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The sun spat its bright light through the window, waking her . She glanced over at the man she loves, sleeping so soundly......and decided not to disturb him, slipped out of bed and padded her way to the bathroom for a shower.

She paused in the doorway and looked back at him . She was amazed by him......his long slender body, firey red hair and goatee......oh my god, she thought.......he is heaven on earth.

She turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature of the water to the degree of lust she was feeling .....very hot. The steam started billowing and filling the bathroom. She washed her hair and thought back to last night, when his hands were tangled in it...guiding her so skillfully onto him. Her nipples begin to harden as she imagined that it is his hands in her hair again, and her clit began to throb. She reaches down and starts massaging it...ever so hand in her hair and the other on her engorged throbbing clit....eyes closed, imagining it all happening again. Oh, ....that makes her so hot....that she has to grind her hips against her hand.

"Here, let me help you with that", he says as he slips into the shower behind her....replacing her hand with his. She blushes at the thought of him catching her masturbating. He senses it......"sugs, there is nothing to blush about......but now that I'm here"..... " Yes, my love now that you are here"......

She turns to face him and looking into his lake blue eyes, sees his passion, lust and love for her, the same passion lust and love she feels. His eyes and mouth smile in recognition of the fact they are so much in love, and bends down and kisses her.......gently.....nibbling her lips and teasing them with his tongue. He feels her body tremble as he pulls her closer to him....kissing her so much more passionately...his tongue probing and fucking her mouth

"My darling", she whispers against his lips.....and then started kissing, nibbling and sucking his neck...tasting him. "oh sugs, he mutterd as he grabs her breasts and gently rubs her huge hard nipples. She moans and continues to lick and suck her way to his...taking his nipple into her mouth.... gently biting it and licking it. She moves to the other one and repeats the process. He moans soflty and she works her way down to his stomach and beyond. Once on her knees, she looked up and smiled at him....giggled, and took his balls into her mouth. He reached for her head and ran his fingers through her hair getting them tangled in it. "oh sugs", he whispered........

She felt the water hitting her and was stimulated by the feelin of a million little fingers touching her. "baby, i love you", she said...and spread his legs apart, moving under him and working her way behind.......looking for just the right spot. Finding it, her tongue probed, licking it as her hands reached around and took his throbbing hard cock into them. He shudders as her tongue enters him ..probing deep...making circles, while she strokes him.

He turned and faced her..... she gasped at how big and hard he had gotten, but willingly takes it into her mouth.....swallowing it from the head to the base.......

sucking....making tongue circles as he guides her head on and off him...his hand on her head and fingers entwined in her hair...slowly, gently, then harder and faster......fucking her mouth. His body shudderd as he shot his huge, hot load into her mouth.....her gladly accepting and swallowing it.

As he bent over and lifted her up, he whisperd......" I love you sugs"...and kissed her tenderly. She felt him getting hard agan immediately and shivered at his hands running down her spine and massaging her ass......probing......finding her tight hole. Soft whimpers emerged from her mouth as he slid two fingers into her hot waiting ass....moving in and out, pumping her ass....turning and twisting his hand as he finger fucked her.

"Oh my love, she whispers, "more"........and turned around and placed his hand back on her red hot wet clit. "ohhhhhhhhhh....she moaned as he finger fucked her ass and rubbed her wet clit. His kisses on her neck and shoulders drove her crazy, making her explode in his hand. He rubbed hard as she came and finger fucked her harder and faster. She had to have more..... "Darling, fuck me, i want to feel you in me." "Watch this"...she said as she grabbed the soap and conveinetly dropped it..."oops" "You dropped it Sugs, you pick it up" he said as he laughed.

to be continued.............

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