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Me and my swingin' friends are sitting around BS'n and trying to figure how we will get the next party or get together scheduled. The wives aren't present just us horny bastards. We're in my basement family room when my wife comes down with refreshments for us. She's up to her old tricks again wearing as little as possible just to see their eyeballs bulge out of their heads. She does have a knockout body and has already been laid by everyone of them , but they would still like more. There's no secrets between us as we've been playin' as a group or singles for some time now.

One of the guys, Eddie, says that there's a babe at the local strip club that has just come on in the last month or so. Now my wife and I have gone there a couple of times and I even talked her into competing at amatuer night. She came in in second place but had about 15 20's tucked in her g-string so she didn't come away empty handed. The winning doll took it all off and strutted around naked. She took the 20's and tucked them between and under her titties. She was a winner all right.

What about this babe Eddie, does she draw a crowd. Does she draw a crowd, and how he says. He says, if I didn't know better I'd swear that she's your wife Mary he says to me. What the hell would make you say that, I say. And if it's Mary you would recognize her wouldn't you. Yeah, but this gal is wearing a long blonde wig, lots of makeup, and one of thos fancy masks that covers half of her face and it has sparklers in it...But she has the body of your Mary.

Is she there every night???? No.....they announce the next time she'll be there and that night the place is usually crowded. It's never the same night of the week. Well Eddie, do you usuually go there when you know she'll be dancing. Yeah, cause man, even though she's got that stuff on she can really entertain and do lap dances....The next time I go he says, he's going to get one of her private lap dances where for $75.00 you can screw her and suck those delectible titties.

We all take this in with great interest.....One of the guys says he's gonna go. When is she gonna be there next Eddie.....Next Wednesday night she's scheduled. Hell I say, maybe I'll go too......It turns out that Wednesday I'm asked to work overtime till 10 PM. I call my wife and tell her about my schedule and she says no problem.......A girlfriend of hers called and they're gonna go shopping and take in a movie. She says that I'll probably be home before her.....

I get home from work Wednesday evening tired as hell. Sure enough, she's not there, so I grab a beer, make a sandwich, take off my clothes to my boxers and relax on the couch and fall asleep. We have a two-car garage and when the electric opener is engaged it makes a lot of racket. I've talked about having that damned thing looked at. It does have it's benefits though. If I'm napping on the sofa it wakes me up....About 12:30 that night it woke me up when she came home. She came in through the side door from the garage, had her shoes off, and tip-toed in like a cat burglar. I layed there watching her with one eye open and wondered why she's acting like that.

She went into the bathroom and left the door partly open, thinking I was dead to the world. I went down the hall and looked in the bath. She was really busy with the cold cream cleaning off her make up, then she got out her big douche syringe and really cleaned up her pussy while sitting on the toilet. She only does this for cleanliness as she can no longer get pregnant and only after being thoroughly fucked, not by me, but by others.

I'm thinking what the hell's going on. I go back to the couch and wait till she goes to the BR. Again I sneak down the hall and peak in on her taking her clothes off. She brushes her hair, puts on a nice nighty, sits at her dressing table looking at herself and then reaches in her purse and pulls out a bunch of bill, folds them nice, goes to the closet, gets her personal little box down,and puts the dough in the box.....She also has what looks like a little overnite bag that she stands on a stool and puts on the top shelf in the closet.

What the hell is goin' on I ask myself. The next morning from work I call Eddie and asked him how the show went at the club.....Man, he says that knockout babe was there and she must've done at least three guys in the private room......Again he says, I'd swear it was your ole lady. There's not another gal in town, including my wife, that has an ass like that. It couldn't be my wife, she went shopping with a girlfriend last night....But that was for Eddie, I wasn't so sure.

When's she scheduled again, I ask. She only comes in about once a week and she's schedulled for Tuesday night. I'm thinking to myself how the hell is she going to work this out. During the week she goes to the mall to buy linens for the bed. As soon as she's out of the house I check out the stuff she stashed in the closet Her small private box has over $500.00 in it. The overnite bag she put on the top shelf has the glittery mask, earings, and blonde wig. Tuesday comes and again I call her from work and say I'm working late. This is very convenient for her and she says no problem, she's been working on a quilt project with her friend and will probably be late herself.

