anything even remotely related to sex or sensuality had never been broached.

?Well, I?ve seen the word pop up from time to time in my travels online or in the Yoga section at the bookstore, something about a Kundalini energy or something, and sex. But, I try not to let my mind wander there.? I quickly added.

A look of concern came over her face.

Oh. Do you have a sex problem??

?No, not at all.? I immediately blurted out, feeling a little uneasy now. ? I just thought that, you know, our relationship was spiritual in nature.?

?Oh. I see. So you think sex has no spiritual value?? she asked with that look of concern still on her face.

?No. No! I stuttered trying to regain my composure, but failing miserably now. ?I mean, I guess I don?t know. I guess I never thought about it really?. I lied.

?But you don?t have a problem sexually?? She asked, still with that deep contemplative look of concern??

?Oh man, why did I ever bring this up?? I thought to myself as I struggled to come up with an escape out of this questioning.

? I mean everything works, ok doesn?t it?? Still the look of sympathetic concern in her eyes.?

There was only one way out of this. I looked deep into her eyes and with a smile that would resemble that of the Cheshire Cat I said, ?Everything, works just fine Janie? slowly emphasizing each word.

She took my face into her hands and with the smoothest flow imaginable gave me a very deep and sensual kiss. She withdrew slightly still holding my face between her hands and a big beaming smile again crossed her face. Still staring into my eyes and with a slight tone of seriousness she said, ?I figured it did, I just wanted to watch you squirm a little.? With this, she burst out laughing, now turning and taking a step towards her car. She opened the door, turned to look at me still standing there in a state of shock. ?Get in.? she motioned to the passenger seat. I?m going to show you some of the benefits of Yoga that require a little more privacy than the parking lot, and a lot more comfort.

?Whatever you say teach.? I am, your most eager student!? I struggled not to go to overboard with my enthusiasm, but to play it cool, calm and collected, but inside my brain was pounding out VanHalen?s Hot for Teacher ?Oh Yeah!!!

We arrived at her place within moments. During the course of the ride over, her soft hand, that I had come to know so well, rested on my leg, and my hand caressed her hand and wrist touching her very lightly and lovingly, she was beyond fascination, and for the first time I really began to study the form of her body. She seemed to read my thoughts, and after arriving and turning off the engine to her car again took my face into her hands.

?Stop mentally undressing me for a moment.? she teased. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. The first thing you?re going to learn is control, and how to channel that energy that?s glowing and swirling every which way inside of you, into one area, one very focused area.?

?Are you ready?? she smiled.

I took a deep breath and slowly let it out as she had asked. Feeling a little calmer I replied, ? Yes. I?m ready.?

?Good! Then follow me?.

Her apartment was simple, but very comfortable and almost void of furniture. The walls were decorated with large posters of slim bodied women dressed in leotards, posed in various Yoga positions. On three of the walls were very large mirrors that covered up nearly the entire lower half of her walls. These I supposed, she used to watch the positions of her forms. The floor area in front of the fourth wall was stacked high with a large collection of various shapes and sized pillows and cushions. There was a large thick area rug of oriental design that dominated most of the room. Candles, incense burners, and a portable CD player set atop a small bookshelf near one of the mirrors, and that was about it. Her studio apartment consisted of a small kitchen, a small bathroom, and no bedroom. What a contrast to the clutter that I had called home for so many years. There was something remarkable, so pure and, so simple about her choice of lifestyle, mystery and serenity emanated from this exotic, but very beautiful woman.

Janie was not a lean woman as I mentioned before. She stood about 5?3 and if I could guess her weight I?d say maybe 145 ?150 lbs. She was not a petite woman, but very nicely proportioned with soft shoulders and large full breasts that were freckled as far as the eye could see. Her hair was like a sunset mixture of reds that ranged from dark to very light tones. Her face was very feminine. It was dominated by very large brown eyes picture framed by her long red lashes. When you looked into the intensity of the spirit behind those eyes, you noticed little else. Her greatest asset though was her smile. Her lips were full and sensuously inviting. Our first sweet kiss and heart pounding embrace just a short while ago, had left me hungrily wanting for more. Her thighs, legs, and ass, were beautifully toned, and even through her leotards, you could see each muscle move as she stretched her awesome little body into different positions. She was right. I had been mentally undressing her since day one. I think everyone in that room, a few women included, had been mentally undressing her. She was sensuality incarnate.

She disappeared into the bathroom for a moment. I heard the toilet flush and then the sound of the shower running. I took a few moments while alone to survey her collection of books. There were many books on Yoga, as one would imagine. The shelves were full of books on many subjects, Self- Hypnosis, Aboriginal Spirituality, Meditation, Native American Ritual, Astral Projection, Reincarnation, Self- Eroticism, Quantum Physics. It was quite an eclectic collection, with pages well worn. I had just selected a book on ?Alternative Lifestyles?, to browse through, when the bathroom door opened.

