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A friend talked me into going camping with him one time when I was about 19.

I wasn't really into camping only 5 miles from the city, but decided to humor Mr. Wilderness Adventure. Naturally we found ourselves among a campground of families with kids and dogs and barbecues not much different from the backyard we left behind. About five minutes after pitching the tent he fell asleep which left me to scout around the place.

I decided that this place was tame enough that I didn't really have to stick to the trails. I discovered a stream and followed it to see where it led.

After about half an hour of walking I had no idea where I was when I came to a farm area that the stream passed through. I came over a little ridge and stopped dead in my tracks. I heard footsteps. I listened close and now I heard a girl crying too. Voices carry well across open land and I could see two figures in the distance heading towards some kind of shack near a barn on one of the farms. The larger figure seemed to be slapping the smaller one around a bit as they walked. They entered the building together then I heard a door creak and slam. I kept walking towards the shack and within a minute I'd hopped the "No Trespassing" sign and was standing just outside. I cautiously peered through a small crack between two boards in the wall to see a man standing over a teenage girl about 15. She looked to be Mexican and at first I couldn't see the man's face, but I guessed that it was probably a father punishing his daughter. I was about to walk away when I caught a glimpse of the man's head with a black ski mask over the face! Then I saw him tie her up to a post with her arms behind her back and a gag in her mouth. He turned off the light and left the shack slamming the door behind him. This was weird! He walked back towards the house and as he stepped up on the porch he took off the ski mask as he went inside. My curiosity got the better of me and I crept up to the house around the side. I listened outside below a window and heard the same voice talking again. Someone else inside turned on another light and then I heard water running. Now I couldn't hear a thing over the damned water so I moved around to the front. Suddenly there was a scuffle of footsteps then quiet. I ducked into the shadows and as my eyes adjusted to the dark I saw a figure in one of the windows just in front of me. SHIT! My heart skipped about ten beats when I realized I was now face to face with a man holding a rifle pointed at me!

"What you want?" he growled out in a mid western drawl.

"I was hiking and I got lost! Don't shoot! I'm just trying to find a phone!", I pleaded.

There was a delay as he thought about it and eyed me over. He wasn't buying it. "Folks that wants to use the phone usually come up to the front door.

They don't snoop around in the bushes. Come on inside here boy!" he called out and swung the side door open. I stepped forward slowly telling him the truth about how I'd been hiking and I heard a girl crying.

He seemed calm which was a relief. "Mmm hmm...I suppose you're wondering why I'd done that. I don't blame you none I guess. I reckon I might have done the same thing in your place.", he said as he set his rifle down. I slowly recovered from the shock as he told me a complicated story about this girl that had said that his son had raped her but the police didn't arrest his son because they knew the kid was retarded and not interest in girls. Then something about her father that lives on the farm next door having stolen two of his cows that were sick. It was a soap opera that didn't make any sense to me but somehow the bottom line was that he wanted to scare her so she didn't come around any more. He looked at me again saying, "I got an idea. You look like a strapping boy..." he was now acting like some long lost grandfather that had a present for me, "How about you helping me, and I'll help you?" he asked being as friendly as he could. "See, I left her out there. I was going to let her go in the morning but now I'm thinking it would be better if she thought it was someone else here that tied her up like that. You could put on my mask and hold her while I skedaddle to the Bullshead Bar. Plus...", he suddenly lowered his voice and kept one eye on the kitchen door to make sure no one else heard this part of his plan, "you could go out there and help yourself to a nice piece, huh?!"

"Help myself to what?", I couldn't believe what I thought he was implying.

"That's some nice girl meat strung up in the shed! She's got a set on her that's pretty as a picture! Yes, sir!", he chuckled to himself.

I was starting to feel butterflies in my stomach. Maybe it was the rifle he'd aimed at me earlier, or maybe it was in anticipation of what was going to happen. He told me to keep her tied up until around ten so that everyone would have time to get away and establish an alibi at their local bar. I was dreading the walk I was going to have to make back to the campsite, but like any teenage boy there was no higher priority than free sex. He told me to go get started while he locked up and reminded me to keep an eye on the clock for ten.

As I headed to the barn with the ski mask on I turned back one last time to see the lights in his house going off one by one. I cracked open the door of the shack by the barn and turned the light switch on. The light was such a dim orange glow that you couldn't read a newspaper headline by it. I approached her and she twisted around as if struggling to get free. She was gagged but obviously trying to speak into the cloth in her mouth. My stomach was really churning up a storm as I brazenly extended my hand to her left breast and squeezed it through her dress and bra. The old guy wasn't kidding.

She had nice full tits. Now she was really shaking and I didn't want this to be too scary for such a pretty girl. "I'm not going to hurt you." I told her in a serious tone," and I promise that I'll let you go in just one hour at ten o'clock. Do you understand?" I showed her my watch and pointed to the dial. She nodded yes. I stepped up to her and held her trembling cold body against me. She was still shaking and I ran my hands down her back and cupped her soft ass cheeks in my palms. I lifted and squeezed them gently and I thought I heard her breathe deeply as though she enjoyed it.

I stepped behind her and breathed warm air on her neck as my hands came up from around her front and cupped her breasts through her dress. With one breast in each palm, I bounced them gently to revel in their size and weight.

My fingers applied pressure along the underside of each breast and I marveled at their supple rubbery pliancy. I began to think that it was almost obscene the way this little girl was forced by nature to walk around with two giant projections swaying in front of her. I pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders to have a better look at the incredible bra that was keeping her bust squeezed into it's shape of two perfectly swollen cones. I pulled the tag out and squinted in the dim light to read that it came from Fredericks and was a size 34DD. I think I said something like "Geez Louise you're stacked!"