Now I know something about her that the other guys don't know. She has a strawberry birth mark on her left inner thigh about two inches below her pussy.. Tuesday I go to the local masruerade shop and buy a few items. This store sells the best of everything......... .I buy an eye patch and a stick on mustache, a stick on beard, some sideburns. and now I'm ready. I stop at the local habberdashery and buy a Dilinger type felt hat, black........I also buy a new pair of jeans and a black sweat shirt.....I'm gonna get ready to go see what there is to see.

I watch the house and see her back out of the garage about 7:30...........I follow her and she's goes to the club and parks out in back. I go home and put on my expensive disguise.. Looking in the mirror I can hardly believe what I look like. I go over to the club and find a parking space at a neighboring business that is now closed. I go to the front door of the club and they now have a cover charge because of the outstanding entertainment. I go in and am lucky as hell to find a seat at the entertainment stage. ............Several nice looking babes come on and dance. Man they are nice and have outstanding bodies.........

Then the MC walks out on this small stage and asks who wants to see the main attraction, GLORIA............The place just about goes bananas..The special lights go on and out comes GLORIA.........Dressed in a red gown, high heels, black stockings, and what else is underneath that fabulous outfit. I wondered where the hell she kept this stuff at home.......She starts her seductive dance and goes around struttin' her stuff in front of all of us at the edge. She looks real hard at me and I think, oh shit, I've been had......She squats in front of me and wiggles everything and I can dimly see her white thong covering her pussy......She goes around and does this in front of a number of horny bastards and then goes to the center and starts unzipping the back of her gown......

The crowd is cheering and chanting take it off, take it off............It falls to the floor, she steps out and the MC gently picks it up. She struts around in her thong and bra and reaches back to unsnap her bra........She slips it off and holds it up. Somebody yells ten bucks...........she smiles still holding it she turns around somebody yells twenty bucks..........She does this several times until the the bid goes to sixty bucks and she walks over to the guy who hands her the money........Her titties look beautiful and she makes sure everyone has seen them..........Then she puts her thumbs in her thong and the crowd starts cheering...........She lowers it just below the cheeks of that fine ass and stops...........She looks at the crowd with a look and somebody yells twenty bucks,.....she lowers it further jus below her pussy and somebody yells thirty bucks.............she lowers it to her knees and solmebody yells fifty dollars.............she steps out of it and holds it high and somebody yells seventy bucks..................walks around naked as hell holding her thong and finally goes over to the seventy dollar bidder and lays it on his head......He forks over the money...........She walks over to the MC and hands him the money and he smiles and squeezes her ass cheeks......

Now she starts to go around the edge squatting in front of guys......She stops and squats in front of me giving me a beautiful view of her wide open pussy and her birthmark. I reach over to touch her legs and she whispers---------Lap dance $75.00 and pushes my hand away..........She moves on to several other guys and squats............Finally one of the guys gets up and heads toward the door at the end of the stage marked PRIVATE. She goes thru the curtains, The music starts again and another chic comes out. Pretty soon another guy goes to the PRIVATE door where the MC meets him, takes his money and lets him in.

I'm sittin' there and some guy walks up to me and says......Man grampa, that's the hottest piece of ass in town, if I could afford it I'd there with her right now........She don't fuck everybody, only about three or four a night. Then I see another guy approaching the PRIVATE door.

I drink the rest of my drink and leave the place. I go home and do as I did last week, except I remove my disguise and dark clothing. I stash eaverything in a box in the garage including the hat. After about an hour and a half I hear the garage door opening. I think to my self that noisy door will never get fixed if I have anything to say about it. I pretend like I'm sleeping and she pussy foots in to the bath and goes thru the same routine. She's finally finished and comes by me, goes into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I move around and pretend to be waking up. She's sitting in a chair looking at me and says I was wondering when you would wake up. I looked at her and smiled and told her how nice she looked. She came over by me and we hugged and smooched and started to make out.

Evidently she didn't cum from those "lap dances" and she was hotter than a firecracker. I took her nighty off and started kissing her all over her titties, nipples, her pussy, between her thighs and the strawberry........She had cleaned herself up so good she smelled like a rose............Then we went to bed and screwed like a couple of newlyweds......She had three good orgasms........I came just once.........We fell asleep................... I went to work the next day.............I thought about it all day at work and knew that somehow I had to tell her that I knew what she was doing........

For me this was quite a dilemna......I'll tell you about it in the next story


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