?Would you rather read a book?? She asked with that serious enquiring look from before.

? No. I don?t suppose so.? I laughed as I put the book down and walked over to her, hoping for another one of her sweet kisses and passionate embraces.

?Good. She whispered. I really don?t feel like reading either.?

? What would you like to do?? I asked in a most seductive voice, as I continued towards her.

She had changed into a long white linen robe that clung tightly to her warm moist body. I could smell the scent of her freshly washed hair and body, as she gave me a long sensuous body hug, pressing herself hard against my body, and casually rubbing her pussy softly against my leg. Her delicious tongue darted teasingly inside my mouth. I brushed her hair back and tenderly kissed the side of her neck. I heard her take a small gasp of air. She clung tight for a moment then groaned with a very restrained sigh.

?Mmmmm. I think you?re trying to get me excited.? She whispered, now breaking the embrace that had lasted several moments.

?But isn?t that what you want?? I asked, expecting her immediate approval before moving on.

? No. That?s what you want.? She giggled.? What I want, is for you to go sit over there and make yourself comfortable.? She smiled.

?OK.? I slowly turned and walked over to the pillow area. I tried not to show my boyish disappointment. Inside myself, I wanted to rip that robe off of her and let my intense passionate feelings totally overwhelm her, as I had so many times in the secret fantasies I created in my mind with her. Instead there was a slight tinge of rejection that I had felt so many times with my ex. She picked up on this immediately and addressed me from across the room as she filled two small seashells with a green leafy substance.

?Good things come to those that wait? she spoke softly, almost an affirmation to herself as well as reminder to me. ?You must learn to control that energy within yourself, to harness it, instead of letting it control you?. ?Your sexual energy is a very strong force within you?. ?It always has been?, she continued. ?Tonight, we begin to learn how to control and channel those spurts and waves that pulsate within you.

? Is that what Tantric Yoga is all about?? I asked with a renewed tone of seriousness.

?No.? she laughed out loud, but it sounded very wise didn?t it. Now with a more serious tone she continued. ?Tantric Yoga is much more complex than that, especially for the serious practitioner, but any introduction into what is called ?sacred sex? requires the ability to control and manipulate the Kundalini, your sex energy.?

I nodded.

?Now I want you to do three things for me? she whispered in a low sensuous voice.? Are you ready to begin??

?Yes, I?m ready? I smiled back very eager to begin.

?Good. She paused for a moment as she set down the smoking seashells after raising them upwards to all corners of the room, to her reflection in the mirrors, and finally to me.

?First, she smiled, remove all of your clothes. Next, sit over there among the pillows, and make yourself comfortable, practice your breathing techniques, while keeping your eyes on me. Last, she continued. I want you to refrain from touching yourself until I ask you to do so.?

A bit reserved at first, I complied with her requests. After removing my clothing I tried hard, to maintain my breathing, although inside, my heart was pounding! She gave me a very loving but seductive smile as I self-consciously removed my clothes and sat down wondering what in the hell I had gotten myself into. This was definitely not what I had grown accustomed to. I was used to having to get it on without much ritual or fanfare. I could feel my body reacting as I fought to keep from touching my now swollen cock. I was bone hard, and she was still in her robe. I could feel her eyes taking the whole of my body in view. She nodded with a slight smile of approval and, at last she began to slowly, seductively remove her robe.

With her robe now at her feet, she took three steps towards me placing her self in the center of the room about eight feet from where I sat. The combination of candlelight, and smoke from the shells gave the room a surreal cloud-like backdrop- for her perfect little body. She was drop- dead gorgeous from head to toe. From where I sat, the mirrors allowed me to see her from every angle. It was like having four of her moving in synchronicity. My cock was throbbing with excitement and I opted to sit cross-legged with my hands behind me, in compliance with her request not to touch myself. The temptation to stroke my throbbing cock was becoming increasingly strong. The head of my cock was already larger than it had been in years with each passing moment. I was hoping she was watching the reaction her body was having on me.

Janie now began to play with her large beautiful breasts, caressing them, lifting them gently, squeezing them together and then, letting them fall while lightly pinching her erect swollen nipples. She was enjoying herself, and loving the slow methodical ritual of self-seduction, mixed with exhibitionism, as she would occasionally glance over at herself, and then at me watching her in one of the three large mirrors. Slowly she turned as she continued to fondle herself. Her eyes barely open and her breathing still slow and steady. She stopped momentarily when she reached a point that put her beautiful little ass in front of me. She was watching me watching her and I was watching her from every angle. Then spreading her legs about a foot apart, she bent over now running her hands down her toned thigh and calf, grabbing hold of her left foot. She held this position for a few moments, allowing me to study in detail her awesome little ass with her sweet little pussy winking playfully into my view. She straightened back up in the same slow manner that she had bent down with, and now bent over again touching with both hands her right foot. My eyes darted from her to the mirrors, loving every view of her from her nice full tits to her smooth freckled back. Her long red hair being tossed and thrown in every direction, framing her now flushed face. It was the same stretching exercises we used to warm up in class before going into our positions. With each bend I thought I would explode as I took into view her hot little pussy. The reflection of light made her increasingly wet pussy, shine like a calm moonlit pond. I wanted to run my tongue along it?s shores and take a deep dive into the dripping depths This was exciting the hell out of me and from the look on her face, her as well.