My dick was throbbing so hard that I was starting to feel light headed. This was a sensation I'd never experienced before. I came back around in front of her again and saw her face turned away and blushing. I felt like one of those 15th Century explorers about to plant my flag in some new land. My dick was really poking out of the front of my pants even and when I hugged her again I bent slightly at the knee so my flag could nuzzle against her promised land, sending wonderful electric shocks through both of us. Well, at least me! She turned her head and faced me. She seemed to be afraid and was trying to speak but I still couldn't hear her through the gag. I assumed she was scared I was going to rape her and I returned to exploring her body.

I took hold of white bra material at the tip of each breast along with the nipple inside and started pulling her knobs. I looked her in the eye as I gave each breast an extra hard tug. Her breasts were now stretched out in a straight line from her torso and the elastic band that normally rode just under each breast was no longer touching her skin. Amazingly she didn't seem to be in pain so much as she looked worried. I let go and felt my dick twitch half a dozen times as I watched her beautiful knobs bounce on her small frame back to the original positions dictated by their stiff fabric restraints. I peeled down each cup to reveal two silver dollar size nipples and I immediately clamped my mouth to her right breast and began pressing my tongue into her pebbly areola and sucking the sweet golden breast flesh like the forbidden fruit that it was. The realization this was a child of just 14 made me break my suction to look into her eyes again. She was very young and cute as any girl could be. I felt compelled to speak on behalf of high school boys everywhere that would never have the chance, "you know that any boy in your school would give his left nut to do this to you", and I seized each of her ar eola between my thumb and index fingers and pulled her breasts around in small circles by their tips. Her eyes were now shut and she was repeating something into the cloth gag. I let go of one tit with my right hand and hiked her dress up. Then I ran my fingertips across her smooth flat belly to find the waistband of her panties and snaked my fingers into her cotton underwear to find a very sticky bush. Either she had her period or she was creaming her panties. It was hard to tell in the dim light. I thought it might be exciting to hear what she had to say as I played with her pussy against her will, so my right hand slowly began to masturbate her and I fumbled with the gag with my other hand. Her breathing seemed to be getting deeper which I took as a sign that she was probably enjoying the sensation.

I began masturbating her in earnest and her breathing became even more heavy. When I managed to get the gag off of her she finally made clear what I couldn't hear with the gag, "Hurry up!!!"

"Hurry up?", I asked perplexed.

"Fuck me if that's what you're going to do. That bastard's going to come back here. Stick it in already!" she panted.

I didn't want to ruin this with a lot of talk. This beautiful girl-child was tied up and begging me to fuck her quick. This was before AIDS, so I had nothing to fear as I yanked her panties down to her ankles and finally unzipped myself to immense relief. Despite her being incredibly tight, she was also incredibly wet and I went all the way in on the first push. She was still tied up and looked sexy as hell with her tits jiggling out of her bra franticly demanding that I "cum fast! - hurry! - fuck me!". After just three strokes I had to stop because I was on the verge of following her orders a little too well. I used the pause to untie her arms. But the second I did she started trying to break free and escape!

She pleaded, "No! Let me go! He'll be back any second! You had your chance!"

"Like Hell I did!", I decided that she wasn't going to prick tease me with some bullshit about him coming back early. But to play it safe I decided to cut to the chase, so I grabbed her ass and held her against me then headed for the floor. Her fists were beating against my back as I slammed it down her wet rabbit hole for about 10 seconds before exploding in such a violent blast that she stopped her noise and got all wide eyed at the strange sensation she was feeling as the load of a lifetime rocketed into her belly.

I collapsed on top of her and nearly passed out from my depletion.

"He's not coming back until after ten." I weakly explained to her. Then I hear something that made me feel like my adrenal gland had just was the sound of tires on gravel in the distance!!!

She cocked her head to one side to listen then looked straight at me with a glazed look. "They're going to kill us.", she announced in a somber tone.

Then I heard car doors slamming. Wham. Wham. Wham. Wham. Four doors? What the hell was going on?

"Run!!!" she yelled and struggled out from under me.

I jumped up and bolted for the door with her as fast as I could. That was the last time I ever saw her.

I heard people in the distance breaking into a run as I hopped the barbwire fence out, and with the good fortune of a full moon glinting off the stream for me to follow I made it back to camp in about 5 minutes flat. My adrenalin was pumping so hard that all I could hear was the thundering rush of blood in my ears with every heartbeat. When I found my friend I convinced him to split immediately.

Naturally that night I told him everything that had happened and I began to realize how strange it was that she had known I wasn't the guy that had tied her up, and how she knew that the guy that HAD tied her up would be back to kill us. A month later a couple of friends went with me back along that stream and we did find the farmhouse and the barn but no shack. As we got close enough I got shivers looking at a concrete foundation where the shack had stood. Nobody wanted to go asking questions there or involve the police in a case that could only end up with them putting me away for statutory rape at least.

So far my best theory is that the old guy that had tied the girl up was a neighbor she recognized despite his mask. She knew I was not him despite our similar builds and the mask because she knew him so well. He was probably a neighbor that had broken into the farmhouse when he knew the residents were away. Maybe he was the crazy neighbor stealing the cows in his own story.

This girl was a friend of the actual residents and passing by she saw the lights on. She comes to welcome them back and finds it's not them. He disguises himself (he thinks) and ties her up while he thinks of how to get away. I come along and he realizes that I'm not from around there and decides to use me as a scape goat. He tells me to go fuck her and returns early with several witnesses. Then he opens fire in the dim light killing not only me but the 14 year old neighbor girl I was raping. He didn't know anyone else was in there with me until it was too late. The only thing that troubles me about this theory is that it leaves me rather amazed that a 14 year old girl could deduce all of this while she's tied up in the dark, then being used as a sex toy. Was she THAT cool under fire, or is there some other explanation?


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