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THE SILVER BULLET I was paging through one of these catalogues that has all sorts of toys, books, creams, massage oils, etc. when I came across a very interesting ad. It was about a new toy called "the silver bullet". I clicked on it to enlarge the picture and read the description. It was a small vibrator in a bright polished metal case about 2" long and about 1" in diameter, rounded on both ends like a bullet. It had a slim electric chord about three feet long going to a battery case that was also a control unit. The case had an on/off switch and a small lever that went up or down the length of the case. The lever controlled the intensity of the vibe from very very slow to pretty damned high. When on in the palm of your hand you could hear it hum and was very stimulating. If laid on a table or counter top it jumped around like wild and made a lot of noise. I found all this out of course after buying and receiving it.

My wife is an addict of good massages. We had a few glasses of wine in which I put a bit of EVERCLEAR in hers, and she was in the mood in no time. I hadn't told her about the 'silver bullet'. The instructions warned about letting oils which were a petroleum base getting on the lead wire. I used scented oil everywhere on her except her nether area, in which I used liquid KY, which is water based.

I had her moaning and groaning as I pushed all her buttons and on the brink of orgasm. She's now a little tipsy from her spiked high-balls and I have the silver bullet in the palm of my hand vibrating at about half speed. I lay it on her tummy and start to move it around. She feels the soft drone in my hand and says whatever you have it feels good. I lower the intensity a little and go over her titties, Oh man, that feels good she says. I mover around her entire body and eventually have it on her pussy. You can't hear it, but it can surely be felt. I push it between her pussy lips with ease and now it's touching her clit. Wow, she says, whatever you've got there feels awesome. She has no idea that it is on very low. Her pussy lips are spread and I put it at the opening of her snatch.. She's now hunching a little and seeking an orgasm.

It slowly and very easily slips into her pussy. With my middle finger I push it in as far as I can. I ask her if she can feel that. There is no sound because of where it is. I slowly turn up the velocity and she says "I can feel that, WOW" I turn it up higher and now she's beginning to tremble a little and her tummy muscles are expanding and contracting rapidly. I turn it up higher and now she has both hands pushing on her pussy and rubbing her clit. When I inserted it I made sure the control wire went under her leg and not across the top, so she feels nothing with her hands. I start kissing and sucking on her nips and turn it up wide open. She's churning, hunching, moving violently all over the bed and is having a violent orgasm as she's about to pull my cock out from between my legs. She grabs my head and pulls me to her breast and is sobbing out loud. As she starts to simmer down I slowly turn down the "silver bullet" to low.

When she slowly comes back to earth I get between her legs and massage her thighs, tummy, titties, and cheeks on her face. Now I have an erection that won't quit. I'm leaning forward and let it touch between her pussy lips. She reaches down and guides it to her open snatch. Oh god that was good honey, now fuck me real nice.. I slowly lower myself into her. Oh, oh, I can feel the silver bullet. As I push my full length into her I push it in even deeper. It's in her as far as I can get it. Then I take the control and turn it on to medium. Ohmygod, she says. It feels like the head of your cock is going wild. Needless to say I felt it as well. I turned it wide open and I think my dick shoved it in even deeper. There's no describing the feeling and what was going thru my sweet wife's body. She damn near threw me off the bed as we both came in a dual orgasm that can't be described. It felt so damned good I could no longer take it so I shut it off. Man, a little of that will go a long ways.

I climb off and pull slightly on the wire and it came out allmost by itself. She's laying next to me breathing hard and finally says I'm glad you turned it off, whatever it is. I think you could put a person out of their misery with whatever that is. After taking a hanky and wiping it, I showed it to her..Oh man, where the hell was that thing twenty years ago, she says.

We get all cleaned up and have another high ball. Now she has the opportunity to handle it, feel it vibe in her hands, and gets that shit-eatn' grin on her face. Where are you going to stash this little giant she says.


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