I fought hard the impulse to touch my cock. The head now swollen and seeping drop- after drop- of pre-cum, dripping like raindrops, down the length of my shaft. I knew that with even the slightest touch, it would be all over.

Janie now took three steps backwards and slowly dropped to her knees. In another slow but controlled movement she laid out flat on her back with her head just three feet from where I was sitting. I watched her chest rise and fall with the slow steady rhythm I had practiced over the last three months. Looking down on her I could see her erect nipples, the flat stomach and the lovely little mound of red pubic hair that accentuated her sweet little pussy.

She placed her hands out to her side and slowly began to raise her legs upward. She continued to now raise her butt and the small of her back upward until she created a straight line with only her upper back, shoulders and head still remaining on the floor. With toes pointed upwards, she now separated her legs, while at the same time bringing them up and over the upper part of her body. Her arms still lay at her side, and her knees spread on both sides of her head. She now reached up with her hands and taking a butt cheek in each pushed her torso towards her head. The image this presented was as though she was in a classic sixty-nine position with another woman except there was no other woman.

She held this position for a few moments, taking in air, and slowly letting it out. I sat totally fascinated by her flexibility .Her sweet lips, were but within a couple of inches of her pussy. She was breathing slowly and each time she would exhale, I would watch the silky hair that surrounded her pussy waver like grain on wind swept field. She now exerted more pressure on her butt cheeks again, while at the same time lifting her head. Her tongue now slowly began to touch and explore her clitoris and I sat there, hardly believing my eyes. As her muscles began to relax more she was able to reach farther down her flowing fountain and drink deeply. She continued to lick her pussy over and over again. Darting her tongue deep between her luscious lips, teasing her clit, sucking it in between her lips while running her tongue over it?s swollen tip, and then lapping up the fresh juices she created for herself. This obviously was not the first time she had enjoyed this erotic form of oral masturbation upon herself, but as I found out later, this was the first time she allowed someone to witness this extraordinary talent. My attention was totally focused on her performance, and totally captivated by it?s beauty My only thought and desire at this point was to take part in that feminine feast. God, I wanted to taste her so bad, to kiss her lips and to taste her tongue and pussy at the same time.

I sat there clenching my fists, determined not to touch myself as she had requested.

Finally at last she took a break and laid her head back down on the floor. Her breathing was a little less steady and it was though she had to fight to regain control. Now she whispered to me. ? Come place the head of your cock, slowly inside of me?. She pulled her legs together slightly to elevate herself for penetration.

?God, I thought you?d never ask!? I whispered now straddling her face careful not to kneel on her long flowing hair.

?I want to watch your cock enter me, very slowly, not all the way though, just a couple of inches OK? Try not to cum if you can. I want you to hold back as long as possible.?

? I?ll try Janie.? I said with apparent doubt in my voice. ?I?ll try.?

I gasped for control as the head of my cock touched the outer lips oh her soft, wet pussy. I took a breath and slowly, easily, entered into the gates of pussy heaven. I stopped when I had reached about two inches and fought the strong urge to feed her the other five. Her muscles tightened now and her pussy sucked me in another two inches and then pushed me out. Again and again she repeated this movement. I didn?t need to move, her pussy was doing all the work for both of us. I fought hard now to hold back with every contraction, and knew that my time was just about to come to an exploding conclusion. Her hot little tongue now began to caress my balls that hung over her protruding lips, in synchronization with her contractions. Finally, there was no turning back. Cum began to flow from my cock in a slow steady flowing stream at first, followed by intense ball draining contractions of my own. Every drop, shot hard and true from deep inside of me, flowing into her cum devouring pussy, as it continued to suck me dry.

After a few moments of silence she finally spoke ?OK baby, I need you to back out slowly now, so I can finish what I?ve started. Don?t worry honey, this is only round one, and we have the whole night ahead of us.?

I slowly backed off as she requested, and to give her some room to breathe. She was panting herself as well, with a huge smile on her face. Her eyes darted from me to her pussy, my warm fresh cum slowly oozing out of her, she waited a moment as it collected heavy between those moist magnificent lips. In a final move she once again spread her legs and lifted her head, her tongue lapping up our juices as spurt after spurt of fresh cum, mixed with her own juices, now flowed from her. When there was no more to be had she again laid her head back down on the floor.

?Can I ask one more favor from you please? she whispered.

?Honey, you can ask me anything you want.? I said with a respect and elation I?d never felt before.

? Good.? She smiled up at me. ?Would you uh, please help me get out of this position??

The End.

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