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THE SHOWER (M,F, consensual)

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Donald was so happy to see his driveway. It had been a hectic week and now he had the luxury of a three-day weekend. No clients, no phone calls about problems. Just nice peace and quiet. He had refused his friends? invitations to come to their homes for bar-b-ques and parties. The only thing he regretted was being so short on the phone with Irene. She had called at a bad time and he took it out on her. He could still remember the sound of her voice as she said good-bye. His mind echoed hearing the tears and the hurt. He had tried to call her late this afternoon, but she wasn?t answering her phone. She probably had gone off to a friend?s place to hide. He had really wanted to see her this weekend.

Donald inserted his key into the lock and opened the door to his ?castle?. It was a nice size, but did get quiet and lonely at times. He hated admitting that. There was no way that a roommate would be allowed in, however. That was just asking for trouble, plus he wanted his privacy.

Suddenly, Donald got this feeling that something was amiss. He couldn?t quite put his finger on it....but it was something. He listened to the house and waited for it to ?speak?. Finally he was able to zero in on a was running water upstairs. Oh great! If his new bathroom had sprung a leak, there would be hell to pay. He hadn?t even had a chance yet to try out the new shower that made it seem like you were being blanketed with water from the multiple showerheads. This was certainly not a good omen as to how the weekend would go.

Donald started up the stairs and headed for the enormous bathroom. Upon arriving at the doorway, he stopped dead cold. There were candles all over, providing the only light with their soft glow. He could hear music softly playing. The most interesting thing was that the shower was running. He could see the fine mist and a figure inside. He didn?t think robbers took showers as a part of their crime.

The doors opened and out stepped Irene, smiling.

?I hope you don?t mind me being here?, she said. ?I thought you could use some TLC to make up for the rotten week you?ve had.?

She looked beautiful. The candlelight gave her rubinesque form a soft glow, and made the droplets of water on her body shine like jewels.

Donald felt a stirring as he said, ?No, I don?t mind. I am very glad you are here.?

?Will you join me??, she asked.

?Of course my goddess?, he replied.

Donald quickly removed his clothes and took Irene?s hand to lead her back into the shower. The feel of the water was wonderful. Irene took soap in her hands and began to gently wash his back, making circular motions as she moved up and down. She concentrated on his neck, working on the knots.

?Mmmmmmmm, that feels so good. Your hands always work magic on me,? Donald said.

He remembered again the phone call and how he had spoken to her. Donald couldn?t take it anymore. He turned around to face Irene and said, ?I?m so sorry about earlier today. Please forgive me.?

?Hush?it?s not important now?, she replied with a smile.

She got more soap and began to wash his expansive chest, letting her fingers lightly brush his nipples every once in awhile. That always drove him wild. Then her hands began to move downwards, across his stomach, over his hips, and finally ending up around his raging cock. He let out a deep groan as she slowly stroked him, running her thumb over the head and lightly around the cap.

He then knew what he had to do, or he would be coming like a young boy in her magical hands. Donald pulled her close, crushing her hard nipples against his chest, and began to kiss her intensely. She whimpered as his hands cupped her ass, gently squeezing her cheeks and teasing her crack. Finally, he could wait no longer.

?Turn around,? he whispered.

Irene smiled and did as he asked. Placing a hand on her back, he gently pushed her to bend over. He was so fired up. He took his raging pole and brushed it lightly up and down her slit. Even in the shower he could feel how wet she was for him. He slowly started to enter her, enjoying her sighs of content as he proceeded to ease himself in her warmth. Oh it felt so good! The fit was so perfect, for she engulfed him fully, like a fine velvet glove on a hand.

Donald began to move, in a fluid motion, in and out of her, as she gently pushed back against each thrust. He couldn?t believe how intense the feelings and the energy was. He reached his hands around to fondle her heavy breasts and play with her clit, which made her moan softly as she begged him to move quicker. He moved faster, delving deeper into her warm darkness, making Irene let out a call of pleasure.

The time was nearing and they both knew it. He placed his hands on her waist and began to stroke quicker with more intensity inside her.

Her moan of, ?I am so close,? just fueled him on even more. The pace picked up until he knew he could hold back no longer.

?I?m ready? he whispered in her ear as he leaned over her back, nipping her neck.

?So am I,? she breathlessly replied.

A few more strokes and he began to empty his seed deep inside her. He could feel her contracting around him, milking him for all he had. The feeling was so intense that he thought he would pass out.

Their cries of satisfaction faded away as their breathing began to calm. He looked at her and smiled. Irene had the after-glow look that always made her even more beautiful in his eyes.

She turned around, snuggled up to his chest, and shyly said, ?Let?s take this to the bedroom?.

Smiling, he stepped out first and quickly dried off. Then he held a towel for her as she emerged, savoring the pleasure of drying her exquisite body. Holding hands, they went to the bedroom, where they began a great weekend.

End Part 1 Penned ~ 2002

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